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Proactive Live Chat Software - Tips To Win Customers

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Proactive Live Chat Software

From driving sales to boosting customer experience and increasing retention, Proactive Live Chat Software has become a fundamentally unique path to interact with and support customers. Live chat software has become an essential component of any support strategy. Chatbots increase agent efficiency and provide quick answers.

Faster response time and real-time chat conversations are the advantages of live chat software.

Most customers want the quickest responses, and there comes the role of proactive live chat software.

What Is A Proactive Live Chat?

Proactive live chat is comparable to the salesperson in a retail store who comes up and asks if you want any help.

Proactive live chat software is more of a digital version of a salesperson.

Proactive live chat helps you to: 

  • Engage your audience
  • Drive conversions 
  • Provide superior sales and customer service.

Proactive live chat is like a chat that pops up with a message before a user clicks on the chat widget on your web page.

Proactive vs Reactive Chat - who will win?

Which offers a more profitable customer experience, greater satisfaction, and potential for conversion? Let's find out. 

About Proactive chat software

  • Depending on the pages a user visits, the chatbot can suggest content or suggestions on buying software.
  • Proactive chat support offer suggestions before the visitors request help.
  • Customer approach proactively is 6.3 times more likely to purchase the product without leaving the site.
  • It will help to enrich the customer shopping experience better.
  • Its speed depends on your customer's shopping behavior.

Reactive live chat software 

  • Reactive live chat software pops up when and only when the customer asks for it 
  • It is fast. It responds in 20 -25 seconds but its pops up when you ask for it
  • Low conversation rate compare to proactive live chat software
  • Planning quality is not as good as proactive chat support

It's essential to contact the exact customer at the right time

Be where your customer is 

Chat for websites has the potential to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. Proactive live chat support is an excellent feature for your company's website.

However, one must not assume it ensures an immediate and massive boost. 

You make sure to adjust the chat service you offer based on facts, figures, and trends.

The Future Of Chatbots - Whats Comes Next 

Technology will open up much more applications over the following decades. When it comes to business sectors, the most interesting fact to know is that it. 

Here comes the new storm-The mighty chatGPT

It is the latest in a series of AIs, which the firm calls GPTs, an acronym for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. it will help you to do whatever you want.

ChatGPT unlocks the new growth of chatbot software. How is that?

With the help of ChatGPT and live chat support, people are more advanced. Now chatbot for website helps to sell more and qualify leads for customers.

  So Trying it out yourself

Reduces 30% of the cost of using a chatbot on your website.

New chatbots like Innue live chat software with advanced-level features could help companies extend their global business and improve the overall customer user experience and international customer services.

Grow your business with live chat software and maximize the sales wheels.

Why is proactive live chat important?

As you might've heard, getting customers the right message at the right time is essential. That's what proactive live chat can assist you in achieving — it can support you in increasing leads and providing more pleasing customer service. 

In another way, cart abandonment is a common issue recently. To reduce cart abandonment, implement proactive live chat support. These offer immediate assistance when a shopper has items in their cart. You can activate them when a shopper's been on the checkout page for a specific time or if they linger on the page.

How Much Does Live Chatbot Cost?

So you are determined to get a chatbot for your business. 

Now you want to know how much you should spend on this chatbot software implementation. In another way, you research a bit, but the cost of chatbots is too confusing.

We got you.

Chatbot pricing can range from $0 to $10,000/mo. 

But you have to remember that all these costs vary for your requirement. In that case, chatbot development companies are your best option to build your design software. 

Five Simple Tips to Improve Proactive Live Chat Software

In customer services, every second counts, and most importantly 

 The delay could be costly.

They are causing customers to switch to competitors. Customers hate waiting, and the longer they wait, the more agitated they become.

Using proactive live chat software is essential for every business company, let's find out how to improve overall performance through five simple tips.

 improve proactive live chat software

1. Reduce The Response Time 

Getting the timing right is the biggest secret to making the proactive live chat work. It's the first step to improving customer service. 

Point to be remembered

  • Try to respond within 60 seconds.
  • Customers need time to familiarize themselves, so you could trigger a proactive chat to help them. Some things like ("Hey, Shakil here! Let me know if you need any help :)."
  • Keep your proactive chat to be minimal and user-friendly.

2. Maintain A Positive Tone -Providing A Quality Response 

Not only is live chat crucial to improving the customer journey, but it's also one of the most efficient and financially trustworthy tools for customer support. Talking about customer support, always try to maintain a positive tone.

Responsiveness in a positive tone helps you to gain 

  • Sales.
  • Building trust.
  • Positive vibes in your services.

Remember that  

Use productive or positive words or phrases rather than negative ones

speaking as if you are a team member of them. 


I don’t know. (negative tone )

That’s a great question! I’ll find out for you. While I do that, is there anything else you need today? 

