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How to purchase Bhojon Addons

How To Purchase Bhojon Addons?

Why is it important to purchase some extra Bhojon addons?

“Addons” is basically a supplementary item, usually purchased by buyers; who already purchased the core product

How to Host a PHP Website

How to Host a PHP Website (Step by Step)

Nowadays, people are using PHP websites for their business purposes. However, many people do not know how to host a PHP website on a server 

MPOS - Sales ERP App

Mobile POS: Documentation of Sales ERP App

M-POS is a Sales ERP App. This documentation for the Mobile Point-of-Sale (M-POS)  Android application, is a part of Sales ERP Software.

Prerequisite Android Smartphone (Version =

How to install web application by Bdtask installer in Local Host

How to Install Web Application by Bdtask Installer in Cpanel

Bdtask is a leading software company. We Provide various Enterprise and  Financial web applications. We develop a unique installation system for all of

How to Install Bdtask Codeigniter Any Script at Hostinger Server

How to install bdtask CodeIgniter any script at the hosting server. we added the hosting server .if you cannot install then you can follow this system.

How to Edit .htaccess in Your cPanel File Manager & Some Problem's Solutions

To Open the File Manager Log into cPanel. In the Files section, click on the File Manager icon. Check the box for Document Root for and select the

How to Setup Email Configuration

How to Setup Email/SMTP Configuration

You will need to configure SMTP settings for Bdtask Softwares. th SMTP config will act as a general email from bdtask software for all emails that

What are the Server Requirements?

Server Requirements:

PHP 5.6.4+ (PHP 7.1+ Recommended) MySQL 5.1+ mod_rewrite Apache MySQLi PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension cURL PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension MBString PHP

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