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Top 10 Cheapest Food Delivery Apps in 2024 to Ensure ROI

By Shuvo Roy Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
Cheapest Food Delivery App

Online food delivery is getting popular nowadays. You have to find the best food delivery app. Are the best food delivery services expensive? The straightforward answer is no. In this regard, you must consider the best but cheap food delivery services. Then, which is the cheapest food delivery app?

The restaurant business is profitable but challenging. As the competitors are rising, you have to think once again to grow your business. Suppose, you have chosen the best online food delivery app. But the costs of your restaurant have increased. In this case, it negatively affects the profit of your restaurant.

So, it’s a big issue for restaurant business owners. Here, you will get complete information on the best and cheapest food delivery services and a full comparison of the price and fees of the best food delivery apps.

Let’s get started and find out the most suitable online food delivery app according to your requirements. 

N.B. None of the food delivery apps are sponsored or affiliated; completely neutral reviews.

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10 Best and Cheapest Food Delivery Service Apps in 2024

Best food delivery apps provide a great user experience. The restaurant business owners should focus on customer satisfaction.  In this case, the best food delivery services can enhance the satisfaction level of the customers.

People also search for “cheap food delivery near me.” In this case, it relates to the customers’ psychology. Sometimes the restaurant owners try to adopt a reliable food delivery service. So they also look for the “cheap food delivery service near me” to find out the exact one from the three-pack of Google SERP.

Besides, based on the region where you are conducting your restaurant business, Google will show you “cheap food delivery near me” search results. So it’s time to find out the desired food delivery app you need.

But the question is “Are you searching for the best or the cheapest food delivery app?” 

Here, you will get the 10 best food delivery services and those are the cheapest food delivery services. The below list of the best online food delivery apps is selected based on the:

  • pricing, 
  • services, 
  • user interface, 
  • delivery charges, 
  • user rating, etc.

The cheapest food delivery apps are the primary target of restaurant owners. Because it helps them to save additional costs including the per delivery commission fees and other charges.

The experience of different restaurants with different online food delivery services varies greatly. Every food delivery app is best for a specific reason.

Let’s explore the best and cheapest online food delivery services.

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1. DoorDash

Door Dash

DoorDash is the biggest and renowned food delivery platform in the USA. It also provides satisfactory delivery services worldwide. The user interface of DoorDash is cool as a cheap delivery service. 

It has the largest market share in the USA which is almost 55%. Another report found that DoorDash is the most used delivery service in San Francisco. 

DoorDash is the perfect choice for the beginner. If you just enter your address, it will show you all restaurants in that area. DoorDash is also one of the best food delivery services in Canada after the SkipTheDishes.

It is the cheapest food delivery app that is available in 50 states of the USA. As it has enormous popularity, you will get more customers from here for sure. DoorDash is the cheapest delivery service overall after UberEats. DoorDash is cheaper than GrubHub.

Among the food delivery services, DoorDash has attained 4.8 stars rating which is the highest. Besides, the first order from DoorDash offers 20% off. 

Download: Download DoorDash food delivery app for Android and iOS. It is completely free to download and install.  


  • DoorDash involves a large number of restaurants, providing customers with a wide range of options to choose from for their meal delivery. This variety allows users to explore different cuisines and discover new local eateries.
  • DoorDash offers a convenient way to order food without leaving your home or office. This is especially useful for busy individuals or those who prefer to avoid cooking or going out.
  • DoorDash provides various delivery options, including standard delivery, DashPass, and DashPass-compatible restaurants. These options give users the flexibility to choose the most suitable delivery method.
  • Real-time tracking means if you placed an order for a single time, DoorDash allows you to track its progress in real-time. 


  • Delivery fees and service charges for each order, and additional service charges may be applied. These fees vary on distance, demand, and the specific restaurant's policies, which may result in higher overall costs.
  • Marked-up prices because DoorDash charges restaurants a commission on orders and it's worth comparing prices and considering this factor when using the service.
  • DoorDash operates in specific cities and regions, so its availability may be limited in some areas. Smaller towns or rural areas might have fewer restaurant options or no service at all. 
  • Occasionally, mistakes or errors can occur during the delivery process. Orders might be incorrect, items may be missing, and order could be delayed due to traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.

2. GrubHub

Grub Hub


Grubhub is another amazing food delivery app. It has covered around 17% market share in the USA. This food delivery platform has the third-largest market share in the USA.

Grubhub allows ordering an item 4 days ago. You can pre-order the food if you have a special meeting coming up. 

