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10 Constructive Pros and Cons of Human Resource Management

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-03-20
Pros and Cons of Human Resource Management

Curious to know about the pros and cons of human resource management? To conduct the overall activities of your organization, you need to require effective human resource management. The human resources manager and the human resource department are critical to the success of any business. 

Moreover, the primary responsibility of these human resource managers is to supply professional and experienced labor for the company's growth. Furthermore, these human resource divisions and the management are responsible for all of the company's employees' requirements and desires. According to a report by NETSUITE

“Around 58% of businesses use HR technology to improve their business structure as well as 74% of are planning to adopt such kind of automation.” Source

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In this article, you will get the 10 most significant pros and cons of human resource management that will assist you to observe the significance of the human resource management department. So, let’s start.

10 Pros of Human Resource Management

Pros of Human Resource Management

Because of the high demand for qualified specialists and the competitive compensation available. Human resources are one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. 

Here, you will get the 10 most effective advantages of human resource management. 

1. Ensure Better Growth

Everyone outside of the human resource department already knows that being a part of the human resource department enables visible advancement in their job profile and description, as well as monetary compensation.

Working as a human resource manager, one quickly realizes the true value of that job in the firm. As a result, it is apparent that the human resource department provides superior professional development.

2. Enhance Employee Relationship

HRM focuses on developing positive relationships between management and employees in order to ensure business continuation. It pays workers a fair wage and provides for all of their basic needs. 

Human Resource Management improves employer-employee coordination by incorporating employee thoughts and suggestions into policy development.

Moreover, it keeps track of the working environment offered to employees and guarantees that they have a sanitary working environment, higher remuneration, and more benefits and amenities. As a result, employees form long-term bonds with the company. 

3. Improves Human Resource Planning

Human resource management is effective in maintaining talented people for a longer period of time within a company. It can be able to estimate the right number of employees that will be required for your organization. Moreover, you can easily analyze the difference in working positions that will be required to grow your business. 

Also, human resource management can be able to provide job posts where the job description and responsibilities are included. In this regard, it will help to pick the right people according to the proper information of job designations. 

4. Increases Organizational Effectiveness

Human resource management plays a significant role to grow the overall productivity and profitability of your organization. It is the one who keeps track of all resource allocations and ensures that they are fully utilized with minimal waste. 

Moreover, the human resource management department links the right individual to the right role, increasing an organization's effectiveness. Also, the most significant aspect of human resource management is to ensure a better working environment. 

5. Provides Better Managerial Experience

The actual tasks of the human resource manager are to qualify such individuals for the company's employment positions, where they must meet all of the company's requirements. Also, it provides a better understanding of the job's obligations and responsibilities. 

However, it is not just the obligation of a department to carry out its duties in accordance with the department's responsibilities, rather it is also the job of the human resource management to propose ideas based on his or her strategic thinking.

As a result, it should be obvious to everyone that a human resource manager in a human resource department can improve his or her management skills.

6. Enhance Job Satisfaction

The human resource management department can undertake the activities of employee job satisfaction. When a person is qualified to undertake the working tasks and obligations of a human resource manager, that person must first grasp the value of the role for which he or she has been hired.

Even with prior expertise in a similar sector of work, it is difficult to find job satisfaction in this type of career. In this regard, the HRM department can deal with directly the employees of any organization. 

As a result, they can easily understand the problems and according to the problem, they can offer solutions.  

7. Increase Communication Skills

A good communicator is required in human resource management. In this regard, a human resource management department can improve the communication skills of the employees by arranging various training sessions.     

Moreover, the human resource manager from developing stronger relationships with his or her company's clientele which will be profitable for the company's growth.

As a result, it is critical to comprehend the importance of communication skills in terms of the HR manager's obligations. 

8. Ensure Conflict Management

This one is a crucial advantage of human resource management because it can be able to recognize and resolve problems in a rational, fair, and efficient manner. Moreover, the human resource management department can handle disputes and resolves all queries of all employees. 

The team leaders must guarantee that each employee's tasks and responsibilities are clearly communicated to them. It is the process of resolving incompatibilities or disputes resulting from differences in viewpoints, aims, and needs. 

Human Resource Management ensures the smooth operation of an organization by better resolving all employee issues. So, conflict management is critical in the workplace for preventing confrontations and allowing people to focus on their tasks.

9. Helps to Motivate Employees

Employees must be motivated to do their jobs if the desired goals and objectives are to be met. Moreover, human resource management inspires employees by rewarding them for their accomplishments and giving benefits.

Most significantly, it enables management to achieve the company's objectives. Most significantly, your organization might be put in a dangerous position if they don't have a motivated workforce. They also mediate disputes between employees and employers in order to prevent legal action. 

Employees who are motivated are more productive and help an organization achieve higher levels of output. It measures their output level in order to determine their incentives, which enhance worker morale overall. So, human resources managers help employees with legal issues by interpreting anti-discrimination and harassment regulations. 

