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How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects: A Guide for 2024

By Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
how to find upcoming nft projects

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market has grown rapidly and got the most attention in the evolving digital world. These digital assets represent ownership and authenticity of digital art, collectibles, virtual real estate, and more. It changes the way we perceive and trade digital value. The NFT market has created a new dimension of creative and financial possibilities. As the NFT ecosystem continues to expand, for an investor, it is important to know how to find upcoming NFT projects. In this article, we will explore how you can find promising NFT projects that could shape the future of the dynamic NFT market.

Why Finding Upcoming NFT Projects Matters (Top 10 Reasons)


Before knowing where to find upcoming NFT projects, it is crucial to understand why you should find the best upcoming nft projects. There are many reasons why finding future NFT (Non-Fungible Token) projects is essential. Whether you are an enthusiast, an investor, or an artist, the significance of discovering the next NFT projects cannot be overstated.

Here are the top reasons to find upcoming NFT projects:

1. Investment Opportunities: NFTs have gained significant attention as a form of digital collectibles and assets. If you can identify potential NFT projects early, you can get in at a lower cost before the project gains popularity. It will allow you to get a substantial return on your cryptocurrency investment.

2. Early Access and Rarity: If you are among the first to discover and participate in a forthcoming NFT project, you can get access to unique and rare digital items. Collectors often value early editions or unique items within a project, which can lead to increased demand and value over time. So, you will get extra profit opportunities if you can access rare NFT projects early.

3. Community Engagement: If you can participate in future NFT projects, you can engage with the community early on. This will allow you to interact with the creators, developers, and other enthusiasts who share your interests. These connections within the NFT space can lead to further opportunities and collaborations.

4. Artistic Expression: Art and creative expression are the main focus of many trending NFT projects. You can support artists and creators if you discover all upcoming NFT projects early. It will help them to experiment with new ideas and push the boundaries of digital art.

5. Exploring New Concepts: Every forthcoming NFT project tries to introduce new concepts, such as gamification, virtual reality integration, or interactive elements. You can experience these early by getting involved early. Also, you will get the opportunity to explore these innovative ideas firsthand.

6. Education and Learning: Learning about the evolving landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology is important. You can follow popular upcoming NFT projects to get insights into trends, technologies, and emerging strategies in the NFT space. So, to stay informed, continuously learn about the forthcoming NFT projects.

7. Diversification of Portfolio: You can diversify your NFT portfolio by discovering various new and upcoming NFT projects. Different NFT projects may have different themes, use cases, and growth potential. These findings will help you spread investment risk and capture opportunities in multiple areas.

8. Supporting Early-stage Creators: Many NFT projects are created by independent artists, developers, and innovators. You can support these creators early on to continue producing unique and valuable content. You can provide them with the recognition, funding, and motivation needed.

9. Getting in on Airdrops and Rewards: Some NFT projects offer airdrops or rewards to early participants. These rewards may include exclusive NFTs, tokens, or other benefits. By being part of the initial investors, you can receive these perks.

10. Personal Interest and Enjoyment: Ultimately, discovering upcoming NFT projects can be enjoyable and fulfilling for those genuinely interested in digital art, collectibles, web3, blockchain, and innovation. You will definitely get rewarded by being part of a growing community and experiencing the NFT space's evolution.

How to Find Upcoming NFT Projects - Top 10 Ways


The world is very fast-paced, and the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) industry is no exception. The NFT universe is waiting for you to find out new opportunities. If you want to discover the top upcoming NFT projects and stay ahead, you have to know where to find upcoming NFT projects.

Let's explore the best ways to find upcoming NFT projects:

1. Explore NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces are places of digital art and innovation. These platforms showcase the opportunities for future NFT projects. These NFT platforms are reliable places to find the best upcoming NFT projects.

NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Larva Labs, Mintable and Nifty Gateway are digital arenas where artists and creators showcase their best NFT projects. There are also gaming NFT platforms such as Gala Games and Axie Infinity. You can keep a watchful eye on these spaces for good NFT projects.

There are many successful NFT investment stories. For instance, NBA Top Shot gained early attention on the NBA Top Shot platform. It has become one of the most remarkable NFT success stories.

2. Opt for Newsletters

NFT-specific news websites and platforms are a great source of information about NFTs. These sites offer newsletters so you get updates and be on time to get the necessary information. A newsletter is one of the easiest methods to get timely insights about hot upcoming NFT projects. You can subscribe to NFT project newsletters to get the latest announcements.

These newsletters often contain sneak peeks, project roadmaps, and exclusive updates that can give you a head start on identifying potential gems. Projects like The Sandbox have successfully used newsletters to engage and inform their community. It makes enthusiasts to be part of their journey from the very beginning.

