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How To Promote NFT For Free: Top Practical Strategies for 2024

By Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal Last Updated -- Sunday, 2024-05-26
how to promote nft for free

After creating an awesome non-fungible token (NFT) or a collection of NFTs, the big question that comes to mind is how to promote the NFT collection. Before investing more money, most people want to know how to promote NFT for free. There are many ways to market an NFT collection. You can do it for free or using a paid strategy. Since the goal is to reach more people without spending more, I will share the best strategies to promote your NFTs for free. You may not need money to promote your NFT drops, but you will need to invest time. This blog will explore the reason behind the free promotion, the best ways to promote NFTs, top tips for NFT promotion, and many more.

Why is NFT marketing important?

Why is NFT marketing important

NFT marketing is about promoting NFT to potential collectors. NFT marketing has many benefits in the NFT business. NFT content creators can share their content with a wider audience and build a fanbase through promotion. NFT marketing helps passionate NFT creators to thrive in the competitive NFT market.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should promote NFT collection-

1. To Increase NFT Visibility

Any marketing helps a product or service to increase its visibility and exposure. NFT marketing is not an exception. There are many ways of promotion; some are free, and some are paid. But any of these promotions have the same goal. These promotion increases visibility for the unique digital assets an artist or creator has minted. This exposure can attract potential buyers, collectors, and fans who might have yet to discover the NFTs. So, the advantage of NFT marketing is that it increases visibility for an NFT or NFT collection. If you want to increase the visibility of your NFT projects, you should start promoting them.

2. To Build an NFT Community

For any business, it is necessary to create a community in the fast-marketing world. An effective promotion helps to build a community around the creator's work. NFT promotion helps to build an NFT community where people love to discuss NFT. An engaging NFT community helps to create loyalty and a good connection with NFT creators. These can lead to long-term support and interest in future NFT releases. So, if you have a long-term plan around your NFT collection or have a future NFT project plan, you should start building an NFT community.

3. To Build Brand Authority

Any brand can not be built in one day. Brand creation needs continuous brand promotion work. A brand is credible to potential customers. So, a successful NFT promotion can establish credibility and recognition within the NFT space. This can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities for the NFT creators. It also increases the value of their existing NFTs. So, if you want to build your own brand around your NFT project, you should start promoting your business. This brand authority of your NFT project will help you and your NFT to get a reputation.

4. To Increase Website Traffic

Nowadays, every promotion aims to make customers visit their website. Because a website shows a customer more options to purchase. People generally love to take the opportunity to explore more before buying anything. NFT marketing helps to bring potential collectors to NFT marketplaces. They get a huge opportunity to buy more on NFT marketplaces. This helps the old NFTs stand in the market. Website traffic also helps rank in any search engine's search results. This helps NFT enthusiasts to find the NFTs in search engines easily. When more people come to visit, they may offer more business opportunities.

5. To Boost NFT Sales

The ultimate goal of any business promotion is to make sales of products or services. The sales make the revenue, which helps to continue a business. Without sales, there is no chance of profit; without profit, there is no chance of growth. Increasing sales creates value for an NFT company. This increasing value helps a company to sustain itself and make it reliable to others, ultimately helping to get investors and grow the business. NFT or NFT collection promotion helps to boost sales and make good revenue for the creators. So, if you want to increase your NFT sales and grow this business, you should not hesitate to promote NFT.


How To Promote NFT For Free - Top 16 Ways

The number of artists, creators and collectors is rising because of the hype of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The NFT market is now very competitive. Getting the deserving attention for your awesome NFT is now very challenging. But the good news is that you do not need a marketing budget to promote your NFT effectively. In this blog section, we will see the top powerful promotion techniques for promoting your NFTs without spending money. We will explore the practical and actionable steps to increase the visibility and engagement of NFTs.


Here are the best ways to promote NFT for free -

1. Create a Landing Page or Website

After minting an NFT, the first thing you have to do is keep it in the public domain for preview. So, you have to establish a website or landing page that will give your NFT drops a dedicated space online to showcase. This website or landing page acts as a virtual gallery for your NFT collection, just like displaying Wall Photo Tiles to enhance the visual appeal and attract organic visitors. It helps to get organic visitors and offers a comprehensive view of your unique digital creations. This NFT platform makes it easier for interested collectors to explore and appreciate your NFTs.

