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8 Exclusive Benefit Of Using Multi Store Ecommerce Platform

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2023-02-28
benefits of multi store ecommerce platform

Nowadays, people are more comfortable shopping online than going to any physical store. Shopping on different ecommerce websites not only saves time but also eliminates the hassle of going to different shops to purchase the desired product, a tiring task. 

In this tech-freak generation, there isn’t anything that you won’t find on an ecommerce website.

Starting from food delivery, online clothing store, cosmetics, home accessories, bags & shoes, telemedicine, and many more. 

And most e-commerce entrepreneurs don’t follow one niche strategy for their ecommerce business. As a result, increase the product line and expand to new markets too. A diversified product range increases the chance of earning more revenue from numerous product ranges. 

But, the difficult part is that sometimes ecommerce entrepreneurs suffer from handling this multi-product range, and that’s when multi-store ecommerce software can come to the rescue. 

And through this blog, we’ll discuss the enormous number of benefits of using a multi-store ecommerce platform in your ecommerce business. 

What Is A Multi Store Ecommerce Platform?

what is a multi store ecommerce Platform

A multi-store ecommerce platform is a software solution for ecommerce entrepreneurs who run several stores, brands, and multiple product lines. And this multi-store ecommerce software solution aids these types of entrepreneurs in bringing down all their discrete storefronts into one admin panel or database. 

One of the biggest advantages of using multi-store ecommerce software is that it facilitates an ecommerce owner in handling & monitoring multiple stores from a solo software. Therefore, it becomes easier to focus and convert the targeted audience into one single storefront. 

Typically a multi-store ecommerce platform is featured with numerous smart modules which facilitate multi-storefront ecommerce website entrepreneurs to operate & view their multi-niche store with a single software. 

Multi-Store eCommerce Software Module: 

  • Website front-end 
  • Dynamic admin panel 
  • Multi-store ecommerce management system
  • Product management system 
  • Quotation Management System
  • Vendor management system 
  • Purchase management system 
  • Order management system 
  • Unlimited user account 
  • Delivery management system
  • Inventory management system 
  • Account management system 
  • Multi- themes facilities 
  • Tax management 

Multi-store ecommerce platforms can also be considered ecommerce shopping cart software. With the help of an ecommerce shopping cart, an ecommerce business owner can reach the potential audience, create a separate store view for individual customers, market products, and send personalized to the potential audience. In addition, ecommerce entrepreneurs can personalize everything without affecting each other.

What are the Benefits of a Multi-Store eCommerce Strategy?

Of course, adopting a multi-store eCommerce software facilitates an ecommerce enterprise in multiple ways. An enterprise can bring down all its diversified online stores into one single platform and control them simultaneously. 

Moreover, it will be able to reach out to a specific group, which results in faster business growth. Below, I've mentioned the absolute benefit of a multi-store ecommerce strategy in the e-commerce business.

1. Higher The Reach 

When an ecommerce enterprise consolidates multiple stores under one platform, he/she creates individual stores for individual products or brands. Thus it becomes easy to reach out to the target customer faster & easier to cope with product availability, pricing, marketing strategies, and delivery system. 

Ecommerce enterprise owners not only eliminate the hassle of focusing on multiple stores discreetly but also enjoy the success of fastest sales, scale up the product visibility, and improve the customer experience.  

2. Cost Effectiveness

Adopting a multi-store ecommerce platform and consolidating the multi stores into one single platform is the most cost-effective strategy of an ecommerce enterprise.

Since Ecommerce business owners don’t have to hire developers for coding for every single storefront, they can open more stores without any help from developers. 

3. User-Friendly UX/UI

To every ecommerce enterprise, “user UX/UI should be the first priority because if any customer feels uncomfortable or finds it hard to find any button while visiting, she/he might bounce back. 

“Checkout” is one of the most common steps, where the highest percentage of customers drop out from the checkout process. 

The task of multi-store ecommerce is to gather all the diverse product ranges into one central umbrella and organize them according to the category or sector etc. The sections are connected to the administration dashboard. 

In addition, an ecommerce enterprise owner must ensure that the ecommerce website is mobile-friendly. Saving addresses permanently, credit card information, and selecting the shipping preference are some important features customers prefer most in an ecommerce website. 

4. Scale-Up The Business 

Adopting a multi-store ecommerce allows consolidating of all the stores into one central platform. As a result, you get the opportunity to scale up the business by increasing the product range and categories. And the multi-store ecommerce platform has made it possible to handle multiple users at a time with the help of a centralized dashboard.  

