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Innue - Live chat software

What is Live Chat Software for Website?

Live chat software is mainly conversational software. It is designed to automate conversation between the customer and the system. Also, this software is used for various technological purposes including information acquisitions & customer services. Our live chat software has an intelligent interactive agent chatbot. It can help to communicate with the customers automatically and can create personalized customer experiences at a high scale. Also, it can understand what a user wants and is prepared to meet users’ requirements. Moreover, it can be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, this system can help the customer at any time and support for managing business processes properly.

Benefits of Live chat software

  • Reduce costs
  • You can communicate with many people at once
  • Increase sales
  • Boost support and consumer satisfaction
  • Comfortable customer support
  • Quicker question analysis
  • Convert Potential customers
  • Efficient points
  • Expanding the business
  • Reports and Analytics
benefits of innue live chat
choose innue business chat software

Why Choose Live chat software

  • Artificial intelligence-based chatting
  • Manual live chatting
  • Lead to customer conversion in chat
  • Facebook bots system
  • Email collection from website
  • Unlimited user create
  • Super analytics
  • Email and SMS system
  • Separate department and agent management
  • Small talk system
  • Information and file sharing
  • Envato customer verification system during the chat
  • Neat and clean code of Node JS & PHP based

Make website visitors your best customers

innue customer service

Customer Service

If you can provide real-time customer service, you will get many potential clients effortlessly. Customers like very much when someone cares. So Innue will make customer service easier for you

innue sales


Turn your website visitors into leads. Help the customer to make a quick decision. Explain your product or service well, compare and increase real-time customer conversion.

innue customer relationship

Customer Relationship

Customer relationship management should be done regularly because retention increases sales conversion. Innue has a system for maintaining customer relationships.

AI Chatbot - Next-generation platform for customer communication

The touch of artificial intelligence is falling everywhere which helps us to monitor all the time. It is not possible for a person to monitor all the time and the expertise is very costly for different times. This is why the whole world is now leaning on AI.

We have created an AI chatbot using artificial intelligence which will make your work easier. You can set your clients' potential questions and answers and it will work automatically. You can do it manually if you want.

Greet the customer quickly and help him/her to find out what he/she is actually looking for. Boost your sales with Innue AI chatbot by generating automatic leads.

next generation of AI Chatbot
innue facebook chatbot

Innue Facebook Chatbot

Combine your messaging platforms and control everything easily. Facebook is a hugely popular social platform. Most people are active in it. So Facebook is now the biggest platform of business.

Anytime any user can knock on your Facebook business page. But it is not always possible for you to make a conversation, but it is possible for a bot. Innue 24/7 will give you this service.

Innue Facebook chatbot will give you that facility 24/7 you just sort the bot.

Maximize your sales conversion with Innue Live Chat Application

Chatbots are commonly used in conversational systems for a variety of practical purposes, including customer service or data acquisition. This chatbot software is an intelligent interactive agent that can help to automate communication between the customer and the system. Also, this software can create personalized customer experiences. The biggest advantage of this Chabot software is that it can understand what a user wants and is ready to fulfill user requests.

To learn more please see the app section

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Main Features of Innue Live Chat software


Query customization:

Admin will be able to create intent and give role access permission to individual users as admin, operator, moderator, and so many.


Audience Segmentation:

In this software, you can get the facility of audience segmentation. So, if you want to convert the visitor as a customer or lead, then you will do that easily and effectively.


Extraordinary admin panel:

Using the admin panel in the user interface module, you can check all conversational history between the customer and your system. Also, you can create the user and check the user list.


Sending emails & SMS:

Using this software, you can send SMS and emails from your system. As well as, you can send individual or group emails and SMS to the target customer at a time by using this software. Also, this software solution can give you a super admin facility. So, Innue live chat software can help you to send SMS and emails.


Customized role permissions:

In this software, you can get some role permission facility in your own customized way. So, you can create various roles such that administrator, user, etc. and you can assign users for any specific role. For example, as a super admin, you can set job access or operate the job for an administrator. So, the administrator can only individually update the client's discussion. .


Mobile-friendly display :

The most important feature of Innue live chat software is that it is a very mobile-friendly software for business live chat's purpose. Also, this software has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, Innue software has a responsive web design. So, it can respond to the customer's requirements based on the screen size, any platform, or any devices. As well as, it can support multi-language.


Centralized controlling:

Using this system, you can view all user's information and their activities easily. So, as an admin, you can get any information rapidly and can check visitor conversations and their list.


