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5 Automation Hacks to Ease Healthcare Software with Hospital Management

By Bdtask Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2020-11-03

01) Online Prescription: 

The handwriting of Doctors really suffers the patients or pharmacists to understand what they are writing on the prescription. In order to understand they need to recontact the doctor to understand the medicine name or advice properly. And sometimes patients lost their prescription too. So, the digital prescription system can help to remove these errors. Cause this prescription is saved on a cloud-based server database so the patients or the doctors can easily access their prescriptions anytime from anywhere with digital devices.

02) Full Accounting System of Hospital and its Report:

The daily activities of an account manager are managing all kinds of accounting and financial transactions of the hospital. He also has to make reports as per the demand of higher authority as well. And this report can be demanded on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis, a half-yearly or yearly basis. So, to do this reports accurately for an accountant it’s really time consuming and effortful. To solve this, automation software can be very handy. Cause it can manage chart of accounts, debit voucher, credit voucher,  contra voucher, journal voucher, voucher approval, account report very efficiently and effortlessly. It’s a paperless and solution for the hospital with accessible accurate data. 

03) Pharmacy Management: 

Pharmacists do a lot of work to manage pharmacy activities. He has to manage inventory, billings, overall sales management, and reports manually. Which is really an effortful and lengthy process to run a pharmacy business properly. As these workflows are repeated actions so these can be automated through software. When using the software this workflow will be visible all time to owners or admin or the assigned pharmacists. And inventory, billings, overall sales management, and reports will generate automatically through the software. It saves time and effort. It also helps to grow the prosperity of the business as well.   

04) Medication and Visits System:

When you want to improve your customer relationship then medication and visits system is one of the most prior things. Mainly, doctors and nurses are maintaining this section. Though the hospital has some ways to maintain this section they are just not how you measure the accuracy of this function. Cause they may maintain through notebooks which are not 100% proper way to get verified data. So, it is really hard to overview customer relations on the basis of these data. Automated software can make it easier for admin to get trusted data. So, whenever a doctor or a patient goes for visits or medication it will count and listed overall activities of medication and visits patient by patient accurately. And these data will be more reliable and usable to implement CRM actions to improve a better service.    

05) Email and SMS:

Marketing is the key factor for any business. Hospitals also need marketing to get their potential prospects or patients. Though the hospital does marketing those are traditional or offline marketing. Still, they are important too. In this new era, marketing has changed. Now digital marketing is getting more popular than traditional. Cause digital marketing costs less than the traditional one. And it also engages more people who can be the potential leads for the hospital. Email and SMS are the tools of digital marketing. And they are very handy. You can promote your services and offers through these channels and it also helps your branding too. So, an automation system can integrate this facility and make your marketing approach better than before.