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Dropshipping VS Drop Surfing

Which Is Better? Dropshipping VS Drop Surfing!!! 

Dropshipping or drop surfing has now become one of the trendiest business opportunities in the eCommerce sector. Thinking!!! How can I mention such kinda bold

7 Reasons Why Should Never Use Nulled Scripts & Nulled Themes

7 Reasons Why Should Never Use Nulled Scripts & Nulled Themes

I would like to share an experience with you on nulled scripts or nulled themes, you can assume it is a case study.

An entrepreneur friend

Common mistakes through installation

Common Mistakes Through Installation

Mismatch token

1. The database and user did not create successfully. 2. Database and user are not connected with each other. 3. If you use xammp localhost, then

Are you Getting HTTP ERROR 500?

Are You Getting HTTP ERROR 500?

If you are getting HTTP ERROR 500, this means that there is some error thrown in the back-end which is causing bdtask script to stop

How can i solve 404 not found after installation?

How Can I Solve 404 Not Found After Installation?

If you are having 404 not found after you install bdtask software this means that you need to adjust the main .htaccess for bdtask software.


How can i find purchase code?

How Can I Find Purchase Code?

In order to get the purchase key of an item you need to follow the steps in the link

What is Base URL?

Base URL is Codeigniter's required configuration and is the URL where your system will be installed.

If you are installing on a subdomain with name bdtask, then you have to set

How Can I Reset My WordPress Password From PHPMYADMIN?

Reset my password from PHPMyAdmin:

If we forget the password then we can also change it from the database. Here we will show the steps of

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