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What Is The Role Of ERP In E-Commerce? - A Detailed Guide

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Sunday, 2022-07-03
What Is The Role Of ERP In E-Commerce

If you are starting an e-commerce business but haven’t yet implemented ERP integration, it's high time to change your business pattern. Every single time when you manually collect sales orders on your ERP system, adjust your inventory, or update the data of the products on your website, you’re spending more time than necessary. You’re also increasing the possibility of errors, which are very risky for your new startup business.

       “Reduce complexity through standardization.” Michael L. George.

Know about  ERP and E-commerce 

Whether you have a B2B or B2C or D2C business your only goal is to grow and gets profit from it.ERP and E-commerce play a vital role to improve your business with maximum profit 

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)?

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning.ERP is a category of software where you can track, monitor, order, and custom, items all linked to your own independent system. Basically, it was introduced by the Gartner Group in the year of 1990 replacement for the MRP system.MRP system means materials requirements planning. The MRP and its functionality are still being used as a core model in today's ERP systems.

What Is Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)?

E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce. In E-Commerce, we can do shopping, stocking, bond transactions, selling software, documents, and business-to-business (B2B) transactions using the internet. E-commerce is a unique way of selling products at relatively lower costs. 

Working Process of an ERP Integrated Webshop through the Cart Management System

Working Process of an ERP Integrated Webshop through the Cart Management System

The role of ERP in e-Commerce is very much important for a company to perform its daily task. with the use of ERP software, your eCommerce website is easy to use and more manageable in the order process. The customer adds a product to the cart then ERP software gives a mail then collect your item from the inventory data and creates a final cart and the software gives a tracking mail and gives you an update on how much time to place your product at its destination.

In this ERP software, you can make a profit because your inventory data is authentic and all the processes are automated by software.

Why We Use ERP As A Role Model for The  E-Commerce Industry

ERP is software that will help our business manage all different areas.ERP  systems will help a lot in managing different aspects of business like communication with suppliers. if I give an example like, when we buy a product online we can track the product by this software .so the whole communication from buyer to supplier. when a company or organization runs through a manual management system they face some the problems like:- 

1. lack of communication.

2. losing rate of the order.

3. late delivery issues.

4.  customers satisfaction 

A major reason for installing ERP is 

1. integrated financial information.

2. integrated customer order information.

3. standardized speed up of operations process.

4. reduce inventory.

5. standardized human resources information.

6. mobile user-friendly experience

So this is the main factor of ERP.

Some ERP implementation statistics are given below

2019 a survey gives a data where we can find that 

The success rate of implementing the ERP model is 67% 

Another 2020 report found that 93% of the organization found success in ERP business.

And drop rate or unsuccessful rate is quite low.

By applying ERP systems as a role model in e-commerce business users are finding more information from multiple sources so that the business or organization is easier to grow day by day also in doing that organization gets some huge profit.

Nowadays People live through the internet and most people believe in internet reviews and buy any if the organization or business is going to the top of the level we must have to do customer satisfaction services first. By applying ERP  in e-commerce business users are finding more information from multiple sources so that the business or organization gets some positive feedback. And also in doing that organization gains more money and finds some benefits from ERP solutions.

Types of ERP We can Find in The Market

We can define ERP type by its characteristics. 250+different types of enterprise resource planning software are available in the market right now. Down below we suggest different types of ERP software according to your needs.

What Are Custom-Built, Ready-Made, And Hybrid ERP Solutions?

To maintain the role of ERP in e-commerce we can use some different types of ERP solutions.

 It is chosen by an ERP development company according to their requirements and to fit their business processes. 

A ready-made ERP software means pre-built software where the client needs no requirements.

And the hybrid solution is you have already built an ERP system but you want to customize it.

Who Is the User of Cloud-Based And on-Premises Solutions?

Cloud base ERP system monitoring by the vendor server over the internet .it is much cheaper than on-premises software. Usually, it is used by a newcomer who is new to starting their works for monthly base or weekly-based subscription package systems.

