Vehicle Management System

Vehicle management system is the most modern system to manage large vehicles and fleets.This Software will manage every single data of your all vehicles.

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Vehicle Management System

Be Tactical, Chose Automation, Ensure Profitability

Hi, here is a ordinated solution for the problems, generally a Transport manager faced. Have an attentive tour from top to bottom & get a complete idea about a Vehicle Management System


Manage your vehicle from home:

A vehicle management system helps you to manage vehicle, store all important data about vehicle type, fitness, routes, stations, driver-helper-officer details, vehicle base performance etc.


Ensure the best profitability:

Use automation in every section of your business. Such as asset tracking, manage daily activities, get automatic calculation of finance .That’s why to ensure the best profitability you should have an vehicle management system


Own a competent workforce:

An automation system makes easy dealing of your daily activities. You can specify your functionality as Admins, Superadmins Inventory manager & other employees activities. And have the system for monetising their performance to make them competent.


Manage inventory & expenses under control:

Get all inventory record such as stock in hand, vehicle wise parts use report etc. We have designed a expense management system to take your inventory & expenses under control.


Take authentic decision:

VMS includes an integrated system that helps you to keep your all information in one place. You can view your all data at a glance at any time, get instant report & can be able to take authentic decision.


Be the market leader of your industry:

A computer based management system brings a supersonic speed to manage an organisation, get report & ensure sustainable business growth. Having an automation system will help you to be the market leader

Vehicle management system

Vehicle management system is an automation software for the transportation industry or an organization which owned a large number of vehicle & managing fleet. It is an organized code which provides management functions that permit corporations to get rid of or minimize the risks related to vehicles. It helps a business to boost up some outstanding criteria includes the daily management of vehicles, fuel and services management, HRM system, tracking & managing inventory, Cost management etc. Having the ability to supply glorious reports at any situation, it involves with auditing, formulating technic, making strategy and implementing policies, procedures and systems etc. are considered a fast and straightforward task while you are using ultimate Vehicle Management software system.

Bdtask has designed the most modern Vehicle Management Software to manage large vehicle and fleet. This system process and analyze every single data of your all Vehicles. It is an online based Software which is really helpful for Bus, Car, taxi, Cover Van & Truck operators to manage everyday workflow and performance. It is an online and offline based application, it can be run from anywhere, which is designed by PHP and Codeigniter framework with MySQL. It can be operated from around the world using username and password. In this Vehicle management system, one or more operator can use at a time from anywhere in the world. They can Add, Delete, Edit, any data in the software.

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Why an intelligent fleet management agency owner use Vehicle management system?

Only hard work is not the key of good luck. If it were, then the donkey would have been the king of jungle but Lion. So, to be successful, you have to be tactful. & only an intelligent transportation business owner chose an automation system like vehicle management system to get following benefits:

  • To get income and expenses report of all vehicles.
  • To get vehicle wise parts uses report.
  • To find out driver wise performance based information.
  • To ensure best HRM. Such as: Drivers, Helpers, Other employees at a glance Report.
  • To set an Alert Center. It will inform about all vehicle taxes, token, insurance, road permit, expiration date.
  • To trace all over regular and irregular expenses.
  • To apply an organized Inventory management system with regular income and expenses.
  • To have an automatic stock register.
  • To get an easy traceable stock and product system


  • More than 47 reports based on vehicle, company, drivers, and time frame.
  • Expense Reports are particular and timeframe based.
  • Custom reports are also available based on user request.
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Our product features

We are offering an ultimate Vehicle management system. Have soft look on every important section of our product features & feel great.

vehicle management system software dashboad

Vehicle management system (VMS) working plan:

Vehicle Management System has 8 types of user management system. Every single user access has limited and super admin can manage all user.Here are the following access panel and user role:

  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • Management user
  • Inventory Management User
  • Account Management User

Total income and expenses can see just in a minute from the user management admin will give you extra benefit to run your management & vehicle business

User management system:

Add a user by creating a new user profile through user management system. You can specify your employee and offer them particular responsibility. This section has designed on the right corner of the header menu named by profile. We integrate here the following options:

  • Add user
  • View user
  • Edit profile
  • Log out option

So, distribute company's daily activities to your employee, have a light view of their performances & manage company’s profile competently.

vehicle service management system
Vehicle tracking software

Accountancy & Financial management system:

We have designed 10 sections to ensure proper accountancy & best financial management under Account menu on the dashboard. You will find the following opportunities into this option:

  • Bank transactions record, management & report
  • Parts, Accessories & Employee expense record
  • Service recipient transactions management
  • Receipts & payments history management
  • Auto Calculation

Inventory management at vehicle management system:

There have very easy inventory Management System with 12 Sections what is easy to design for tracking the stock, parts use, vehicles and requisition and many more. This inventory system will help the company to manage all vehicle Management. Inventory is designed with the following elements.

  • Category
  • Location
  • Supplier
  • Officers
  • Requisition & Requisition Access
  • Purchase Entry
  • Parts, Parts use, Reject & Return
Vehicle management system VMS
Company vehicle management system

Information & service management system:

This system also includes 11 sections to reserve all important information of employees, service recipients & service providing system. You will find the following options with this system under setting option:

  • Add company’ s information
  • Add vehicle’s information- type & fitness
  • Add driver’s, helper’s etc. employee information.
  • Add district, stations, district distance information

Fleet management & vehicle assignment system:

If you are large industry having a huge number of vehicle for company’s transportation then assign your vehicle under an officer mentioning department on the other hand if you are transportation agency then assign a vehicle to particular fleet mentioning important information. This system has following options:

  • Officer
  • Car assign
  • Report
assignment tracking system
car parts list with pictures

One-click reporting system:

Vehicle Management System (VMS) has More than 47 reports based on vehicle, company, drivers, and time frame. Some are added here. Bdtask has another two related software’s one is for Sales inventory and another is for Wholesale inventory management system.

  • General Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Balance Sheet
  • Inventory & Inventory stock Report
  • Stock Register
  • Inventory Report Card

Alert center to make always up to date:

Alert center is important to know any alarming situation of any vehicle. Vehicle’s insurance, fitness, engine, road permit etc. can be an alarming situation, the alert center will inform the user. An automatic alarm center is adjusted with our vehicle management system to keep you always up to date.

emergency vehicle alert system
Vehicle Reporting System

View section to keep your whole enterprise on your eyes:

Keep your whole enterprise always on your eyes. View section provides you all important data of every section at any time. You will find information of:

  • View all trip list
  • View vehicle, vehicle fitness, vehicle type list
  • Keep on eyes District, Stations, Stations to station distance etc. information
  • View list of company, company rent, expense, company bill list
  • View driver's, helpers, employee list.

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