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Our price starts from only- $ 0.39 for Basic Clipping Path, $0.49 for Plain/Simple Path , $3.19 for Compound Path And Others- As per Complexity & Quantity.

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Clipping Path

Clipping Path

Best clipping path services available with a hand-drawn image crafting within a reasonable price.

  • Clipping Path
  • Deep Etching
  • Photo Cut Out
  • Image Masking
  • Background Removal

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $0.39 USD/Photo

E-shop photo editing

Image Masking

Removing tiny edges is a challenge that we tackle by Image Masking with our experienced graphic designers.

  • Hair masking
  • Layer Masking Service
  • Color Masking Service
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Transparent Masking

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $0.99 USD/Photo

Rastor v Vector

Photo Retouchng

Retouching makes your image more clear.Our photo service is available to make your images more glamorous.

  • Photo Touch Up
  • Photo Retouching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Edidtorial Model
  • High-End Jewelry

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $0.99 USD/Photo

Color correction

Shadow Adding

To make your products more realistic use our Drop Shadow service within a very reasonable price.

  • Drop Shadow
  • Product Shadow
  • Natural Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Mirror Effect

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $0.24 USD/Photo

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Our top-class creative designers will help you to manipulate your images to a new level of design Looking.

  • Neck-Joint
  • Ghost Model
  • Mannequin Remove
  • Photo Composition
  • Collage Making

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $0.79 USD/Photo

Shadow Adding

Color Correction

Changing color can significantly change your image to a new level. Our service is available within a reasonable budget.

  • Color Service
  • Color Editing
  • Color matching
  • Color enhancement

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $0.89 USD/Photo

Photo retouching

Raster v Vector

Do not fear about your image quality as long as we are here to help you in Vector Tracing as your desire position.

  • Stationary Design
  • Branding / Logo Design
  • Catalog & Brochure Design
  • Flyers/Magazine

Image Clipping Path Starting Just $4.89 USD/Photo

Image Masking

E-shop Photo Editing

We provide E-commerce Photo editing for facebook, website and advertizement as your needs.

  • Website product Image
  • Website Banner
  • Facebook product ads
  • Facebook product banner

E-commerce image Starting Just $0.35 USD/Photo

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Cheap Pricing

We offer a very low-cost service to satisfy you. Our pricing rate starts from $0.25 for clipping path service that is a very competitive and comfortable price in the World.

Image Protection

We must ensure 100% security of your images that you send us. Your images will never be used in any commercial site or other purposes. We are always committed to our client assets.

Bulk Discount

We have a 10-20% discount if you order as bulk quantity. We will give you a good price discussing it with you. We believe that will make you satisfied.

High Quality Services

We believe quality service will give us appreciation from our beloved customers. That’s why we never compromise with the quality of our Services. We may give you money back if you are not satisfied with our quality.

Money Back Guarantee

We are careful about your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will back your money or re-do your work within 30 days. We'll fully refund the cost of your project that you have paid us.


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How to place an order and how to communicate with us :

  • 1. Please upload your image file via web upload/our FTP Server/ Google Drive.
  • 2. Submit your job details or contact information(Ex- Skype, Whatsapp,Email).
  • 3. Provide the job descriptions that you need edit/customize.
  • 4. Our team will check your details and estimate the best pricing that you can afford.
  • 5. If you need any sample to be done, we are ready to provide you within a single business day (Max).
  • 6. Our customer support team will provide you a quotation within a single business day (Max).
  • 7. If you are satisfied with the done files and prices then you will need to make an order to start the work.
  • 8. Our dedicated team will start working immediately and will deliver the completed files to you within fixed deadline.
  • 9. You will be notifed for the completed files with download instructions, it can be in dropbox, google drive or FTP.
  • 10. If you are satisfied with our Sample, We normally charge 20% payment in advance.
  • 11. When we will finish the job and ready to deliver, you will be requested to pay us via online or Bank Transfer or any other method.
  • 12. You can use as well for your file transfer.

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BDTASK is one of the leading Software Company & Clipping path service provider in Bangladesh

At BDtask we work with cutting edge technology to support our clients and also bring the best quality product in the market. Currently, we have 7000 square feet well-decorated office with a cool working environment situated at B-25, Mannan Plaza, 4th Floor, Khilkhet Dhaka-1229.

Bdtask believe in 100% customer satisfaction and quality services.

Though clipping an image seems simple and easy, but it takes many hours to complete the task with perfection. As a top clipping path service provider Bdtask will deliver your order within your time frame.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced graphic designers. With this proffessional team we will definitely manage your order with utmost professional attitude. There will not have any scratches or hidden/gray area between our clients and us.

