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Best Air Ticket Booking Software And Reservation System

By Rajib Hasan Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2022-10-18
air ticket booking software

World peoples are enthusiasts. People love to travel from one place to another place and from one country to abroad. In this case, the air is the fastest journey. For this reason, the priority of air tickets is very high. That's why air ticket booking is necessary before travel. There are many travel agencies, and travelers go to the agency to book air tickets. Sometimes they become cheated and face some other hassle. You may get help from air ticket booking software to avoid such difficulties. However, let's know about the best air ticket booking software and reservation system that can show you the right way for the airline ticket booking process. 

What is an airline reservation system?

Airline reservation means that you have reserved one or more seats before the air travel period. The reservation system is an online process. Nowadays, besides the flight reservation system, railway, bus, and other travel service providers have introduced ticket reservation systems or seat reservation systems due to reducing human suffering. It has been possible due to technological expansion. However, the online reservation system has taken a leading part worldwide, and people are getting more privileges. 

Once in a while travelers would come to the air ticket counter and waste their crucial time managing air tickets. Sometimes, travelers must wait for a long time and face mental disruption. To avoid such undesired events use flight reservation software for the air ticket booking system. The travel agency ticket booking system has been easy because of discovering the ticket reservation software. This software will allow you to reserve your air ticket. In this case, you don't need to come to any travel agency. You are able to book and manage air tickets from your own place. 

How to make an air ticket booking?

Indeed air ticket booking can be a complex one due to plenty of air travelers. But managing the domestic air ticket can be easier. There are many air ticket booking websites, and they have booking software. You need to do a bit of research and find the best one. Air ticket booking software is a cloud-based software. If you enter the software or any website, you will be able to see the ticket pricing, availability, flight date, and other crucial information you need to know. 

You may find multiple ticketing reservation websites to compare air ticket pricing. However, find the best Air ticket booking software and Reservation System. So, let's see the three main steps for an online air ticket booking system that can be crucial for you to make air ticket booking before your domestic and abroad journey.

Step 01 Search:

How to make an air ticket booking

  • First of all, insert the username and password to enter the dashboard and complete the flight booking process.
  • Click the search pad and select your trip (Round trip/one way).
  • Select your departure and arrival location.
  • Select departure and return date.
  • You can select travelers (adults, children, and infants).
  • Select your required cabin, such as economy, premium economy, and business class. 
  • Now click the search button. 
  • .

Step 02 Booking:

How to make an air ticket booking

  • Select the airlines that you prefer and select your take-off time.
  • Now you will be eligible to book your ticket or click book now.
  • It is noted that you can check the low fare. If it is available, then you can easily get this facility.
  • After clicking the book now then, you will get an interface, and you have to fill up the traveler details.
  • In this stage, insert your personal and authentic details (email, contact number, gender, first and last name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and other crucial information).
  • Click conditions and policy and click the make booking button.
  • Now you can see your PNR number and click visit PNR. 
  • If you have extra baggage, then you can reserve it and make a prepaid payment. At this stage, you can recheck your flight details and confirm your meal option (if needed).
  • It is noted that you can cancel PNR and ticket list.

Step 03 Issue: 

How to make an air ticket booking

  • At this stage, you need to issue your ticket. For this reason, complete the transaction process.
  • Here you will see the new transaction entry or new transaction record.
  • Provide your payment information, fill up the red star blank field, and click submit.
  • Select the payment option and fill up that payment gateway according to the payment method. In this case, you need to add your debit/credit card.
  • After submitting that, you will see the bank transaction statement. Here you will see your new deposit.
  • If you have any pending transactions, then you can see it from the pending transaction section.
  • Follow all the transaction processes correctly.
  • If you complete all requirements, then you will get the notification in the email that you provided here.  

However, these are the simple home and abroad online flight booking systems or air ticketing processes. This air ticket booking software allows you to book a ticket through simple processes. Those are the air ticket booking agencies they can successfully use to minimize their effort and save time. 

Best Air ticket booking software and Reservation System

An airline reservation system is an important thing before traveling. However, many air ticket booking software offers air ticket reservation systems. But all the software providers may not be going better with you. In this case, find the best air ticket booking software where you can easily book, reserve, and cancel the air ticket. However, we have listed five world's best air ticket booking and reservation software that have numerous privileges. So let's see some crucial air ticket booking software that is best suited for you.  

  • TravelPerk
  • Egencia Suite
  • Bizaway
  • Flight Booking Software
  • Trawex Cloud Suite

01. TravelPerk


TravelPerk is a renowned travel management software for reserving, analyzing, and managing your travel program. It has an attractive flight inventory system that lets you know about the air ticket (how many air tickets are available). It is a cloud-based software that offers advanced and excellent options for anyone booking an air ticket. More than 5000 businesses have taken TravelPerk. However, there are many crucial features of it but referring few of them, such as

  • TravelPerk is cloud-based.
  • It allows companies to book and effortlessly manage all their travel needs in one place.
  • It's compatible with Android and iOS.
  • You may get help through email/help desk/phone support.
  • You may get better in-person training, webinars, documentation, online, etc.
  • You can save money by minimizing VAT.

