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News365 is very dynamic and powerful Newspaper script for news portal system. Designed and developed with Codeigniter, this theme is one of the unique theme you can have for your News, magazine and blog site. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this theme. Also it is very easy to use this theme is for all the people who owns a news agency or portal. This theme is fully responsive and designed to look great in every major devices. Also with 5 different layouts, design your website as you like. You can also add video in your contents. Make video news, add images make your post more resourcefull.

Fully Responsive Design

News365 Theme is designed for based on all News and bloging platform and all types of Devices in the World.

News posting in a Minute

News365 is Developed based on News portal and it is fully adapted for video news and image news publishing.

News Category view

You can add , edit and delete the category and place it anywhere of the Theme.It has also Category page.

Advertizement Display

at news365 have 23 plus ads position in every theme. it is supported company image or js ads code.

Breaking news

There have very clean and eye catching Breaking News System what displays in evey second.

Social Sharing

News365 added facebook, twitter,google plus and all other social sharing options.every post user can share.

Contact us Page

News365 has contact us page, here user can add his direct contact google maps and number.

Online Polling

User can privide his or her votting at online on any topics and can judge it.

Themes System

News365 will give you new idea everytime and user can change the theme whenever wants but data will be nice.

Add New Post

You can Add post very easily at every position of the Theme.There have video post System also from youtube.

Advertizement System

There have options for adding Ads from any ads company in the world , image & code ads support.

User settings

There have Main administrator who will mage all users. there is no limit of user registration.

Website Settings

News365 website settigns can be done very easily, logo, favicon, footer logo and all other activities.

Search Engine

News365 Developed based on All types of search engines in the world. you can add everything here.

Theme Activation

News365 hase very wonderful Theme activation. Now there have three themes and we are working for more.

Website Cache System

Website Caching is very important to load very fast. we have added chache on or off options.

Video News Posting

News365 has Video News facilities, you can either add image post or video post.just activate theme video theme.

Language Settings

Any language will work on News365. we have added some primary points & Working for full admin panel and theme.

  1. Please extract the file . you will get Documentation and file . Now just upload to your server using cPanel or FTP.
  2. Extract the file
  3. After extracting the file you will get 'MainNewspape_v3.0' named folder
  4. Now you just access into the main file folder and then move all folders and files (EX: application, assets,index.php,install , common_file,movi,.htaccess and system folders..) if you want , just one step up to public _html directory. or you can keep that directory. Note : keep in mind about .htaccess..Some times .htaccess cannot copy when you will move the folder from one step to another. Dont worry for that.
  5. Now, Browse your application Installer first step showing the directory and server requirements. If all requirements successfully meet then click on Next button
  6. Folder structure of Installer
  7. Delete the .env file if exists in install/flag/ directory . We added default empty flag...please you check everytime before installing.
  8. Put your application database into sql directory and rename it as install.sql. We already added database folder in this project , so you do not need to do anything for this project .
  9. *Enter your database name, username, password, host name and click on Next button
  10. Just wait 10 seconds to complete the installation process
  11. Installation successfully done…
  12. Now, Click on Click to launch your application button to access application
  13. Here is your Login info :
  14. Please go to your domain name
  15. User name: [email protected] | Password: 123456 . After login please change your user name and password. Full Documentation are given at Themeforest main purchase files.

Just 1 Munite to install the News365 and make your desire News portal.

Theming System

Develop a News portal with multiple Themes.It will show up your company reputation.You can change your theme as you want.

SEO Friendly

News365 is developed based on Search engine. you can add Title, meta keyword, description and our system automatically create meta keyword for every news.

Website Caching System

Caching system will speed up your website. It will help you to safe your server fees and customaer satisfactions.

Bdtask is a Well known company. It is a Software development and envato based Company. It has 40 Plus Dedicated employee working for Customer satisfaction.Please visit our company website: Bdtask

$$$$ News365 are comming with laguage and RTL Version. All Countries and languages will be supported.$$$$





Codeigniter Framework


Full Documentation




Update log txt

Three theme File

In this section we will present the recommended configuration under which the theme would work perfectly. Those are not absolute values, the theme performance depends on many factors like the host performance, server configuration and the number of visitors.

Server requirements

Apache or IIS or Nginx

php.ini memory limit: 40MB (recommended: 64M)

PHP version 5.3 or greater (recommended: PHP 5.4 or greater)

MySQL version 5.0 or greater (recommended: MySQL 5.5 or greater)

Hosting requirements

Hosting actually depend on your Users. You have to calculate how much visitor you are getting every day. If you have more than 10,000 visitor everyday then we will recomend you to Buy a VPS from any reputed hosting company. We Will prefer Bluehost company.Because they are providing very quick service.

If you Need to know anything about News365 please do not hesitate to ask our support team.

Support E-mail : [email protected]

Support Skype : bdtask

Digital Prescription System

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Hospital Management System

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Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.