3. Use Offline Messages -A Solution For False Hope

Never Leave Your Customer 

Without An Answer

use proactive live chat software

Suppose you send a message and have been waiting to hear back from them for a few days. It's a common scenario faced by the customer this day.

To make offline messages effective, you must first think like the customer. Find the best solution for both sides. According to do that 

  •  Set a message for customers who open your chat channel while offline. Sent some information message that may be helpful for them 
  • Politely customize the offline message.
  • Be clear about when your services are available.

4. Transfer Chat To The Right Team-No Need To Hold The Customer

You'll receive only pertinent questions from visitors who have the potential to become customers if you transfer the message to the right person at the right time. In addition, live chat improves the team's efficiency, and By chatting with a live agent, the software can handle complicated issues seamlessly with practical solutions.

So follow the live chat best practices.

5. Unforgettable Live Chat Experience

Live chat increases sales revenue and customer loyalty.

Websites are the principal source of your brand image. Visitors interact first with your brand via the website. Live chat offers a fantastic chance to engage visitors while they are on your site. What is the most suitable way to enhance growth in your business? 

Improving customer experience is also a top priority.

How do you make a live chat a memorable experience?

Be personal-Stay on the topic-Make the time useful 

Finally, Ask For Customer Feedback

Having positive feedback is always the most critical gem for any business sector. Adding some customer feedback options may change the whole game. Use proactive live chat support to solicit feedback from customers, like 

"How was your experience shopping with us?" 


 "What is our area of improvement?".

The question helps you to understand the need of customer's needs. Then, the chatbot will collect necessary customer feedback that will instantly be forwarded to the broader company, showing how the company can boost its growth while highlighting what they're already doing well.

Benefits Of Live Chat Software

Benefits Of Live Chat Software-You Have To Know

Let a chatbot for a website automates this task, reduce your employees' burden, and provide them room for growth in enforcing their skills and capabilities. As a result, Chatbots will save up to $11 billion annually.

In addition, to improve the support experience, live chat for websites can increase agent productivity, assist you in getting to know your customers better, and inform your product decisions.

Let's look at the top benefits of Proactive Live Chat Software for customer service teams.       

1. Turn Accidental Browsers Into Delightful Customers

Proactive live chat software monitors the customers' activities and preferences, so you can easily find out from which page they contacted you and where they're stuck.

Boost customer support and  Build strong customer relationships with the help of (Innue -live chat software).

Proactive live chat software helps you build a positive connection with your customer and increase customer engagement. With increased customer engagement comes an opportunity to create a pleasing impression and give customers a reason to stick around. 

To add to the customer-inviting feel, set up your chat tool to show agent names and photos (if possible) and execute a conversational chat style.

proactive chat support will boost your customer service and thoroughly impact your sales. Use proactive live chat software to assist your visitors exactly when needed. As a result, live chat will lead to more buys and a higher average order value and convert visitors into loyal customers.

2. Reduce shopping cart abandonment

how to help proactive live chat software

If customers are still looking for an answer to their questions, they are 53% more likely to abandon their online purchases.

Why does all this happen?

  • Delivery was too slow
  • Website has errors
  • Enough payment method
  • Return policy not so good 
  • The credit card invalid problem  

Something like scoping water with a bucket of hole

Shopping cart abundance is a problem for businesses. It costs them massive amounts of money. Proactive live chat software can help site visitors choose the right products, answer their questions, or explain costs such as shipping charges. 

  • 24/7 customer support 
  • The customer quickly purchases the product through the chat interface. It means saving time for you as well as them.

By assisting, chatbots can complete customers more satisfied with their experience and more likely to complete their purchase.

3. Customer Loyalty 

Customer loyalty program increases repeat sales. 

The goal of creating a loyalty program is to bring your loyal customers even closer to you.

Proactive live chat software helps you to gain customer loyalty and increase the company's brand image. Thank them for their trust and the loyalty that they have to your business and your brand. 

Businesses have recognized that it's way better to retain older customers. 

Proactive live chat software gives them information on product characteristics and comparisons, and it will help customers' buying experiences be more accessible and attractive.

Four ways to gain customer loyalty through proactive live chatbot software 

  • (2a.m or 10p.m) .its does not matter now .using chatbots to support your customer regardless of the hour.
  • Sometimes you maybe need to remember the discount notice, but chatbots always remember it. A greater level of spending lead gives more incredible benefits.
  • Treat them like Rockstar.
  • Personalize every interaction with your customers. Feel them unique through the message.

4. Increase Lead Volume and efficiency

Chatbots can also go further in customer service support and assist your sales team qualify leads while simultaneously reducing the workload for your service team. With the help of proactive live chat software; Businesses can track their website visitors and effectively convert them into leads by triggering the right and timely messages. You get the time to understand why they chose to browse your website in the first place and what made them connect with you for support. Based on that, it becomes more manageable for operators to offer a solution that drives leads to a decision.