A well-designed platform showcases your artistry and instils trust and professionalism. For value creation, you can add rarity and historical significance information with each NFT. You can create an NFT website by hiring a developer or using a pre-built NFT website script. Hiring a developer means spending more money on an NFT project. But for the free NFT promotion, it is better to use a web builder. For example, you can use platforms like Wix or WordPress to create a simple and user-friendly page.

2. Make an Introductory Video for NFT Project

Nowadays, people love to watch videos more than read long descriptions. You can use this customer behaviour to promote your NFT project. You can create an introductory video of your NFT art to showcase your NFT to potential buyers. You can highlight the concept, story, and uniqueness of your NFT collection in the video. It helps the NFT collectors connect with your art on a personal level. There are many free video editing tools available like iMovie or Canva to create engaging videos.

An NFT project can create hype if the NFT intro video goes viral on video-sharing platforms. This happened previously for many NFT arts, and many creators see success without wasting any money on promotion.

3. Offer Personalized NFTs

A great way to promote NFT for free is to offer custom NFT creation. Personalized NFT services help to cater to individual preferences and attract a wider audience. It allows potential buyers to acquire digital assets that resonate with their unique tastes. For example, you can offer custom portraits as NFTs based on specific requests.

Make your communication clear so that you understand the client's requirements and are able to give them an engaging NFT experience. Creating custom NFTs is a great source of earning a handsome amount by doing what you love.

4. Build Your NFT Brand

Another free way to promote your NFT is by building your own NFT brand. Boost your presence in the NFT space by strategically growing your unique brand. This can be done by making a strong presence on social media and engaging in local events. Create all necessary social media profiles and share content for your NFT creation business. Engage with the local community and showcase your NFTs in relevant events.

The NFT brand-building process will help to amplify your reach and create familiarity and trust. This will give you the opportunity to connect with potential collectors and establish a strong foundation for your NFT journey.

5. Promote NFT on Newsletters

Newsletter is one of the top ways to promote NFT for free. It is a direct channel to communicate with NFT enthusiasts. You can do regular newsletter updates to promote your NFTs. You can inform potential buyers about your latest releases, upcoming NFT drops, sneak peeks and updates using newsletters.

There are many email marketing service providers which offer a good number of emails/month for free. For example, Sender, Mailchimp or Mailjet offer a good number of free emails/month. You can use this service to send out regular updates and announcements easily. It will help to boost your NFT sales.

6. Use Social Media For Promotion

Social media sites are the best places to promote NFT organically in terms of ease of use and freedom to connect with as many people as you want. It is one of the best tools for NFT collection marketing. You should engage with the NFT communities on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Start sharing your art and interact with others on these platforms.

Most social media now offer hashtag features. Some popular hashtags for NFT are #nft #nftart #nftcommunity #nftcollector #nftartist #nftdrop #nftgallery #nftartwork #nftgiveaway #nftmarketplace.

Use popular and trending hashtags with your content and hashtags for searching relevant and new content. Try to join relevant conversations and make your stand. The networking on these platforms significantly expands your reach. You can amplify your visibility and attract potential collectors interested in your unique NFT offerings.

Now let’s see how to promote NFT on social media- 

How to promote NFT on Twitter:  You can become a member of popular NFT Twitter(now known as X) Communities like NFT Community, NFT ART CLUB ✦ Crypto Artists and NFTs Artists and Projects. You can engage in NFT discussions, share relevant insights, and connect with fellow NFT enthusiasts. You can also share updates for your NFT journey to attract potential buyers.

How to promote NFT on Instagram: Everybody loves Instagram for photos. Nowadays, the video-sharing option Reels on Instagram has also become very popular. Use these popular content-sharing sites to share relevant NFT content for your NFT projects. Like Facebook, you can share story posts on Instagram to share updates with others.

How to promote NFT on TikTok: You can promote your NFT using short-form video content. TikTok is the best place to share your eye-catching short NFT-related video content. You can also share longer videos on TikTok to showcase your NFTs.

How to promote NFT on YouTube: YouTube is a place where you can share community posts and longer and short videos. You can share informative content and your journey to make NFT art. You can also utilize YouTube shorts to make your content viral.

