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Types of Hotel Reservation Systems Used in The Hotel Industry

By Rajib Hasan Last Updated -- Thursday, 2022-11-24
types of hotel reservation system

Reservation means booking something before attending there. The hotel reservation system means that you already booked your required seat or room before attended at the hotel. Most hotel does not offer a hotel reservation system. Those are large in shape in the populated area, and many people come there. Such types of hotels offer hotel reservation systems to make sure their reputation. Basically, there are different types of hotel reservation systems. However, let's see the types of hotel reservation systems used in hotel industry.

What are the types of hotel reservation systems?

what are the types of hotel reservation system

It is good to say that those hotels offer reservation systems that follow the cloud-based process. In this case, they have hotel management software. By using this software, hotel manager or owner offer reservation systems through their web browser and mobile applications. The reservation system offers more privileges for the customers. However, there are three types of hotel reservation systems, such as

  • Guaranteed reservation
  • Non-guaranteed reservation
  • Direct reservation

Guaranteed reservation

Guaranteed reservation means confirmed reservation. In this case, you have to pay the charge whenever you reserved it. Most of the hotels have a payment gateway, and you can pay charges through their payment method. It is noted that there are some companies that offer some opportunities for customers. Suppose you become a customer, and if you reserve the hotel room, you can pay half the charge according to your entire room reservation cost. You have to pay the remaining amount whenever you arrive at the hotel. On the other hand, some hotels take full charge whenever you book a hotel room.

Non-guaranteed reservation

Non- guaranteed reservation is a temporary reservation in a hotel. Suppose you have reserved a room but were told that we will arrive at 6 pm, but you have never paid yet. In this case, the hotel manager will wait till 6 pm. If you don't come within the due time, then a reserved room will be available for rent for others. It is noted that most hotel managers offer half or full payment before arriving at the hotel. If you take a non-guaranteed reservation system, then your payment system can be relaxed. It depends on any hotel's business policy.

Direct reservation

Direct booking means who booked a room directly. Customers can reserve a room by conversing, emailing, or visiting their hotel reservation website. Nowadays, most hotels offer an online hotel booking system. If you wish to book any room, then you can book a room online without coming to the hotel. In this case, the customer is able to find their required hotel, visit their website, and reserve whatever they want. It is because technology has changed the world, and millions of people are using smartphones and connected with various social media. Social media is also a good way to reserve a room at any hotel. On the other hand, anyone can search in a browser and find the hotel nearer to their destination area, search their website, and reserve a hotel room before arrival.

Choose the best hotel reservation software

If a hotel room is booked before attend at there, which is called a hotel reservation. Indeed technology is responsible for changing the world, and millions of people are using the internet, and we are obtaining news online. For this reason, a customer can reserve a hotel from his own place through the reservation website or software.

Hotel reservation software is designed to manage the hotel's crucial tasks (reservation, inventory management, seat availability, etc.). However, there are many hotel reservation software providers, but we will discuss a few of them. It is good to say that software provider ranking is based on many factors. We have reviewed different types of hotel reservation systems and got seven popular reservation software. Please have a look at who they are.

  • Connecteam
  • HoneyBook
  • Preno
  • Cloudbeds
  • ResNexus
  • Oracle Hospitality
  • RezOvation



Connecteam is a type of hotel reservation system that is used to reserve a hotel room and some other tasks. Connecteam is a small, medium, and large scalable employee management solution. It is an online hotel reservation system software. It is used to manage hotel management tasks, especially for job scheduling, time tracking, and other crucial tasks. On the other hand, Connecteam lets this software user or hotel manager make sure about hotel customer experience. It has a smooth booking process, users can select a room and choose a room category. However, there are many features of it but referring few of them that easily attracts customers.    

  • Connecteam has attracted an admin dashboard
  • Connecteam has an employee time clock.
  • Hotel reservation form and checklist
  • It has a better user management system
  • Employee scheduling
  • Users can see how many rooms are available to reserve
  • Task management
  • It has a file and media-sharing option



You can say HoneyBook is a complete solution for managing a restaurant reservation system. HoneyBook does not only use for reservation systems. It offers a complete solution for the customers and restaurant management system. HoneyBook lets you complete faster and quickly, and reserve compels you to appreciate it. HoneyBook has a specialty for room reservations, and clients can book a room from a single command center. For this reason, you can call it a one-solution tool. However, its numerous features compel you to use it, and if you use it once, you will want to use it again whenever you reserve a hotel. Let's see at a glance at its numerous features. 

  • It is easy to use
  • It has a better contact process with the hotel manager or receptionist to know the answer to your query
  • HoneyBook has streamlined its customer communication system
  • Easy reservation process
  • Better project management
  • HoneyBook has an attractive and easy payment method
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and web



Preno is a hotel management software that is used to manage all the essential tasks. Preno is a cloud-based hotel management software that makes easy hospitality business. The customer will be able to be aware of the reservation. It means how many rooms are available and which categories you want everything will appear whenever they are looking for a reservation. It is noted that this software will record the whole data that you provided before, and if you need something, then you need an order. Because it has a comprehensive reporting system. However, it has numerous features, and we will see a few of them.

