Top 10 Software Companies in Bangladesh among 800

By Ataul Karim -- Monday, 18 Apr, 2022
Best Software Companies in Bangladesh

Can you imagine which property is the most expensive in the world in the physical and digital sense? The majority will say it is the Burj Khalifa or other skyscrapers. The cost of Burj Khalifa is 1.5 Billion USD. The revenue of Burj Khalifa is 1.5 to 5 Billion USD per year. Now the turn of digital property. is the richest website in the world. The revenue of Amazon is 107 Billion USD per year. Did you notice the difference in technology & revenue? Digital property is ahead of physical property. To make this type of digital property you need a strong team of software developers. Bangladesh has more than 800+ Software and IT companies. There are many companies now capable of making this type of digital property. Here, I will mention the top 10 software companies in Bangladesh among 800. 

Top 10 Best Software Companies in Bangladesh

The competition in the software development market is increasing day by day. It's hard to say which is the best software company. Each company specializes in one or more categories. Some in banking, some in blockchain, some in health, and some in hospitality. There are fewer companies that have multiple capabilities. Let’s see the top 10 software companies in Bangladesh.

1. Bdtask

Bdtask, Inc. - The Best Software company in Bangladesh

Bdtask is one of the leading software development companies in Bangladesh. Bdtask started its journey in 2012 and registered in 2013 as a limited company. It is well known in Bangladesh as “Bdtask Limited” but now it is Bdtask Incorporation ( “Bdtask, Inc”). Currently, they have 100+ employees with 10+ years of experience. They export software globally especially in Africa, India, Europe, the US, the UK, and Australia Market. They are ISO 90001 & 27001 certified, members of BASIS, and EC-Council, and have an elite author profile in the Envato marketplace. Their restaurant management software (Bhojon) is now in the top 15 in the south Asia region. Sales ERP for small business to medium business software is now the top software in the ERP category in the Envato marketplace. They have 5 blockchain software in the Envato marketplace. 

Bdtask offers customized software like eCommerce development, flight booking software development, banking solution, hospital management software, news portal development, fleet management, and more. They develop both web applications and mobile applications as well as desktop software. 

Bdtask recently launched various SaaS for the local and global markets. They also offer Graphics Design services. Sebaghar is a telemedicine service provider in Bangladesh also developed by Bdtask. Bdtask also offers IT & corporate training in various categories. 

  • Employee: 100+
  • Experience: 10+
  • Ready Software: 40+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Ecommerce, Blockchain, Hospitality, Health, Aviation, Banking

2. Brain Station 23 Ltd.

Brain Station 23 Ltd.

BrainStation-23 has risen to one of the top ten software development organizations in Bangladesh with the fastest success and creativity. They are providing Software & IT solutions to over 25+ countries with active partners in Germany, the USA, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. Grameenphone, Citibank, British American Tobacco, Robi, and many of Bangladesh's heavy-hitters are their clients.

Currently, it employs 600+ software engineers and has completed 2000+ projects. It is ISO 90001 & 27001 certified company. They offer custom web and mobile applications. Their service covers these areas ERP solutions, LMS, eCommerce solutions, fintech solutions, pharma solutions, telco solutions, enterprise solutions (AEM, Sitecore), cloud solutions, AI/ML, BI, AR VR, etc.

  • Employee: 600+
  • Experience: 16+
  • Ready Software: 1+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Fintech, Healthcare, Telco, Automotive, Software

3. Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd.

Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd.

The first software development company for CMMI Level 5 in Bangladesh is Datasoft. Datasoft supported its consumers with advanced, affordable, technical services in both the commercial and public sectors. This led greatly to the digitalization of Bangladesh in the design and development of ventures. Their ability to create fully functional, bug-free software according to the customer’s requirements and their commitment to the client is what put them on this list.

They are experts in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and infrastructure automation. 

  • Employee: 400+
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • Ready Software: 20+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Banking & Finance, Port & Logistics, Government a Defense, SME & Development, Automobile, Telecommunication

4. TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd.

TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd.

