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Present Technology Strategy of Bangladesh

By Riajur Rahman Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Technology strategy of Bangladesh

Technology is the most significant element in the present world. Any country can not be developed without using technologies. At the meanwhile, Bangladesh has been developed day by day using the latest technologies. Moreover,  technological development in Bangladesh is a very remarkable sign. A report of the World Economic Forum shows that almost 120 companies in Bangladesh export ICT products and earn around $1 billion to 35 countries. Also, many Bangladeshi software firms can trade internationally. Thus, the Bangladesh government predicts that the total earnings will increase to $5 billion by 2021. As well as, a UNCTAD report shows that the growth rate of the ICT industry is 40% in Bangladesh since 2010. So, in this article, we will try to discuss the present technology strategy of Bangladesh and evaluate the tech revolution.  

Technological Progress in Bangladesh

The technological progress of Bangladesh is very increasing, like other developing countries in the world. The number of uses of technology is constantly increasing day by day. Moreover, people innovate new technology for a better and easier life. In 2009, the Bangladesh government started its mission of Digital Bangladesh 2021 Vision. From 2008 to now, there has been huge technological progress in Bangladesh. At present, there are more than 500 software and IT industries in Bangladesh. Also, around 100 industries are involved with trade internationally. So, it has brought a very significant change in Bangladesh in terms of development. In this section, we would like to provide some technological progress in Bangladesh.

Communications technologies

At present, there are numerous communication technologies in Bangladesh. From the ICT sector, Bangladesh earns a major portion of its total economy. Moreover, in 2020, the total number of internet users is almost 103.253 million in Bangladesh. So, people can communicate with each other through the internet easily and quickly. To communicate with each other, they use various communication technologies. For example, to communicate for business purposes, entrepreneurs can use email, SMS, and various chat software. Also,  people can use various social platforms, chat software, and tools for communicating with each other.  

Increased Office productivity

Using various software, office productivity has been increased day by day. For example, Google Apps, Microsoft office, worksheets, digital paintings, electronic music, database system, digital presentations, and digital video, etc. Moreover, all the tasks have been managed with the help of technology. In the past, all office activities were managed manually and mainly paper-based. But now, it is fully dependent on technology and trying to make a paperless system. So, this technological development has increased office productivity in Bangladesh.  

Data Storage and Recovery

For the blessing of technology, you can keep a record of all data and information. Also, you can recover these. Because in the present world, there are various data storage software and tools available. Using this software, you can save your important documents for further needs. In Bangladesh, there are lots of cloud storage providers and hosting companies. And with the help of this technology, you can keep a record and recover all documents easily and safely.  

Internet and Search

The Internet and search engines are the most valuable components in the world. With the help of technology, you can search for anything over the internet. For example, Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Excite, Lycos, Wolfram Alpha,  Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc. Moreover, the Google search engine is the most popular all over the world. A statistical report shows that the Google search engine market share rate is 98.06% in Bangladesh. As well as, In Bangladesh, there are also some other search engines used like Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo, YANDEX RU, Baidu. But these search engines' market share rate is very low in Bangladesh. On the contrary, the usage rate of the Google search engine is very high in Bangladesh. So, the Google search engine is a well known and user-friendly search engine in Bangladesh.


E-learning or electronic learning is one of the technological blessings of Bangladesh. Using this system, you can learn anything from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it is mainly an internet-based platform. All ages people can learn from using this platform. However, it is a very effective learning process. Also, various higher education institutions in Bangladesh have already started using e-learning methods. So, e-learning is the best solution for removing the problem of illiteracy. It is the best and effective way of learning for all learners within limited resources. 

E-Commerce Business

At present, the e-commerce business is the great revolution of Bangladesh. Moreover, it is the process of buying and selling products through the internet. With this technology, you can purchase your desired products easily. You just need an internet connection for purchasing from any e-commerce site. On the other hand, the e-commerce business is the easiest effective business way. Moreover, there is no need for huge manpower and a large place in any e-commerce business. In Bangladesh, more than 35,000 individuals, and 25,000 small and medium enterprises are involved with the e-commerce business. As well as, a statistical report found that Bangladesh ranks 46th in the global ranking of an e-commerce business. So, it is one of the present technological strategies for Bangladesh.

