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Top Features of ERP Software that Helps To Grow Businesses

By Masudul Islam Last Updated -- Thursday, 2022-08-04
Top Features of ERP Software

First, the concept of ERP software for businesses was introduced in the 20th century. It helps to boost up any business as well as to maintain any business activities properly. Even though some entrepreneurs do not know the proper use of any ERP software. As a result, that will be very difficult for them to survive the real-world market. So, we will try to explain the appropriate use of top features of ERP software, and also clarify the benefits. 

What is an ERP System?

ERP system for businesses is mainly a business-related software management system. It allows maintaining enterprise resource planning applications. Moreover, it is the combined package of performing any business activities. 

All information on ERP software is stored in a centralized database. Also, the ERP software system is the process of tracking all moving parts of any organization. So, it is the integration package of managing all business processes and functions automatically by using the latest technology. 

How to Select the Right ERP Software?

There are various types of ERP software systems according to the type of industry. ERP system for small business mainly depends on the working procedure of any organization. In that case, if you want to start a small business, including an inventory management system, CRM, HRM, etc. Then, you will choose those types of ERP software systems that have the following criteria. Additionally, this type of ERP software is the right decision for your small business. Because it provides all functionalities that you need at a reasonable price. Now, we would like to describe some additional criteria to choose the perfect ERP software system.

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The Importance of ERP Software

ERP software system is the key factor in any business strategy. In the present era, we get lots of newer and newer technologies. As well as using those technologies we lead a modern and easier life. Correspondingly, ERP software is built for operating any business operations dynamically, rather than a typical manual process. So, now we would like to evaluate the importance of ERP software. 

Enhanced Productivity

Using an ERP software system, any organization can increase its productivity, efficiency, and profitability. It will be the best choice in any industry, because of easily performing any exhausting task. Also reducing redundant operations. Moreover, it can perform difficult mathematical calculations within minutes, rather than using manpower. In ERP software, all information is stored in a centralized database. As a result, it can improve an employee's collaboration ability and productivity. 

Combined Package

An ERP software system is an integrated system of administrating any business organization successfully. Therefore, using a single database can conduct all information. For instance, CRM, HRM, etc. Also, using this software, you can know in detail about customer management systems, order status, purchase history, supplier information, human resource management, inventory management, account information, all in one space. So, in this system, all needs are together in one bundle for managing any business properly.  

Mitigated Time & Cost

ERP software systems can reduce time, and they can perform all tasks very rapidly. Moreover, using this software, you can handle your all tasks in time without any human difficulty. Also, it can calculate all account information accurately and automatically. So, it can reduce your industry's timing issues. 

Although the ERP software system is not only reducing the timing problem but also reducing the costing issues. At the same time, it can provide all business management properties in one system. So, you do not need any manually controlling employees in each system. 

Better Inventory Management

Using an ERP software system, you can easily monitor your whole inventory management system. As we know, every company’s success is dependent on a proper inventory management system. Though, sometimes it creates a big challenge to keep tracking and monitoring their inventory levels. But you can solve these problems using different tools of ERP software systems. Also, using those tools, you can bar-coding and give RFID tags on your products. So, it will be very helpful for tracking and monitoring all of your inventory.

Better Resource Management

ERP software for businesses not only improves any business inventory system but also enhances resource management systems. Moreover, it can provide you a scalable resource management facility. It also eliminates extra production, equipment, and manpower costing. Additionally, using this system, you can manage your BOMs. Also, you can understand your capital stock. With this software, you can easily create or update your BOMs. As well as to keep track of all of your previous histories.  

Enhanced Analytics Capability

ERP software systems can enhance the capability of data analytics. Also, it can provide real-time data. So, it helps to easily understand business processes and working status. Moreover, using this record, the data specialist can analyze more easily the business trends and current demanding issues. Again, ERP software can use a single centralized database system. Using this system, also can improve the analyzing capability, and perform a more efficient and accurate analysis. 

Improved Security & Usability

ERP software systems have a centralized database facility. That is the most secure part of this system. Moreover, using this centralized system, multiple sources can access data. All historical records will be saved on this platform. So, you can monitor all of your business activities and keep tracking them all time. Whereas, all types of smart devices can access it. Therefore, you can access it using all types of smart devices. That will be very helpful to manage your business operations.

Top Features of ERP Software

System Requirements

Before choosing the ERP software, you must have a clear concept about your business needs. Because you should have to choose those types of ERP solutions, that will match your business requirements. As a matter of fact,  any ERP software system will be the most successful when it fulfills your business's specific needs. Additionally, you must have to know about your full system and identify what type of problems you want to solve. Then you can choose an ERP software system for your business. 

