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Future Trends In Hospitality Industry To Watch Out For 2024

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-04-17

If I demonstrate it more openly, "Trend" is a movement or development in the way of living and behavior, making it more productive and time efficient.

The hospitality industry can never go through an unstable patch or shortage of consumers but will get multiple different direct and indirect competitors. This hospitality industry always needs to move with the pace of every latest and future trend in the hospitality industry. 

The hospitality industry, for instance, the restaurant and hotel industries. It's absolutely necessary to maintain the trend pace in this industry because every customer wants to enjoy an innovative and trendy way to greet and serve them.  

Hence adopting various future trends in hospitality not only helps the restaurant and hotel to attract new customers but also helps to nurture loyal customers too. 

In this blog, I will explore some of the latest and future trends you can apply in your hospitality business in the year 2024. 

How Essential Is It To Keep Up With Future Trends?

In this hospitality industry, keeping up with the pace of future trends is very important. One intelligent technique of keeping up with future trends in your hospitality business is continuously evolving and adopting various latest trends or the trends revolutionized by the newest generation alpha.

And to spread awareness of future trends in your hospitality business, a huge change in the strategy to market and the hospitality process is necessary. 

It’s mandatory to promote the latest trends or technology in your hospitality business. As a result, you will rapidly reach your potential customer. Applying different future trends means adopting innovative technology, hence ensuring higher customer engagement. 

On the other hand, failing to maintain the pace of adapting to the latest trend might result in losing customers to some new competitors offering various latest technology or future trends. 

List Of Forecasted Future Trends In Hospitality Industry

forecasted future trends in hospitality industry

This is the list of future trends that can be adopted in the hospitality business in the coming future. The hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens, travel & tour business, etc. 

Adopting different future trends in the hospitality industry not only assists you in attracting new customers but also nurtures loyal ones. It might also brush up the “loyal customers trust,” as results can hold desire and interest in your product.  

1. Voice Assistance 

This smart & innovative technology was first broadly launched by the renowned technology company "Apple," established as "Siri" in iPhone 4, later adopted by different tech companies such as Google, Android, and many more. Recently, voice assistance has been popular, especially among the younger generation. 

Voice assistance is actually a voice control, or a smart voice search, now installed more or less in every smart device. It's just an artificially intelligent bot that captures the user's voice and searches, and shows the most relevant result. 

With the assistance of this trendy "voice assistance," people can now easily search for and book any hotel and restaurant instantaneously. Hence explicit content is absolutely necessary so that this voice search can capture the user's need and showcase the correct search result.

2. Robotics Automation as Saff

One of the future trends in the hospitality industry is assigning robotics automation to restaurant staff. Even though this trend of robotics is still not so popular in every restaurant, mainly because it is so expensive to maintain. 

road of future tech for the restaurant industry

Photo courtesy: future tech for the restaurant industry 

But some of the restaurants are from Asia, Africa, America, America, Europe, and Australia. 

A restaurant owner can utilize this robotics automation to greet customers, serve, take orders, and also play a vital role in maintaining security operations.

Besides, robotics automation in hotels can be utilized in room service, room cleaning, laundry, housekeeping chores, carrying heavy luggage, etc. 

3. Artificial Intelligence Power Chatbot 

Even though chatbot is already very popular with many entrepreneurs for giving smooth and fast customer service. The most advanced AI-powerful technology, chatbot assists in communicating & solving the query of online customers, eliminates the waiting time and eases the payment gateway.   Although, most entrepreneurs don't utilize the chatbot properly and hence consider it as a hassle.

Chatbot, one of the most future trendy technology, helps to answer all the queries during the absence of human resources. There are two types of chatbot: proactive and reactive chatbot software, and both software are equally efficient, engaging more customers, approaching for conversation, and providing real-time customer support. 

This smart computer program will save all the answers to the common question; for instance, whenever the customer asks any question, the bot will analyze it and, if found common, will be replied automatically to this innovative technology. 

4. 360 Degree Virtual Reality Technology

360-degree virtual reality technology is another future trend in the hospitality industry. By using this advanced technology, anyone can experience 360 view degrees while the video is playing. And this virtual reality view is only possible with a 360 digital camera. 

