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Top Food Distributors in USA in 2024 [Updated List]

By Abu Hossain Md Motachim Last Updated -- Saturday, 2024-05-04
top food distributors in usa

In our daily lives, there is a basic and primary need for humans, and that is FOOD. For this Food, people are struggling with their work, tolerating many bad situations just for the Food. How much luxurious life you want to live and how much money you want to earn, We are literally nothing without Food. For people to want better and more hygienic Food, there are some processes that people can use to get Food. And this process will go through the food distribution. 

This food distribution job is very tough and important. How tough is it? Well, the Food is distributed from manufacturers and gets to the end customers. For making the food distribution nicely, there are already some top food distributors in USA. There are most of the restaurants, who purchase foods and ingredients from distributors at wholesale price. After purchasing it, the restaurant stores it in the inventory and monitors it with a Restaurant POS app

This article will inform you about the Top food distributors in the USA, which is useful for everyone and might also be helpful to you. So why are you waiting? Let's get started!

What is A Food Distributor?

What Is A Food Distributor

Food distribution involves moving Food from the people who make it to the people who buy and eat it. Knowing what a distributor does is crucial so you can team up with the right one and help your product grow.

Distributors are like intermediaries who handle various tasks:

  • Storing Food: They keep Food in their warehouses before sending it out to different places.
  • Moving Food Safely: They make sure Food gets from the warehouse to where it needs to go without any problems.
  • Keeping Track of Stock: They make sure there's enough Food available to meet demand.Also, they track the stock with an inventory system.
  • Helping with Sales and Marketing: They assist food companies in promoting and selling their products, making sure more people get to try them.

Distributors come in different types, and depending on which type they are, they do different things and offer different services. Also, each country and region has its unique way of distributing Food, which affects what distributors do.

Top Food Distributors in USA (Best 05 in 2024)

There are many of the largest wholesale grocery distributors in the USA. If I make the list and present it to you, it will be a large list. For this reason, it will be difficult to represent all the food distributors. 

Also, when people go to the restaurant, there is a thing that comes to their mind where do restaurants get their food supplies. Well, there are many food services for companies and restaurants who usually distribute the foods.

After researching all the largest food distributors in the world, the top 10 food wholesalers will represent you. In addition, those food wholesalers in New York are famous. So, let's check down below:

#1. Sysco


Sysco is a wholesale corporation founded on March 19, 1969. Although there are many US food distributors, this one is one of the largest. Sysco is known as an American Multinational corporation. It sells, markets, and distributes Food to restaurants, healthcare facilities, catering facilities and educational facilities. 

Sysco is also known as a global leader in distributing food products. In 2023, the Sysco Wholesale Corporation generated revenue of 76.32 billion USD!

Address and contact information:

Contact: 281-584-1390


Headquarters: Houston, TX

Regions: Nationwide

Tractors: 8577

Distribution centers: 326

#2. US Foods

US Foods

Us Foods is also one of the renowned food distributor companies in the USA. It was founded in 1989. The name of the CEO of this amazing food distributor company is  Dave Flitman. Right now, the US Foods company generated revenue of 24 billion USD. However, with more than 300,000 customers, they serve very well. They serve not only in restaurants but also in healthcare, hospital entities,  educational institutions, and many retail businesses. US Foods is also known as one of the best food warehouses in the USA.

Address and contact information:

Contact: 847-720-8000


Headquarters: Rosemont, IL

Regions: Nationwide

Tractors: 5,336

Distribution centers: 168

#3. Gordon Food Service

Gordon food service 

Gordon Food Service, headquartered in Wyoming, Michigan, is a big company that delivers Food to restaurants and other places where people eat. It started back in 1897, founded by a person named Isaac Van Westenbrugge. Now, it's run by a big family and is one of the biggest food distribution companies in North America. Every year, they make more than $12.9 billion in sales and supply Food to over 100,000 customers in the US and Canada, from the Midwest all the way to the coasts.

Address and contact information:

Contact: (888) 437-3663


Headquarters: Wyoming, MI

Regions: Nationwide

Tractors: 3,000 

Distribution centers: 12

#4. Performance Foodservice 

Performance Foodservice 

Performance Food Group Company is a big American company that sells Food. It started way back in 1885 when a guy named James Capers began selling Food in Richmond, Virginia. Now, the company is based in Goochland County, Virginia, and has a lot of employees, more than 22,000! 

They distribute all kinds of Food and make a lot of money, over $30 billion every year. 

They're known for offering good quality stuff and using new technology to help out their customers.

Address and contact information:

Contact: (804) 484-7700


Headquarters: Richmond, VA

Regions: Nationwide

Tractors: 2,047

Distribution centers: 25

#5. McLane


McLane is a big company that helps retail stores and restaurants by delivering stuff to them. They're really good at what they do because they have a lot of experience, work with other companies in smart ways, and always try out new ideas. They're known for delivering popular brands that people love, and they do it all across the United States. Every year, they make a lot of money, about $50 billion! People trust them to bring what's needed to keep businesses running smoothly.

