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Technology strategy of Bangladesh

Present Technology Strategy of Bangladesh

Technology is the most significant element in the present world. Any country can not be developed without using technologies. At the meanwhile, Bangladesh has been

Best Software Companies in Bangladesh

Top 10 Best Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh (2024)

Welcome to our blog post about the best leading software companies in Bangladesh. Technology is advancing quickly, and Bangladesh is becoming an important part

Free blockchain and cyber security training in bangladesh

Free Blockchain and Cyber Security Training in Bangladesh | Bdtask & EDGE Project

The People's Republic of Bangladesh has launched a massive initiative to boost the country's ICT sector with the support of the World Bank. Under the

how many airlines in bangladesh

How Many Airlines In Bangladesh - 4 Top Aviation Company

Indeed, the aviation industry expanded Bangladesh's economy soon after the 1971 War of Independence. However, aviation is the fastest and safest transportation mode, and

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