Decentralized work

Nowadays, people are not dependent only on office-based work. Moreover, they are involved in various outsourcing work and freelancing activities. So, with the help of technology, the rate of unemployment in Bangladesh is reduced. In Bangladesh, there are some popular marketplaces for freelancers. For example,,,,, etc. these are the earning platforms and people can earn from this platform. As well as, it helps to increase the knowledge and financial support.

Analytics and Research

At present, Bangladesh is involved in lots of analytical activities to innovate new technologies. As well as, people are researching these technologies to innovate more sophisticated technologies. Big data analytics is one of the greatest tools for analyzing business data. Moreover, there are various companies in Bangladesh that can be able to analyze big data. So, using this technology, many challenging problems have been solved in Bangladesh.    


Automation & Robotics

Automation and robotics is one of the tremendous technologies in Bangladesh. To improve this technology, Bangladesh Robotics Foundation is trying their best. Moreover, their goal is to create a platform where all technical research and innovative activities will be completed.

Conversational systems

Nowadays, there are very conversational systems available in the business sector in Bangladesh. For instance, chatbots, personal assistants, etc. are mainly artificial intelligence-based technology. So, using this technology, various business activities are managed efficiently. This technology helps to create an automated responding system that is very helpful to the customers and entrepreneurs for both.     

Information security

In February 2016, the government of Bangladesh has initiated some security measures that help to enhance information security. Moreover, the government provides a flexible system for managing information security. As well as, to protect our cyber world from any kind of hacking or threats, the government of Bangladesh is taking a national cybersecurity strategy.    

Impacts of Digital Bangladesh

In 2009, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially launched the mission of the Digital Bangladesh 2021 Vision. As a consequence, it creates various impacts on technological development in Bangladesh. Now, we want to describe some impacts of digital Bangladesh. 

Human Resource Development

In this mission, the government of Bangladesh is trying to develop human resources. Moreover, the government already takes some initiative for developing skills and knowledge. This mission also improves our education system. About 500,000 graduates are being produced from the university every year. So, they need better training facilities to develop their skills and talent. The Government of Bangladesh is providing all these facilities to turn them into skilled manpower and increase human resources.  

Connecting Citizens

Connecting citizens is one of the significant factors in digital Bangladesh. For that reason, the government of Bangladesh almost ensures 100% internet connectivity. Moreover, there are 160 million mobile subscribers and a huge number of people connected with the internet. Also, the government provides two submarine cable connections with 1,700 gigabits per second (Gbps), and seven ITC connections with 400 gigabits per second (Gbps). As well as, they ensure high-speed internet connectivity to the remote areas of Bangladesh. 

Digital Government

Digital governance is the most prime concern to create digital Bangladesh. However, in order to create a digital government system, the first step is to involve all public sector information and communication technologies. The World Economic Forum report shows that Bangladesh has more than 45,000 websites and services of different government offices. Also, the government already developed more than 5,000 digital centers for providing the services of all citizens. So, these are great initiatives to establish a digital Bangladesh.

ICT in Business

To apply ICT in business purposes, you can gain more profit and handle all your business activities easily. In Bangladesh, almost all office’s activities are dependent on information and communication technology. So, the ICT industry is rapidly growing in Bangladesh. As a result, the government can serve various services like financial services, telecommunication services, healthcare centers, and so on.


Technological development is the key success of Bangladesh's economic growth. Analytical research predicts that Bangladesh will be the 24th greatest economy position in the world by 2033. Thus, this economic change will be possible for improving the technological development of Bangladesh. Also, the government has already started its mission of Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021 for enhancing the tech revolution of our country. So, the government of Bangladesh should take other necessary steps for applying proper technological strategy in Bangladesh.


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