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What is a Hospital Management System (HMS)?

The hospital management system can provide an automated way of managing any hospital activities rather than a traditional system. Moreover, this system can operate regular hospital activities like IPD, OPD, billing, test, bed management, account sector, HR management, etc. accurately and efficiently. Also, it helps to generate the daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly reports of sales, revenue, patients, lab test, bed management, etc. as your requirement easily. To see these reports, you need to click on some options. The most important thing is that an admin can observe everyone through the software. An internal messaging platform helps employees to communicate with each other as well. All in all, clinic management software helps you to be with trends, and it also gives you the chance to run your business administration digitally and very efficiently.

Apply Automation, Be Skillful, Maximize Profitability

Hospital - Hospital Management System (HMS) plays an important role in managing your business activities and hospitals or clinics as needed. Get the desired output organically with a specific time frame.

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Dynamic System

Our Hospital HIMS software can speed up all of your activities & reporting. Moreover, it can manage all the important documents in a certain place with a dynamic management system.

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Centralized Controlling System

HMS Software operates all works under a chain of command. It starts from the admin and ends at the bottom. One operational place helps to maintain it all easily and efficiently.

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Accumulative services

With this system, you can manage the overall services including medical, financial, administrative, and so on. Moreover, the hospital management system helps you to cover the entire system efficiently.

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Intangible handling

HMS Software can provide intangible handling facilities for the owners and the administrator. Because using this software, you can operate the entire system from any time and anywhere. Also, you can check any data and see any reports.

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Ensure the best Medicare

This system ensures the best medical care service for the patient. Moreover, using this system, users can admit and discharge the patient easily. So, there is no additional formality in this system from admission to discharge.

Are you concerned about the best hospital management system? Okay, don't worry. Our first priority is to meet the needs of customers. So, we provide the Hospital - Hospital Management System (HMS) that caters to your needs.

Advantages of Hospital Management System

There are multidimensional advantages of hospital management systems. Now in the following section, we will discuss some of them.

HMS Security and Storage

Automation, Security, and Storage

There are many reasons why the whole hospital needs an automation system. Because this kind of system mainly aims at taking care of functional aspects of the entire hospital so that the medicare center can concentrate on enhanced patient care. Moreover, it aims to provide reliable automation of conventional systems simultaneously. Also, the system can provide excellent protection at every level of user-system interaction. As well as, it provides robust and reliable storage and backup facilities.

Helps To Do All Alternative Vital Tasks

Being the desired and best hospital does not mean that you have to have a wide area and you can gain a lot. But the nice administration and management skills of all the staffers, nurses, and doctors to realize results, Managing and maintaining up-to-date information on patient care, medications and alternative technological methodology of providing service, etc. are the basic components of measurement for a quality score to be the best. And if you have got an automatic system that may pay attention to relieve you to try and do alternative vital tasks.

Alternative Vital Tasks of HMS
Error Free HMS

Remains Hospital Error Free

As a human being, Is it possible for medical officers & employees to be erroneous staff? But every single mistake of misplacing of data creates a self-annihilation. However, all professional physicians and hospital managers do not expect any kind of error. So, you need to provide automated management software that can be able to eliminate the risk of various types of errors. Also, it can store all hospital-related data and guarantees that your hospital will be error-free if you follow the procedures.

Track Every Single Information

Using this platform, you can monitor and track all activities of your system. Moreover, you can track the entire journey of each patient from appointment booking to medical emergencies. Also, it virtually carries the burden of hospital employees to travel through multiple files to know the patient’s records. As well as, it will reserve data including doctors, nurses, and each hospital permanent and temporary worker who are working in your hospital according to locums you assigned on your hospital application and portal. So, it is the most important advantage of any hospital management system.

HMS tracking Information
best patient care of HMS

Ensure The Best Patient Care

Instead of preserving and demonstrating knowledge, the collaborative intelligent hospital management system can share insights to optimize hospital staff usage, acquisition rates, clinical activities, and every aspect related to the hospital. Also, it can resolve any kind of errors and helps to understand the important tasks of users easily and automatically. The main purpose of developing this system is to provide a dynamic platform that helps to manage the hospital's patient history and staff records without creating a long written account. When you have patient care as you say, you would like to own the most effective management system that may pay attention to your hospital, and follow your hospital’s processes.

Rescue From data Violation

Data violation is one of the most alarming and detrimental things for a business. When any hospital records information manually, then sometimes there will be created confusion, and files will be misplaced. As a result, patients and staff have to endure a lot of suffering. So to solve these problems, we provide HMS which can handle all access points through authentication if each user needs to use the information. Also, it can verify that user's who can access their shift timings guaranteeing that out-of-turn information access is prohibited. Thus, this system will act as a doorman to recover from data breaches.

Data violation of HMS
Care And Issues of HMS

Implements Dotty Care And Bed Issues

It is important to ensure that accurate information is being accessed at a time when there is a wide range of information to ensure that clinical departments are implementing dot care and bed issues. It'll facilitate pharmacists to produce medicines that are prescribed by the doctor. Aa well as, nurses to be conscious about the time that a patient must have medications. Moreover, this system can be able to provide notification for both the doctor and the patient after checking up.

Ensure The Financial Growth

Ensuring a hospital’s uninterrupted flow of revenue and funds is essential to ensure fully sustainable growth. Moreover, this hospital management system provides improved infrastructure and care. Developing an on-demand custom hospital management system not only saves time and quality but also generates reports to increase power. The most important thing is that we get all the necessary data on the market with a mouse click. This will scientifically facilitate the management of hospitals and respond to optimal financial growth.

