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What Is Applicant Tracking System? : Detailed Ins And Outs

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2022-10-18
what is applicant tracking system

Are You Sure You’re Using The Right Technique For Hiring Your Employees?? 

Hiring the right employee is another kind of challenge for every organization. In fact, there are different factors in the hiring processes, for instance, job posting, job application, collecting resumes, sorting potential prospects, filtering the selected prospects, approaching the final prospects for the final interview, and many more. 

And to get rid of this kind of inconvenience and to speed up the recruitment process, an applicant tracking system can help HR to handle the whole hiring process. 

But, “what is an applicant tracking system?. In this blog, we’re going to deeply analyze the ins and outs of “applicant tracking system (ATS).” An effective applicant tracking system can aid you in managing the recruitment process without hassle.

What Is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system is an automation software tool that transforms the whole recruitment process easier, especially for an HR department, HR manager, hiring team, recruiters, etc. 

The main purpose of the applicant tracking system is to fasten the recruitment process, for instance, collecting and sorting the most qualified candidate from thousands of resumes. 

Moreover, the applicant tracking system can boost up applicant management and cut down the unnecessary time which used to be spent on manually selecting and doing thousands of calls back to the selected candidates. 

Indeed, an applicant tracking system can deduct not only the time-consuming process but also screen candidates and track their potential and dedication through the hiring process. This smart applicant tracking system will scan the resumes that match the keywords and also use other algorithms for data analysis. 

Hence, the hiring manager can automatically arrange candidates based on their skills, experience, and entry test scores.

Buyer Persona Of Applicant Tracking System:

Indeed, the recruitment process is both a lengthy process and also a crucial process. HR managers can blindly consider an applicant tracking system as artificial intelligence. Here’s the number of buyer personas or the user of this intelligent applicant tracking system:

  • Corporate HR’s 
  • Business Owners 
  • Hiring manager 
  • Recruiter  

Task You Can Complete With Applicant Tracking System

Multiple tasks need to be handled with utmost seriousness during the hiring process. And to make the task easier and faster, you can use an applicant tracking system. 

Here’s a list of tasks you can complete with the help of the applicant tracking system:

  • Sorting the resume 
  • Calling the initially selected candidate 
  • Scheduling the interview
  • Arrange a stage or environment to start communication between the candidate and the hiring committee.
  • Monitor the collaboration between the team member 
  • Prepare different assessment
  • Evaluate candidates based on the assessment results and scoreboard 
  • Session to do employer branding 
  • Record the recruitment report 

Working Process Of The Applicant Tracking System

working process of applicant tracking system

A smart and effective applicant tracking system aids an organization in every recruitment step, from writing and posting the job on a variant online/offline portal to finalizing the candidate. You may also call the applicant tracking system and smart automation system of a recruitment process.

But don’t you wanna know what is applicant tracking system & how this applicant tracking system works?

Step 1: Create job requisition in ATS. Job requisition will include job title, description, responsibilities, education, experience, and skills. 

Step 2: ATS will automatically use that information and create a profile on behalf of the candidate.

Step 3:  Whenever any candidate submits their resume, the applicant tracking system will automatically analyze, match the keyword, sort, and rank based on “how well the resume matches with job requirement?”

Step 4: The hiring manager will review the applicants in the system, select those who have potential & scored higher, and send the rest an automated rejection notification. 

Step 5: The interview board will sit with the selected candidate and perform a structural interview.

Step 6: After the interview board manually identifies the potential one, the smart applicant tracking system will send an offer to that candidate. 

Step 7: The final step. If the candidate accepts the “offer,” the applicant tracking system will automatically set them as “hired” in the HR system. Then the HR manager will send the organization's employment offer letter and HR policies.

Why Should You Use An Applicant Tracking System?

Why Should You Use An Applicant Tracking System

“What is applicant tracking system?”; let’s find out the usage and benefits of the applicant tracking system in your organization!!

In simple language, an applicant tracking system in the organization takes over all the burden of the whole recruitment process. As a result, an HR manager can focus more on nurturing new employees. 

Here Is Some Essential Benefit Of The Applicant Tracking System:

  • One-click job posting on multiple boards 
  • Improve efficiency in the recruitment process
  • Speed up the candidate screening process
  • Enhance the candidate experience by boost up the interview scheduling and communication 
  • Arrange the interview board, manage all the selected candidates and bring them under one roof 
  • Hire better quality employees through improving the employee brand 
  • Easy to maintain the information of a new applicant 
  • Eliminated the repetitive task 
  • Handle the compliance with the law integrated with a new candidate 
  • No biasedness 

Effective And Time-Saving Features Of Applicant Tracking System 

Like every other software, applicant tracking systems have some essential features which can transform the complete hiring process easily, time efficiently, and hassle-free for both the hiring manager and the applicant. Here are some innovative and intelligent features of the applicant tracking system: 

  • Have interactive chatbot 
  • Comes up with email temple 
  • Auto-generated report and analytics 
  • Schedule the interview process 
  • Enhance the engagement with a new applicant, update or notify the selected candidate 
  • Artificial intelligence, which helps to sort resume 
  • The applicant tracking system uses a different algorithm for deep analysis of the candidate data and automatically sends a bunch of questionnaires; as a result, you can learn more about that candidate. 
  • Have keyword based-screening intelligence 
  • Machine learning ability 
  • Natural language adopting facilities 
  • No bias ness or favoritism
  • Have smart tracking technology 

hr software

Wanna know??

What Will Be The Future Of The Applicant Tracking System?

The applicant tracking system is one of the powerful tools which help you to filter some of the best applicants from thousands of resumes. Indeed this applicant tracking system minimizes a huge burden off HR's shoulders, and intelligence predicts this effective system can do more in the future. Below I’m going to share some potential prediction about the future of applicant tracking systems: 

  • Mobile-friendly UX/UI 
  • Easy or instant application facilities 
  • An applicant tracking system will be integrated with various social media channels 
  • Artificial intelligence-integrated chatbot 
  • Cloud-based applicant tracking solution 

Shocking, But True!!

98% Of Fortune 500 Uses Applicant Tracking System 

Yes, almost 98% of the most reputed global media organization and Fortune 500 uses this smart automation technology named applicant tracking system. And the total detailed information about “what is applicant tracking system” is already explained above. 

Using this efficient applicant tracking system transforms the whole manual recruitment process into automated, easy, and faster for the HR, the hiring manager, and the applicant.

Just Like ATS And HR Manager In An Organization Is Also Essential 

Applicant tracking systems assist you to identify the best potential candidate for your organization. But the HR manager system in organization helps the HR to single handedly manage  thousands of employees without any complication. 

Human resource management systems manage the accounts, attendance, loan, tax, payroll, performance, and reports will automatically generate. Hence a better way to analyze the KPI of the employee. 

Final Words 

“What is applicant tracking system?” Hopefully you have gathered enough knowledge about this smart technology and how it’s going to assist you in your recruitment process. 

In simple words this efficient smart computer software simplifies the whole process & makes it faster and easy.