10. Ensure Value & Accomplishment

Most of the time, the human resource manager's working environment conceals all of the company's financial decisions. Moreover, the firm needs the finest possible advice from their expert HR manager in their favor.

Furthermore, all of the basic responsibilities of the human resource manager must be covered, as well as a stronger management system for the company's growth and development.

It is a prevalent belief that a person begins making career decisions with a shared goal in mind. In this regard, success will depend on growth and improved performance.

Similarly, the human resource manager is tasked with carrying out his or her responsibilities so that he or she might advance in their career. In other words, a sense of accomplishment is not shared by everyone, and not everyone understands what an accomplishment entails.

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10 Cons of Human Resource Management

Cons of Human Resource Management

According to the above-mentioned list of topics, the human resource manager's job is entitled to all of the benefits and advantages listed in its job description.

However, the sad part is that the current debate over the disadvantages of human resource management will undoubtedly change the scenario of the above-mentioned advantages. 

Here, you will be informed about 10 major disadvantages of human resource management. 

1. Legal Liabilities

When it comes to becoming a human resource manager, there are numerous types of legal obligations. In this regard, the most essential of which is that the HR manager must use his or her legal abilities effectively to avoid uncertain corporate situations.

The duties and responsibilities of human resource management are divided into three categories: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work. As a result, it is critical for employees that the legal obligation can be addressed to the human resource manager, who can reason with prospective corporate concerns. 

So, the primary goal of human resource management is to increase an organization's productivity by maximizing the efficacy of its personnel.

2. Maintaining a Safe Distance

The majority of employees at global corporations believe that their boss is difficult to grasp, but the truth is that being an HR manager is not as simple as it appears. Every employee of the organization is given a job description that outlines all of the duties and behaviors that are required of them.

Moreover, the human resource management Similarly, the HR manager is supposed to keep a safe distance from his or her staff in order to make sound corporate judgments.

3. Insufficient Information

Human Resource Management systems suffer from a lack of critical information on their employees. Before adopting these solutions, you will need a good employee database. 

Moreover, some businesses lack the necessary information about their staff. This system cannot be adequately implemented without enough information and a database. 

Also, a well-thought-out and implemented HRD program is not HRM. HRD is a subset of HRM, which is a holistic management strategy. Human resource management may face such kinds of difficulties as well. 

Before implementing human resource management, it is necessary to gather, store, and retrieve data. Many businesses do not keep accurate records of their employees, necessitating the acquisition, retrieval, and storage of this data. 

4. Lack of Adaptability

To manage the overall activities of any business, the employees need to follow the rules and regulations of human resource management. Moreover, personnel systems often adhere to plans and regulations in order to standardize how your company handles its employees. 

Also, human resource management depends on the support of top-level management. While implementing HRM, a shift in mentality at the top can yield positive effects.

This work is done by personnel management employees due to a passive attitude at the top. Nothing exceptional will happen unless top management changes its approach and attitude.   

5. Unpredictability

Another major disadvantage of human resource management is the inability to forecast external events and people's behavior. HRM requires the complete support of all employees and senior management in an organization to be successful.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that the employees you train will remain with your firm. Also, investing in a human resources program is hazardous since you can spend money on training employees who don't stay with your company long enough to repay your investment.

As a result, it may not produce the desired effects if senior management does not provide adequate support.   

6. Improper Development Programmes

Human resource management offers various career development programs that will assist to grow your career. For example, career planning, on-the-job training, development programs, MBO, and counseling, among others. In the workplace, there is a need to foster a learning environment.

In practice, HRM programs are limited to lecture halls, and the promised outcomes are not being achieved. So, all of these activities are limited to the classroom lectures that will undermine this approach in providing the expected outcomes.  

7. Expensive to Install HRM Software

To operate the overall operation of human resource management, you need to integrate the HRM software. But it would be very expensive to install the human resource management software in your business. 

Also, you need to train up the employees to use and about the features of human resource management software. In this regard, you need to invest the money to educate your employees about using the latest technology.

8. Recent Origin

Because of its recent origin, human resource Management lacks a broad academic foundation. There is no standardization of its vocabulary, and different people define it differently.

Moreover, HRM is being used to rename organizations' workforce departments, which may or may not produce real outcomes. It necessitates major shifts in managerial practices, culture, and philosophy.

9. Inconsistent Actualisation

It is one of the major disadvantages of human resource management. Employee training and development needs should be assessed before HRM can be implemented. People's ambitions and needs should be considered while developing human resource policies.

Moreover, HRM is only half-heartedly implemented. HRM is regarded to be implemented when some training programs are organized. Many organizations' productivity and profitability strategies are unaffected as a result of this.

10. Time-Consuming 

The human resource management department can handle the overall activities by collecting all required data and information of an organization. Sometimes it will be very time-consuming to take any step through collecting data and required information. 

Wrap Up

Now, you have reached the concluding part of this article. But I will say that this is not the conclusion rather it would be the best time to integrate something new into your organization. This article helps you to observe the 10 effective pros and cons of human resource management so that you can easily implement the activities of HRM.

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