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What is Chatbot Software ?

Our business live chat software is basically designed in dialog systems for various technological purposes including information acquisitions & customer services. Our chatbot is an intelligent interactive agent chatbot. This helps to automate communication with the customer and create personalized customer experiences at high scale. Also, it can understand what a user wants and is prepared to meet users’ requirements. It is a complete solution for 24/7 hours of customer or client service and support management business processes.

The benefit of AI Chatbot.

To reduce the organizational business expenses. AI Chatbot is an automated program that interacts with customers' sort of human would and to assign with cost will be very lowest. This bot attends to customers at any moment of the day and week and is not restricted for any time or any corporate place. This solution makes its implementation for moving to plenty of companies. That will not have the hands or monetary resources to stay workers operating the business process at all the time. Business live chat software for the website is helping to increase sales and conversions.

Main Features of Innue Chatbot Management


Mobile-friendly display :

Innue chatbot is a very mobile friendly business live chat software. Its user interface is very friendly. It shows all discussion data and menu in any mobile phone with the variation screen size. E.g. desktops, tablets, smartphones. And Multi-Language can be supported.


Sending emails & SMS:

Sending emails and SMS by chatbot module. You can send individual or multiple emails and SMS to the target users at a time. Live chat software solutions give then super admin facility. Innue business live chat software can help you to exact sending emails and Sms.


Customized role permissions:

Innue chatbot software role permission module admin can set job access for each administrator/user, administrator, in-control. For instance, Admin set job access/operate for an administrator. The administrator individual just would be able to peruse, update the client talking discussion.


Query customization:

Innue Live Chat Software admin will be able to create intent questionnaires and be able to add individual user’s role access permission such as for operator, admin, in-charge, and so many.


Insightful admin dashboard:

Innue website chat software admin panel has a dashboard, where admin can easily get information about the total customer, total lead, total queries and solutions are given and also get online visitor information very quickly.


Meaningful admin access:

The admin panel is very important for maintenance chat software. Innue chatbot is special for creating individual admin users, here admin can perform create, read, update, edit and delete operation on the menu.


Audience Segmentation:

In the audience segmentation system, if the admin wants to convert the visitor as a customer or lead, he can do that here very easily.


Extraordinary admin panel:

At the admin panel in the user interface module, admin can check all conversation history. Also, you can create the user and check the user list.


Centralized controlling:

Admin can view all user's information and their activities. Also, the admin can easily get any information and can check visitor conversations and their list.

Demos of Chatbot Management

Having the Innue, Chatbot Management would bring the supersonic power to you to run your business properly & smoothly.

  • innue chatbot admin

    Admin Demo

  • innue chatbot admin panel

    Operator Demo

Main Modules Demo is here

Having the Innue, Chatbot Management would bring the supersonic power to you to run your business properly & smoothly.

innue chatbot dashboard

Super Admin Panel - Dashboard

Innue is the best Live Chat Software for the admin panel. Chatbot dashboard will boost you to investigate or supervise the whole acts and deeds of your business. And graphical representation which is basically generated by your data, this graphical view or representation will aid you in analyzing and making decisions for improvement.

Chatboard - Agents/Departments Name

This feature will help you to operate multiple agents or departments and create default intent questionnaires. If you have multiple departments or agents here you can include your different departments or agents' names and can edit or delete those names. Just you need to write your agent or department name and click on the create button.

Business Live Chat Software
live chat software for business


You can set your default intent questionnaires from two pages, one from the agent page and second from the direct intent page. This default intent questionnaire setting will assist you to support your customer spontaneously and firstly.

User Interface - Chatbot

This feature will help you to superintend monitoring. Here, you will get so many advanced features. Such as, if you click on a visitor or a customer name from the chatbot list, then you will get all conversation history. Get the required visitor or customer details information. In addition, you can control the conversation options auto or manual. Moreover, you will enable you to convert the contact person as a lead or customer from any conversation. Besides that, conversation issue types such as problem-solving, general discussion or need support all this information you can save or store for analysis and decision making or further any queries. From here, like Facebook, you can change your conversation color as you prefer.

live chat software for website
website chat software

Create User

From this Admin Panel, you can create as many users as you want and you need. Examples of user types such as system general user, admin, operator, in-charge, manager and so on. When you add any user please do not forget to activate the user and click on the Save button to save your user data or information.

User List

You must know, who is using your software for your organization, or you have given permission to use this software all of those users list and user’s details information you can see here at a glance. In addition, if you made any mistake to add user details here you can edit, delete, & view all users.

best live chat software for websites
best Live Chat Software

Department Mapping

In your company, if you have multiple business departments or sectors, and all of those departments may be managed by only one or two employees, they may not be able to manage all those departments properly at a time. So, you may have to divide different department tasks to different users or employees. For that purpose, to oversee your organization tasks randomly and drive customers for the best performance, the department Mapping feature will help you to meet your success point.