Insightful admin dashboard:

In this live chat software, you can get a dynamic dashboard. So, using this dashboard, you can understand the total customer, total lead, total queries, and solutions easily. Also, you can get all online visitor's information quickly.


Meaningful admin access:

For maintaining any live chat software for website, you need a proper admin panel. So, Innue will be the right choice for you. Because this software system has a suitable admin panel. Using this admin panel, you can create, read, update, edit, and delete operations on the menu.

Demos of Chatbot Management

Having the Innue, Chatbot Management would bring the supersonic power to you to run your business properly & smoothly.

  • innue chatbot admin demo

    Admin Demo

  • innue chatbot operator demo

    Operator Demo

Main Modules of Innue Live Chat Software

In the Innue live chat software for website, Management system would bring the expeditious power to operate your business efficiently and smoothly.

innue chatbot super admin

Super Admin Panel - Dashboard

In this software, you can get the best admin panel. because this software has a dynamic dashboard that will help you investigate or supervise the entire acts and deeds of your business. Also, all information is represented graphically in this system by using your data. So, you can understand all these things easily. Moreover, this graphical view or representation will help you in your analysis and better decision making.

Agents/Departments Name

Using this feature, you can operate multiple agents or manage several departments as well as you can create default intent questionnaires. Moreover, if you have multiple agents or departments, then you can include your different departments or agent's names. Also, you can edit or delete those names. First, you have to write your agent or department name, then have to click on the create button.

Business Live Chat Software
live chat software for business


Using the Innue live chat system, you can pre-set your default intent questions from two pages. One from the agent page and another from the direct intent page. This default intent questionnaire will help you to support your customer effortlessly and fastly.

User Interface

This feature will help you to superintend monitoring. Here, you will get so many advanced features. Also, you can get all conversation history by clicking on a visitor or a customer name from the user list. Get the required visitor or customer details information. Moreover, you can control the conversation options automatically or manually by using this feature. Also, you can convert the contact person as a lead or customer from any conversation. In addition, you can understand various issues like problem-solving, general discussion, or need support in these conversations. After that, you can save or store all this information for your analyzing or decision-making purposes. These will be very helpful for further queries. Even you can change your conversation color in this software as you like.

live chat software user interface
website chat software

Create User

Here, you can create new users using the admin panel. With this feature, you can add unlimited users as per your requirement. Moreover, you can add various types of users like a general user, admin, operator, in-charge, manager, and so on. If you add any users, then you will have to click on the Save button to save your user data or information.

User List

With the help of this feature, you can see the list of all your users. Also, you can permit them to use this software for all of those users. As well as, you can understand the detailed information of all users. Besides, you can update the pieces of information and delete any information as your requirement.

best live chat software for websites
best AI chatbot Software

Department Mapping

In your company, if you have multiple business departments or sectors, and all of those departments may be managed by only one or two employees, then they may not be able to manage all those departments properly. For that reason, you need to share these tasks between different users or employees. For distributing these tasks properly, the department mapping feature will be very helpful. This feature will help you to oversee your organization tasks randomly and drive customers for the best performance.


With this feature, you can understand which visitors or contact persons are your customers or leads easily. Also, you can find out them using this list and also get more information about those users.

Live Chatbot Software visitor
Live Chat Software Solutions

Visitor Window

Mainly, a visitor window is the first step for starting a conversation or any discussion. It can be said that it is a chatbot like a messenger. When any visitor or contact person wants to continue the conversation, then he/she will have to select the department and fill the input fields like name & mobile number. After that, they have to click on the continue button for any queries or conversations.

Conversation - Leads

Using this feature, you can convert the visitor as your future lead or customer. In this feature, you can manage the conversation easily and efficiently. Also, you can understand who will be your lead or customer through this conversation. Moreover, when you convert the visitor as your lead, then their information will show on your list. So, it is the most important feature of your business success.

innue conversation
innue live chat web software

Small Talk

By using this feature, you can set various questions and answers as you want. Also, you can respond to your visitor or customer when they will knock you for any queries and discussion.

Settings - Language

In this feature, you can configure the language, Facebook bot implementation and can set up your web application. With this feature, you can continue your business process as your preferred language, so what language do you want to communicate with your clients or customers? By using this live chat software, you can use any language for your business.

Also, you can serve different languages for supporting your clients or customers. So, when you want to set a new language, then you can do it without any difficulty. You just need to type the language name, then you must have to save it. After that, you can add all phrases and also can edit that language.

innue live chat software website
innue business live chat software


This application module is the most significant module in your system. For setting this AI chatbot in your system, you must have to provide your application information here. Using this system, you can get the Facebook bot setting option and you can continue Facebook messaging by Facebook Messenger through this system. Yes, you can add the number of Facebook pages for supervision. As well as, you can be able to set your customer's intent on questionnaires and desired answers.

