How can i find purchase code?

How can i find purchase code?

In order to get the purchase key of an item you need to follow the steps in the  Read more

What is base URL?

Base URL is Codeigniter's required configuration and is the URL where your system will be installed.

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Common mistakes through installation

Common mistakes through installation

Mismatch token

1. The database and user did not create successfully. 2. Database and user are not connected with each other. 3. If you use xammp localhost,… Read more

How can i reset my wordpress password…

Reset my password from PHPMyAdmin:

If we forget the password then we can also change it from the database. Here we will show the steps of changing… Read more

How can i solve mysql group by issue?

How can i solve mysql group by…

If we face this kind of problem, Mysql Error 1055. How to solve this

It has two ways and that’s are given below –

Solution 1: Remove… Read more

Godaddy Codeigniter .htaccess…

Hey, Everybody, Almost everyday i am getting 10 -20 Customer Request of GoDaddy server hosting issue.Most of the major request come from Our beloved… Read more

4 Common setup mistake you can…

We just need 4 things to keep active: Default Store, Default… Read more

Some common mistakes people do…

Hi! Everyone, some of our clients complain us for this issue, that, when they are running nishue coin market is not loaded perfectly and giving… Read more