Besides, you can save your orders and make a future order. The ordering system of GrubHub is super easy. 

GrubHub food delivery app doesn’t charge any fees but the restaurant charges. In this regard, GrubHub is the most popular among the restaurant owners as well as the customers.

GrubHub is the cheapest delivery service in the USA and its food delivery service is popular in different states. Grubhub is not cheaper than UberEats or DoorDash but it is cheaper than Postmates.

Moreover, it operates its business in almost 2700 cities around the 50 states of the USA. The convenient service and the smoother ordering system make it special.

Download: Download source for Grubhub food delivery app for Android and iOS operating system

Grubhub offers a monthly membership program that allows unlimited free delivery service.

  • Easily access exclusive discounts and promotions
  • It offers priority customer service
  • Early access to new restaurants and features
  • Anyone is able to cancel your membership at any time


  • Grubhub charges a delivery fee, a service fee, and a small order fee.
  •  The food quality from Grubhub can vary. Some restaurants are better at handling food delivery than others.
  • Grubhub customer service can be slow to respond.

3. UberEats



Does food delivery cheap? Yes, and most app providers try to exist at almost the same price for the same features. But sometimes prices become different based on their different features and facilities.

UberEats is one of the popular online food delivery platforms in the USA as well as in different countries of the world. In 2021, the market share of UberEats is 22% in the USA.

The delivery rates can depend on different factors including sales tax, restaurant pricing policy, and other fees. 

Actually, there is some debate on what food delivery service is the cheapest. But it’s difficult to identify one of them as the pricing and fees are different from restaurant to restaurant.

UberEats is considered the cheapest food delivery app in the USA. It conducts its operation in 500 cities in the world. Besides, it is also one of the most popular food delivery apps in the UK. It is considered the cheapest food delivery app in the UK.

This famous food delivery platform always focuses on quality and proper service. It’s rare to find out the poor services of UberEats delivery man.

The delivery services are prompt and the drivers of UberEats have a good reputation for its cheap delivery service. Moreover, UberEats is cheaper than DoorDash considering some points. On the other hand, if you think DoorDash is cheaper than UberEats, you are not wrong. Although UberEats placed at the first position, DoorDash can be the best and cheapest delivery service.

Download: Are you looking to download UberEats mobile app? Follow this easiest way to download for Android and iOS operating systems.


  • UberEats partners extensive selection provides users with a diverse range of cuisines and dining options to choose from, catering to various tastes and preferences.
  • UberEats provides a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to browse menus, customize orders, and place deliveries. 
  • This app allows you to quickly search for restaurants, view ratings and reviews, and track the progress of your order in real-time.
  • UberEats has a vast network of delivery partners who are responsible for transporting orders from restaurants to customers. 


  • Uber Eats and other food delivery services typically charge a service fee, delivery fee, and sometimes a small order fee. 
  • Food can get cold or soggy during delivery, especially if it's a long drive. 
  • Sometimes, there are no drivers available in your area, or the wait time is very long. This can be frustrating if you're hungry and need your food quickly.
  • There have been reports of food delivery drivers being robbed or assaulted.

4. Seamless


If you look for a food delivery service with the best food service, Seamless is the best choice for you. Seamless is the best place for customers and restaurant business owners. 

This food delivery app is popular for taking the feedback of the customers. In case the customers experience any problem with any service, the customers or the users can easily complain about the problem.

Seamless changed the payment policy because of the customers’ objections. The restaurant can set the service charge or fees based on their desire. Seamless is also the cheapest delivery service in the USA.

Seamless online food delivery service is the best food delivery app for its top-notch customers’ experience. 

Download: Seamless is a local food delivery app. You may have a better chance to get local tasty food at any time. So, download and get your local food.


  • It refers to a smooth, effortless experience without interruptions or complications and offers convenience by eliminating unnecessary steps or barriers, making processes easier and more efficient.
  • Seamless interfaces or experiences are designed with the user in mind, prioritizing intuitive navigation and reducing the learning curve. 
  • Seamless processes often optimize workflows, reducing inefficiencies and saving time. 
  • Seamless experiences tend to provide a positive user experience, minimizing frustration and improving satisfaction. 


  • Achieving seamless experiences often requires extensive integration of technology systems. 
  • In an effort to create seamless experiences for a broad user base, personalization can sometimes be sacrificed. 
  • Seamless experiences may involve collecting and analyzing large amounts of user data to tailor services. 
  • Seamless processes often prioritize standardization and uniformity, which may limit customization or flexibility.

