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Why Conduct a Pentest on Your Web Application?

As businesses shift toward digital platforms, the amount of sensitive data processed and stored online has increased significantly. It has made web applications a prime target for cybercriminals. A successful breach can result in financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

HTML Injection

HTML injection is also known for cross-site scripting. In this part, cyber teams manipulate input fields or user-generated content on a website to inject malicious code.

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SQL Injection

SQL injection is the sequence of malicious code in SQL statements by web page input. In this part, Our team tries to inject malicious SQL queries into input fields to manipulate a database and gain unauthorized access to data.

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Subdomain Takeover

Subdomain takeover occurs when a malicious actor gains control over a subdomain. With our subdomain takeover offering, our expert checks if attackers can redirect traffic, host malicious content, or even steal sensitive Information.

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Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack (CSRF)

It is also known as session riding or one-click attack, a type of cyber attack that tricks users into performing actions they did not intend. Our team checks all the necessary steps like Proper input validation, using the appropriate HTTP methods, etc.

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Server-Side Request Forgery Attack (SSRF)

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks are a type of security vulnerability where an attacker tricks a server into making unauthorized requests on behalf of the attacker. In this process, the ethical hacker's team tries to bypass firewalls, gain access to internal resources, retrieve sensitive data, and even pivot within the network to carry out more advanced attacks.

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Authentication Bypass

Authentication bypass is when a malicious actor gains access to a system or application without providing valid credentials.

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Our ethical hackers inject a script, often JavaScript, into the application's input fields. When other users access the affected page, the malicious script is executed in their browsers.

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Host Header Attack

The Host Header is essential to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request. It specifies the server's domain name the client wishes to communicate with.

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No Rate-Limit

No Rate-Limit focuses on dynamic traffic analysis and adaptive response. Rate limiting is a fundamental security mechanism employed to control the amount of incoming or outgoing traffic to and from a network, application, or system.

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Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)

Our ethical hackers try to check whether the site is eligible for unauthorized resource access by manipulating input parameters.

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API Documentation

It provides detailed insights into effectively integrating, using, and troubleshooting an API. How to interact with a software application, defining the available endpoints, data formats, authentication procedures, and more.

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Command Injection

Command injection is a process that takes complete control of the system, accesses sensitive data, disrupts services, and even pivots to other parts of the network.

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Improper Transport Layer Security

Insufficient protection on transport layers is risky because it makes it too easy for hackers to collect sensitive information. They don't have to break into your app server data or hack your network. Our cyber expert tries to test a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication over a computer network.

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It's a tasting process where our team manipulates an application's form inputs to access or modify sensitive data fields.

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Our ethical hackers push Broken Object-Level Authorization, a vulnerability that allows us to bypass authorization and access control mechanisms within APIs.

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File Path Traversal

Ethical hackers inject an application that allows users to navigate through file directories on a server.

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Lack of Resources and Rate Limiting

Late limiting is a method that determines network traffic to prevent users from exhausting system resources. Ethical hackers try to stop Attackers from overloading the API by sending more requests than they can handle.

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API Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Static Analysis

Static analysis is a white-box testing technique that involves analyzing an application's code without executing it. By carefully reviewing the source code, this method helps identify vulnerabilities, coding errors, and potential security weaknesses.

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Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis helps identify vulnerabilities that stem from runtime behavior, such as unauthorized data leakage, insecure data storage, and improper input validation.

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Small businesses often lack robust security measures, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities.

Cyber security helps organizations and companies protect their systems and data from unauthorized access.

While HTTPS encrypts data, host header attacks can still occur if the web application is not configured correctly to handle host headers securely.

The static analysis reviews the application's code, while the dynamic study evaluates its behavior during runtime.

Cyber security services aim to protect digital assets, sensitive Information, and online privacy from various cyber threats.

  • Improves real-world insight into your vulnerabilities
  • Improve access control
  • Untrusted data separate from commands
  • Develop strong authentication
  • Session management controls
  • Discover the most vulnerable route
  • Find any loopholes
  • lead to the theft of sensitive data

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, often called VAPT, is a proactive cybersecurity approach to identify and address vulnerabilities within a digital system. It involves two distinct yet interconnected processes: vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Depending on the work and the complexity of the infrastructure. A managed penetration test can take (3 -7 working days)reporting included.

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