  • It is easy to use
  • User-friendly and 24/7 app chat support
  • It has user activity and logs tracking
  • Preno offers better client experience management
  • It is integrated with the POS system
  • Preno has an attractive dashboard that makes it easy to use
  • It has a better payment gateway that offers the easiest payment system



Cloudbeds is a cloud-based online hotel booking management system or business in hospitality system. It is the most popular software that has more reputation. The user of this software is increasing, and hotel managers can easily manage crucial tasks by using this tool. This software shows everything (hotel room availability and recent booking) at a glance. If the seat is available, you can reserve it; otherwise, find another hotel. It shows real-time data and is integrated with over 500 third-party applications. However, find out the features of it that compel people to use it continuously.

  • It has an easy interface and is simple to use
  • It has an attractive dashboard
  • Cloudbeds has an auto room mapping system
  • Better payment gateway or custom payment options
  • Users can change currency (it has a multi-currency option)
  • It offers promotional rate plans
  • Personalized policies, fees, and taxes



ResNexus is a hotel management software that helps to improve business property management. It is a cloud-based software and enhances online presence. ResNexus software is specially designed to manage all the tasks of the hotel. This tool's interactive interface reduces pressure by providing information whenever you handle the customers. You will be able to handle all the administrative work, and you will be able to build a better relationship with your customers. This software probably offers all one solution due to its numerous features. Please have a look at some crucial features of it.

  • It has an easy and biggest guest history
  • A number of people may get group reservations
  • It helps to provide better guest management, and it is one of the best guest management tools
  • It has a better reporting and invoice system
  • ResNexus has simple data migration
  • Cash-based accounting
  • It has a good payment method and accepts payment based on its payment methods

Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality

Oracle hospitality is a cloud-based hotel booking software. It was designed for hotel reservations and managing some other crucial tasks. The Oracle technology enables resorts and hotels to give tourists people with many choices, from private vacation rentals to versatile timeshare packages. This software has a large number of users, and they are increasing due to its numerous privileges. However, let's see why Oracle's hospitality reservation software is popular.

  • It clouds based on hotel management software
  • It is mobile-friendly and compatible with iOS and Android
  • You can manage suite and catering by using this tool
  • Inventory management
  • It is integrated with the POS system
  • Kitchen management system
  • Hotel food and beverage



RezOvation cloud-based reservation software and offer smart types of hotel reservation system. You have a great chance to engage many audiences with the RezOvation booking system because it integrates with your website. There is a clear data sheet that reduces no-shows. It means if you intend to reserve a room and enter it into the website, you can see clearly if the room is available. On the other hand, if the room is unavailable, you will get an identification that the room is not available. It is open 24/7, and if a customer wants, he/she can get its facilities at any time. However, let's find some significant features that made it attractive to use it.

  • RezOvation is good for online reservations
  • Guest management system
  • It has a better front desk management system
  • It is integrated with GDS/OTA
  • Credit card processing and smart payment system
  • It can be used for better group management
  • It is suitable for accounting and reporting

Hotel reservation management system

Indeed hotel reservation system is software used to reserve a hotel room. The online hotel booking management system is specially designed for the hotel and can have different features. We have followed that people are not designing software only for reservation. Those are software providers. They have made software for multipurpose use so that they can manage a hotel and some other crucial tasks besides reservations. Basically, management is a large part of it, and such software is used to manage some other crucial tasks related to management.

The hotel reservation system works online through a hotel website. On the other hand, some hotel reservation software providers have a hotel reservation app. In this case, a user is able to book a hotel by using this reservation app. However, we have referred to some significant hotel reservation systems, and they also have different types of hotel reservation systems. But they lead their hotel industry based on their business policy.

How to pay for a hotel booking?

How to pay for a hotel booking

Indeed hotel booking cost depends on some crucial factors. However, most hotel booking software has a smooth payment gateway. There are many payment options, so you may choose anyone which goes better for you. American Express, Credit, debit, and prepaid cards - Visa, MasterCard, and other global payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay. Basically, these are online payment gateway, and you may use one of them. On the other hand, you can also get payment in your hand whenever you arrive at the hotel.   

What booking systems do hotel use?

We have told you before that those who have medium or large hotels offer a reservation system. In this case, they use reservation software. Generally, we know that you are able to book a hotel by two things online and physical. Online means wherever you live, you can reserve a hotel online, which is called an online reservation. On the other hand, suppose you don't use online, or wherever you live online is not available, then you can contact a person to go to the hotel and talk with the hotel receptionist or hotel manager to reserve a room which is called a physical hotel reservation.

Some peoples call it a direct and indirect reservation. So the most hotel has both booking system. On the other hand, there is some hotel (low scale hotel) where there no more people come to stay or pass their leisure time, and the such hotel does not have an online reservation system. In this case, you have to come to the hotel to get a direct reservation.           


Hotel reservation software is used in the hotel to manage significant hotel tasks. Nowadays, everything is online based. In this case, anyone can get information from anywhere else. Technology has given us a new world, and we are obtaining more privileges by using it. You can book a hotel by visiting a website, and you will know how many seats or rooms are available, the price, room category, and many more. However, we have referred top seven reservation software that can have different types of hotel reservation systems. So find your best to reserve a hotel before your travel.

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