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Airline Ticketing System Software: Working, Reservation Process

By Rajib Hasan Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2023-01-04
airline ticketing system software

An airline ticket is a document that the airline travel agency guarantees to confirm that you are permitted to sit on a flight. The airline ticketing system was introduced in 1909 with the first passenger flight. In this case, air travelers could reserve an air ticket by telephone and tickets are mailed to the travelers. At that time, the entire process was lengthy, and ticket booking agencies faced more trouble for booking large volumes of flights. However, after establishing an online platform, the airline ticketing system's popularity enhanced, and this issue was solved. Nowadays, it has been the easiest process due to the technological expansion and invention of innovative airline ticketing software. However, let’s see the airline ticketing system software and how it works, its privileges, airline ticketing reservation systems, and many more.  

What is airline ticketing system?

An airline ticket is an authentic document to travel from one place to another (domestic and abroad). Indeed airline ticketing is the final stage of the flight booking process for a traveler who buys a ticket from any agency or travel booking website. However, those who are airline ticketing system software providers are discovering top-level travel technological software to manage the flight booking process smoothly. Due to smart technological expansion, organizations are utilizing the airline ticketing process where travelers can easily get that opportunity and make a deal with web applications.

How does airline ticketing system work?

how airline ticketing system work

Airline ticketing is a document and electronic record that is calculated by a travel agency or airline that validates a specific person who is designed to seat on the flight. However, the airline ticket management system is a web-based system for obtaining back every travel data and uploading that. The ticketing system allows travelers to book travel details in real-time. Basically, the airline ticketing system works through a systematic approach. However, there are three main processes, but each system is subdivided. Let’s see what the three major airline ticketing systems are.

  • Flight searching
  • Flight booking
  • Ticketing

Flight searching

Three steps, such as airline website, OTA, and Meta search engine, can complete flight searching.

Airline website: Whenever a traveler enters a website and searches for a flight booking. In this case, the query is sent to the central reservation system (CRS) without any third-hand interference. In this stage, the CRS returns the available options for required dates. It is noted that in most cases, the choice of the specific airline can have a limited flight.  

Online Travel Agencies (OTA): We have been told before that air tickets can be reserved in various ways. You can book the air ticket directly, but if you get help from OTA, they can help you in many ways. Online travel agencies get flight data from Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and sometimes get data from air consolidators. Indeed most online travel agencies depend on ticket booking engine technology.

Meta search engine: The meta-search engine is the most renowned online information retrieval tool that uses web search engine data to generate its own results. It works based on the user's intent. It means it takes data from the user input, searches the user query, and brings a result based on the user query. It is integrated with direct booking.

Flight booking

A traveler can book a flight by online flight management system. Whenever you enter the air flight booking website, you must provide some crucial information to buy or reserve a ticket, such as personal information, booking charge, seat category, destination, departure airport, and many more. However, after selecting a specific flight, the retailer becomes an airline website and checks with the CRS if the option is available at the previous price. The digital document contains convenient and important information about the itinerary question and is stored in the CRS.

If the traveler provides all the required information, then the flight booking system will generate a unique air ticket booking reference. After completing the ticket booking, the passenger will receive a code by email, and this code can be used to track the flight status. Passengers are able to change itinerary details, cancel the trip, and many more. It means if you have that code, you can do anything you want.


There needs to be more than the Passenger Name Record (PNR) to enable ticketing. It is good to know that a ticketing system is a management tool that processes the traveler's request. In this case, both online travel agencies and airlines use third-party services that make sure data security and electronic transactions. 

Nowadays, travelers pay the flight booking charge after providing all the information that is required for the ticket booking field. If the payment becomes confirmed, the airline adds the corresponding fare information to the Passenger Name Record document. Now travelers will receive the itinerary receipt by email, which is significant to successfully purchasing an e-ticket. So, you can download it and take it on any device.

What is flight booking software?

Airline booking software or flight booking software is an online application software that performs transactions related to air travel. Those software or web applications are used to reserve the flight or air ticket before traveling, called flight booking software. It is web-based and generally connected with Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, and the GDS system. Flight booking software includes some crucial information, fares, flight schedule, and many more. This connection is to collect accurate data from all the airlines.

What is airline reservation?

Suppose you reserve or book the air ticket before your travel which is called an airline reservation. It is a legal contract to go anywhere else. You may book your flight ticket with the help of any agency, or you can reserve it through any air ticket booking website. On the other hand, you may contact the airlines directly. The flight reservation system has been the easiest process due to technological expansion. 

You may reserve an air ticket by following this process at a low cost. However, the best airline reservation system can be done by following a few crucial steps, such as seat booking, ticket confirmation, make payment, check-in and boarding, and luggage reclaim. If you would like to reserve an air ticket, you must complete such a process.

What do I need to book a flight?

What do I need to book a flight

First-time traveling is a great experience and an exciting adventure for the new person. Whenever you think that you are flying in the sky without your wings, you may think it is a fantastic journey. All people like air traveling from one location to another. In this case, the traveler must require a ticket if someone would like to go abroad, must require a passport and have to obey a systematic way for the airline ticket booking system. However, new travelers have a question in mind: What do I need to book a flight? Let’s see what you need to book a flight.

