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Know Latest Technology or Will Lose Your Business

By Bdtask Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2020-11-03
Know latest Technology or will lose your business

Technology is changing every minute. Every day coming to new technology and new inventions. It is good for the industry but it has some demerits for business sense. Every day you have to learn and learn new things. Who are not aware of technology changes will definitely lose their business.

I just introduced a few technologies where we are specialized and currently it has a huge demand in the market.

1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Allows the use of sensor technologies in non-IT devices to enable remote control, automation, and monitoring. It is almost like Robotics.No human needs but work will be smooth.

2. Artificial intelligence  (AI)

Artificial intelligence is for creating intelligent machines and Software. It has become an essential part of the technology industry.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production blockchain platform in the world. Blockchain can be used in any Software Development.

4. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is the direct Google Product. It makes the web application lighter.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet all over the world by pay as service. That means You do not need to have a domain or can just purchase the subscription and use it as your needs.

Finally, I would like to say, We must learn the latest technology or we will lose business.

Written By,

Tanzil Ahmad

Director & COO

Bdtask Limited

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