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Bangladeshi Institute Works for Ethiopia's Technology | Bdtask & Maxbridge MOU Program

By Riajur Rahman Last Updated -- Thursday, 2022-12-15
Bdtask at Ethopia

Bdtask is one of the fastest-growing software companies in Bangladesh. It continuously searches for growth opportunities in technology. As a part of its growth strategy, Bdtask has started a collaboration with Ethiopia for technological enhancement.

Recently, Bdtask has signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with Ethiopia's promising technology company Maxbridge.

bdtask signed agreement to work for Ethiopia's technology sector

Maxbridge - Education and Development Share Company is a private firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was established in 2021 by qualified experts (the majority of them holding Ph.D. degrees) to engage in various professional and commercial activities. They focus on the country's education, training, and consultancy services in many professional areas.

Both parties signed the agreement at Maxbridge's office in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. At this time, Sumch Mohammad Tarek, Managing Director of Bdtask Limited; Dr. Amina Menur Mudrsir, CEO of Maxbridge; Awol Mohammed Amin, Strategic Communication and partnership Head, BOD Chairperson Suleyman Aragaw, Endris Mekonnen, Dr. Seid Muhe, head of IT AND INNOVATION and other officials of both parties were present.

According to the agreement, Bdtask will work in IT infrastructure development, IT training, and software development in Ethiopia.

After successfull agreement signing at Maxbridge's office in Addis Ababa

Tanzil Ahmed, Director of Operations, Bdtask, was present virtually. He said that according to the agreement Bdtask will work in Ethiopia's IT sector, Human Resource Development, E-Learning, Management, Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Micro Finance, Telemedicine in Healthcare, and Custom Software Development. Maxbridge will work on the impactful marketing and distribution of software developed by Bdtask in that country.


Nazrul Islam, Bangladesh's ambassador to Ethiopia, gave his valuable time and suggestions open-heartedly. He believes there are many collaboration opportunities between these two countries, especially in the IT sector. He said, "Ethiopia is a promising country in the field of technology. There are many opportunities to invest and work in this country, especially in the technology sector."


Bdtask believes this is the first step of the long journey towards efficient and effective improvement in the technology sector of Ethiopia. Bdtask is also very thankful for the warm welcome in Ethiopia. Bdtask is very excited to share experiences.

Bangladeshi leading software company Bdtask is committed to working with love and reaching the goal for the greater good of this agreement so that they can uphold the reputation of Bangladesh's software and technology sector.