Bhojon is a Combinations Of Restaurant Management Solutions Tool

Restaurant Management Software

A restaurant management system plays a crucial role, starting from table management, restaurant operations, handling suppliers, online delivery management, account management, order management system, and many more.

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Billing System

A restaurant billing system is another must-have technology for every restaurant business, assisting with a faster and more organized restaurant billing system.

Restaurant Billing System

Key Features Of Restaurant Management System

With Bhojon you can manage your restaurant both online & offline and also automate day-to-day activity.

Restaurant POS And Billing System

Dynamic Restaurant Dashboard

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Account Management System

Account Management System

Restaurant Table Reservation System

Restaurant table reservation system

Restaurant Website And Online Ordering

Restaurant Website And Online Ordering

Restaurant HRM System

Restaurant HRM System

Is Your Restaurant Outdated Or Updated?

Do You Know They're About 15,000,000+ Restaurants In  The Entire World??

Currently, globally the market value of restaurant management software is more than USD 4.08 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.8% from 2023 to 2030

Worldwide restaurant market is projected to grow by 5.4% through 2026.

Online Food
Delivery Market
Project Reach Raise
By 2027
$128.5 Billion
Annual Growth Rate of 6.5%
Cloud Kitchens
Management Software
Project Reach Raise
By 2027
$71.5 Billion
Annual Growth Rate of 6.5%

86% of restaurants use POS data to generate leads

Benefited From Using Restaurant Management System

  • 19% in customer service ratings 
  • 78% got good feedback by using a digital menu
  • 71% in guest complaints  

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Uncels Kitchen
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Imperative Features Of Restaurant Management Software

Below, you will get to know some of the vital features of the restaurant management system, which helps restaurant entrepreneurs to enhance their productivity one step ahead.

Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS software is vital for managing restaurant orders by initiating a smooth & fast billing procedure.

  • Take Order From Customer
  • Manage Online Orders
  • Check Food List
  • Handle On-Going Order
  • Assign A Waiter To A Customer 
  • Track Today's Orders
  • Print Invoices For Complete Orders
Restaurant POS Software

Order Management System

With Bhojon, a restaurant entrepreneur gets an effective restaurant order management system that will assist in managing both online & offline orders of customers and automate other order-related activities.

  • POS Invoice
  • Order List
  • Pending order list
  • Complete order
  • Cancel order 
Order Management System

Production Management

With the Bhojon restaurant management system, restaurant entrepreneurs will manage the whole production management system with just one setup.

Set the recipe in the recipe management, which will automatically synchronize in the production management system along with the ingredients, serving unit, variant, and price.

  • Set Production Unit
  • Production Set List
  • Add Production
  • Production Setting
Production Management

Purchase Manager

This practical module of Bhojon, restaurant management software, assists in tracking the inventory level, purchasing and returning new items, keeping the record of enlisted suppliers, and many more.

In short, a restaurant owner can easily purchase or return the restaurant stock through restaurant software.

  • Purchase Item
  • Add & Return Purchase
  • Stock-Out Ingredients
  • Return Invoice
  • Manage Supplier
  • Supplier Ledger
Purchase Manager

Dynamic Dashboard

Bhojon's dynamic dashboard showcases an all-in-one restaurant management software on one screen. And also can assess any part of your restaurant with just one click.

  • POS Invoice
  • Order List
  • Kitchen & Counter Dashboard
  • Lasted Order
  • Latest Reservation
  • Latest Online Order
  • Top Selling Item
  • Monthly Sales Amount And Order
  • Online Vs Offline Sales
Dynamic Dashboard

Real-Time Report

Bhojon is an intelligent restaurant software because it automatically generates a restaurant's operation report monthly/yearly.

  • Purchase Report
  • Stock Report of Product Wise & Kitchen
  • Sales Report
  • Cash Register Report
  • Commission
  • Sale By Table & By Date
Real-Time Report

Table Reservation

Through this table reservation module in the restaurant management system, a restaurant owner can receive and manage the table booking schedules both online & offline.

  • Reservation List
  • Add Booking
  • Unavailable Day
  • Reservation Setting
Table Reservation

Payment Method

The payment method of the Bhojon- restaurant billing system is one of the most secure payments, which records all the critical details such as the payment method, email address, merchant ID, currency, mode, and status.

Bhojon-restaurant software supports multiple payment getaways, for instance:

  • Paypal
  • RMA Payment Gateway
  • SSLCommerz
  • Card Payment
  • Two Checkout
  • SIPS Office
Payment Method

Account Management

Bhojon-restaurant management software has an advanced & automated accounting management system.

All you need to do is to input your financial data accurately, and you get an automated generated financial report within a few moments. There are various aspects of this feature. They are:

  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Voucher Report
  • Cash Book & Bank Book
  • General ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit Loss & Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
Account Management

Human Resource Management

A restaurant business cannot be run without human resources, and to maintain all your human resources, you can do that easily with the help of Bhojon's human resource management module. With this effective module of Bhojon-restaurant software, you can perform those tasks efficiently.