5. Postmates


At present, Postmates has a 5% market share in the USA. It covers its services in 1500 cities in the 50 states. Postmates provides food delivery and gives you the opportunity to order kitchen staples, medicine, and party supplies.

Besides, for first-time customers, Postmates offers seven days of free unlimited services. This delivery platform is popular with drivers too as it doesn’t charge fees. In this regard, the drivers can work on their schedules.

Postmates is one of the cheapest delivery services compared to Goldbelly and Seamless. Food delivery application.

The convenient cash-out feature of Postmates helps the workers to get paid faster. Here is also the scope of earning an extra dollar. In this case, they have to refer others to sign up. 

Postmates is one of the best food delivery apps but the pricing policy is not satisfactory to the restaurants and customers.

Download: Postmates food ordering app is easy to download and compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. 


  • Postmates offers a vast selection of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, giving users a diverse range of food options.
  • This food delivery app provides a convenient way to order food and have it delivered to your doorstep. 
  • Postmates allows users to track their orders in real time, providing updates on the status and estimated arrival time of their delivery. 
  • Postmates operates in numerous cities and is known for its quick delivery service. 


  • Postmates typically charge delivery fees and may include additional service charges, which can increase the overall cost of the order. 
  • During peak hours or high-demand periods, Postmates may implement surge pricing, increasing the cost of delivery. 
  • While Postmates operates in many cities, its coverage may not be available everywhere.
  • The quality of the food delivery service can vary depending on the individual delivery personnel. Some users may encounter issues with late deliveries, incorrect orders.

6. Zomato


Zomato is the most popular food delivery service in India. It is also the cheapest food delivery app in India. Zomato restaurant registration process is simple and you can easily get registered on this platform. 

Almost 45% market share is covered by Zomato in India. Besides, In Canada, the Zomato food delivery service is also popular, especially in Toronto. 

Besides, the user experience and the prompt food delivery service of Zomato enhance the satisfaction level of the users.

Zomato is a cheaper food delivery application. If you consider the other food delivery services in India, you’ll find out easily that Zomato is the best food delivery service. Moreover, it is a cheap food delivery service too.

Zomato runs its business operation in 25 countries in the world including the United States, Australia, Canada. It covers 10,000 cities around the world. 

Download: Download Zomato mobile app and order your delicious food. 


  • Zomato makes it easy to order food from your favorite restaurants without having to leave your home.
  • Zomato offers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, so you're sure to find something you'll like.
  • Zomato often offers promo codes for discounts on food orders.
  • Zomato has a good customer service team that is available to help with any problems you ma


  • Zomato charges a delivery fee for most orders.
  • The quality of food from Zomato can vary depending on the restaurant.
  • Zomato orders can sometimes be late.
  • Zomato's customer service can sometimes be slow to respond.

7. Goldbelly


Goldbelly food delivery platform is the best online food delivery service. In the USA, across the 50 states, almost 1000 restaurants adopt this online platform.

In 2021, Goldbelly added over 1 million new customers. Besides, this food delivery service increased its growth by 300%. 

Like other food delivery services, Goldbelly doesn’t focus only on local food services. It offers a unique service. Across the country, this food delivery service delivers gourmet foods. Goldbelly is the most popular food delivery application in certain states in the USA.

Suppose, you need a food item that is not available in your area. In this case, Goldbelly helps you to get the desired food item from another area within 3 to 4 days. 

The time of the delivery depends on the distance of the location from where the delivery will come. However, Goldbelly is one of the cheapest food delivery apps that also offer free delivery for some specific products. 

Download: Goldbelly is a popular mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. 


  • Users can select food from all over the United States
  • It is easy and convenient to get delivery
  • Available high-quality food in the United States
  • Goldbelly offer good customer service 


  • Goldbelly is not the cheapest food delivery service. The prices are generally comparable to what you would pay if you ordered the food directly from the restaurant or shop.
  • Goldbelly ships food from all over the United States.
  • Goldbelly food selection varies depending on where you live. If you live in a rural area, you may not have access to all of the products that are available in larger cities.

8. Caviar


Caviar is a popular food delivery service in the USA. It runs its business operation in 11 major cities in the United States including Los Angeles, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Queens, Portland, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, and Washington D.C.

If you consider the upscale service in the food delivery industry, Caviar is one of the best food delivery services. It works only with some selected restaurants. Caviar is the cheapest delivery service in the USA.

There are a lot of food service apps in the USA but Caviar is one of them. The food service app of Caviar is popular all over the USA.