Unfortunately, this tremendously innovative technology is still used as a kid's science project; hardly any industry uses virtual reality for doing business. And the reason is it is so expensive and also low enthusiasm to adopt this technology. This virtual reality technology is still very early to adopt through the general people.

But, it's true that the hospitality industry, such as the hotel and food service industries, can actually use virtual reality technology in their business.

In case any restaurant adopts 360-degree virtual reality, a restaurant owner can make a virtual reality of the food or dish and post it on the website, so whenever any customer searches about the restaurant, they will get the experience of the virtual reality of the food menu. 

In case any hotel adopts 360-degree virtual reality, whenever a customer visits the hotel website for direct booking, he/she will confront the virtual hotel reality of the room, balcony view, bathroom, swimming pool, restaurant, room service, and the 360-degree virtual reality video of the hotel. 

5. Social Media Integration 

Another popular future trend that many restaurant and hotel owners already adopt. And also proved to be the best marketing strategy, “word of mouth,” to attract new customers. Social media integration, such as posting social media “check-in,” is like posting your footprints in that particular location, hence conveying through your “check-in status” restaurant or hotel brand can also reach your followers. 

Some hospitality companies offer different discounts to their customers as encouragement in exchange for posting check-in on their personal social media. Such as Facebook check-in and LinkedIn check-in, etc.    

6. Crazy Trends Of Food, Travel And Lifestyle Bloggers

Recently, the trend of travel, food, and lifestyle bloggers is very much booming. These travel and food bloggers roam around different restaurants/hotels/ cities, describe the location, and explore the authenticity of that area, service, food, culture, and values. 

And to appreciate more of this blogging content, most hospitality industries are now offering famous local food to their guests. By doing this kind of blogging, the hospitality industry can promote its brand and showcase the service they offer to its customers. 

Moreover, the viewers of this blog get influenced and visit the place and explore the experience of hospitality, culture, and service too. Hence another wonderful opportunity to reach more potential customers. 

7. Taste Local experience 

Most of the time, the purpose of traveling is to change the environment, along with the change of taste buds. 

Hence, most hotels and restaurants offer and serve local food; as a result, tourists enjoy the authentic taste of local taste, culture and stays. 

Most tourists consider traveling and exploring new food & culture as a refreshment, relieving stress from daily life. 

8. Augmented Reality

Another future trend in the hospitality industry is augmented reality, which is quite similar to 360-degree virtual reality. Mainly augmented reality technology virtually interactively displays the whole thing on a physical surface; you can see or hear but cannot touch. 

And this innovative technology augmented reality in the hospitality industry, can make the whole customer experience more exciting and immersive. On the other hand, applying augmented reality in your restaurant or hotel can create a huge USP in the hospitality industry. 

9. Metaverse Technology 

Metaverse technology is another future trend that can be applied in the hospitality industry and is also considered an interactive virtual combination of virtual and augmented reality. Metaverse is directly related to non-fungible tokens (NFT), especially in the travel & tour industry. 

And adopting metaverse technology in the hospitality industry, hoteliers can now add virtual reality into physical locations. By using metaverse technology, guests can visit and view the room before starting the booking process. 

10. Cloud-Based Operating System 

Cloud-based operating systems are the new future trend in the hospitality industry. Already some companies are slowly moving to the cloud system. Biggest advantage of using a cloud-based operating system is that all information can be saved in one place, and every team member can access it without any hassle. 

Another advantage of using this cloud-based restaurant operating system is that it helps to reduce cost, increase efficiency, automation, multiplier user, and easy useability. Cloud-based operating systems are an innovative technology that most companies are adopting and improving their business. 

11. Best Future Trending Hospitality Software 

Another innovative trend most organizations are now following is purchasing software to control and manage their business more efficiently. 

Specifically in the hospitality industry, adopting an AI management software solution brings down many advantages such as becoming easier and cost-efficient, handling every operation digitally, monitoring and managing business becomes a fingertip job, speeding up the workflow, storing information, and building their website.

future trending hospitality software

Time To Establish The Future Trends In Hospitality Industry- Final Words 

Day by day, technology is going one step ahead of advancement. And updating the future trend in your hospitality business is absolutely necessary for retaining your excitement and loyalty among customers. 

Applying various technologies in your hotel or restaurant helps you to keep up with the latest generation and increase engagement.

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