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ChatGPT vs Gemini: Let’s See Who’ll Win The Race

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Thursday, 2024-03-07

We all know how Google dominates the whole search engine market and how much we depend on it. Google has kept us in a shell, that no one is good enough compared to them, and if anyone can develop Artificial intelligence AI, it will be Google. 

And when people were expecting extraordinary AI, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning technology from Google. Open AI emerged in the search engine market and introduced ChatGPT at the end of November. And with a shock, ChatGPT AI has started a storm in the whole virtual internet world and overnight gave stiff competition to Google. 

Whereas Google was still behind in building such kind of AI technology, later, at the beginning of 2023, Google introduced Google Gemini AI, which is quite similar to ChatGPT. Hence, health wrestling starts in the search engine market ChatGPT Vs Gemini ai. 

Artificial Intelligence technology, like ChatGPT and Gemini, has changed the whole concept of how we work and think. For instance, generate ideas, brainstorm, write code, provide us best suggestions for investment, create ai generated images, and many more.

Deep Understanding Of AI And Machine Learning Models 

In simple term, artificial intelligence ai based ChatGPT and Gemini is basically ai chatbot. Where you will seek information in the form of text, and in return, chatbot ai will provide you with the answer in the form of text.

A question may come to mind, where does all this information come from? Or do ChatGPT and Gemini create it? 

And to understand the answer to this concern, you first understand the whole meaning of ChatGPT, which is a Generative pre-trained transformer.  

Hence, conveys that all the information provided by ChatGPT is pre-set or pre-trained on an enormous dataset of text, such as books, Wikipedia, articles, websites, etc. It is developed by taking training from a gigantic language model and gaining an in-depth learning model to generate text just like a human does. 

Just for example:

Fig: A Reply Text from ChatGPT 

Hold a minute and observe the image; here, I’ve clearly instructed this intelligent ai to provide 5 social captions for Father’s Day. And ChatGPT provides exactly 5 social media captions, just like a human writes in reality. For example, it includes all types of trendy hashtags (#) and emojis to make it more creative and eye-catchy. 

Both ChatGPT and Gemini AI are pre-trained with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Therefore, they can quickly analyze and understand past behaviours, approaches, and personalities to generate text-based replies. These AI chatbots, including ChatGPT and Gemini AI, utilize their knowledge and training to generate appropriate responses.

What is ChatGPT? - Let’s Explore AI Technology

What is ChatGPT?-Let’s Explore AI Technology

Generative pre-trained transformer, in short ChatGPT, which is a natural language processing ai chatbot developed by Open AI. 

ChatGPT is an ai chatbot with a language-based model, which assists in generating a human-like reply text. It’s free to use for everyone since it is in primary & improvisation phrases. Chatgpt Plus has various versions; among them, ChatGPT Plus is an exclusive & paid subscription one. 

What Can You Do With ChatGPT?

To get the best utilisation of ChatGPT, as a user, you need to put appropriate keywords, instruction's, and context to get the perfect answer you were seeking. 

  1. Writing: Get a well-written AI-generated content demo.
  2. Editing: You can edit your own written content.
  3. Translation: You can translate your own written content into any language.
  4. Summarizing: With the help of ChatGPT, you can get any ai generated summary of any poem, article, story, etc.
  5. Brainstormed idea: You can gather any idea about any topic; it can be business investment, new recipes, marketing strategies, etc.
  6. Write code: Using ChatGPT developers can generate code easily or fix any bug in their application. 

How To Use ChatGPT?

Basically, this part is going to be a user manual for ChatGPT users or for those who are new ChatGPT users. 

First, you search “ChatGPT” on your reliable browser

Second, click on Introducing ChatGPT-OpenAI, and then you’ll be forwarded to the ChatGPT page.

Third, if don't have an account, then click sign up to sign up in chatGPT. 

Fourth, if you already have a Google account then just click the “continue with Google” button and continue Chatgpt with your own Google account. 

Fifth, you will find a black screen, and in the “send a message” section you can write your exact requirement to get the ai generated answer. 


Since ChatGPT is a pre-trained machine learning model, therefore the information you get from ChatGPT is not always correct, so better cross-check before using it anywhere.

What Is Google Gemini AI?- Second Revolutionary Model AI

What Is Google Bard AI?- Second Revolutionary Model AI

Gemini is another pathways language learning model, and it is quite similar to ChatGPT and introduced by Google ai. Although people consider Gemini gives healthy competition to Open AI, ChatGPT. Similar to ChatGPT, Gemini is also an AI chatbot

Gemini is built with Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) so that it can detect the context and topics imputed by the users and provide the best quality reply to the user. Unlike ChatGPT, Gemini takes help from the internet to gather past information, behavior and approaches to providing a concise and appropriate reply.

What Can You Do With Gemini AI?

Gemini, introduced by Google, is almost 90% similar to ChatGPT. Like ChatGPT, Gemini AI generates different unique ai replies with the help of Pathways Language Model 2 (PaLM 2). 

Generate Poems: Gemini could create original poetry in various styles, tones, and themes.

Storytelling: Google Gemini could assist in crafting compelling narratives, generating story ideas, or even providing story continuations.