Although the market share of Caviar is smaller than the other food services, it is the best delivery app for its quality service. The predicted growth rate of Caviar is 8.5% from 2019 to 2024.

However, if your restaurant is located within this area, you can choose this food delivery app. It ensures you deliver the food at the right time to the doorstep of the customers.

Download: Let’s download the Caviar food delivery app and install it in your mobile phone and make orders of your favorite items. 


  • Caviar is a high-quality food from top restaurants
  • Caviar is easy to use and very convenient app and it is compatible with Android and iOS operating system
  • This food delivery mobile app offers fast delivery service
  • This app offer smart and excellent customer service


  • This mobile app is expensive
  • It is for limited availability
  • This food delivery app does not allow all restaurants to offer delivery

9. Foodpanda


Foodpanda is one of the best and cheapest food delivery services. The pandemic situation negatively affects the restaurant business. But the restaurant with an online delivery system doesn’t have to face the problem.

For example, Foodpanda has taken 70% market share in the Philippines during the lockdown. It means the maximum number of restaurants can run their foodservice properly. 

Foodpanda operates its business in 11 different countries. Especially in Asia, the user of this best food delivery application is getting more popular. In Hong Kong, the market share of Foodpanda grew from 37% to 63%. 

Foodpanda offers a great user experience to the customers as well as the restaurant owners can easily get more customers in the target area. 

It is also popular in India and Pakistan. In Bangladesh, Foodpanda is a well-known food delivery platform to restaurant owners and customers. 

The market share of Foodpanda in Bangladesh is 42% which is really considerable. Foodpanda partner registration is getting increased at present.

Download: Foodpanda is a renowned and the best delivery service in the city. So, download the app and take a first bite.


  • Wide variety of restaurants and cuisines to choose from
  • Convenient and easy-to-use app
  • Competitive prices
  • Frequent discounts and promotions
  • Excellent customer service


  • It’s delivery fees can be high
  • Food can sometimes be cold or soggy by the time it arrives
  • There have been reports of food tampering in some cases
  • Not all restaurants are available in all locations

10. Swiggy


Swiggy is one of the most popular food delivery apps in India. The market share of Swiggy in India is 30% to 35%. You can consider the Zomato food delivery platform in India.

Swiggy and Zomato both lead the India marketplace. But here Swiggy is enlisted because it is cheaper than the Zomato. 

The cheapest food delivery service in India is Swiggy. Besides, the user experience of the Swiggy app is satisfactory.

Swiggy is the cheapest delivery app in India. The popularity of the Swiggy online delivery application is huge in India.

In the major cities in India including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, etc. In India, Swiggy is operating its business in 100 cities.

However, there are also a number of food delivery apps that are more popular worldwide. But here are the most well-known and cheapest food delivery apps listed. 

Moreover, the best food delivery services are given which help thousands of restaurant business owners to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Download: Swiggy app is a fast and smart food delivery app that is compatible with all smartphones. So, download the app and get your favorite deal.


  • Swiggy food delivery app is able to deliver a wide area of about 10 kilometers
  • A customer can get a discount while ordering food in any restaurant
  • It has a very quick delivery system and a fast response rate
  • This app offer reliability and consistency of delivery service


  • Swiggy charges a delivery fee for most orders.
  • There have been some reports of food being cold or soggy when it arrives from Swiggy.
  • Swiggy's customer service has been criticized for being slow and unresponsive. If you have a problem with your order, it can be difficult to get in touch with someone who can help you.

Can you show Prices & Fees Comparison of Online Food Delivery Apps?

Yes, of course. The restaurant business owners always try to cut their additional costs and ensure more profit. But the food delivery services charge a considerable amount of fees. In this regard, restaurant owners look for the cheapest food delivery app or service.

Here the best food delivery apps are listed and those are comparatively cheaper than the other food delivery services available in the marketplace. 

You have to choose the least expensive food delivery app. Here food delivery price comparison is given for the best food delivery application.

Now, let’s look at the service charges of the best food delivery apps and find out the cheapest food delivery service. 

Well, the above table shows the delivery charges and the commission fees of the best food delivery apps. Now it’s your turn to choose the desired one. But you may think, although these are the best and cheapest food delivery services, they cut a considerable amount.

What is the Cheapest Food Delivery Service?

The food delivery apps provide more comfortable and convenient food services to the customers. Besides, the restaurant owners can earn more profit as the sales increase. A cheap food delivery app is the prime focus in this case for the foodservice business owners.