How to promote NFT on Discord: If you can utilize the Discord server, you can effectively communicate with many NFT enthusiasts and build relationships. You can join the active servers like the official discord servers of  OpenSea and Rarity Sniper. Discord is very relevant for NFT content sharing. Many consider Discord the best social media to promote NFT. So, if you do not know how to use it, you should start learning it.

How to promote NFT on Telegram: Telegram has a massive number of users worldwide. The advantage of this platform is that you can create a channel to make a big community of NFT enthusiasts. You can invite all your contacts and communicate easily with others.

How to promote NFT on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a good place for marketing NFT projects. You should share updates and engage with NFT professionals. You can discuss one-to-one with an NFT expert to share ideas and obstacles of your NFT promotion journey. You can also write NFT-related articles on LinkedIn to reach the targeted audience.

How to promote NFT on Reddit: Reddit is a very active social media platform. You can start a Reddit thread for NFT enthusiasts. You can also join other popular subreddits like NFT and NFTsMarketplace to discuss your NFT collection to increase awareness.

How to promote NFT on Quora: Quora is an online place where people quest for knowledge. You can share your NFT-related knowledge on Quora Spaces. You can create a new Space and also join the existing active ones. By contributing regularly to these NFT spaces, you can become popular on NFT, which will ultimately help to promote your NFT.

How to promote NFT on Pinterest: Pinterest is a great place to share infographics and concept posts. You can create Pins using your NFT blogs or landing page links. You can also share attractive NFT-relevant photos and videos. Create many boards relevant to NFT for more views.

How to promote NFT on Tumblr: This platform has an excellent interface to share many sizes and resolution content. You can share many forms of NFT-relevant content - photo, audio, video, and web links.

7. Build an NFT Community

Many marketing specialists consider building an NFT Community the best NFT marketing strategy. You can develop your NFT community online, offline, or in both places to boost your sales. This type of community allows NFT enthusiasts to interact, share, and support each other. So, create a supportive and engaged community around your NFT project to promote it for free.

You should take the necessary steps to encourage discussions and collaboration among members. You can use platforms like Discord or Telegram to create dedicated NFT channels for discussions and collaborations. It is not necessary to limit your community within NFT. You can also keep discussion opportunities for Web3, Cryptocurrency, or blockchain technology.

8. Collaborate with Others

Collaboration is one of the fastest ways to promote NFT for free. It means you can quickly reach a vast potential customer when you support each other. The partnership also helps to promote NFT with trust. So, start communicating with fellow artists and NFT influencers to expand your reach in the NFT space. To connect with others, engage in the content of the biggest NFT influencers like Snoop Dogg, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Yam Karkai.

New artists can collaborate and support each other for mutual benefit. You can participate in joint NFT drops or cross-promotions. This will help both parties reach a larger audience.

9. Create Quality Content

Quality Content is another effective way to promote NFT for free. High-quality content can attract more interest and engagement from potential NFT collectors. So, you should create compelling content related to your NFT collection for broader recognition. This can include blogs, videos, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your NFT creation project.

Create engaging content that tells the story and concept behind your NFTs. It helps to make a deeper connection with potential buyers. You can also create informative content that educates and engages potential buyers. You should submit content to relevant platforms like Web3, Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT News sites for publication.

10. Participate in Podcasts

Podcasts have become popular over the years. In a study from 2022, it was found that 79 out of every 100 people in the U.S. who are 12 years old or older know about podcasts. So, you can use Podcasts as a great tool to promote your NFT collection for free. You can join NFT-related podcasts to share insights, connect with audiences, and promote your NFTs.

You can also start your own podcast show. You can discuss art, digital collectables, Web3 and blockchain technology to showcase your expertise. A smartphone is enough to create a podcast. Your podcast lets you share your experience and thoughts about the new NFT creation projects. Podcast streaming will attract NFT enthusiasts, and you will get the targeted audience for your NFT project. You can start streaming on popular podcast platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. YouTube is also used as a popular podcast platform. So, the options are many to start your free NFT promotion through podcasts.

11. Utilize NFT Calendars

NFT calendars help a lot to promote NFT collections for free. NFT enthusiasts regularly visit these types of websites to find upcoming NFT projects. You can list your NFT drops on popular event calendars for wider reach.