Its have a built-in monitoring system(vendor) so that newcomer easily uses this system without any hesitation. one problem arises that it has some security issues because all data is handled by the vendor .so you must make sure that you hire a well-known reputed vendor that has strictly followed security statement.

On the other hand, on-premises solutions equip a big company or big organizations. it's built for their company requirements and also its price value. you have full access to your ERP software and you can customize every module but make sure that you hire an IT specialist to control every section perfectly. Microsoft dynamic GP use midrange or small company and enterprise use SAP ERP system.

Who Is the User of Generic ERP And Industry-Specific ERP?

Generic enterprise resource planning software provides some of the premium features which are:-

1. Accounting and financial support 

2. Customer management system

3. analytical management 

4. Inventory system management 

5. Human resources (HR management)

It gives a user a wide range of functionality for different organizations and variant industries.

Example:-like AMAZON, Starbucks, and Toyota use this type of ERP software.

Industry-specific ERP system provides basic type tools and modules with the feature that a client exactly wants. midrange or large corporations use this kind of ERP software.

For example, a large enterprise uses these ERP tools.

Major Benefits Synthesized In E-Commerce with ERP System

Major Benefits Synthesized In E-Commerce with ERP System

Reduce Human Errors

When data go through in different systems and data collection have no way to communicate with each other then some error occurs. when these problems arise it is quite a taff to continuously maintain the same file update in different systems.As there could be several versions of the same file with unlike information. It's the benefit of ERP 

software that gathers all the data in a centralized way and processes it much faster than humans. For that reason, the role of ERP in e-commerce makes a big deal.

Give Your Client More Flexibility to Choose A Product

When a customer buys a product Online, their main priority is flexibility. when they buy a product physically. Customer needs a comfortable service like they find the product more organized. ERP software does the extract thing to organize the product. Enterprise resource planning gives the customer a fantastic customer experience. when a customer gets satisfied they always come back that's exactly what a company wants.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in ERP in e-commerce. ERP software gives User satisfaction, gives the product that a customer wants, easy tracking supply location, and an overall user-friendly environment. If Shipment is on time and provides good service then the customer will be satisfied. In near future, they buy the product again.

Lower the Cost

One study finds that ERP systems reduce overall costs by 23%. It's a huge save for any leading company. 88% of organizations consider their ERP implementation helped them to succeed and also lower the cost.

         “ERP solution reduces process time and mainly centralized the data”

Here are some ways you can save your money and time as well

1. ERP decreases operational cost and boosts efficiency.

2. communication and data exchange are easier than ever before 

3. processing time is reduced by using ERP software. more complexity of labor charge.

Get All the Updates for Your System Instantly

Using this ERP solution you can get all the internal and external updates instantly and more accurately. It also increases internal productivity.

Less Cost-Effective In Your Inventory Management

                                   “efficiency equals cost savings” 

Paying for a separate system to handle different parts of your business is very much costly and sometimes a slow process. but using software like ERP in e-commerce you can save your time and money. ERP helps you to get up to date in your inventory sector and all your files are more organized. It helps you to reduce workload and gives you the minimum cost.

Customer Update 24/7

When your system has up-to-date information through the ERP management system like (  inventory availability in real-time ). Then the customer gets more up-to-date information than ever before .when a customer is happy it provides effective and smooth communication which can gain more customers.

Data Security

The safety of customer information is a big and most precious role of ERP in e-commerce. All the customer's confidential data and financial reports are stored in this system.

You can access all of the data and also you can edit it anytime .even you can also raise its security level.ERP software makes sure that all your data gets safe and secure.

Make Your Business Time Worthy with an Automated Solution

e-commerce is not an industry, e-commerce is a tactic

Running an E-commerce business means you have to maintain lots of things. First of all, you have to promote your website, do some campaigns, and some custom build software for your business.  ERP in e-commerce helps customers in many ways like everything you get in the same room. 

