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GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles -Scale Your Fleet On-Demand

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2022-10-18

GPS Tracker for fleet vehicles is a leading technology in fleet telematics, helping businesses to obtain necessary data regarding particular automobiles or large fleet operations.

It's a real-time job that understands your fleet needs and how your company could benefit the most from emerging technologies.

Regarding fleet management, having a vehicle tracking system is essential. It allows you to keep track of your vehicles and provides important features that can save you Time and Money.

We'll look at how GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles help business professionals streamline their productivity, reduce costs, and keep those 5-star ratings coming. so

                                Let's changed the fleets industry for the better.

But First,

Everything You Need to Know about GPS Fleet Tracking

Nowadays, GPS (global positioning system ) is a standard tool used worldwide.

GPS fleet tracking system gives you a detailed, near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet's daily operations.

       In another word  

The GPS fleet tracking system assists you to know

  • Capture your vehicle's accurate movement
  • Vehicles condition
  • how a driver behaves on the road
  • keep track of trips and deliveries
  • Even Track fleets in remote areas

It's not done yet. All those data can then offer a wide range of benefits for fleet management companies, including

  • Locate your fleet globally and locally 
  • Routing and mapping capabilities 
  • Gathering analytics reports for idling, speeding, and unauthorized use
  • Repair schedules 
  • A total breakdown log and create accident reports

Types of GPS Fleet Tracking  

GPS fleet tracking systems give services to many different industries. So make sure you operate the right one because everybody wants the best output from their specific investment. You can use three types of fleet GPS tracking systems.

1. Hard-wired fleet tracking system

Directly wired into the vehicle. Placing it here is helpful because it keeps the tracker out of sight, creating it more challenging to remove in the case of vehicle theft.

Best choice for Commercial use.

2. plug in the gateway tracker system 

A simple system to install in your fleet vehicle. The vehicle battery consumes all the power. A plug-in tracker will have a detector to detect whether the car is running, which helps minimize the vehicle's battery drain. 

3. Battery-operated fleet tracker system

No need to use a vehicle battery. It uses its battery to supply the services. The batteries in these trackers usually have a long life. But, unlike hard-wired or plug-in trackers, they do not notify driver data as often.

         So it's your turn to choose the suitable GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles. Learn more about how to reduce fleet costs to raise profitability.

Industries That Operate GPS Fleet Management Tools

Industries That Operate GPS Fleet Management Tools

Here are a few industries that use GPS tracking systems to give you an idea. GPS fleet tracking is a tool used across a wide variety of industries.

1. Agriculture

GPS fleet tracking benefits farms to keep tabs on all of their equipment, knowing where on the field it is at any given time.

2. Rental Company 

 A GPS fleet tracking solution is non-negotiable to prevent theft and maintain footpaths of where their assets are at all times.

3. Construction Company 

Fleet tracking isn’t just for transportation services anymore. For example, construction fleet vehicles are a massive investment and an essential resource for building and construction businesses. Protect and observe your assets to guarantee they’re being appropriately operated and as effectively as possible.

4. Healthcare industry 

In an emergency, timing is everything. The more immediate dispatchers can determine the location of the emergency vehicles, the faster they can route those automobiles to get help to those in need. So a GPS tracker is essential for hospital emergencies.

5. Shipping and Transportation  

Monitoring where the goods are right now and the reaching time for the products is also crucial for the shipping and transportation company. Getting real-time updates is a helpful feature that gives a GPS tracker.

6. Trucking Company 

The owner or a fleet manager of a trucking company, you know that fleet efficiency can be the distinction between financial success and a dip in your quarterly revenue. You must understand that your fleet is deployed effectively and your drivers work efficiently, safely, and productively. In addition, your customers expect timely delivery and quality assistance.

GPS Fleet Management Tools continuous vehicle monitoring to help fleet managers improve logistics, influence driver performance, and reduce maintenance costs.