There are many NFT Calendars available on the web. But try to find very active and free ones with a good number of visitors. Some popular NFT calendars to announce and promote upcoming NFT releases are Rarity Sniper, CoinMarketCal, NFT Evening, and NFT Calendar. You can utilize these calendars to attract real NFT collection collectors.

12. List on NFT Marketplaces

Any marketplace gives the opportunity to showcase products or services to a large number of potential customers. NFT marketplaces are one of the best ways to promote NFT for free. There are many NFT marketplaces where you can mint free and showcase your NFTs. They charge only after your NFT is sold. Opensea, Mintable, and Binance NFT are some of the top NFT marketplaces that allow free minting. There is a lazy minting option on Rarible for free NFT minting.

You can list your NFTs on popular marketplaces. Moreover, there are many directories to showcase your digital creation. You can also visit those websites and do free submission of your NFTs. These platforms will surely help to increase the discoverability of your NFTs.

13. Aim for Featured Drops on Marketplaces

Some marketplaces allow you to get your NFTs featured for free. You can take this opportunity to increase your NFT collection's visibility. All you may need is to verify your profile and describe your unique digital creation. You can also choose a category on some platforms to reach the targeted NFT collectors.

Some well-known marketplaces like Opensea, Mintable, or SuperRare can give your NFT collection prime visibility by giving you the Featured option. These platforms have a large user base actively seeking unique digital assets. So, keep trying to get Featured on these platforms to increase NFT collectors' interest and, ultimately, the potential sales. 

14. Organize Giveaways and Contests

Running NFT giveaways and contests is an exciting way to promote NFT for free. Giveaways and Contests generate excitement and encourage participation. The engagement rate for Giveaways and Contests is higher than many other promotional ways.

You can successfully engage with your community by organizing giveaways to create buzz around your NFT releases. For example, you can ask people to share your new NFT collection on social media for a chance to win a special edition piece. This will surely expand your reach to showcase your NFTs and help to increase NFT sales.

15. Engage in Real-Life Promotion

Personal communication is one of the effective ways to promote NFT for free. So, you have to find buyers for your NFT in real life. Identify your potential customers and communicate with them. Always try to make your connections to your potential NFT buyers.

You can attend local art exhibitions, networking events, or workshops to showcase your NFTs and build relationships with art enthusiasts. The rate of generating revenue from NFT sales is higher for this type of personal relationship.

16. Ask for Support

Asking for support is one of the best ways to promote NFT for free. You can quickly expand your reach through word of mouth. The best support comes from the best relationship. So, start asking for support from your dear and near ones.

Ask your friends and colleagues to support your NFT release. You should encourage your friends and family to share and promote your NFT collection on their social media. Also, ask for help spread the word through their networks. This can significantly expand your reach to make significant revenue from NFT sales.


1. What are NFT promotions?

- NFT promotions are the ways of telling people about a particular Non-fungible token (NFT) or its collection. The promotion is to show others you have unique and special digital collectables.

2. Do I have to promote an NFT?

- The answer is both NO and YES.

No, it is your choice.

Yes, if you want to generate revenue or create value for your NFT business.

3. How much does it cost to promote an NFT?

- The cost depends on how and where you want to promote it. You can use paid, free, or both strategies at a time. It is essential to check and decide what works for you. In any case, it costs you time.

4. Can I make a profit from free NFT promotions?

- Yes. You can make a profit from free NFT promotions. But it is tricky. It might not give you money directly, but it can help more people know about your NFT. This can lead to more interest and value later on.


In conclusion, you can promote NFTs without spending money by using some smart strategies. You can use social media to spread information about your unique NFTs. You can engage with the community through forums and online groups to build trust and interest. You can collaborate with fellow artists or influencers to amplify visibility. You can also share content on NFT marketplaces and join events to attract potential buyers. Moreover, you can share the creative journey and the story behind each NFT to make deeper connections with potential collectors.

Remember, consistency and authenticity are key for promoting your NFTs collection. If you have determination and creativity, you can successfully promote NFTs without breaking the bank.

Now you know how to promote NFT for free, take action and watch your NFTs gain the recognition they deserve. Happy NFT collection promoting!

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