Content Creation: Gemini could help generate engaging and creative content for various purposes, such as articles, blog posts, social media posts, or marketing materials.

Language Translation: Gemini AI could assist with generating natural language responses, writing dialogues, or creating engaging text for interactive experiences.

Writing Assistance: Gemini AI could offer suggestions, grammar corrections, or even help improve the flow and structure of written content.


The capabilities of AI models can vary depending on their specific design and training data. Without further context or information about a specific implementation of "Gemini," it's difficult to provide a more precise answer.

How To Use Google Gemini?

If I say honestly, Google Gemini AI was the second ai chatbot in the AI intelligence market. Hence, it wasn’t tough to catch the audience because ChatGPT was already in the market, and people knew how to use it. Instead, people were expecting what was new & unique to offer by Gemini. 

To find Google Gemini ai, go to any browser and type “Google Gemini,” and then click on Gemini. 

Then click on Gemini, then you straight go to their ai chatbot. 

In this chatbot engine, users can put their specific queries and get the appropriate answer. And with the Gemini, users get pre-trained answers and some ideas about that topic or context, search it directly on Google, share it with external respondents, and give “like” or “dislike” to the answer.


ChatGPT Vs Gemini AI: Let’s Compare The Features

ChatGPT Vs Bard AI
When Open AI first launched the first-ever ai chatbot, which took the storm in the internet market. But on the other hand, people are expecting extraordinary from Google. Overnight, this revolution kind of became a shame for Alphabet Inc and started an invisible ai race to win the market. 


  • Originated by Open AI
  • Language Model used Generative Pre-training Transformer 3 (GPT-3), Generative Pre-training Transformer 4 (GPT-4
  • Source of data using a common crawler, Wikipedia, books, articles, documents, and content scraped from the open internet
  • Trained on a massive dataset of text
  • Pretrained data upto 2021 
  • ChatGPT is free of cost, but ChatGPT Plus will charge $20/Month
  • Best for those who need a chatbot that can access and process information from the real world 

Gemini AI

  • Originated by Google
  • Language Model used LLM (Large Language Model), also known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) 
  • Source of data using a common crawler, Wikipedia, documents, and conversations and dialogues from the web
  • Trained on Infiniset
  • Real-time web search and provide the best recent answer 
  • Free of cost, open platform for all types of users.  
  • Best for those who need a comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate, creative, and free chatbot

Let’s Explore Who Will Win The Race 

Cost And Benefit 

The purpose of chatGPT and Gemini ai is almost similar but with some unique differences for instance chatGPT has a limited source of data but Gemini ai will give you a real-time search. 

The revolution of this AI chatbot has changed the whole concept of how we work, think, and process. This AI chatbot has both the cost (disadvantage) and benefit (advantage), let's see who wins the race to position themself in the targeted audience's mind.  



  • The response is very rapid 
  • Generate human-like texts
  • Very user-friendly and handy
  • Support 20 + different language 
  • Support different programming language 
  • Improve content quantity 


  • Limited data source 
  • Make errors in producing content 
  • Robotics reply, if the context isn’t clear to chatGPT
  • Have an AI content detector 

Gemini AI 


  • The text generated is of very high quality 
  •  Massive data sets hence can provide more precise and informative information 
  • Generate code for simple and complex programming language 
  • Support multiple languages 
  • Share ideas to generate creative text 


  • If the context isn't clear, it might provide you with a biased or ambiguous reply 
  • Doesn’t provide the correct source of information 

What Will You Choose To Use? 

ChatGPT or Gemini

Usually, usability depends on the user and the task they’re performing. Indeed both, the ai chatbot is intelligent and does all the tasks, including idea generation, brainstorming, writing, etc., effectively in no time. 

Both these ai chatbot is free of cost to use and is highly pre-trained on large natural language model. But both are different in the case of features. For instance, ChatGPT has a limited data source set, but Google Gemini AI doesn’t have any; in fact, it provides recent data using a web search. 

For instance:

Google Gemini vs ChatGPT

If you look closely at these two images, you will see I have asked the same question to both the chatGPT and Gemini. And Gemini was able to provide the correct update about the weather, but the ChatGPT couldn’t. 

Even though Gemini is one step ahead of chatGPT in the case of offering advanced chatbot features, chatGPT is getting the first revolution, reliable & trustworthy advantage from the audience.  

chatgpt vs bard comparision statistic of makedium

Image Source: SimilarWeb

The latest statistics are gathered from Markedium, where you can clearly see how chatGPT is ruling the whole information industry in terms of the highest visitor globally and in the USA and also highest in average visit duration time and lowest in bounce rate.


ChatGPT and Gemini are powerful language models that can be used for various tasks. However, there are some critical differences between the two models. 

For instance, Gemini is trained on a massive dataset, providing up-to-date information, whereas ChatGPT has limited data collection. 

Both the ai chatbot's primary purpose is to AI-generated content for their users so that people don't have to waste time thinking, analysing, or brainstorming about every topic. 

Indeed, this AI chatbot can be very harmful to some sectors of industries but also very helpful because it saves a lot of time. Lastly, this AI chatbot ChatGPT vs Gemini provides the best information service to every user.

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