Hello people !!! Please put up your hand if any of these rings a bell

  • All this admin and paperwork cost me too many billable hours.
  • If any of my workers make a wrong impression, that's a hit to my reputation.
  • If I don't reply to customers quickly enough, they'll go to someone else.
  • What steps can I take to prevent drivers from purchasing unnecessary or unauthorized maintenance equipment?
  • How else can I increase my maintenance saving within my fleets?
  • How can we lower the cost and boost the revenue?

It's nearly all of the above. If you've been in the fleets business long enough, you know these are just some of the headaches that come with the territory. Right?

Give a big thanks to Vehicle Management System (VMS)

Many professionals put this kind of problem away using VMS it's your turn now. This software will gather every single piece of data of all your vehicles.

Let's see what benefit we can get from using a GPS tracker in fleet management.

Benefits of GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles

Benefits that can change the game for your business

GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles helped 42% of respondents improve routing, 46% enhance productivity, and 48% sweeten customer service, all contributing to a more suitable bottom line.  

1. Real-Time Alerts  

Gps Tracker For Fleet Vehicles real time alarts

Boost Your Bottom-Line With GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles

For instance, it’s a vast GPS tracking benefit to inform customers of delays. So how do you tell them? With the help of a real-time alerts system, you can know where your vehicle is and how much time it takes to reach the destination.

You can schedule your operations and daily tasks more productively when you don’t have to manually keep track of your vehicles. Understanding where all your vehicles are and receiving automatic notifications when they enter or exit important destinations can help reduce administrative burden.

Setting up predetermined boundaries or landmarks with our vehicle management software provides you with more relevant details regarding driver activity. This alert will assist in maintaining your fleet on task and within a more optimized route.

Top 5 GPS fleet tracking alerts that clients want to use

i. speed alert:

The speed alert notifies management and drivers when a vehicle exceeds a specified MPH threshold. Management utilizes the speed alert to provide the driver and public safety.

ii. Idle time alert:

The idle time alert reports management and the driver when a vehicle idles more than a specified time.

iii. landmark alert:

These alerts are typically set up to inform you when a driver arrives at a customer location or the yard or goes home during the day.

iv. Odd hours alert system:

This alert is valuable to fleet managers and drivers because it will notify them of possible theft or unauthorized vehicle usage. Any time that the vehicle is being used at an off-hour.

iv. extended stop alert :

A long-stop alert system notifies you when your vehicles are being stopped for quite a long time. For example, if you have a delivery that needs to reach the location in 20 min .in that case, if your driver takes a break, the system will notify you.

This alert system can speed up processes, increase productivity, and reduce detention time.

2. Reduce the downtime process

                           Locate-track-manage your vehicles in real-time

Reducing downtime for your fleet vehicle is crucial in keeping profits up and cost-cutting. For example, detention time can cost fleets up to $1,280 per driver per year.

Random vehicle downtime creates

  • Your employees can't work
  • Delay in delivery/service
  • Customers' dissatisfaction
  • Productivity issue 
  • Loss of money 

Random vehicle downtime also creates labour costs, replacement costs, opportunity costs, and many more.

Let's face it. GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles does reduce the downtime process now more efficient than ever before.

With GPS tracking technology, fleets can keep tabs on vehicles, streamline vehicle maintenance, optimize productivity, and more by preserving records and setting up vehicle health & care alerts. When your cars get all the facilities regularly, then it's quick and easy to guess that it will reduce the downtime process.

3. Time To Dodge The Vehicle Theft 

GPS fleet tracking small business

Vehicle theft is on the rise

vehicle thefts are up 88 percent in Washington and 31 percent in New Jersey.

Therefore, no surprise that theft recovery is one of the top benefits of GPS tracking.

In today's time, vehicle security is hard to maintain. However, you can secure your vehicle from theft with less money and the gift of modern technology. So how do you make sure your vehicle is safe? With GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles, of course.

A GPS tracking system is very much essential for your fleet vehicles. For example, if a car is lost or stolen, you have a more significant opportunity of rescuing it. That's because you can access the real-time spot of your vehicles, which shows on the GPS device. After that, information can deliver to law enforcement, which can assist in the fast recovery of the vehicle.