The cheapest food delivery services are the online food ordering platforms that save your additional costs and ensure your return. There are a number of food delivery apps available right now. You have to choose the most appropriate one considering your budget.

In this case, one can ask a question, is it possible to get the best and cheapest food delivery app at a time? 

Yes, among the best food delivery services, you have to adopt the cheapest one that can fulfill your needs and demands. Besides, the chosen food delivery app must be cost-effective. You will get a guideline here on the cheap food delivery app.

However, the cheapest online food delivery service can be your restaurant food delivery solution as well as it will save your time and costs.

Can the Cheapest Food Delivery Services be the Best Food Delivery Services?

It's tough to answer this question. Well, you don’t need to consider what is the best or what is the cheapest at first. The more important thing is to find out which is the most value for money.

If you have enough funds, you may integrate a food delivery app. It’s not a big matter to you how much it will cut your costs and fees.

But at the end of the day, you will lose a considerable amount of profit from your restaurant. 

On the other hand, if you have a minimum budget, but looking for the best and cheapest food delivery app, it may take more time to evaluate both the best and cheapest one. But you won’t lose your desired return.

The cheapest food delivery app can be the best delivery app if it can fulfill your exact requirements. In this article, you will get the best food delivery apps and side by side those apps are the cheapest.

A cheap delivery food service saves your additional costs. A cheap delivery app doesn’t charge you a lot because it saves your time & vehicle costs.

What Should You Consider Before Adopting the Best Delivery App?

Most people probably face a cream question: how can we find the cheapest food delivery app? Yes, we know yourselves and are given a smart solution to choose the cheapest food delivery app in the USA. But what should you consider to choose that? In this case, you must know the factors.

The delivery app you will choose either the best one or the expensive one or the cheapest online food delivery app, it’s not a big question. The fact is the delivery app you have adopted can support your needs and the users’ demands. For this reason, we have given some merits and demerits of top 10 food delivery app. So, check it and get your best one. On the other hand, the best food app always considers your requirements including brand awareness, customer engagement, sales increment, lower service charges, and other fees, etc.

In this regard, you may get diverse options, but you should know about some factors that the restaurant professionals consider. So considering the best and cheap food delivery app is the greatest scope for the restaurant owners.

Minimum Order

When you have a delivery app, you can set the minimum order value on your app. In case if your customers’ order value doesn’t fulfill the minimum, the best delivery app will automatically include an additional fee to make it balanced to the preset value.

The Delivery Fees

The customers have to pay a delivery charge for every order. Sometimes your food delivery app can cut this delivery fee, again some apps don’t. In this case, the restaurant will charge the delivery costs including the food costs.

Payment Methods

Some delivery apps provide multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, etc. On the other hand, some delivery services allow cash or Paypal. Best food app provides all essentials based on your customer requirements.

Delivery Behaviour

The persons who deliver the food to the customers must show good behavior. If the delivery man doesn’t show a proper attitude while serving the customers your restaurant’s food, it will negatively affect your restaurant. 

So it’s important to know that the food delivery service you choose will be either treated well or badly by their employers.

User Experience 

The UX design of the delivery app greatly affects the user experience. In this case, before choosing the food delivery app, you have to consider several features including the 

  • filters option, 
  • food menu, 
  • ratings of the user, 
  • review of the food item, etc.

Best food app gives a high level of user experience. So the best delivery app is a complete package for restaurant business owners.

Besides, the online delivery app is designed to make the food service more convenient to the users. But the poor quality interface and the pricing issue can negatively impact the customers’ experience. 

So you should check the delivery app’s interface before integrating one of them. The cheapest online food delivery app can be the best choice for improving the profitability of your foodservice.

However, online food delivery services provide unique features and functionality that differ from brand to brand. If you consider the factors before adopting the desired food delivery app for your restaurant, it will help you to ensure your investment.

Which Food Delivery App is Cheaper in the USA Based on Delivery Charge?

In the USA, the food delivery fees of UberEats are the cheapest. UberEats food delivery charge is cheaper than DoorDash.

The delivery fees of Postmates and DoorDash are equal. Although the GrubHub food delivery charge can be set by the restaurant owners, UberEats is cheaper than GrubHub.

Both Seamless and GrubHub delivery charges are set by the restaurant owners. On the other hand, Caviar is much more expensive than the other food delivery application on the list.

Goldbelly is another cheaper delivery service whose delivery fees depend on the item you deliver. However, compared to UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, Goldbelly, Seamless, and Caviar, UberEats has the cheapest online food delivery service in the USA.