Cost Estimation

Significantly you have to choose an ERP software system based on your future business goals. Firstly, you have to think about your initial cost of implementing, and the total cost of maintenance of this software. Also, you have to consider the cost of licensing, training, and supporting fields. Moreover, after a certain period, your business will be expanded. Then the total cost will be bigger than before. So, considering these things, you have to choose those types of ERP software that will be able to bring the success of your business.  

Customized System

ERP software systems should have a customized capability for adapting new features to future changes. Though every ERP software is not personalized. You must be regarded in your business strategies before choosing ERP software. Moreover, using this option, you can be flexible with your ERP software system that will be very useful for your business.  

System Integration

ERP software is a key element of any business's success. Because it can save your company’s time and resources. Also, it provides a perfect solution for managing business tasks. Correspondingly, you must have an ERP software system with full integration capability. Moreover, this capability will help you to manage your whole system easily and give you a better opportunity. 


Considering your business’s future condition, you should have to choose a scalable ERP software system. Also, you have to choose those types of ERP software systems that can expand at any time for adjusting your business workflow. So, you have to be careful about choosing ERP software. 

Updating Facility

For maintaining any business activities properly, you just need an updated ERP solution. On the other hand, using outdated versions, sometimes you will face different types of problems. For example, you will face hacking, malfunction errors in your processes. So, it is an important factor to keep your system up-to-date, and always using the latest version of ERP software. At the same time, you should be concerned about the costing issue, that’s why you should have to choose those types of ERP software systems. That will provide you with a lifetime updating facility. 

Mobile Compatibility

When an ERP system is only supported on your desktop in your office. Then it will create a vast problem for maintaining your business activities. So, you just have to ignore those types of ERP software businesses. Moreover, you should have to select a mobile or any other smart device friendly ERP software system. That gives your business greater adaptability. On the other hand, you have to be careful about the security purposes for using mobile devices.  

Service Demonstration

Your choosing ERP software must have a service management system capability. That helps in understanding the whole system easily. Furthermore, when your employees need any training, support, and other services. Then you have to ensure that you will get it without any cost.

Implementation & Deployment Process

For selecting the right ERP software, you should have to be conscious of who is performing the task of implementation and deployment. Moreover, considering the future goals of your business, you have to choose a specialist partner for taking this software. Also, an expert partner can play a vital role in improving your business over the long term.  

Top Modules of ERP Software

Before choosing an ERP system, you should have to confirm that all essential features are included here. Now we would like to introduce some essential features of any ERP software system.  

Dynamic Dashboard

Using this feature, you can easily understand the sales and purchases report summary. Also, this feature gives you different types of data visualization charts. For example, a bar chart representing the best sale products, and a pie chart representing the expense statement. Additionally, you also can see here the sales and purchases report that is represented graphically. 

CRM System

Customers are the prime concern of any business. So, using this feature, you can manage customers, add new customers, manage customer ledger, credit customers, and paid customers. 

Product Management System

In this feature, you can add category, unit, and also you can add products according to each category. So, using this feature, you can maintain your whole product management system. 

Inventory Management System

Using this feature, you can track your whole inventory system. You can also manage your inventory by seeing the stock report. Moreover, using this stock report, you can understand the purchase product list, supplier list. Also, you can understand the current situation of your inventory. 

Reporting Management System

With this feature, you can create and manage all reports. Using this report, you can understand your business growth. This feature includes the account closing report, daily sale and purchase report, daily customer receipt, user wise sale report, due report, shipping cost report, sales and supplier return report, tax report, and profit report. 

 HR Management System

This human resource management system can provide more accurate, and efficient management facilities. Thus, using this feature, you can maintain your company’s human resources. For example, you can add the designation of any employee. You also can manage the designation of each employee. As well as, you can add and manage new employees. Even, you can manage attendance reports, and manage payroll systems. Additionally, you can also manage expenses and loan systems.  

Account Management System

The ERP software system can provide you a dynamic account management system. That calculates all calculations accurately and quickly. Moreover, using this feature, you can provide the supplier payment. You also can record the customer receipt. The debit and credit voucher is also recorded. As well as, you can manage the journal voucher and contra voucher too. Again, you can maintain cash adjustment using this software. Different types of the ledger are recorded by using this. Finally, you can identify the trial balance and profit loss.

Wrapping Up

It is realized that ERP software is the best business management software. It is the helping tools for managing any business framework easily and efficiently. So, Bdtask provides the sales ERP software for controlling your business operations properly.