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What Is Time Management Skills?: Correct Way To Utilize Time

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Sunday, 2022-08-21
what is time management skills

“What is time management skills?” what kind of skills it is??? 

Of course, time management is a skill, more like a “technique”. A smart technique to simultaneously divide the work within this 24 hour. 

Hence, in this blog, I’m going to explore; “what is time management skills?” and the techniques to improve your productivity and effectiveness.

Every day, after we wake up, we all get 24 hours in our hands. And it’s totally up to us how well we will use it. Some use this 24-hour very effectively, and some waste this 24-hour by doing nothing. 

We often stress about the deadline, which keeps our minds continuously restless; for instance, “how” & “when” to finish the task. 

Sometimes, just because of not having time management skills, people start to feel that they have more tasks to complete than the time they have on hand.

What Is Time Management Skills?

The answer of question “what is time management skills?”, is to  divide all of your work depending on the time you have on hand. Time management skills show the more innovative way and save you from all the unnecessary hard work. 

One of the best time management tricks is to divide the work smartly so that later while working, you don’t have to face any difficulty or take so much stress about catching deadlines. 

In addition, having time management skills is like utilising time effectively and productively. Also, managing time for every work and finishing it without stressing about any work pressure is also one sort of art. Time management skills are more challenging, and not everyone has it by birth, but anyone achieves it through practice. 

Moreover, another best time management trick is to make an everyday routine to write a “TO-DO LIST” list every morning because writing & making a list helps you be psychologically focused & dedicated to finishing the task. And by planning your whole day, you can continue your work more streamlined and more innovative. 

8 Brilliant Techniques

To Improve Your Employees' Time Management Skills?
techniques to improve your employees time management skills

You might be thinking!! What techniques can you apply to improve your employees' time management skills? The first thing you can do as a manager is to spread constructive awareness about time management skills and how they can complete multiple tasks during the designed office hour. 

Conversely, you can also arrange an employee engagement session with your team and suggest some ways "how they improve the time management skills?". 

Yes, time management has different types of techniques, and through this blog, I'm going to share them so that you can use those to improve your employee's time management skills.  

  1. Divide The Long-Term Goals Into Milestone Goals

Getting a "long-term project" target to achieve is normal, but the worst part of long-term goals is getting a short time to complete them. 

And that is when employees can use time management skills to complete the task. One of the best ways to reach long-term goals is to divide the whole work into short-term goals. And your task will be to complete that portion of work for the day. 

And if you maintain your competence for the daily task, you can easily reach and finish your long-term goals. In that case, you need to follow the SMART goals strategy. 

"Smart" Goal Stands For:

  • "S" stands for Specific 
  • "M" stands for Measurable 
  • "A" stands for Achievable 
  • "R" stands for Relevant 
  • "T" stands for Time-based
  1. Maintain Priority Based Rule 

The chronology of your work should be on a priority basis, not the "first come, first serve". The "first come, first serve" service might hamper the most productivity and the importance of emergency. 

In addition, it's evident that employees get confused about which task to prioritise more. 

And to end this confusion, your employees need to understand the difference between; "urgent task "and "important task". 

"Urgent Task" VS "Important Task"


  • Urgent task: Will demand urgent attention, but it may not matter if you delay the task. 
  • Important task: Will demand your emergency attention, but you have to face severe consequences if you delay the task. 

Urgent Task

  1. Create A To-Do Schedule 

Scheduling yourself for the whole day is the best thing because by doing that, you can set your priorities in advance and help you avoid any other distractions. 

Moreover, one of the most significant advantages of creating a to-do list is to make you forcefully occupied with that designated task and help you not to get interrupted by any other distraction. Creating a TO-DO list prevents you from dropping everything every time any interruption occurs so that you don't have to reorient yourself to the work you were working on. 

  1. Fix A Deadline 

Setting a designated deadline is absolutely necessary for every task; it gives a motivation to finish the task and prevents you from delaying the Project. 

Not only that, fixing a deadline helps you psychologically see the reality but also helps to stick to the deadline. In addition, to fixate on the deadline, you can use sticky notes and put them in front of your visual area so that they will constantly keep you in remind. 

Make sure you set your deadline a few days before you are targeted to finish because your work might need revision or any last-minute change. 

