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Benefits of Chatbots for Customers: Improve Customer Experience

By Jannatul Ferdous Last Updated -- Sunday, 2023-11-19
benefits of chatbots for customers

Are you thinking of implementing a chatbot on your e-commerce site? 

Then, I would suggest you gain the proper knowledge about chatbots and why they are beneficial for customers and businesses.

Now, Do you know why Chatbots are beneficial for customers?

Then, you have to learn basic knowledge about the benefits of chatbots for customers. Here, I will comprehensively discuss the benefits of chatbots for customers.

In recent years, a rapid surge of change has been seen in customer interactions with businesses. In contrast to the traditional period, customers want to get superior customer service, a quick communication process, and a high volume of customer interaction. 

Due to this, the benefits of chatbots for customers play a remarkable role in their great impact on the business world. Besides acknowledging chatbots for business, you can also read what are the benefits of chatbots for business.

In this blog, I will illustrate different types of benefits of chatbots for customers and also open up about their benefits and disadvantages in customer service.

Top 7 Benefits of Chatbots for Customers:

I think businesses should have the best communication support for customers, whether in sales, support, or marketing. And if businesses can deliver all support systems to customers, the growth rate of business will be high. 

If you are new to chatbot marketing, here is one piece of information you need to know about chatbots. According to the chatbot customer satisfaction survey, 35% of customers get comfortable with those businesses that offer chatbots. 

Indeed, there are many benefits of chatbots for customers in customer service. Below, I am going to elaborate on some outstanding benefits of chatbots for customers, which are common and compulsory chatbot benefits.

1. Offer Self-service Option to Customers’ Common Questions

The biggest advantage of a chatbot is a self-service tool that can resolve customers' problems faster. 71% of customers prefer self-service chatbots over status Webpages.

Nowadays, customers want to justify products on their own. If they can't make or complete simple queries before purchasing, they get frustrated or decide not to buy. 

For these reasons, there is no alternative to the chatbot. Chatbots can offer self-service options to mitigate all their problem. Consequently, customers can independently ask queries and find information conveniently on their own. 

For instance, the artificial intelligence customer service bot AI Innue offers a self-service option to customers. Consequently, customers can perform FAQ questions easily. base. Because, like Innue, other chatbots also learn from their every interaction to provide better self-service next time.

Offer Self-service Option to Customers’ Common Questions

2. Chatbot provides Instant faster Customer Service:

In this digitalized world, the modern chatbot communication system is mandatory to improve customer services. As a digital communication, chatbots play a vital role in transforming the business into digitalized. 

According to Gartner, 38% of businesses agree to implement chatbots on websites to provide proactive customer support simultaneously. 

Chatbots deliver a fast response without killing time. By monitoring queries, chatbots can answer and make suggestions to customers. Further, chatbots can handle routine queries and perform all FAQs simultaneously. 

Another example is the popular Domino’s Pizza, which uses Domino’s Messenger Bot to take orders from customers. So, the customers can easily order through the bot just by selecting the item and entering the address without making a call.

3. Chatbot can be available 24/7 hour for customer support

Chatbots are available to answer customers' queries for the whole day. So, the customer can ask queries at any time and get an instant solution. 

Imagine a customer who wants to ask queries at midnight when office agents are normally unavailable. But if the chatbot is available on your website, it will pop up and support the customer with best regards.

A notable example is if any healthcare website assists clients with a chatbot. Chatbots can notify website visitors about scheduling management, booking appointments, medication reminders, addressing common questions, providing unfettered, and helping patients by providing accurate information. 

Chatbot can be available

4. Make the Customer Journey Smoother

Customers always want a smoother buying process. Accordingly, chatbots are the perfect tool to help customers to buy easily. 

When customers ask anything, chatbots can easily guide them. What's more, they also provide,

  • Additional information about products like materials, warranty, etc.
  • Ordering and shipment process
  • Product recommendations so that customers can choose their desired products.
  • Automation prompt so the user can easily access the next step
  • Notify customers about discounts and special campaigns. 

So, by allowing these advantages together, chatbots help to make the customer's shopping journey smooth and relaxing. 

5. Ensure Personalized Customer Experienced

It is one of the key benefits of a chatbot offering a personalized customer experience to customers. Moreover, chatbots help customers to build strong relationships between businesses and customers from the first interaction. 

  • Providing a relevant, accurate, and clear response to the customers, chatbots collect chat reviews, customer feedback, and purchase history. 
  • On the other hand, agents can't provide personalized service to all customers at the same time. But chatbots are incredible in providing personalized services to every customer at any time, whether at a festival, special occasion, or any discount campaign.
  • When the website has a hike in traffic, there is a chance to get misguided or wrong services from agents. But using a chatbot, there is no chance of happening like this.  

For example, Sephora uses a chatbot that is capable of understanding customers' intentions. This self-service chatbot offers a personalized shopping experience, and recommendations and requests customers to respond to options on their own. Otherwise, It can connect customers with an agent. 