HMS financial growth

Components of HMS Software

Our HMS consists of several components that help you to operate that entire system easily and smoothly. Now, we want to describe in brief the component of the Hospital - Hospital Management System (HMS).

Components of HMS
  • Doctor Management
  • Patient Management
  • Department Management
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Account Manager
  • Insurance System
  • Billing System
  • HR Management System
  • Case Manager
  • Bed Management
  • Hospital Activities
  • Communication System
  • OPD & IPD Center
  • Pharmacy & Medicine
  • Laboratory System
  • Noticeboard & Reports

Why Choose Our Product?

It’s a costly question “ Why do you choose our product? while there are lots of organizations that offer the same services. There are many reasons here that we are most perfect for you.

What is your refund policy?

You can get an offer in a 30-days refund policy for all products that you purchased from

How long do I get support?

You will have access to software support as long as you have an active software license. This is totally open-source Software.

Quality designed

We used Bootstrap and HTML5 to design the interface of our system. This is 100% Responsive and Qualitative.

High secured framework

This system is developed by PHP and Codeigniter Framework. Moreover, this is a very popular and secure framework.

Accumulative solutions

We provide all the important services of the business including inventory management, purchase order management, supplier reporting, and cash flow management system. So, you can get all things from one place.

On-demand customizable

This system is 100% customizable. We are always ready to customize based on your business needs.

Key Features of Hospital Management System (HMS)

This hospital management system has some tremendous features that help to operate the system effectively. Are you worried about what features a suitable HMS might have? Okay, Don't worry! In this section, you can find out your answers. So, let's start.

  • Provides dynamic dashboard facility
  • Department management system
  • Doctor management system
  • Patient management system
  • Takes appointment easily
  • Doctor scheduling system
  • Provides a prescription checking previous case study
  • Account management system
  • Provides insurance & billing system
  • Provides human resources management system
  • Manages hospital activities
  • Provides secured system
  • Reports generate automatically
  • Automated Notification system
  • Dynamic user interface
  • Allows from any web browser

Miscellaneous Modules of Hospital Management System

Are you looking for a suitable hospital management system? Then don't worry! We provide the best HMS - Hospital Management System. So, now we will describe some excellent modules of our Hospital - Hospital Management System (HMS).

Superpower Administration

The Super Power Administrative Module gives you an ultimate system of management. Using this system, as an admin, you can create accounts, specify & offer doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, researchers, receptionists, representatives, case managers their responsibilities separately. Also, no one can access the other's account, but the admin can access all the accounts. Moreover, this module guarantees you 100% protection of your data and the privacy of your activities.

Superpower Administration of HMS
IPD management of HMS

IPD Management System

Our hospital management system allows you to manage the system efficiently by recording all the important data on a single platform. Thus, you can get IPD management system facilities in this system. Moreover, using this platform, you can provide a unique ID for each patient registration. Also, you can manage patient details, admission date, name, doctor's name, bed information, consultant, surgeon, OT, Lab billing, payment details, and everything automatically. As well as, this module includes the following aspects.

  • Patient registration
  • Bed management
  • Investigation report
  • Patient file management
  • Pharmacy, OT, lab billing integration
  • Discharge management

Hospital Activity Management

This module is designed as a hospital activities menu for all activities of a hospital. So, using this module, you can get a death & birth report, operation report, lab investigation report, create medicine category, add new medicine & total activities management opportunity. We have included with this system:-

  • Representative Data reservation
  • Patient case study
  • Easy Invoicing
HMS Activity Management
Human Resource Management of HMS

Human Resource Management System

As a service provider, the hospital relies heavily on its service providers. Moreover, it is the most critical task for hospital managers. With this module, you can manage your workforce through an organized human resource management system. You can create a particular id of your every employee based on their detail, get & provide information about their task at any time & ensure the best management.

  • Doctor management system
  • Nurse management
  • Laboratorian Profile management
  • Other's employee profile management

Lab & Pharmacy Management System

In this system, you can get a lab and pharmacy facility. Using this module, when the test is set-aside at reception request or prescribed by the doctors, then it will be sent to the laboratory automatically. After that, the laboratorian will prepare the result and print engaging reports. Besides we ensure the pharmacy management system.

  • Laboratory management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Reporting system
Lab & Pharmacy Management of HMS
HMS Information System

Hospital Information System (HIMS)

The hospital information system is an essential module of any hospital management system. With this module, you can operate three important management levels like government level, territory level, and patient carrying level. Also, you can ensure the information flow among them through the SMS, messaging & emailing system.

  • SMS
  • Message
  • Email
  • Noticeboard

Insurance & Billing Integration System

With this system, you can provide a patient insurance billing integration system. So, this module helps to make your system user friendly and trustworthy for your service recipient. Also, you can manage insurance maintaining, insurance policy name, insurance description billing, status, etc. easily in this module.

Insurance & Billing Integration System of HMS

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Ask Anything
Ans: HMS means a hospital management system that helps to manage your hospital activities smoothly.
Answer: We provide a 100% secured and reliable platform. So, you can fully trust in this system.
Answer: Yes, you can get insurance and billing facilities.
Answer: Yes, this HMS software can be able to generate real-time reports.
Answer: Patients and doctors can communicate via messages, SMS, or emails.

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Extended License


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