  • Attendance
  • Employee
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Award
  • Recruitment
  • Salaries
  • Loans
Human Resource Management

Shipping Method List

With the Bhojon shipping method list, a restaurant owner can automatically record all the shipping method types that happen daily, such as pickup, dine-in, and online food delivery. Shipping method also includes:

  • Shipping Method Name
  • Shipping Rate
  • Add Payment Method
  • Shipping Type
  • Status
Shipping Method List

Food Management

A restaurant owner can use a food management module to handle the whole food item management with just one click.

This module contains important information regarding food categories, variants, menu types, availability, add-ons, and many more.

  • Food Category List
  • Food Add-On List
  • Add Food
  • Menu Type
Food Management

Unit & Ingredients

Using Bhojon-restaurant management software, restaurant owners can keep track of food items' ingredient lists and unit measurements.

The restaurant owner just has to update the ingredient list and the unit needed for the food items. As a result, it will be easier for the kitchen staff to understand the quantity of each ingredient needed for preparing any food.

  • Unit Measurement List
  • Ingredient List
Unit & Ingredients

Restaurant Website Setting

A Bhojon-restaurant management system is integrated with an attractive front-end website, which a restaurant owner can personalize according to need.

A restaurant website helps to increase customer reach and will create a wonderful impression of your restaurant management system.

  • Check Menu
  • Place Order
  • Reserve Table
  • Menu Setting
  • Marketing tool
Restaurant Website Setting

Choose & Personalize Your Theme

Choose a theme that suits your restaurant business niche and is personalized according to your restaurant's needs.

Bhojon Mobile Apps: Purchase According To Your Needs

There are 3 exciting mobile apps that can integrate with Bhojon software. These apps will make your restaurant management system very efficient than before.

add-ons Customer App

Customer App

Nowadays online shopping is very popular. With a fast delivery service, the food is also available online. Bhojon also has an app to take orders online. The customers with this app will get the features below:

  • Place order
  • Check menu
  • Reserve a table
  • Find offers
  • Make favorite food list
  • Check order list
  • available in both android and IOS.
add-ons Waiter App

Waiter App

A smart restaurant needs smart technology. In this software, there is an app for the waiter. So, using this app, a waiter can perform these:

  • Take orders
  • List of pending order
  • Get notification for new online order
  • List of processing order
  • Graphical order history
  • List of complete order
  • Graphical amount history
  • Order receiving system
  • List of cancel order
add-ons Kitchen App

Kitchen App

You can communicate with the kitchen through this app. The features of Bhojon kitchen app is:

  • Get orders form admin or waiter
  • Accept orders
  • Food status notification

If the admin or waiter sends a request for food to the kitchen, then the users of the kitchen app will accept the order. After that, they can update the food status to processing. After the food is ready to serve. The user updates the status to complete.

Addons: Purchase According To Your Needs

To enhance some extra facilities in your restaurant, you can fulfill your desire need by purchasing some of our best addons mentioned below:

QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner

QR Scan ordering system is a new technology for restaurants to manage contactless orders from dine-in customers. This module will allow your customer to place an order from seatting on the table by scanning the QR image of your digital menu.

  • Contactless order from the dine-in table
  • Real-time order update in the POS
  • Order Accept & Reject option from admin end
  • Order bill collection via cash or payment gateway.
  • Previous Order remembering option for an existing customer.
Live Demo
WhatsApp Order & Chat

WhatsApp Order & Chat

Integrating WhatsApp with the system, you can easily take orders directly from the customer using the website and chat with customers too.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Give points to your favorite customers. Make them valuable members of your restaurant, and give them VIP services and exciting discounts.



It is one of India's no#1 online payment gateway. This assists you to enjoy the facilities of online payment from anywhere anytime.

Shift Management system

Shift Management system

Automatically set, record, and manage all of your employees' check-in, check-out, or shifting time.

Advanced Tax / GST Setting

Advanced Tax / GST Setting

These addons will help you to manage and set tax or GST according to your country’s system.

Taste Habit Program

Taste Habit Program

Track and record customer’s food habits by noting their chosen habits and always serve each customer accordingly.

Waste Management system

Waste Management system

Manage waste, broken goods, and scraps of your restaurant. And also, alert you to minimize wastage.

Facebook Login Customer

Facebook Login Customer

Through facebook restaurant owners are able to spread the brand awareness, raise the customer engagement as well as the customer reach.

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A Restaurant Management System is a software application designed to help restaurant owners and managers efficiently run and manage their establishments. 

It integrates various functionalities and processes to streamline operations, improve customer service, and enhance overall productivity. The system is typically used in restaurants, cafes, bars, and other dining establishments.
It will manage everything from your account billing to staff management and keep the data secure.

A Restaurant Management System is a software application designed to help restaurant owners and managers efficiently run and manage their establishments. 

A Restaurant Management System is a software application designed to help restaurant owners and managers efficiently run and manage their establishments. 

A Restaurant Management System is a software application designed to help restaurant owners and managers efficiently run and manage their establishments. 

A Restaurant Management System is a software application designed to help restaurant owners and managers efficiently run and manage their establishments. 

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