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Cloud-Based Fleet Management Software - Digital Fleet Workflow

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Monday, 2023-01-30
cloud based fleet management software

Using cloud-based fleet management software is the right way to lift your fleet business. Nowadays, every fleet company that operates vehicle fleets faces complex issues in managing its resources. Regarding the fast growth of the fleet and automobile industry, every fleet owner needs to strengthen their core competency by adopting intelligent technologies, which will generate a more significant investment return. 

A stiff rival pushes the modern economy to acquire a significant market proportion, which has compelled fleet owners to transform their current fleet networks into intelligent ones by leveraging the power of connectivity, configuration, support, and security.

As technology becomes deeply rooted in business operations, cloud-based fleet management software leads toward a new and improved fleet management landscape. In this blog, we will tackle the ins and outs of cloud-based software and how they help to transform fleet management activity and overall operation.

What Is Cloud-Based Fleet Management?

As technology increases, cloud-based fleet management plays a prominent role across many industries. Cloud-based fleet management systems play a significant role in improving fleet management lifestyles.

What exactly is the meaning of cloud-based? First of all, it's a big question, and second of all, let's explain it thoroughly.

#Cloud-based is a phrase that guides applications, services, or resources made available to users on request through the Internet from a Cloud computing provider's servers.

Cloud-based fleet management software- Any software designed, created, and stored in a cloud platform or server is called cloud-based fleet software.

Cloud-Based Fleet Management System is developed and built primarily to be hosted in the Cloud; unlike other systems, it provides a more secure service and allows for a more powerful, more secure, and user-cost-friendly product.

The three main types of cloud deployment services are private, public, and hybrid.

#The private cloud-This model consists of an infrastructure that is by a single business. It's mainly hosted in the house or externally hosted.

Well-suited for large organizations with a focus on security, customizability, and computing power. Its main advantage is the best level of security and high customization.

#The Public Cloud-Its suitable for smaller businesses and is highly scalable and cost-effective but with less customization.

#The Hybrid cloud-The combination of private and public clouds. It's highly secure, flexible, and economic.

Since it is accessible through the Internet, installation is unnecessary via external devices. The fleet manager can store or access the data in cloud platforms, benefiting business enterprises like fleet management. The company or fleet manager can access the stored data via a simple web browser 24/7.

Cloud computing allows companies to make vast software products and services hosted on off-site servers, with no hardware to carry up space or support, among other benefits.

Why Is Fleet Management Software Moving From The Web To The Cloud?

Why Is Fleet Management Software

Convert existing fleet network to intelligent network.

Tracking Is Easier 

Cloud-Based Fleet Management System lets you track vehicles in your fleet from anywhere at any time. This software is mobile-friendly, so you can access the software using mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Usually, the software provider offers a mobile app that people can download on iOS or Android devices. This way, business leaders can no longer access a desktop computer to communicate with drivers, locate vehicles, gain real-time updates, and more.

A cloud-based fleet management system operates other technologies like GPS trackers and sensors to provide real-time data about your fleet. Sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes allow you to track your vehicle's speed and even monitor their current location on a map.

Using Cloud-Based Fleet Management Software Makes  Growth Easier 

Fleet operators need reliable tools to stem and manage fleet operations efficiently and cost-effectively. On-premise infrastructure is costly to upgrade and must remain within certain space and time boundaries.

Cloud-based fleet management system enables you to free yourself from the task of complex upgrades and gives you the power to rise as you grow. You can opt for extra space or computation power when your needs grow. Your organization doesn't need to pay substantial upfront costs and can enjoy features like pay-as-you-go.

Integration smoothly

Cloud-based fleet management system Will generate a great return on your investment.

One of the best features of cloud-based fleet software is that you can integrate smoothly through the existing system with the cloud-based system. With Cloud-based management software, organizations or fleet manager do not require to modify the existing infrastructure.

Using a cloud management system helps reduce the cost and training required for the new infrastructure. Storage Gateway can bridge the relationship between the on-premises software and the Cloud, which results in a significant cost reduction and time for the organization. System data will back data stored in the existing systems in intrinsic products, which can be retrieved if required. The products are so organized that they filter the data by their requirement, parts, and frequency of their usage. The platform allows smooth connection between the systems, guaranteeing low cost and faster service.

Top Benefits Of Cloud-Based Fleet Management System


An increasing number of organizations or company store their data in cloud-based management software. Thus, helping it to become a worldwide phenomenon. Let's take a quick look at each benefit and see how it can affect your fleet management practices.

Cloud base Fleet management can be your lifeguard.

Board Network Access

The cloud-based design of the application provides you the freedom to use Cloud Fleet software anytime, anywhere, and is browser-independent. Even on your smartphone, you consistently have access to important information. Not only smartphones but also Users have full access to browse the data on all types of electronic devices like

  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Workstations

The Cloud has essentially unlimited capacity to keep any data in various data storage types, depending on the availability, performance, and frequency of the data that must be accessed. The rule of thumb is that storage expenses go up according to the data's availability levels, performance, and access frequency. Creating and optimizing the cloud cost network policy can seriously reduce the cost of cloud storage while maintaining the company's business goals related to data storage in the Cloud. So if you have unlimited access, there are no worries about storage, and the fleet manager can easily access one or two-year-old files without any time loss.