Role Permission Setup - Language

Innue chatbot is the best live chat software for website. Role permission setup - language is the feature that will help you to create & add user-wise individual roles, also have scope to assign the role to different users. Also, you can see overall role lists, user name, and their working details. As well as, as a super admin, you can create different categories like admin/user, operator, in-charge, and so on. Then, you can assign these roles for each specific user. Moreover, they can only perform their assigned tasks. For instance, if you set role access for a user as an operator, then he/she will only be able to read dashboard, chat with visitors or customers, set department intent questionnaires, and can send Emails or SMS, etc.

Innue Live Chat Software language setup
Business Live Chat Software Innue

Email Configuration

Using this module, you can configure your Email Credential. After configuring your email option, then you can send emails to your customers or clients. So, firstly, you have to set up an email configuration feature. Moreover, you can send a custom email to your desired customer from this system like Gmail, Yahoo. Also, you can send an order confirmation email, order processing email, password recovery email, etc. through this system.

SMS Configuration

Here we have Implemented Three SMS Gateways. You can use any one of them. Before using it, put your credentials and update it. Then, you can send custom and bulk SMS to your desired customer through this system. Send SMS for order Confirmation, order processing, etc.

Innue the best Live Chat Software

Features of Innue Live Chat Application

There are 2 exciting mobile apps that can integrate with Innue Live Chat software. These apps will make your software very efficient than before.


Android App

Innue - Live chatbot software
  • Easy Login & Registration System
  • Can Chat Different Types of Agents
  • Your chatting history will be saved for further chats
  • You can change profile information easily
  • Quick Reply System
  • Push Notification System When You are Background
  • You can share file & image both
  • Real Time Chat With Bot & Agent.
Check Demo Apps


Innue Live chatbot IOS apps
  • You can conduct a real time chat With Bot & Agent.
  • You can save your chatting history for future chat
  • Easy to change Profile Information
  • You can respond quickly in this system
  • Push Notification System When You are Background
  • File & Image Sharing
  • Easy Login & Registration System
Check Demo Apps

License & Pricing

We are offering Two types of license for our software such as Regular license and Extended license

Regular License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for personal use only
  • For personal project only
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Extended License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for commercial uses
  • For Commercial project
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support (for 1 hour)
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support (for 1 hour)
  • Whatsapp Support (for 1 hour)
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Contact Us

Feel Free to contact with us queries of Extended license or custom project.

  • Email:
  • Skype: bdtask
  • Whatsapp: 8801830701422
  • Telegram: +8801857675727

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Innue Live chat software

Frequently Asked Question

Business Live Chat Software is the complete solution for AI Chatbot .Here have some basic question about Business Live Chat Software

When you get several questions from multiple customers, it can be difficult for an employee to handle those customers. Generally, an employee can not manage more than 2/3 customers at a time. So, it will create a bad impact on your business. Then you have to choose another option. Live chat software will be the best decision for you. Because this software can handle unlimited customers at the same time and it is not limited to any human agent. So, it will help to give better service, improvement, and the best service for the success of your business.
This live chat software will help you reduce the workload of your customer support team. The customer support team can't handle many customers at the same time, but the live chat software can do it easily. Also, this software can screen calls from customers and redirect them to human agents only when required.
When you shut your commercialism products and services for replacement, then your customers may need help to choose the right product. Also, they may need proper advice to buy such as camera accessories, smartphones, or any other valuable things. So, a smart chatbot can help your customer to gain the right product & service.
Per license is for one domain. If you want to use multiple domains then you will need to purchase every time the new license.
If you want to grow your business more, then you need to interact with your customers continuously. So, if you use online channels to communicate with your customers, then this live chat software will be a very helpful solution for your certain tasks.
For back-end support, if you burn several resources, then a live chat software will be your solution. Instead of hiring so many people to perform regular and repetitive tasks, you just need to install a smart and intelligent chatbot that can help you manage everything automatically and easily.
Chatbots usually require human help for daily and basic analytical work. So, this artificial intelligence chatbot will help you change the way of your business and bring success to your business.
You will be able to use this AI Chatbot for an extreme interaction for selling campaigns. Also, this chatbot software can help you reach new people. So, it can create a platform like Facebook Messenger.
Yes, you can send individual or multiple emails and SMS to the target user at the same time.
Yes, you can get customer information for further marketing or promoting or messaging.
Yes, this is a mobile-friendly display.
Innue is user friendly for all customers.

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