02. Egencia Suite

Egencia Suite

Egencia Suite is the world's largest travel business platform. Those who would like to get fast-track service normally choose it. Egencia Suite offers an exclusive air ticket booking and reservation process that saves time and cost. It offers online airline reservations for $7.00 for corporate travel. It is noted that there is no charge for auto rental or hotel. But $7.00 will be included in the quoted airfare. If you need agent assistance, you have to pay $30.00 and $40.00 for domestic and international flights. However, there are many features of it. Let's see some of them:

  • It is cloud-based air ticket reservation software.
  • It is best for travel arrangers, travel managers, and travelers in companies that travel for business.
  • Egencia Suite is mobile-friendly or compatible with iOS and Android.
  • You can get help through email/help desk/phone support.
  • You may get better training in person, through webinars, online, etc.
  • It offers online air ticket booking and reservation management.

03. Bizaway


Bizaway business travel Management Company offers to book business travel with more than 900 airline companies. You have the possibility to integrate frequent loyalty programs. Bizaway offers all-in-one solutions to manage and book domestic and business trips abroad. It has achieved trust in the people's hearts due to its better service and support. Its popularity is enhancing rapidly, and they are bringing more facilities for travelers. However, many features of it attract home and abroad travelers to get traveling services.

  • It is easy to use as a reservation software.
  • It is a cloud-based software compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.
  • Bizaway offers an easy management system, saving time and money.
  • Travelers get 24/7 better customer support from their help desk.
  • It has a multi-currency payment system and online booking and sends a notification whenever the work.   

04. Flight Booking Software

Flight Booking Software

Flight booking software is a cloud-based software used to automate the airline ticket booking process. It is specially designed for the airline booking process based on modern technology. Therefore, those who want to begin their airline ticket-booking business can use this software successfully. It is because numerous features attract the entrepreneur to use it from the beginning of their business.

Flight booking software has two main portals: a business-to-business online and a business-to-customer online portal. You can connect your online ticket booking business with any API of GDS/non-GDS, and you are able to connect your system with IATA (International Air Transport Association). However, let's know about the attractive features of flight booking software that can successfully lead you to do the airline ticket booking and reservation business.

  • Systematically manage passengers and get weather detection opportunities.
  • You will get easy and fast ticket booking management.
  • You are able to get a flight reservation, and you are allowed to cancel your reservation in any easiest way.
  • Passenger registration and passenger management.
  • You have opportunities for seat up-gradation.
  • Hotel booking system and three trip policy with discount and pricing.
  • You will get an instant ticket confirmation notification through email.
  • Commission system and invoice management system.

05. Trawex Cloud Suite

Trawex Cloud Suite

Trawex Cloud Suite is a reputed online ticket distribution and travel reservation platform used by travel agencies and service providers. Trawex Cloud Suite offers a wide range of travel products with more than 70 suppliers worldwide. They have services like online ticket booking, hotel reservation systems, hotel management systems, airline reservation systems, and others. However, there are many features of it, such as

  • It was designed using advanced technology so that travelers get exceptional support.
  • It is an authentic and reliable platform that people can successfully use.
  • Travelers get 24/7 support.
  • Air ticket booking and reservation system.
  • Smart electronic payment gateway and smart inventory management system.
  • It offers third-party integration and API.

What information is needed to book a flight?

What info do you need to book a flight? It is a common question whenever an unknown person wishes to book a ticket. If you don't know about airline ticket booking, you may face a bit of hassle. Indeed we are human beings, and traveling is our hobby, and we love traveling. That's why we should know some crucial information before traveling or making an air ticket reservation. However, we have referred above to what type of information you need. So let's see at a glance what type of information you need to book a flight.  

  • Legal personal details.
  • Traveler passport number.
  • Flight details and seat category.
  • Traveler departure time and date.
  • Clear payment information.
  • Choice of the destination airport.
  • Confirm flight booking.

Are there any benefits of airline reservation system?

benefits of airline reservation system

The airline reservation system has been introduced due to greater business flexibility. Before the invention of the internet, people could not reserve air tickets. In this case, they would face more trouble. After introducing the internet, the airline industry has become completely dependent on the internet. Online air ticket reservation system has become more popular with every traveler. However, there are many benefits of the airline reservation system but let's see some of them.

  • People can book air tickets before their travel.
  • Then they can choose a seat to their liking.
  • Travelers get 24/7 better customer support.
  • Mobile availability.
  • Easy refund policies.
  • There is a chance to choose between a bunch of domestic and international airlines.
  • Travelers have an easy air reservation cancellation process.
  • Real-time update.  


The air ticket booking process has been easy due to technological expansion. People have discovered many airline reservation software to reduce human effort and save time. We have compared the five best flight booking software. You may choose one which is well suited for you. If you purchase an airline ticket, you must provide your crucial information. These are highly needed. If you purchase it from anywhere, you must provide the legal information that we have referred to above. If you become an entrepreneur, you should choose the best air ticket booking software to ensure better air ticket booking service and support