Ensure Personalized Customer Experienced


6. Ensure Multilingual Support to customers

Chatbots are the best robots for customer service, especially in supporting multilingual customers. Being multilingual, chatbots are bound to only one language. 

In a chatbot, customers get numerous languages available to start the conversation. Before starting a chat, chatbots offer an option for which language you prefer. Because only 25% of customers use English in online chat. 

Ensure Multilingual Support to customers

However, chatbots help global customers make purchases. In this global marketing, customers are not limited to only local shopping with the help of the chatbot.

7. Deliver the Omnichannel support to customers

Chatbot for customer support is required when it comes to supporting customers from different channels to the company. Now, one point you can ask,

Does Chabot support customers from different channels? 

The answer is yes. 

According to Hubspot research, customers want to connect with businesses through 13 different digital channels via chatbot. 

Deliver the Omnichannel support to customers

So, the benefits of chatbot marketing are, that they can save the complete history of customers with your businesses across all channels. Plus, they ensure a seamless customer experience without having to start over again.

Consequently, customers get the benefits of connecting with businesses via chatbots from different digital platforms.

Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service:

In the digital marketing age, chatbot has emerged as a crucial and imperative technology. AI-powered chatbots are transforming businesses by engaging them more with customers, providing rapid response simultaneously and valuable insights into consumers' behavior.

Another aspect of chatbots is they can reduce the customers' wait time. And then, they get them to direct the sales funnel through natural conversation. So, one mandatory sentence: I can say that chatbots not only bring benefits for customers but also for businesses. 

Therefore, let's dive into some extraordinary benefits of using AI chatbot for customer service: 

  • The chatbot can provide fast responses to customers from beginning to end.
  • Next, chatbots are available 24/7 for customer service.
  • Further, they improve the quality of customer service with every interaction.
  • What's more, chatbots are best for customer support and marketing because they can ensure businesses that all their customers get personalized customer service with the consistent support that they need.
  • In addition, they offer omnichannel support to customers.
  • Moreover, they ensure multilingual support in customer service.
  • Another point is that chatbots provide a self-service option so that customers can fulfil their queries.
  • Chatbot proactively connects with customers and provides them with an instant solution. Due to this, the bounce rate tends to reduce compared to emails.

Top 5 best customer service chatbot examples:

Yes, there are various types of conversational bots for marketing and customer service available to provide natural conversation, seamless communication and personal recommendations. Using AI, NLP and ML, these conversational AI chatbots provide the best customer service to the customers. Conversely, with the help of this customer service AI chatbot, businesses can also empower customers with self-service. 

However, among the best chatbots for customer service, I have compiled the top 5 best chatbots for customer support. 

So, let's dive into them,

  1. Innue

Innue is the best AI LiveChat with Facebook and Dialogflow bot. Generally, it is used in dialogue systems for its numerous practical purposes. Providing the best customer service, it allows personalized service, real-time conversation, multilingual support, and mobile accessibility. Besides, customers are allowed to read help center articles. Hence, it can pull information for customers from the existing knowledge.

  1. American Express

American Express is more likely a messenger bot available on Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa by American Express. Users can link their cards to their Facebook Account to get notified about purchase information and check balance. Through this, users can receive real-time queries and FAQs, make payments, check due dates and membership points, etc.

  1. H&M

H&M, mainly a Swedish clothing company, applied for a chatbot that engages customers with the company. This bot builds a profile based on customers' tastebuds and gamify their experiences. Besides it also helps customers to order, check stock, payments with trendy fashion appearances to redirect them to the purchase process.

  1. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific made a virtual chatbot for customers. This bot can be accessible from the mobile app and website to make reservations, answer questions about the latest travel restrictions and cancel bookings. Also, it helps to facilitate the smooth handling of queries with higher customer satisfaction and a seamless travel experience. 

  1. Jackbox

Jackbox Games is an American video game developer leveraging HappyFox-powered AI chatbot to provide answers to questions. This AI chatbot can support order-related queries, FAQs, and recommendations without killing customers' time to make phone calls to the support team.

Disadvantage of Chatbot in Customer Service

Of course, there are some disadvantages of chatbots in customer service that can't be withdrawn, though they have a great benefit for customers. 

Below, let's take a look at a handful of disadvantages of chatbots.  

Technical Error: Technical errors or malfunctions in the chatbot can lead to reduced ordering of products and a frustrating experience for customers.

Lack of Human Touch: A human Agent can provide empathetic and emotional conversation while a chatbot can not support it. For this reason, the quantity and the quality of customers might affected.

Time-Consuming Setup: The setting and scripting making is a time-consuming process.

Script Dependency: Chatbots are limited in their pre-written scripts and can't handle complex queries. 


To conclude, the benefits of chatbots for Customers play an inevitable role in business growth. Although we know that chatbots are not perfect yet, they are still in progress. But they are the best way to provide the best customer service. Customers will also appreciate the businesses for their consistent support, instant response, flexibility, availability, and better purchase experience with a chatbot.

However, to mitigate all the trouble of businesses, there is no alternative to chatbots. 

So, if you want to be a hundred steps ahead of your competitors, just implement a chatbot with your website.

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