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Why you should use hotel management system?

You need to be pro-active to get the right solution to achieve the success in hotel business. It is important for you to implement effective and measurable management policy at your hotel. By implementing a hotel management system you will be able to control and monitor the whole process more effectively. Hotel management software system can be very effective to find problems and improve those for a stable growth of your hotel. For example, you and your hotel operators can follow all the leaky buckets of your management processes and improve those accordingly.

Hotel management system, it is not only important for your own day-to-day operations, but it is a vital part of the overall guest experiences. For example, process like online hotel reservation system might help your guest to book rooms at their convenience. From room booking to all other services a hotel management software can ease-up the process for the guests and the managers in a significant way. It is also very important to gather all the feedback of your guests in a single platform to rectify the process for the betterment of the organization.

Benefits of using Bdtask's Hotel Management System


Number of booking increases

Because of online integration, with a hotel management software system, you will be able to increase your booking not only in seasons but also in off-seasons. And if you want to expand your offerings to new location, you also can do that easily.


Easy revenue check

By using this software, you will able to implement a beneficial revenue management strategy. Using innovative pricing tools that allow you to create a flexible room pricing strategy, you can maximize the revenue that you generate per room at any given moment.


Generate quick and easy report

Our Hotel Management Software will provide you different business reports such as Booking Report, Customer Report, Product Purchase Report, Stock Report, Account Summary, and so on. In addition, daily & monthly different important reports will be generated with graphical views.


Saving time on administrative tasks

Our Software will help you to reduce the amount of time you would spent on administrative tasks. Our hotel management system will do a lot of the work for you, for example, you will get information with valuable data on how your employees perform their duties and how this affects employee retention and overall productivity. Imagine how much time would be needed if yuo tried to do it manually!


Increases the number of online presence

This hotel management software will be integrated with your website that will allow you to accept direct online bookings and develop a user-friendly system to increase your brand presence online. Naturally, this will increase your relevance in the search engine results and allow more travelers to discover your property during their online booking journey.


Builds up good relationships with guests

While identifying new markets to tap into, you have to develop a wonderful communication system with your target group. It will help your guests who would loved staying at your hotel will appreciate the improved experience.

With all the reports and automation mechanism hotel management software system will help you to manage your hotel in a better way. It will also help you to build a healthy relationship with your guests and prospects.

Demos of hotel management

Having the hotel management system management would bring you the best of the results that you want for your business.

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    Web Demo

Main Modules Demo is here

Having this hotel management system would bring the supersonic power to you to run your business properly & smoothly.


Super Admin Panel - Dashboard

In hotel management software's dashboard, admin panel will help you to investigate or supervise the whole process of your business with graphical representation which will be generated from your data. This kind of graphical view will aid you in analyzing and making decisions and improve your business in the right way.

Accounts Feature

In Hotel Management Software we are providing accounting facilities, this feature will automate all routine accounting procedures and paperwork of a hotel. It will enable you to control billing transactions and issue invoices. It will allow you to save time and simplify the workflow. Moreover you will able to create vouchers and generate different accounting-related reports within a few clicks

Hotel Management software website
Hotel Management software multi store

Customer Feature

At the customer section, you will get all customer's list of those who have registered as customer and booked the room in your hotel from difference sources.

Report Module

Here you will get all necessary reports such as the booking, Purchase, and Stock report, etc. Each and every report you can filter by a specific date and by other information as you need.

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Hotel Management software user

Room Facility

Hotel room facilities are services, equipment and everything else that is added to serve a particular guest to make their stay in the hotel perfect and corresponding to your needs. As a standard hotel room, you must include some room facilities for your hotel guests. And sometimes you may change your hotel room facilities pursuant to your guest requirements or your own business purpose. You would like to check the list of what facilities are included in a room. So with our Hotel Management System, room facilities add, update room facilities and check out the room facilities in a list of all these tasks you can do very easily & quickly.

Room Setting

In your hotel, you may have thousands of rooms. All of those rooms, you need to assign room number and decorate properly. Within a very short time with our Hotel Management Software, you can handle all tasks.

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Room Reservation

Our hotel Management Software helps you to the Hotel Room Reservation process. If someone reserved or booked any room in your hotel from your hotel management website online, then through this HMS system, you will get all the information on this reservation.

Purchase Manage

According to running your hotel business, you have to need to purchase hotel decorations equipment such as the hotel’s room decoration, guest services implement and so many things. Those purchasing components you can handle by this HMS system for your hotel.

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Hotel Management software user

Payment Setting

The most important feature for Hotels is payment processing. It is a key part of the management of a Hotel. At online it is important to have many ways of processing your guests’ transactions in a secure and productive way. Accepting a variety of payment options not only expands your customer base but also improves the customer experience from booking to check out and increasing brand loyalty. If your payment setting is not good, then you are not able to do that. So, our Hotel Management Software can help you with this purpose.

Human Resources Manage

Human Resources or Manpower Management is a function within an organization or a company that focuses on management, providing directions for the people who work in the organization. Human resources management is an organized program that deals with issues related to organization employees such as their compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, benefits, wellness, employee motivation, communication, administration, training, and so many activities all are included in our Hotel Management Software.

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