Remember that thieves do not want to deal with cars that come with GPS trackers.

4. Time Is Money - So Save Time 

GPS tracking devices for fleet vehicles

Time is not the main thing 

Its the only things 

Whether you're a business with ten vehicles to manage or three hundred cars, undeniably, you are paying a lot of time and money to maintain operations going, but at what cost? 

If you're at a point where you're convinced to want to include a fleet tracking system in the process, but you're still asking yourself, "will fleet tracking services save me time and money?

Using a GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles saves your time and collects all the data organized. The more data you have about the location, availability, and use of your organization's assets, the more control you have and the more efficient you will be. 

In addition, GPS automated tracking technology will enormously reduce the time needed to collect and process your data. When all the work is done from time to time, it will Increase overall productivity, save on fuel usage, verify employee timesheets, reduce overtime expenses, and lower company risks.

By implementing GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles, you have the advantage of having a virtual fleet manager in every single of your vehicles – without the additional cost.

Talking about saving on fuel usage, let's explore how to keep fleet fuel costs to a minimum at the following very point.

5. Keeping Fleet Fuel Costs To A Minimum 

Did you know? Companies that implement a GPS tracking system reduce costs by about 30%.

According to the U.S. Department, aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking) wastes gas and also increases gas money. Therefore, the profitability of your business can be impacted by fuel costs. With regular oscillations in gas prices, monitoring factors that affect fuel consumption is essential.

Five simple ways GPS Tracker For Fleet Vehicles ensure that you see an instant improvement in your fleet fuel uses.

  • Control the speeding process for the driver 
  • With the help of GPS tracking devices, find a better route to reduce the extra mileage fuel costs.
  • Knowing the accurate location of your vehicles at all times allows you to reduce unauthorized usage.
  • Idling is one of the most significant problems behind lower fuel efficiency. The GPS tracking system accurately tracks vehicle idle rates, allowing fleet managers to see which drivers are idling excessively and manipulating their vehicles efficiently.
  • Make sure tire pressure is on the point. A survey gives data that fuel efficiency drops by 0.2%. Properly inflated improves fuel efficiency by 0.6% to 3%.

Follow all the instructions carefully. You will notice a real difference in your fleet fuel consumption. Systems like vehicle management software can help you with that and more.

6. Up Fleet Visibility On The Point 

Without fleet visibility you are blind 

Curiously, many enterprises accept that they cannot have complete visibility of their fleets—even when they’re demanding accurate, up-to-the-minute data on production, warehousing, and finances.

It can often be a challenge for many fleet managers. Using an outdated system like spreadsheets and paperwork results in poor facilities and increases expenses.GPS tracking for vehicle fleets, integrated into your fleet tracking software, provides businesses with a deeper visibility level

Using a GPS tracker  Manage your fleet’s data on a single medium qualifies you to create connections between keeping trends and operating costs to make more suitable replacement conclusions.

Visibility also improves overall customer satisfaction .lets check out the next point. 

7. Make Customer Satisfaction A Reality 

A happy customer continuously comes back for more business

 Just a few clicks, Consumers get information in a minute. In the earth of quick deliveries, this immediately gives customers access to information and communication.

In addition, they want to track their merchandise and communicate directly with the drivers on the day of delivery.GPS tracker for fleets vehicles is the key to customer satisfaction.

Simultaneously, it shows the path to happier customers and fewer complaints.

So why are you waiting, man?

 Gets a leg up on your competitors

Investing in VMS can lead to a significant saving

Vehicle management software comes ultimate management system with a GPS tracking solution.

Here is what VMS offers your business

  • Manage inventory & expenses under control
  • Ensure the best profitability
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Real-time report system & many more 

To find out about Some Exclusive Modules and features try our vehicle management software now.    

To Sum It Up

GPS tracking doesn’t only help you obtain to that place you’ve never been. Utilizing GPS technology in your business takes your operations to the next level.

Finally, and most importantly, a Gps Tracker For Fleet Vehicles can boost business revenue and profitability and improve customer service.


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