5. Merge Multi-Store Under One Platform 

Consolidating all the storefronts under one platform using a multi-store ecommerce platform comes up with different benefits, such as controlling multiple stores from anywhere and at any time. 

Besides, adopting this kind of shopping cart software aids ecommerce business owners to reach their potential audience faster, 2x the revenue, and scale up the product range. 

6. Categorized Product Or Brand 

Another benefit of multi-store ecommerce platforms is that this software allows organizing and bringing down multiple stores into one ecommerce platform. Hence, it can monitor multiple stores at a time from anywhere. 

Audiences don’t like ecommerce platforms with smaller product ranges. Thus, this software allows you to organize and create multiple niche-based categories for each product line and brand. This results in better and faster reach to targeted customers and higher revenue. 

7. Reach Out The Global Market 

Building your ecommerce website using multi-store ecommerce software also opens up the opportunity to reach out to the global market. Your ecommerce might be designed in your home country, but you will get the opportunity to enjoy a global audience.

Moreover, your website should be able to translate the content into the audience's preferred language. Besides, it has auto-generated features, which help calculate multi-currency, shipping costs, tax, and many more. 

8. Faster Communication Process

Every ecommerce platform needs to have effective ecommerce CRM software. A seamless communication system is all that a customer expects from an ecommerce platform. Because maintaining a smooth communication system includes instant replay or instant solution of the customer problem, enhancing the shopping experience and customer confidence.

4 Best Multi Store Ecommerce Platforms In E-Commerce Business?

isshue ecommerce shopping cart software

Isshue- Shopping Cart Software & POS Software

Isshue- shopping cart software & POS system is one of the best selling software of Bdtask, Inc. It’s reputed as a fast and secure ecommerce software solution that integrates with ecommerce websites. With isshue, you can manage multiple storefronts, brands, and product lines. 

Moreover, it’s a one-time purchase product, 100% customizable, with no hassle of paying monthly subscription fees, android app facilities, and in-built marketing tools. 

Isshue is licensed multi-store shopping cart software, meaning eCommerce entrepreneurs must purchase the source code from Bdtask. 

Using this innovative technology, multi-store ecommerce owners can build their online shopping platform without any hassle. Because it comes with so many multi-themes, you can choose, based on your business need, a dynamic dashboard panel to control all the backend activities; for instance, inventory maintenance, order & purchase records, invoice records, tax, account management, etc.   

magneto ecommerce solution

Magento e-Commerce Solution 

Magento e-commerce solution is an open-source shopping cart software. It also offers multi-store ecommerce shopping cart software, which entrepreneurs can operate using one domain. 

Magento is one of the most flexible, scalable ecommerce software solutions with high customization facilities. Moreover, users get the facilities & freedom to choose the hosting company, dynamically integrated to maintain a multi-store ecommerce platform, have many add-ons available to rich-up your ecommerce speed/frontend, and are very mobile friendly. 

shopify ecommerce website

Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify ecommerce is another advanced multi-store ecommerce shopping cart software. Indeed shopify is an easy & affordable ecommerce solution for the infrastructure of many small and start-up ecommerce businesses, but don't have any inbuilt multi-store ecommerce management solution. 

Thus, to run multi-store ecommerce with shopify, you must purchase their add-ons to manage multiple stores using a single domain. 

Moreover, it doesn't have any inbuilt mobile app or any extension to manage the order, delivery, or purchase management; hence have to integrate with paid plug-ins to avail of those features.  

BigCommerce website

Bigcommerce- Ecommerce For New Era 

Big-commerce is similar to shopify and has no multi-store ecommerce solution, but you can purchase these features as add-ons. This multi-store ecommerce platform is suitable for small and startup business owners. 

But one of the biggest advantages of Big commerce is that it has in-built marketing tools; therefore, ecommerce entrepreneurs can plan any marketing strategies. 

End Note

It's better to adopt a multi-store ecommerce platform if you're dealing with multiple ecommerce websites because this software helps you to bring down all the discrete storefronts on one platform. 

Other benefits of using a multi-store ecommerce platform include higher customer reach, higher traffic, centralized control, increased product range, adding more brands, and many more. In short, multi-store ecommerce shopping cart software is a one-stop solution for multiple-e-commerce storefront owners.  

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