  • Traveler passport details
  • Traveler contact details (phone number, email, etc.)
  • Payment history with details
  • Departure country to arrival country
  • Choice of the arrival airport name
  • Airlines name (which airlines you choose to go to)
  • Number of passengers
  • Amount of luggage
  • Choose an airline seat category (economy, premium economy, business, and first-class)
  • Decide your journey date   

Online airline ticketing system software

Online airline ticketing system software

Once in a while, flight booking was a difficult and off-putting task. The travelers would need many times to book a ticket. Nowadays, air transportation has been the busiest journey due to some privileges. Millions of people have been ticket buyers, and the ticket booking system can be completed within a few minutes due to the easy air ticket management system. The traveler can buy a ticket using their smartphone or computer from any location without the help of a ticket booking agency. There are numerous benefits of online airline ticketing system software, such as

  • You can change and cancel your travel schedule
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Early check-ins
  • Maximize efficiency
  • You can save more time and less hectic
  • Easy ticket booking system
  • Get customer support from any ticket booking agency by 24/7 hours through chat and calls
  • Flight reservation system
  • Three Trip Policy (One-way, Round Trip, Multi-city)
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Weather Detection
  • Invoice Management

How does the airline ticketing system work?

An airline ticket is a final step to complete the flight booking system. Indeed airline ticketing and airline booking are both different processes. Air ticket booking is just for booking a seat on the plane. On the other hand, ticketing means already a seat is reserved, and travelers have the right to take it during the flight. There is a specific time distance between such steps. Suppose a traveler pays the flight charge needed for OTA and LCC.

For this reason, it usually takes up to three working days to finalize money transmission and verify payment details. To issue airline tickets or individual receipts, the ticket must be linked with PNR. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, a digital certificate allowing passengers to manage their booking ticket in a short time.  

Is it better to book flights directly from airline?

Is it better to book flights directly from airlines? Yes, you may directly book a flight directly from the airline. In this case, you may have more privileges. However, technology is a gift for the modern world. Technology has brought everything into our hands. Air ticket booking is crucial before you travel. Many travelers get help from different ways, like ticket booking agencies. 

It is true that if you buy a ticket from an agency, then you don’t need to waste time. They will manage it. In this case, they may take charge. On the other hand, travelers can reserve a ticket by themselves through a flight booking website. However, take a look and prove how convenient it is to book the flight directly from the airline.

  • It is an easy process to book a ticket through the airline website.
  • The traveler will pay back if the flight price becomes low than the rated price (whenever you buy a ticket)
  • If a person booked a flight directly with them, then the traveler may receive some special offer and service from the airline.
  • The airline will provide meals, Wi-Fi, airport lounge access, and another convenient service for the loyal, frequent flier traveler who buys a ticket directly from the airline.

What is the difference between airline ticketing and reservation?

Indeed airline ticketing and airline reservation are almost the same but not the same. There are some differences between them.

Airline ticketing: Ticketing means a passenger has already paid for a seat and has the right to take that seat during the flight. If a traveler pays for the trip as most OTA and LCC, then the traveler can have a specific time difference between these steps. It may take at least three working days to verify payment details. 

Travelers can collect air tickets from ticket agents in the terminals or in separate offices. They use a computer to contain boarding, scheduling, and some other information. They will let you know whether seating is available, traveler queries, baggage, etc. Those who process airline ticketing provide better support to the passengers, such as arrival and departure times, an exact place for boarding, and other support.

Air ticket reservation: Airline reservation means booking a ticket before traveling anywhere else. In this case, you may get help from any travel agency, or you may reserve a ticket from any traveler's website before your travel. The ticket booking agents or reservations agents can confirm your reservation system. The travel agency will let you know the details, such as arrival or departure time, taxes, and other crucial information.

Can airline tickets be purchased at the airport?

Can airline tickets be purchased at the airport

Yes, airline tickets can be purchased at the airport. But there is a secret tip for travelers who want to get a ticket from the airport. It is true that most travelers think that if they get access from the airport then they may get a discount or it can be cheap. The true sense is if you go there, they will give you a ticket based on your flight date, but they can charge more money. 

They can even say go to the airline website, check that and buy your ticket whatever you want. So, buying a ticket at the airport is not cheap. In this case, you can get the ticket from an airline booking website or agency. If your required airline offers a discount, then you will get it. However, there are many privileges to buying a ticket online or through agencies. In this case, you may see the air ticket booking software to know about which is the best direction for the airline ticket reservation system. 

Can airline tickets be rescheduled?

Yes, you can reschedule airline tickets. The passenger is able to change or cancel the flight at least 10 minutes before. Suppose your flight departure time is 8 pm. In some cases, you are not allowed to go on this flight. In this case, you can change the flight to 7.50 pm. In this case, a question arises: Can airline tickets be refunded? Indeed, the refund charge depends on the particular airline and which class seat you purchased. Most airlines charge based on their service or refund policy, but it ranges from $25 to $100, but it can be more. If you change the flight schedule one week before, they can refund you the full cost, but it depends on the airline's business policy. It is noted that if you get help from any ticket booking software for travel agent then you may also reschedule that but they can consider the cost as far as their business policy. 

Final thought

The world has changed due to technological expansion and relies on technology. For this reason, most things are conveniently manageable. However, the aircraft industry has advanced into the fascinating industries of today. A passenger can easily buy or reserve an air ticket without coming to the airport. It has been possible due to software invention. However, airline ticketing system software is integrated with a customer management tool. Airline ticketing system software lets you conveniently buy the air ticket. We have referred to more creative information about the ticketing and reservation system. We hope that may give you a better idea about it. So stay with us and get innovative things as well.