The E-commerce business industry is increasing rapidly .our E-Commerce business frequently changes with the times. All you need is a system that will make your work easier and time-saving. You need the best eCommerce shopping cart software which is flexible, upgradeable, and affordable. The issue is a completely secure and fast eCommerce POS system for E-Commerce solutions. The isshue is the best choice for any type of E-commerce business, big or small.

Make Your Business Time Worthy with an Automated Solution

Shopping Cart Software is a software that helps the customer to shop from the website, the customer can select the product and add everything to the virtual cart.

The issue is licensed shopping cart software. Since we are providing premium source code software, it's more secure and more user-friendly.

Top features:

1. pos sale

2. manage your order.

3. customer balance report 

4. manage purchase return policy 

5. stock report (indiviual)

A Complete ERP Solution Is The Key to Your Business's Success 

Every company needs a better ERP solution to compete with others. sales ERP software is the best ERP software with a POS app. The complete business management tool is like Sale ERP software.

A Complete ERP Solution Is The Key to Your Business's Success 

Sales ERP is a smart ERP solution to manage your business. Sales ERP software not only helps you to manage your business but also keeps track of your inventory and human resources. It has a full account management system also. To limit your small & big business, outlet, or company Sales ERP is a great choice to grab. BDtask provides you with the best ERP software for small businesses. It can be integrated with an external Android POS App.

Some Key Features of ERP In E-Commerce 

 Sales ERP software gives you some key features that Make Your Investment More Smooth & Precise.

1. portable pos system.

2. data backup system.

3. total control of your inventory.

4. Bar or QR code scanner with one click in the voice system.

5. product wise report.

Future Growth of ERP In E-Commerce 

Last 60 years technology introduce us to many types of software and this software gives us positive responses as well as negative responses. 

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.”

                                     Stewart Brand, Writer

ERP is one of the biggest successes in the technological world.  it minimizes the cost and provides customer satisfaction. After the time passes ERP software upgrade dramatically with the help of the internet. you can find a 360view of your company with this software.

According to the report “allied market research, the global(ERP) software market grew 35.81$billion in 2018, and it's growing to  78.41$ billion.

In recent times all types of a company trying to upgrade their system by using an enterprise resource planning system, we talk about this system with many leaders and they are quite impressed with the growth ratio for ERP. The mobile market also makes a huge difference in ERP software. According to Precedence Research (gated), the global shared mobile market could earn $945.83 billion by 2030.

Digital marketing help business reaches clients online in many ways like email, Facebook marketing, and ERP will help companies bet against their competitors. 

Top 5 Keys to Choosing The Best ERP Tools for Your Needs

If you want to buy the best ERP solution you need to sort out these 5 tips. These 5 tips play a vital role in ERP in e-commerce.

1. Choose the right Department.

2. Cost (budget information )

3. Requirements like what types of modules you need 

4. read  review or analytics research 

5. consult with an expert.

Which Types of Enterprise Resource Planning Software Do You Need for Your Startup Business?

If you have any queries or anything about ERP software feel free to communicate with us.

The company provides a good source of business solutions if any clients want to start up a business they need a good collection of software, and design to maintain the business in the market. Bdtask focuses on the exact requirements that a customer or client needed. Bdtask provides a good source of business ERP solutions, M-stores, wholesale, Flight booking, Edutask, and VMS. we provide all packages for starting a business with Top-notch facilities.

Final Thoughts

Are you interested to increase the speed of your daily work? The right and customized implementation of ERP in e-commerce give you the benefits and adapt it for the revenue of your business

E-commerce is a very fast-growing industry .with the help of Technology and integration may help businesses run effectively and smoothly. It has become very tough to stay ahead of the competitors. Using a proper ERP system provides them a substantial lead over others. The right and customized implementation of ERP in e-commerce give you the benefits and adapt it for the revenue of your business

Want to know some more details about our e-Commerce ERP solution

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