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Online Course Marketplace and Business Models

By Rajib Hasan Last Updated -- Thursday, 2023-01-12
online course marketplace

Indeed we are in the technological era. We can communicate with millions of people at the same time through video calls, email, SMS or text messages, and some other ways. Nowadays, many universities and other organizations offer their classes through video conferencing. Basically, video conferencing and online courses started during the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world was under threat in 2019 due to the world pandemic situation. In that situation, most organizations introduced their course online. For this reason, the online course marketplace has become popular platform around the world. However, we will talk about the online course marketplace and business models and their details. So please take a look and start your journey with us.

What is an online course marketplace?

An online course marketplace is a platform where many people can perform to complete their online courses. Indeed, online courses are specially designed for flexibility. Those who perform on this platform can control the business and revenue. There are some massive advantages to the online course. If you want, you can start studying whenever you want. 

If you did not join the online class, you would come to the class. In this case, you can save crucial time by taking the online course. On the other hand, online courses let you spend time working, meet with family members or friends, manage some other crucial tasks, and others. Due to these privileges, online course marketplace has become more popular.

Where can I sell my online course?

Online course platforms let you prepare the online course with an easy process. The online marketplace has been popular during the world pandemic situation (COVID-19). At that time, many schools, colleges, and universities would take the class online, and some other coaching centers would also take the class online. From then, people learned about online courses. 

It is very delightful to know that thousands of people can participate at a time from different countries. So it is a great facility, and it is the greatest invention of modern technology. However, a question may come to mind: where can I sell my courses? Alright, let’s figure out the best online course marketplace. There are many online learning and teaching marketplaces, but we are referring to some of the best online course marketplaces.

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Podia
  • Mighty network
  • TrainerCentral



Skillshare is an online learning platform where enthusiastic people can learn from their homes, offices, or any other remote areas. Skillshare is one of the most renowned and popular course-selling marketplaces. Suppose you are a designer, photographer, writer, or entrepreneur looking to teach your craft online. In this case, Skillshare can be the best choice. 

This platform has many facilities, like a membership plan for the students. This platform offers more than 35000 courses, and they also have a subscription process. They charge $32 a month, and the annual subscription is $168, but the user can get access by signing up through Gmail and getting the course. It is noted that those are premium. The free user will never be able to get that course. 



Udemy is a globally popular online teaching platform. Udemy follows the right way for the online course. Indeed courses are designed to help people to learn and increase their skills in any specific field. It is the trusted online marketplace course selling platform. It has almost 204,000 online courses that cover many diverse topics. Udemy offers premium and free courses, but there is one thing if you would like to take a free course, then sign up through your email and search for a free course. It is noted that most of the free courses are for professionals, and most of the free courses have limitations.

For this reason, if you take a premium course, then you may take any course successfully, whatever you want. In this case, the course fee is a major consideration. They take charge of specific courses based on their business policy, but it can be $12.99 and $199.99 based on the course duration and course level. It is noted that most of the course duration on Udemy is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. However, this platform has many advantages so it may be the best choice for you as an online course marketplace. 



Teachable is a well-known online course platform. It is one of the best platforms for knowledge transformation with the best smart online course creators around the world. We know well all organizations or any platform may have pros and cons. Teachable also has some pros and cons, but the pros are higher than the cons that can influence the right way for people to get the course. It is an in-one-situation platform that helps you make a very good online course.

Teachable charged a 2.9% payment processing fee plus 30 cents. It offers a free and premium plan. You can take it for free. In this case, sign in through your Gmail, but free plan courses may need more features than users expect. If you take the premium plan, then you will have all the features correctly—the three premium plans are basic $29, Pro $99, and advanced pricing.



Thinkific is an online course platform the online course can create and sell, build vibrant communities, and you can monetize membership. You can easily present your expertise to share with students on their schedule and offer yours. You can be engaged with communities and build your business with a collaborative learning experience created and controlled by you. Indeed you can create a course on Thinkific in two ways, such as a landing page and course material.

There are different shapes of courses for it, such as mini-course, pre-sell, membership resource library, flagship course, and webinar replay. You will be glad to hear that the course fee is straightforward, and you will be able to get a free course (e-commerce) with unlimited students. On the other hand, you may get a premium course for $36 a month. This package includes unlimited courses and students. Most people choose this package due to its more privileges.



Podia is a popular online learning and teaching marketplace. It is also an online course-selling and digital product platform. It has taken place in the human heart due to its smart plan and some other privileges. Thousands of people choose the Podia platform to create their smart and attractive websites, and people also sell courses and some other digital products and host communities. You will be glad to hear that podia are free, but it has some premium plans, such as Mover, Shaker, and Earthquaker. These three plans have specific charges based on their unique features. However, if you want, you can easily take the free plan to create a website or selling course. In this case, sign up and get access and start your journey.

Mighty networks

Mighty networks

The Mighty network is a branded and popular course-selling platform and online learning marketplace. You may get a membership, and bring your course offers together in a robust community of your choices, like Android, iOS, and the web, with the Mighty network. People also get a magical experience whenever they come to this platform. It is because the mighty network is a community for all the participants and courses.

Whether you are going to start your course and you want to achieve membership, then the Mighty network can be the best choice for you. It has three premium plans: community, business, and mighty pro plan. If you want, you may get that, but you have to pay based on their plan pricing. On the other hand, the mighty network offers a free course for people. In this case, you may get free resources, events, answers, and other attractive things. In this case, you just need to sign in and get a free trial. So, feel free to contact Mighty network.