You may need to know which visitors or contact persons are your customers or leads. In this feature, you will find those visitor's name lists and their other information from innue business live chat software.

Live Chat Software
Live Chat Software Solutions

Visitor Window

Like a window, a visitor window is a first step to start a conversation or any discussion for any type of issue at individual department wise. It can be said that it is a chatbot like a messenger. As a visitor or contact person to continue the conversation, you just need to select the department and fill the input fields like name & mobile number, then click on the continue button for any queries or conversations.

Conversation - Leads

This feature will help you to convert the visitor as your future lead or customer. In the conversation module, when any visitor chatting with you, through this chat or conversation with visitors you may understand he is your feature lead or customer. So, if you converted the visitor as your lead, then only those lead users’ list and their information will be displayed here.

innue POS invoice
innue live chat software user


In the conversation module, when any visitor chatting with you, through this chat or conversation with visitors you may understand he is your feature lead or customer. So, if you converted the visitor as your customer, then only those customer’s names list and their information will be displayed here.

Small Talk

By Small Talk Feature, you can set questions and answers as you want to respond to your visitor or customer when they will knock you for any queries and discussion.

innue live chat software website
innue business live chat software

Settings - Language

This feature will help you to set the language, chatbot web application settings, and Facebook bot implementation. To continue your business process, what language do you want to prefer to communicate with your clients or customers? By using this chatbot system, you can use any language for your business. You can provide supported different languages clients or customers. So if you want to set a new language except for English, you can do it within a short time, only you need to type your language name and save it. After Save, you can Edit that language & add all Phrases.


To set this AI Chatbot System for you on your website, you must provide your application information here. Through this system, you will get the Facebook Bot Setting option to continue Facebook messaging by Facebook Messenger. Yes, you can add the number of Facebook pages for supervision. And able to set your customer's intent questionnaires and desired answers.

Innue Live Chat Software
Business Live Chat Software Innue

Role Permission Setup - Language

Innue chatbot is the best live chat software for websites. Role permission setup - language is the feature that will help you to create & add user-wise individual roles, also have scope to assign the role to different users. And you can see all role list user names and their work details. Here, as an admin-only can set role access such as for each admin/user, operator, in-charge, and so on. For example, as an admin, you set role access for a user as an operator that he only can read dashboard, chat with visitors or customers, set department intent questionnaires, and can send Emails or SMS, etc.

Email Configuration

To Send Emails to your customers or clients, you need to set your Email Credential here. Like Gmail, Yahoo, you can send a custom email to your desired client or user from this system. Like order Confirmation email, order processing, password recovery, etc.

best Live Chat Software bdtask
bdtask business live chat software

SMS Configuration

Here we have Implemented Three SMS Gateways. You can use any one of them. Before using it, put your credentials and update it. You can send custom and bulk SMS to your desired clients or users from this system. Send SMS for order Confirmation, order processing, etc.

What did our customer say?

Our main concern is customer satisfaction and customer support.lets see what our recent customer says.

Why your business needs an AI Chatbot ?

AI Chatbots are used in a variety of business sectors. There are several reasons why your business needs a chatbot or why you should use this Chatbot software, such as follows...

If you get a number of queries from multiple customers, in that time to manage those customers you have to provide multiple agents support for better service, improvement and to get better feedback. Where a live agent can handle only 3 to 5 conversations at a time, but our chatbot system is not restricted to a human agent. This chatbot can operate with multiple customers as per their requirements.
If you think, your business system will receive so many queries, then this chatbot will help you to take the load off your customer support team. This intelligent chatbot can screen calls from customers and redirect them to human agents only when required.
If your commercialism products and services that are shut for replacement, your customers or clients may have needed help in selecting the right product. Additionally, they will seek advice when buying something valuable, such as camera accessories, smartphones, etc. A smart chatbot can assist your customers to gain the right product & service.
Per license is for one domain.if you want to use multiple domain then you will need to purchase everytime the new license.
If you want to grow your business more, then you need to interact with your customers continuously. So, if you are using online channels to communicate with your customers, then this chatbots Software can be a very helpful solution for your certain tasks.
For backend support, if you are burning several resources. A chatbot can be your solution. Instead of new recruiting so many people for regular and repetitive tasks, just install a smart and intelligent chatbot business solution and automate everything easily.
The chatbot is in a position to require human work for, usually speaking, every day and basic analytic tasks. So, this Artificial Intelligence Chatbot will help to change the way you do business and also may impact your bottom line.
You will able to use this AI Chatbot for an extremely interaction for selling campaign. The opportunity of this chatbot on a platform like Facebook Messanger means you can reach out to new people at once.
Yes, you can send individual or multiple emails and SMS to the target user at a time.
Yes, you can get customer information for further promotion or messaging.
Yes, this is a mobile friendly display.
Innue is user friendly for all customers.

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