Address and contact information:

Contact: 972-364-2052


Headquarters: Temple, TX

Regions: Nationwide

Tractors: 2,178

Distribution centers: 80

Types of operations for wholesale trading

Considering the food services for companies and restaurants, There are three types of operations which can perform the functions of wholesale trade:

  1. Manufacturer's sales branches and offices.
  2. Agents, brokers and commission agents.
  3. Wholesale distributors.

As a wholesale distributor, you likely own and run a business where you buy products and then sell them. Usually, you do this from warehouses where you store the products before sending them out to customers.

Benefits of a wholesale food distributor

Working alongside a wholesale food distributor brings advantages for both the folks shipping the Food and the ones transporting it. Let's clarify how it helps carriers and shippers.

For carriers:

Pooling Shipments: Food distributors often need to gather products from different places before they can fill a truck. Carriers can use tools like Flock's software to group multiple shipments heading the same way. This allows them to make better use of their trailers and earn more money.

Predictable Schedules: Food distributors deal with many suppliers and businesses, so they keep a tight schedule to keep everything running smoothly. They usually set strict deadlines for suppliers. Carriers who work directly with these suppliers or distributors can enjoy a more predictable schedule.

For shippers:

Better Deals: Working with a distributor helps suppliers save money and streamline operations with more efficient processes. Plus, buying in bulk from a distributor often means getting better prices for businesses.

Expanding Markets: Wholesale food distributors have extensive networks across the country. They can introduce suppliers to new businesses they might have yet to reach.

Fast Product Movement: Top distributors have tons of customers and can move products quickly. This means suppliers can sell more, and businesses might receive fresher goods.

Food Storage and Safety: Most wholesale food distributors handle the task of storing products. This means suppliers and businesses can rest easy, knowing their products are in good hands. It reduces risks and keeps the food supply chain stable.

How ERP Software Transforms Food Distribution

How ERP Software Transforms Food Distribution

Before talking about ERP software, we need to know what ERP is. ERP, in its full form, is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is used to manage the business processes needed to run a company's HR, supply chain, procurement, services, finances, and more. 

Nowadays, ERP software is essential for food distributors' operations. ERP systems enable top companies or restaurants to reduce costs and operate more efficiently by centralizing data, providing real-time insights, and automating processes. 

There are some vital ways in which ERP software transforms food distribution. Let's check down below:

  • Smooth Supply Chain Management.
  • Efficient Warehouse operations.
  • Broad Order Management.
  • Improved Compliance and traceability.
  • Data-Driven Decision-making.
  • Collaborative Supplier Management.

What Makes ERP Software So Crucial for Food Distributors?

ERP software has transformed how businesses in various industries operate, including food distribution. Whether big or small, food distributors can greatly benefit from using ERP systems, this essay dives into the many advantages ERP software brings to food distributors. 

It covers things like making operations smoother, managing inventory better, following regulations, and keeping customers happy. By using these advantages, food distributors can make their operations more efficient, save money, use resources better, and make more profit.

The food distribution industry is very important in the global supply chain. It connects food makers with consumers. Because it's so complex and always changing, it needs good management, smooth processes, and quick access to info. ERP software offers a big solution to these challenges. It helps food distributors do well in a tough market.

Some key points are crucial for food distributors:

  • Making inventory management smoother.
  • Getting orders done quickly and right.
  • Seeing more of what's happening in the supply chain.
  • Following rules and keeping Food safe.
  • Keeping track of money well.
  • Using data to make smart choices.
  • Planning the best routes for delivery and organizing logistics well.
  • Taking care of customers better.
  • Guessing how much stock is needed and planning for demand.
  • Doing things faster and better.
  • Connecting with other business tools easily.
  • Growing and getting bigger smoothly.
  • Making sure data stays safe.
  • Saving money and getting back what's spent.

Wrap up

In conclusion, the food distribution industry plays a critical role in ensuring people have access to essential goods. As we know, the largest food distributors in the world, like Sysco, US Foods, Gordon Food Service, Performance Foodservice, and McLane, efficiently facilitate the movement of food from producers to consumers. Leveraging ERP software and strategic partnerships, distributors enhance operations, maintain quality, and contribute to the stability of the global food supply chain.


How many distributors are there in the USA?

There are around 408,000 wholesale distributors in the United States. Most of them are renowned and trustworthy to the US people. 

Who is the largest Distributor in the USA?

In 2024, Sysco Corporation will be the largest wholesale Distributor in the United States. They provide food products to healthcare, restaurant, and educational facilities.

How do I find a food distributor for my product?

It is very simple. You need to join networking groups, attend meetings and local events, and connect with other businesses in your area to expand your reach and learn from others.


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