Do you want to start your successful online training course journey? In this case, you may choose TrainerCentral. If you would like to turn on your passion and expect something better, then you may come to TrainerCentral. They help people to create a course in less than 30 minutes. This platform is also suitable for a new person who has never completed a course before, and such people can quickly start a course on this platform. This platform has massive features that attract users to use the platform.

This platform offers easy access for 15 days free trial. In this case, you don’t have to pay the charge, but if you feel better and continue, then you have to pay the cost based on their business plan. TrainerCentral has three goals: free, a starter for $16 per month, and a professional for $41 per month. It is noted that the free plan does not have available features, but you can start this platform to create your course. The premium plan has sufficient features that may compel you to stay with it forever. So, take your decision and choose any platform and reach your dream, whichever you want.    

Online course marketplace and business models

The online course marketplace was not popular before. It became popular whenever the world pandemic situation occurred in 2019 (COVID – 19). The world was in a horrible situation for more than a year, and all the schools, colleges, and universities were closed due to lockdown. People were compelled to follow social distances. In the meantime, attending the classes and attending the organization was much more difficult.

In this case, people get help online, and anybody may get help from anywhere else if they have an internet connection. However, online course platforms have created a way to perform classes, services, and many more facilities in the world's pandemic situation. Since then, the online marketplace has been more popular. On the other hand, if you don't need the online marketplace, then you may create a personal brand. In this case, if you can follow some steps, you can succeed in your business.

  • First of all, which topic do you have an interest in, find that and decide your niche?
  • Figure out your targeted audiences and competitors also.
  • You must have a clear concept and brand values, and personality.
  • Create your online space
  • Find the competitor and compare with them and take a step.

Who offers free online courses?

Who offers free online courses

Though online courses have been popular since the world pandemic in 2019, most colleges and universities are offering an online course for remote peoples. Generally, they wish to let remote people know more about their innovative things. On the other hand, those who are knowledge-thirsty people find some courses online, whatever they need. However, some reputed universities offer free and premium online courses for knowledge-thirsty people. Those who are more enthusiastic about the course get the online course and become more professional in any specific field. 

Indeed those reputed universities or organizations that offer online courses have some criteria or requirements learners must follow such requirements and be allowed to get the course. They add something extra to your CV, and sometimes they also talk with you in an interview that may enhance your confidence. Most of the time, many higher education institutes offer a bunch of free online courses. In this case, the learner may need clarification about which course they are going to decide on. In this case, visit their course offering website and see the requirements and apply.

How to market online courses?

The online course is a convenient way to scale your business. Most people look for an online course. Nowadays, it is available online. Most small organizations also offer online courses but only require a little space, seating arrangement, and others. There are some other advantages to online courses. That's why the organizer looks for an online course.

Indeed their massive competition in the online marketplace. In this case, how to market your online course, and how to promote a course online? Certainly, millions of people use smartphones, and they also use the internet. For this reason, if you can target online audiences, then you may be boosted. But you have to follow some strategy, and that can lead your business to the supreme level. So, take a look at some plans for your online market course.

  • Promote your course on your blog.
  • You can publish a course promotion video on YouTube.
  • Add student testimonials to your course sales page.
  • Include a link to your course in your email signature.
  • You may add a course page to your main website.
  • Build an email list.

Why are online courses more expensive?

Why are online courses more expensive

The online course is relatively inexpensive. But if you decide on a long-term course, then you may pay more. On the other hand, if someone wishes to get a higher degree course online from any higher authority university. In this case, they have to pay more. There is a question: why are online classes more expensive? It depends on the college or university and course types. We should remember that universities or colleges are not charities. Indeed most universities offer online courses, and it is held two days a week or three days a week.

It is because whenever the college or university teacher gets spare time, then they take a class. We know well about the university teachers' qualifications and their honor. For this reason, they demand more for any long-term online course. On the other hand, in most cases, if you do a short-time online course (Digital marketing, web development, English learning course, etc.), then they don't take more charge. So, the online course fee depends on your course duration, universities, and course types.      

Will online degrees become more legitimate?

Yes, an online degree is legitimate, but you have to find an authentic and reputed marketplace from where you can collect it. On the other hand, some colleges and universities offer online courses, and you may get that on their official website. However, we are referring to some reputed universities around the world that offer online courses.

  • Harvard University offers over 600 free online courses and enables you to get a taste of an Ivy League education for free.
  • The University of California offers various courses on a wide range of subjects.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology has been offering online courses since 2012 with success.
  • Michigan State University offers online courses on their specific course.
  • The Hong Kong University of Science offers different online courses on any topic. 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the world's first-ranking university and has also offered online courses on different topics.

However, these are the world's top-listed universities around the world. What do you think? Will they offer the unauthentic online course? Of course not. In this case, they have higher online course fees, but they are trusted and offer high-quality courses. 

Final thought

Indeed business models exist for online marketplace, and we have given some popular marketplaces that are authentic and performing for many years. We have also given some world top universities marketplace for online courses offering free and premium courses on any specific subject. They offer higher degrees or sometimes also offer short term courses. It is noted that a short course means that those course duration is below six months. A person has a chance to achieve a degree on an online platform. So, take your decision to find the best online course marketplace and business models and start your happy journey.

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