Clipping path is an very necessary service for all types of web based company in the world

Clipping path is an very necessary service for all types of web based company in the world who promotes business like E-commerce business, online shop, design shop, Garments,e-Shop,Sports,facebook shop etc.

Cutting image is the most positive issue for e-commerce sector which has a set of product's images to draw the attention to their customers. Clipped images are mostly used in emcommerce,Posters, brochure, flyers, catalogs, websites, newspaper, magazines, photo agency, advertising and many other different regions where images are used smoothly. For this reason,Clipping Path Service provider are providing the above services.

Multi Clipping Path services are used for the images that need isolation from others part. It is done to separate several parts of the picture to later alter it in Photoshop or illustrator. It is basically occurred the Clipping Path process. Just if think, you have an image which you need to do color correction part by part. So definetely you have to isolate the parts of this image which parts of the image you want to color corrected. Color path/ multi-path are very essential for color correction service.

Clipping path color is a most important part where many images color need to adjust and edit.

Our Clipping path FAQ.

Many of our customer may have diffrent question before doing order or doing work with our company.So, please Read our all the FAQ questiona nd answer then you will get the answer.

If you want to talk with us directly then please just add with our skype ID : bdtask Or you can contact our Whatsapp Number : 8801857675727 & Our Email address : [email protected]

To do order please fillup the form in website and write your quantity or you can directly call us at : 8801857675727

When you want to send your image just upload via FTP or you can create an account at Dropbox or google drive.then upload the file and share with our email address : [email protected]

When we will finish your job, we will upload at dropbox, or google drive or wetransfer and share with your email.

Take A Look About our Clipping Path Service in brief

clipping path service
clipping-path-service bdtask

Clipping Path Service

Stressed about image background ?

Most of the customers in online marketplaces want to see products in a white background. But a large number of images can take great time and effort to make the changes. Bdtask’s Clipping Path service can help you to do all hand-drawn image editing to remove and add any background of your preference. We ensure quality service within the given time frame.

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.35 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $0.99 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $1.99 / Per Image
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Photo Retouching Service

Make your image standout one:

Photo retouching is the most popular photo editing service in recent days. Photo retouching is used to make images look clear, focused and glamorous. Photographers of different agencies or event management companies are highly dependent on this service. Most of the time if not all the time what image you see in Ads, online marketplaces, websites, are retouched images.

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.99 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $01.20 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $2.99 / Per Image
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photo retouching service
photo retouching service bdtask
image masking service
image masking service bdtask

Image Masking Service

Enhance Your look in nitty gitty level

Image masking is used to remove all the tiny edges in images. This service is very popular for E-commerce and product photography. Image masking is a very time consuming and critical photo editing service. Our dedicated and experienced team is always ready to give 100% to ensure quality delivery within a fixed timeline.

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.99 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $1.20 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $2.00 / Per Image
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Drop Shadow

Make your products more lively!

Drop shadow is generally used to make images more realistic. A shadow in the background can change the image in a different way just like the topping of your ice cream. It helps users to imagine the product in real life. This service is very popular in product photography and image advertisement.

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.24 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $0.50 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $0.80 / Per Image
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drop shadow service
drop shadow service bdtask
color correction service
color correction service bdtask

Color Correction Service

Color your image to make it more Eye-catchy

Color is the heart of any image. Correcting color is not only about skill but also about the creativity and experience you have with you. Correcting color can change images dramatically, which makes them more eye-catchy. It is very popular, especially for landscape or event photographers.

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.89 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $1.60 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $2.50 / Per Image
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Vector Tracing

Need big images for printing ?

To get a high quality of images in big printings, you will need vector files/elements. Vector tracing can help you to make vector elements from raster images. This service is top-rated in the printing industry. Our experienced graphic designers are always here to help you out with quality deliveries.

  • Simple Clipping Path $5.00 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $7.99 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $9.99 / Per Image
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vector tracing service
vector tracing service bdtask
photo manipulation service
photo manipulation service bdtask

Photo Manipulation

Imagine as you wish!

Photo manipulation is the technique of photo editing to make images more attractive. Photo manipulation is done by correcting or enhancing images for desired results. Our experienced creative designers will help you to develop images according to your imagination.

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.79 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $0.99 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $1.99 / Per Image
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Vehicle Service

Vehicle photo editing

Vehicles need to be seen in images with 100% accuracy with every detailed dot and shadow. That is why this is the most difficult task for any photo editor. This task needs experienced hands and a skilled mind. Our experienced graphic designers will deliver exactly the same image you will be looking for!

  • Simple Clipping Path $0.99 / Per Image
  • Basic Clipping Path $1.99 / Per Image
  • Complex Clipping Path $2.99 / Per Image
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car photo editing service
car photo editing service bdtask

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