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20 Ways to Improve Profitability Through Hospital Management System

By Bdtask Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2020-11-03

For a hospital to remain profitable today, it must overcome a host of challenges. They include competition from other hospitals, rising cases of uninsured care, cuts to Medicaid programs, cuts to Medicare reimbursements, and an economic recession.

However, despite the tough times facing the health sector, a hospital can not only thrive but also be profitable. The secret lies in increasing revenue and reimbursement while at the same time reducing costs. Here are ways hospital management can achieve these two goals.

  1. Reduce staffing costs with meticulous data collecting
  2. Reduce supply costs by working with vendors and physicians
  3. Outsourcing the management of some services
  4. Reduce readmissions
  5. Review drug costs
  6. Reduce unnecessary testing
  7. Improve deficiencies in the emergency room and operating room
  8. Understand revenue cycle performance
  9. Providing quality customer service
  10. Revamp the energy cost strategy
  11. Invest in health IT systems to monitor utilization
  12. Renegotiate managed care contracts
  13. Consider partnering with local physicians to reduce competition for outpatient cases
  14. Manage new service lines if they have a good return to increase market share
  15. Improve reputation
  16. Revamp billing and collections — from big-ticket items down to bottled water.
  17. Focus on communication strategy hospital management system
  18. Conduct rigorous benchmarking of salaries, wages, and scheduling
  19. Pay attention to quality incentive programs and other healthcare reform measures
  20. Invest in “green” projects and sustainability measures for energy savings

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