In a nutshell,

 If you offer a better customer experience to first-time visitors, they will become your potential customers. 

5. Reduce Extra Customer Costs

If you want to reduce costs, signing up for a proactive live chatbot software like Innue can be significant.

Chatbots offer better customer service at a lower cost.

On average, 265 million customers make a support request and a minimum of $1.3 trillion money to service them. Chatbot quickly reduces the money cost and gains some revenue through this. The chatbot is also the solution for new trainee costs.

You can call it a record book for the previous customer. It will help to store the last conversation. For the time being, when they come again, the chat for websites helps to make the conversation simple because it knows what the customer wants.

While a human chat agent can effectively chat with about three customers simultaneously, proactive live chatbot software can handle unlimited interactions simultaneously. A chatbot could take as many customer concerns as possible, transferring the service process to a human agent in case of complex queries.

It is no secret that more shoppers than ever are relying on e-commerce.

Yet, on one of the biggest sale days of the year, most deals activities will take place online. Therefore, how can you balance delivering a personal experience by managing costs and scaling sales across your online channels?

Proactive live chat software is online retail's greatest ally on the Black Friday battlefield. 

AI chatbots are its secret weapon.

6. Improve The Brand Image 

A brand for a company is something like prestige for a person.

Proactive live chat software is essential to improve your business's overall brand image. Because if you want to grow your business quicker, then a chatbot is the best option. You can create awareness about your brand by leveraging chatbots to interact with your website visitors and potential prospects. People will remember your brand better when they have such a unique experience.

Proactive Chatbots can support you extend your brand's message far and broad by letting you reach audiences on new platforms such as Facebook Messenger and more via word of mouth.

7. Multilingual Chat Support

Multilingual Chat Support 

Multilingual chat support is an essential live chat tip so customers can quickly resolve all their queries in their native languages. It makes them feel more engaged and increases the probability of being repeat customers.

Rather than make a new-net chatbot for a region where you market, using a single chatbot with multilingual capabilities is less time-intensive to deploy and more scalable if you grow into new markets.

Multilingual chat is one of the bases of an effective, scalable social commerce strategy.

Chatting with your clients in their language of choice unaffectedly leads to more straightforward communication, which is a crucial driver of effective communication.

Choose the Best Live Chat Software

Choose the best live chat software

  Ready to automate your customer support !!!!!

You have managed to jumpstart your business and set up your online business store. Congratulations to you, .But now you have to choose the best live chat software. As technology develops and evolves into a vast portion of daily life, chatbots have become a fun and helpful way to communicate with your customers. So, when choosing a live chat software for your business or website, you should focus on five options first. That's is 

  • Examine cost.
  • Integration options.
  • Additional features.
  • Size of your company. 
  • Business requirements and the problems.

Innue will help you improve client engagement and provide excellent live chat assistance. You can also assist your website users and clients in accomplishing their objectives, which will help you earn your business objectives. You can also check the top 20 PHP chatbots for your website.

Top 5 Proactive Chatbot Software to check 

Finding the right proactive chatbot tools for your business can sometimes be challenging. You can decide which proactive chatbot tool is the best for your business by analyzing the options below

1. Innue proactive live ChatBot solution

All other best live chat platforms Innue Is the best chatbot platform tool developed for thinking of businesses that need real-time sales and services for their websites. 

You don’t need coding knowledge to create chatbots. You can effortlessly create your conversation flow within minutes. It allows creating of pop-up chat invitations, customized greetings, adding product prices, and many more.

2. Crisp 

Give your customer your human touch with this tagline Crisp is a live chat platform for customer support. It will help you to get two times more leads than a normal chatbot. proactive live chat provides customer support and converts visitors to customers.

3. LiveChat 

If you want to delight your customer and boost your sales then look to LiveChat software. You can use it as a proactive live chat platform for your website and grow your sales cycle.

4. Front

It is a multichannel communication platform that helps you control all your communications in one inbox. It contains your email (both personal and disseminated email addresses), and other customer transmissions, including live chat, email, SMS, etc

5. The chat shop 

If you are looking more at a proactive live chatbot the chat shop is your option. It can assist you in offering customer support throughout the entire customer journey. Whether they're in the attract or delight stage, you can set up UserLike's proactive live chat to nurture them.


It's a challenging time for businesses right now. The economic climate is decreasing, and competition for consumers' wallets is overgrowing. Companies are all trying to do more with less—boosting their sales while minimizing spend and effort. 
Lastly, the best live chat platforms tool will not win everything for you until the implementation of the same is suitable and innovative. And it’s also true that a simple ‘Thank You or ‘Sorry’ makes a huge difference and brings you runaway success with excellent user satisfaction.