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Flight Booking Software: A One-Stop Solution to Automate Airline Booking Process

An innovative solution that makes your online flight booking business cost-effective and dynamic. This flight booking software will be the perfect package for all entrepreneurs who want to start their dreamy ticket booking business.

B2B online travel portal

B2B Online Travel Portal

B2B web portal can allow the owner to create multiple agents to conduct the overall flight booking process.

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Connect Your Online Ticket Booking Business with a Data Warehouse by Integrating GDS APIs

Since this flight booking system is connected with the GDS system, it can be able to provide real-time data to conduct your business activities smoothly. So, you can integrate your ticket booking business with any GDS APIs that will assist you to reduce all kinds of flight booking-related conflicts.


Services We Offer

Embark Your Airline Reservation System with the Favor of Travel Technology

We offer various types of services to make your flight booking business so smart and effortless. You can choose any service to develop your dreamy flight booking software.

Website development for a flight booking system

Website Development

We offer a spirited website in this flight booking software. An attractive website can assist to increase the visibility and online presence of your business. Moreover, a complete and user-friendly website can ensure the growth of your business as well as build brand recognition for your targeted audience.

Mobile app development for flight booking software

Mobile App Development

This one is another remarkable service in this airline reservation system. You can integrate an Android or iOS mobile app with your flight booking business. According to your requirements, we will develop a custom mobile app that will be very effective. So, here you will get a full customization facility.

API development and integration for OTA business

API Development & Integration

For any flight booking business, the most exclusive and essential service is to ensure the GDS APIs integration and development. Without integrating the GDS APIs, you can not access the database to conduct the booking process. So, this flight booking software provides the GDS APIs integration system to ensure a precise booking process.

Payment gateway integration for OTA business

Payment Gateway Integration

Without multiple payment gateways, you can not receive or handle the overall transaction process. To resolve the payment-related difficulties, we offer SSLCOMMERZ and other payment gateways that allow you to support a smooth transaction. So, you need not integrate multiple payment gateways separately which will save your time and cost and enhance revenue.

Custom software development for a flight booking system

Custom Software Development

We also offer custom software development services to develop your desired flight booking system. Through this flight booking software, you will get all-essential features to successfully manage the entire flight booking process. Also, if you have any additional requirements, we will design and develop that according to your requirements.

Flight Booking Software: Key Features of B2B Online Travel Portal

Let’s explore the features of the B2B online travel portal in this airline booking software.

Agent Registration for Flight Booking Software

Agent Registration (Addons)

This airline reservation software allows you to add multiple agents or agents can register by themselves through the B2B web app portal. It provides an easy and secure agent registration system. After completing the registration process, the agents need to wait for approval and activation from the super admin or manager.

Agent Management (Addons)

With this B2B portal, the manager can be able to manage and control the entire activities such as deposit, agent activation or inactivation, credit limit set, password reset, and so on. Moreover, this flight booking software provides full control of the manager to manage the agents. So, this feature can assist to make the entire operation so secure and effective.

Agent management for flight booking software
Agent booking management for OTA business

Agent Booking Management (Addons)

With this flight booking system, you will get a complete agent booking management to handle those bookings which have been booked through the agents. Also, the owner can recheck all flight bookings to ensure a smooth and effective flight booking process. So, this feature provides the full right of the owner to control, cancel, or book from this B2B online travel portal.

Prominent Features of B2C Online Travel Portal in Flight Booking Software

Let’s see the features of the B2C online travel portal in this airline booking software.

Passenger registration for flight booking software

Passenger Registration

In this airline reservation software, you will get an individual B2C online travel portal that allows your customer to book their own flight tickets. To do this, your passenger must need to register in your flight booking system and this feature can assist you to conduct such kinds of activities.

Passenger Management

You can directly handle all of your passengers and keep a record of inbound and outbound passengers. This airline reservation system provides an effective passenger management system in the B2C online travel portal that assists you to manage and control the entire activities of your passengers.

Passenger management for flight booking software
Booking management for airline reservation system

Booking Management

This flight booking software can allow your passenger to book their flight ticket by themself without the help of any agent. It has a dynamic B2C online travel portal that provides the opportunity for your passenger to book their flight ticket according to their preferences.

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Exclusive Functions of Online Flight Booking Software

Commission system for flight booking software

Commission System

Dynamic packages for the airline booking system

Dynamic Packages

Trip policies for flight booking software

Three Trip Policy (One-way, Round Trip, Multi-city)

Discount and pricing system of airline reservation software

Discount & Pricing

Credit limit control of OTA platform

Credit Limit Control

SMS and Email confirmation system of OTA software

SMS & Email Confirmation

Weather detection system of OTA platform

Weather Detection

Auto reminder system of OTA platform

Auto Reminder

Hotel booking system of OTA platform

Hotel Booking System

Flight reservation system

Flight Reservation

Flight cancellation system

Flight Cancellation

Seat upgrading system of OTA platform

Seat Upgrades

Supports multiple currencies in the flight booking system

Multi-Currency Support

Supports multiple languages in the flight booking system

Multi-Language Support

Channel management for flight booking software

Channel Management

Invoice management for airline reservation system

Invoice Management

Big Time To Drive Business Growth In The Digital Age With Airline Booking Software!!!