Food Delivery Companies Market Share in the USA According to Statista

  • DoorDash 55%
  • UberEats 22%
  • Grubhub 17%
  • Postmates 5%
  • Other 1%

The most used food delivery apps in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Huston were DoorDash. UberEats in Miami, Grubhub top in New York, and Postmates in Los Angeles.

Outside of the USA

Deliveroo and Just Eat are popular in the UK Market. Wolt is a Finland-based European popular delivery service app recently DoorDash owned and Foodora popular in Europe.

On the contrary, Swiggy and Zomato offer the cheapest food delivery fees in India. Compared to other food delivery applications in India, these two food delivery services are popular and cheaper.

Moreover, Foodpanda is one of the most popular and best food delivery services in Bangladesh and Pakistan. It also offers a cheaper delivery charge compared to other food delivery applications. 

Based on Commission Fees

It’s essential that you have to pay a fixed amount of money to your delivery service provider. It varies from food delivery app to app. 

Food delivery service charges a fee per delivery. DoorDash charges a 20% commission fee which is similar to Seamless.

UberEats' commission fee is more expensive than other enlisted food delivery apps. The lowest commission fee is 15% which is set by Goldbelly and Zomato.

Then what about GrubHub and Postmates? The commission fee of Postmates is 30%. On the other hand, GrubHub charges a 15% to 30% commission fee per delivery.

Although the delivery charge is cheaper for some food delivery applications, the commission fees change the scenario. So combinedly considering both delivery charges and per delivery costs, the cheapest food delivery app list is done.

Which Food Delivery App is the Best?

The best food delivery apps are listed in the table. You can easily see the different delivery charges and commission fees for individual food delivery apps.

However, we have given a list of the Top 10 food delivery apps in USA. These are the best and cheapest food delivery apps in the USA. So, get the name at a glance at the below list of which delivery app can be the best and most appropriate for you. 

  • DoorDash: Best Overall Food Delivery App in the USA
  • UberEats: Most Trustworthy Food Delivery App & Cheapest Delivery Charge
  • GrubHub: Best Flexible & Low-Cost Food Delivery App
  • Seamless: Best Flexible Food Delivery Application
  • Goldbelly: Most Promising Food Delivery App
  • Zomato: Best & Cheapest Food Delivery App for India
  • Foodpanda: Best Food Delivery App for Asia
  • Postmates: Best Food Delivery Service for Local Restaurant

So what is the alternative solution that can ensure your profitability?

What If You don’t Need any Fees but Continue Online Food Delivery?

The delivery charges and commission fees are mandatory if you adopt a third-party food ordering and delivery system. But there is a time-worthy solution for you.

At present, the number of online customers is increasing and the customers like convenient services. In this regard, restaurant business owners should integrate the modern food ordering platform.

If you want to get rid of the extra costs, you have to find the cheapest food delivery app. You may find out the cheapest one as the ten cheapest online food delivery apps are explored in this article.

The online ordering system or online food delivery system can be your online ordering and delivery solution. 

Bhojon RMS

What are the Benefits of RMS Over Third Party Food Delivery App?

  • Save your time and costs
  • Market your restaurant with a dynamic restaurant website
  • Get more online customers
  • Delivery the food to the customers
  • One time payment and owe the RMS
  • Android or iOS app integration system including Customer app, Kitchen app, and Waiter app
  • Manage all essential activities including supply chain management, inventory management, sales, employees, and so on.
  • Forecast your restaurant business based on the reporting and analytics

How to Save Additional Costs & Enhance Profit?

So why are you getting dependent on any third-party food delivery app when the technology gives you a complete restaurant management solution? 

Now it’s not your headache which delivery app will be the best and which one will be the cheapest. It’s time to have an RMS and run your foodservice business smoothly. 

When you can save your additional costs like the delivery charges, commission fees per delivery, and other charges, it will be easier to enhance your profit. 

The restaurant management system also helps the restaurant business owners to sustain in the market in the long run by competing with their rivals. Because the restaurant billing system shows the regular, weekly, and monthly reports of your business. 

Final Thought

The food delivery apps are increasing day by day. The restaurant owners face a great dilemma while choosing one of the food delivery services. As the main focus is the best and cheapest food delivery app, DoorDash, or GrubHub is the best choice in this case.

Here, the delivery charges and commission fees are expressed and now you can easily identify which one will be the best option for you based on your business situation and your budget. Don't forget to manage your restaurant business smoothly with the best restaurant management system.

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