"Challenge Yourself To Work Harder"!!

But Don't Forget To Reward Yourself For Your Achievement.

  1. Try Not To Multitask

It's absolutely a wrong myth that multitasking is effective, completing multiple tasks within a short time. In fact, doing multiple tasks not only hampers your concentration for one work but also hampers every work you do while multitasking. 

Multitasking destroys concentration & focus of every work; hence should be avoided from doing it to save you from unproductiveness. 

You Might Be Thinking; How Can You Avoid Multitasking?? 

You can create a to-do list and set a deadline. And start & finish your work one by one priority bases. 

  1. Say No To The Distraction

“Distraction” is one major problem; it can be a simple notification sound on your phone, spicy gossip from your colleague or a sudden email. 

And because of this distraction, you or the employee can lose concentration & focus from work, which increases the rate of making mistakes by your employees. 

Hence, it’s better to “learn to say no”, or you can “schedule a block”, just for the duration of your work. 

For instance, you’re working on a critical project, and suddenly you get a push notification; as a result, you lose the “whole concentration you have put into your work” and unconsciously make a lot of mistakes. 

Hence, this kind of activity will badly affect your productivity and efficiency and can adopt some easy remedies to prevent yourself from getting distraction:

  • Use headphones for pin drop silent environment 
  • Select a comfortable place
  • Meditation break 
  • Set a small reward 
  • Switch off all the notification 
  1. Stop Procrastination

“Procrastinating” is another bad habit, which kills your mood of doing your task; delays your task & challenging to reach the deadline. 

Procrastinating habits slow down productivity and efficiency. Not only that, this kind of behaviour makes you lazy and tired and makes you delay the deadline. 

  1. Taking A Break Is Mandatory 

A break is mandatory because it helps you to overcome boredom and work stress etc. Some might think “TAKING BREAK” is a waste of time, but it’s not like that; “taking a break” gives you relief from work pressure, relax your body, and gives a psychological motivation to work more quickly.

Take a little break, do some power walks, talk with your fellow colleagues, listen to music, take a short nap, and stretch to relax your body.  

What Will Happen If You Hire Employees With Time Management Skills?

Hire Employees With  Time Management Skills

As an HR manager, you can do one thing: either you can motivate your employees and train them to be skilled in time management, or you can hire employees; who have time management skills. 

Having time management skills is very important both in personal and professional careers. 

This thought might ramble your mind; what changes will you see in your organization with a time management skilled employee? Here is some good change you might see in your organization:

  • Employees with less stress 
  • Growth in the sales graph 
  • Increase in productivity and efficiency 
  • Better employee engagement 
  • No due task 
  • Enhance professional reputation

Why Having Time Management Skills Is So Important in the Workplace?

Important of time management skills

For any type of work, having time management skills is crucial because it helps you to divide your work by the time you get on hand. Time management skills not only help you to bring structure to your work and also assist you in reaching your goal without any delay. 

Completing your work within the deadline in the workplace will end in result oriented for the company. Moreover, having time management skills in the workplace can improve your performance well, and you can also make extra time for creative thinking, extra work, etc. 

In addition, most HR sufferers maintain, monitor and record the employees' work performance, personal information, payroll management, attendance management, award & recognition management etc. 

“Time For Manually System Is Over, and Now It’s Time For Automation”

Adopt the best Human Resource Management software in the market. This human resource management software (HRMS) can be HR’s one helping hand in managing employees.  

Human Resource Management Software Offers Multiple Attractive Features: 

  • Employee Information Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Asset & Equipment Management
  • Bank & Loan Management System
  • Expense & Income Reports
  • Department Management System
  • Employee Leave Management System
  • Leave Tracking System
  • Dynamic Report System
  • Employee Recruitment System
  • Notification System
  • Communication System
  • Account Management System
  • Payroll Management System

Final Thought On Time Management Skills 

"What is time management skills?" it's like structuring the work based on the time it will need to complete. Time management is all about concentrating & focusing on work so that it gets finished on time. 

The practice of time management skills doesn't happen over time; it takes time and regular practice. Through regular time management practice, you can enjoy better productivity, less stress, and the opportunity to do more work. 

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