3. Visit Rarity Checking Sites

Rarity sites are used not only to find the most hyped NFT projects but also the position of that NFT due to its scarcity. Rarity sites always make updates about an NFT project rarity, and some also give forthcoming NFT project data. With these tools, you can receive alerts when projects meet your defined conditions. It will help you identify projects with potential value.

There are many reliable sites that provide the best tools to see NFT's uniqueness. Rarity sites like Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper offer a unique perspective on NFT projects. They break down project attributes like rarity and scarcity. Another good tool, NFT Watcher, can help you monitor projects for specific criteria, such as rarity or price changes.

4. Follow Social Media Channels

If you want to feel the power of direct engagement, you should follow a social media strategy. Social media channels are another top way to find the best upcoming NFT projects. Platforms like Twitter (Currently known as X), Discord, and Telegram are NFT hotspots. You can follow hashtags like #upcomingnft and #nftdrops to find the latest NFT projects.

Following influential NFT creators and experts also helps to find forthcoming NFT projects. Creators often share sneak peeks and project updates and engage directly with the community. Following NFT influencers and project teams can provide you with real-time insights. Beeple's rise to fame started on Twitter. He consistently shared his digital art journey on Twitter and made a groundbreaking NFT sale.

5. Watch YouTube

YouTube is a visual portal to the NFT world. It is more than just entertainment for NFT investors. It is a treasure land of NFT-related content. NFT creators, experts, and enthusiasts share insights, reviews, and project breakdowns.

You can make informed decisions by watching these videos. Many NFT-reviewing YouTube channels like NFTsGUIDE offer in-depth analyses of forthcoming projects, helping you discover hidden potential. So, you should often look at video content on this platform to find out about the potential upcoming NFT projects.

6. Use NFT Tracking and Analytics Tools

NFT tracking and analytics tools help to make informed choices. Analyzing data can be a game-changer in identifying trends and projecting future success. You can find projects aligned with your interests by browsing categories and attributes on these sites. It is like a treasure hunt for digital gems that promise future success.

NFT tracking and analytics tools like NonFungilble, Nansen and DappRadar offer data-driven insights. It will also help you to find cheap NFT projects. These platforms provide details on transactions, ownership, and trends. It enables you to measure a project's popularity and potential.

7. NFT Calendars Site

An NFT calendar will keep you ahead to get every opportunity to discover new NFT projects. NFT calendars aggregate future project launches, sales, and events in one place.

These calendars, like NFT Calender, help you plan your NFT exploration journey ahead of time. This site verifies every upcoming NFT project and shares the launch dates. 

8. Join NFT Alpha Groups

NFT-focused forums and communities are some of the best sources to find the best upcoming NFT projects. These highly active groups will give you exclusive access to early innovations. Some big NFT projects offer alpha group memberships such as Zeta, NFT Alpha Club, Champs Only and KingdomNFT. It gives you early access and insights into their development.

These groups enable you to engage with creators directly, providing feedback and getting a firsthand look at the project's evolution. For example, the VeVe app's early adopters gained exclusive access to limited NFT drops before the app's widespread launch.

9. Join Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences are one of the best ways to find the top upcoming NFT projects. You can attend Web3 or blockchain events and conferences to immerse yourself in the NFT community. NFT events and conferences bring together creators, collectors, and enthusiasts under one roof.

These gatherings offer networking opportunities, insights from industry leaders, and sneak peeks at forthcoming projects. Events like NFT NYC are hubs for NFT discovery. These events connect you with the big NFT community.

10. Attend Occasions and Gatherings

Sometimes, NFT discovery goes beyond the digital realm. Occasions and gatherings, both online and offline, provide chances to engage with creators face-to-face. Meetups and virtual events create spaces where you can learn about forthcoming projects directly from the minds behind them.

It gives opportunities to find good NFT projects informally. You can discover many new NFT project information beyond the virtual world by joining various occasions and gatherings.


After reading the comprehensive guide on how to find upcoming NFT projects, you now have the necessary information to identify the best opportunities in the world of non-fungible tokens. Successful NFT investing requires research, patience, and a keen eye for innovative projects. So, when finding new NFT projects, remember a few things - look in NFT marketplaces, sign up for newsletters, visit NFT rarity check websites, and be active on social media like Twitter and Discord to connect with NFT folks.

Be a detective when checking out NFTs. Do your research and talk to others in the NFT world. Things change fast, so stay curious and keep up with the latest NFT news.

Have fun exploring, finding cool upcoming NFT projects, and participating in the NFT adventure!

Disclaimer: All the data used in this article is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. The information in this article may vary due to changes in the sources. We have tried to put the most reliable information.