Stronger Data Security -Minimizing The Risk


No data leakage, no unauthorized access, no compromises

One of the significant problems of every business, regardless of size and industry, is its data security. Data breaches and cybercrimes can devastate a company's revenue, customer loyalty, and brand positioning. Cloud offers many advanced security features guaranteeing that data is securely stored and managed. Cloud software services are more secure than premiere-based enterprises.

Cloud-based fleet management software implements baseline protections for their platforms and the data they process, such as 

  • Authentication
  • Access control
  • Encryption

Cloud fleet management also covers you from incidents of service outages via data mirroring and the SaaS model. It's not the end; cloud fleets always maintain multiple data backups for sudden disasters. Day-to-day operations can continue without interruption with a cloud fleet management system. Data backups can also provide the necessary proof to show regulatory compliance. Cloud-based fleet management software offers advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, making it more comfortable to maintain regulatory compliance.

Scalability-On Demand Self-Service

Self-service implementation saves time and money.

On-demand, self-service scalability is the future of business support.

On-demand self-service means a customer can request and obtain access to a service offering without an administrator or support staff having to complete the request manually. The request methods and fulfillment operations are all automated. 

Cloud-based fleet management system offers advantages for the provider and the service consumer. Implementing user self-service allows customers to quickly procure and access the services they want. It is a desirable feature of cloud services. It pushes getting the resources you need very fast and quickly. 

In traditional environments, requests often take days or weeks to complete, causing tasks and ambitions delays. You don't have to worry about that in cloud conditions. User self-service also reduces the administrative limitation on the provider. Administrators are freed from the day-to-day tasks, almost creating users and managing user requests.

It's a helpline for the company's current needs and easy growth for their future.

Reducing Overall Spending: An Actionable solution

Any Business's first and most priority is cutting its operating cost to improve its profitability. Cloud-based fleet systems help reduce costs via streamlining operations, automation, and improved connectivity

Companies can execute complete fleet management solutions without any money expenditures for hardware. There is no requirement to find space to house servers or complete maintenance to keep them running. With data automatically uploaded into cloud-based fleet management software, you can quickly generate various reports to analyze better and manage expenses. An excellent advantage is that it Creates custom reports to choose your total spending and better control variable expenses quickly. 

Instant Software Upgrade 

"Maximize productivity and minimize downtime with our cloud-based fleet management system."

There are many reasons for companies to adopt cloud-based applications. Not only improve your fleet management software but also software upgrade is mandatory for any software. One of the reasons is that you get regular updates from cloud-based fleet software.

It's time not to worry about the software update problem. Best fleet management software is here, and it's your time to relax. Product, feature, and general software updates can instantly be compelled with cloud-based software. It means you'll always have the latest product version without manually updating software or equipment—at no additional charge.

Ease of installation 

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual process and hello to streamlined ones.

 If your organization finances in something other than a cloud-computing fleet solution, then all of your valuable data is inseparably linked to the office computers it resides in. It may not appear like a problem, but the fact is that if your local hardware experiences pain, you might permanently lose your data.

For those who have a lot to get done, there is nothing more annoying than waiting for system updates to be installed. Because there is no elongate need to set up a server at the mine site, could based fleet management can install it more quickly and cheaply. Reducing up-front costs should encourage the adoption of the fleet management system. Cloud services save valuable IT staff time and money on outside IT consultation.

Reduce The Communication Delays-Satisfied Customer

"Improve communication and coordination with the cloud-based fleet management system."

Consumers no longer want to call customer service and be put on hold. They are looking for quick and efficient ways to contact businesses using social media and mobile devices. One of the most considerable challenges companies face is finding out how to serve consumers in an environment where customer engagement is rapidly progressing. 

With cloud fleet technology, a business can fast create an online customer support site with an extensive searchable database. The Cloud allows a company to respond promptly to a customer's necessities through the Internet and minimizes the actual phone calls they receive to their call center. This results in savings to the business in terms of time and resources and an improved customer experience, making it a win all around.

Improve Decision Making 

Fleet managers need accurate data to work productively. Sometimes, data transactions can take some time or get interrupted by the loss of connectivity, forcing the managers to make assumptions.

Cloud is designed to deliver consistent performance with latency restricted to milliseconds. Cloud-based tools can also interact with devices and sensors and transmit data without the Internet. Fleet managers consistently get up-to-date data to push informed decisions.

The company realized that cloud-based fleet management software helps employees to decision making.

By releasing management time from routine tasks, the teams can concentrate more on improving processes, introducing innovation in critical areas, and improving the product portfolio with so much information available at the click of a button.

"The decision to move on to the web has helped us become a more proactive company in decisions in almost every aspect - from inventory management to stocking raw materials to budgeting, promotions, and even hiring.

Choosing The Right Software model for business

Understanding the different service models are required to ensure you get the benefits you expect when you upgrade to the Cloud. Choosing the right vehicle management software can often become a pain in the neck, mainly when so many alternatives exist.

However, selecting the right vehicle management software is essential. The right tool, like VMS(vehicle management system) with cloud services, enables communication, organizes the organization's workload, and, more importantly, impacts the project's success.

End Note 

Cloud-based fleet management software is a ground-breaking fleet that can fast-track any organization onto the track of victory. In today's fast-changing business environment, cloud-based fleet software is revolutionizing the standard workplace. Thus, this software stands undeniably tall in enabling world-class teamwork and enhanced productivity at the workplace. They have become an integral prerequisite at the workplace to gain enormous success.

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