Scalable and flexible flight booking system

Scalability & Flexibility

This flight booking software provides enough flexibility to the users because you can easily operate and control the entire system anytime and anywhere. If you need any additional features, you can easily integrate this with your system.

Mobile-friendly interface of flight booking software

Mobile-Friendly UI

This software has both B2B & B2C web portals, so we also think about your customer's convenience. For considering this, we design a user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface that will create a good impression and enhance your customer’s satisfaction.

Chabot integration of airline reservation system

Chatbot Integration

This airline reservation software can be able to support a chatbot system. Your agent can assist the customers instantly and solve their problems quickly through this. So, it ensures 24*7 customer service with limited resources.

Real-time updating system

Time to Time Update

We always make our system up-to-date based on the latest travel technology. According to the necessity of the present era, we design and develop this flight booking software but it will be updated regularly depending on the demand and need.

Reduce operational costs of OTA business

Reduce Operational Cost

This airline reservation system is completely an automated package to manage the entire online ticket booking process. So, it helps to reduce the operational cost by providing all the exclusive and essential features which will actually you need.

Refund policies for flight reservation

Refund Policies

You can connect this online flight booking software with various airlines. According to the refund policies of these airlines, you can manage the refund process. So, this software allows this option but it will depend on airlines’ refund policies.

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Today is the high time to develop your awaited flight booking platform with our modern technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Ans: Flight booking software is a computerized tool that allows the operators to manage the entire ticket booking process through a single package. The online ticket reservation system provides a web-based ticket booking solution by integrating Global Distributed System (GDS) that helps to ensure real-time data to the passenger and the agents for completing their booking process. The GDS system can allow users to get accurate information on the inventory and rates. Moreover, the airline reservation software provides the opportunity to conduct the booking activities by the separate online web portals. Here, the administrator will get a B2B & B2C online travel portal to operate the booking process spontaneously. Also, the flight booking system can be able to handle the overall activities of your ticket booking business. So, it is a complete package to operate the flight booking business automatically and effectively.

Answer: The perfection of any software depends on its features and functionalities. Before choosing any airline reservation software, you must have to be informed about which features you will get in that. Here some essential features of any flight booking system have been described that will assist you to pick the best one.

  • Provides two separate online travel portals such as B2B & B2C
  • Allows GDS APIs integration
  • Multiple agents supporting system
  • Effective booking management system
  • SOTO booking system
  • Secures payment processing system
  • Passenger registration & management
  • International and domestic flight booking system
  • Provides real-time data through the GDS system
  • Allows multiple payment gateways, and more.

Answer: There are a lot of remarkable advantages of airline reservation software. Here you can understand the core benefits of online flight booking software.

  • Save your time and resources
  • Ensure an easy airline ticket booking system
  • Provides a piece of accurate information through GDS
  • Supports both web and mobile application
  • Easy to maintain and organize
  • Helps to ensure maximize reservation
  • Provides an easy and user-friendly interface
  • Helps to reduce maintenance cost
  • Provides 24*7 customer service, and more.

Answer: The online flight booking software provides a smooth process to conduct the airline reservation system. This package is compatible with all essential features that will assist to manage and complete the overall ticket booking process. Thus, the working mechanism of the flight booking system is explained in the following.

Step 1: Installation & Setup

At first, you need to brief your requirement to develop your desired ticket booking software. After developing, you need to install it, then you can set up the whole system.

Step 2: GDS Integration

This software can allow the users to integrate GDS APIs to access the data to conduct the flight booking process smoothly and accurately.

Step 3: Non-GDS Integration

Integrating domestic airlines, this flight booking system allows the users to manage the ticket booking process. So, this step helps to manage domestic flights easily and effectively.

Step 4: Three Trip Policies

The passenger can choose any trip policy. The flight booking software provides three trip policies: One way, Round Trip, Multi-city.

Step 5: Complete Ticket Booking

By filling up the required information, the users can book their tickets through this system.

Step 6: Checkout Process

After completing the booking process, the passenger needs to complete the payment process and here they will get multiple payment gateways.

Step 7: Ticket Issuing

After checking all kinds of issues, the ticket will be issued and this one is the final step in this flight booking system.

Step 8: Sends Confirmation Mail to the Passenger

Finally, the process will end here. After issuing the ticket, this system will be able to send a confirmation email to the passenger.

Answer: Those persons who want to start an online flight booking business, as well as those entrepreneurs who have a big dream to build an airline reservation software, both will be the users of this software. Also, the owner can create multiple agents and connect with the system with multiple travel agencies. So, if you have any travel agencies, you also will be a user of this flight booking system.

Answer: Yes, this flight booking system will be profitable for both business owners and travel agencies, because every agent will get a certain amount of commission through each confirmation of each ticket issued.