Tiger IT has played an important role in the country’s IT industry for 10 long years. We have extensive experience with various apps and games together with just a few government projects. They are one of the country’s leading software companies to introduce the Biometrics Program and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It is one of the world’s few firms to produce the AFIS certified NIST and the first in South Asia. 

  • Employee: 300+
  • Experience: 18+ Years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: BIometrics, Civil Registry Solution, Vehicle Solution

5. LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd.

LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd.

LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd. was founded in 1999. Over a long period of time, they extend their business to several branches. They offer customized software development, professional outsourcing, software product, offshore software development, and so on. As well as, they provide various services. Moreover, they have 100 clients in Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark, and Norway.

  • Employee: 300+ 
  • Experience: 22+ Years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Core Banking Solutions, Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Erp

6. REVE Systems

REVE Systems

REVE Systems started its journey in 2003. Their goal is to establish themself in the development of applications & devices IT-based communication industry. They connected the customers in over 78 countries and more than 4500 VoIP and telecommunication service providers.  Moreover, they offer mobile VoIP solutions, mobile OTT solutions, VoIP Softswitch & Billing Solutions, Bandwidth Optimization, and so on. 

  • Employee: 350+ 
  • Experience: 15+ 
  • Ready Software: 10+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Mobile OTT Solution, SMS Platform, and Cloud Telephony 

7. Southtech Group

Southtech Group

Southtech Group was established in 1996, and now they have six offices in over five countries around the world. Over the last 23 years, their business growth has grown at a significant rate. They mainly provide custom service depending on the customer’s requirements. Also, they have Financial systems, Project management, Process engineering, HR solutions, Accounting, Microfinance solutions, ERP solutions, Government projects, and more.

  • Employee: 145+ 
  • Experience: 25+ 
  • Ready Software: 5
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Finance, E-commerce, HR

8. Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. (SECL)

Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. (SECL)

Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd is one of the largest IT and old companies in Bangladesh. They have served more than 800+ clients locally and globally since 1995. Spectrum has enhanced its portfolio with 200+ highly skilled resources and long-term partnerships with world-leading technologies with companies like Spectrum, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Emerson, VMware, NetApp, Zenband, etc.

  • Employee: 220+ 
  • Experience: 27+ Years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Public Sector, Service and Manufacturing, Education, Telecom, Financial & Banking

9. Kaz Software

Kaz Software

Kaz Software was founded in 2004 and is an award-winning custom software developer. Innovations were planned, developed, and introduced by businesses and start-ups. They provide their clients with quality, faster, and less expensive service.

  • Employee: 110+ 
  • Experience: 17+ years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Tax and accounting, Publishing, International Trade, eCommerce & Auctions, Mobile Applications, Engineering

10. Nascenia Limited

Nascenia Limited

Nascenia Limited started its journey in 2010. They mainly work for European and North American clients. Moreover, they have won several category awards for their outstanding performance. The Nascenia team provides various kinds of services such as web development, mobile development, UI/UX design, quality assurance( QA), cutting edge, cybersecurity, DevOps, and products.   

  • Employee: 40+ 
  • Experience: 10+ 
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Web Development, App Development, Cyber Security

How To Choose The Best Software Company For Your Dream Project?

When you want to choose a software company for your project you must analyze the company before giving it. 

Basic steps to check

  1. The layer of Software Development 
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Team Member
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Testing
  1. The environment of the company
  2. Delivery Duration
  3. Support
  4. Budget

If your project is sensitive or vital then you must check their certificate and working process.

Is it certified?

  • ISO
  • CMMI, etc.

Working process of software development

  • Agile Development
  • Continues Development,etc.

It is necessary to use Scrum or other agile methods for project managers of the development companies. Choose a software development company that has the best development process, based on adaptive planning, quick delivery, communication tools, and project updates.

Wrap Up

Software development started in Bangladesh in the '90s. According to BASIS, there are now over 500+ registered software companies in Bangladesh and 800+ registered software and ITES companies. The value of the industry is more than 2 billion US dollars. So, this industry is going to be highly competitive. If you need any help with software development, Bangladeshi software companies can be your first choice. Last but not least, if you need to develop any project with a highly-skilled expert team then Bdtask can be your best partner since their previous experience and the way they adopt trendy technology carries their confidence.

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