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GPS Fleet Tracking For Small Business-Tips to Save Money

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Sunday, 2022-12-11
gps fleet tracking for small business

When operating a small fleet of vehicles, you require a verified and reliable path to keep track of your assets, GPS fleet tracking for small business help managers observe and record their vehicle assets' activity, collect actionable data that can use to improve operations, maximize productivity and lower costs and risks.

Business Depends On The Reliability of your vehicles.

The technology they need to scale up is GPS fleet tracking systems for small businesses.

Below, we'll cover GPS fleet tracking, why it's essential, its top benefits and the problems it can solve for your small business, and how to choose your next GPS tracking solution.

Let's get Tracking………..

GPS Fleet Tracking -Easy, Affordable, Tracking And Monitoring For Fleets

GPS tracking is not just a dot on a map 

It's a fleets location  intelligence

Global Positioning System tracking system is a portable device that authorizes you to monitor and track your vehicle's location.

Or you can say that 

The GPS devices work silently in the background to collect data about location, engine health, driver behavior, and more.

 Updating every 10-20 seconds, data is up to date, providing small business owners with real-time information about the whereabouts of their vehicles and drivers. A perfect and complete solution for the fleet manager.

Grater insight into fleet operations.

Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Improve Your Small Business?

Business owners with a small fleet also have the same situations and responsibilities as the more major fleets. GPS fleet tracking for small businesses is a must-need solution if you want to boost your business and improve your bottommost line.

6.37 Billion by 2030-GPS tracking market size and its vast.

Business owners with a small fleet also have the same concerns and responsibilities as the more major fleets.

“Utilizing a fleet management solution with GPS tracker allows small businesses to simplify operations and provides them visibility and wisdom into their business in a method they didn’t have before. 

It will help them to do more with less through boosted efficiency and limit exposure with improved driver safety. In the competitive markets small businesses operate, a GPS tracking system can provide them with a leg up on their competition and enhance their brand with higher customer service.

Small Business Fleets- Top Challenges To Consider

Small Business Fleets- Top Challenges To Consider

Just because the fleet size is small, it does not mean that responsibility and working load are not much as big size fleets. Small-size fleets also face some challenges that you can't imagine.

Let's check it out.

Theft And Unauthorized Use

Sometimes, because of budget and resource constraints, small fleets may fail to enforce the importance of theft and unauthorized use. Unauthorized or misusing your fleet's assets, including using vehicles outside of selected areas or outside of work hours, unsafe driving, and more, can cost your business money and raise potential liability risks.

Fuel Cost-Stress Your Budget

Fleet fuel costs are probably top of mind for many small businesses, as fuel costs can average 60% of a fleet's total operational budget. 

Multiple factors can dispatch your fleet's fuel budget out of control.

  • If your fleet vehicles aren't on a regular maintenance schedule, issues like improper tire inflation can increase fuel costs.
  • With technology like GPS tracker software to link your fleet vehicles, it is manageable to obtain a clear picture of vehicle operation, condition, and fuel use. 
  • When your vehicles get older, they will have less fuel efficiency.

Detentions In Small Fleets

Small or big, it does not matter now; how to improve fleet management is a common question nowadays. Detention time is a big problem that has tormented the trucking industry for a long time. It could be better for drivers as well as trucking companies.

For fleets, the loss of productivity and poor customer experience that lead to long detention periods are immeasurable. About numbers, carriers lose up to $250 million years because of detention. 

Fleet Dispatching

Fleet dispatching can improve your revenue and allow you to scale operations easily. But in a small fleet, dispatching is a common problem nowadays. Dispatching and routing mean perceiving and planning tasks with real-time location tracking and efficiently sending instant notifications of new jobs and routes.

Dispatch and routing software speed up the business process and deliver customers swift and advanced solutions and services. When you don't have the automation facilities like a Best GPS Tracking System For Small Businesses;, you will face fleet dispatching problems. Without the GPS tracker, you cannot access automated rerouting based on the asset's capability, accessibility, and current location.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is crucial. Being on top of vehicle maintenance is important in managing a small fleet. Your fleet of vehicles needs to keep operating smoothly to prevent unexpected breakdowns, which can be costly. Small fleets may have fewer vehicles than a large trucking business. If vehicles are not correctly monitored, they may gather various safety and maintenance issues that are not even seen. When these issues occur, they will only worsen over time, permanently damaging the vehicle and resulting in a shorter life of service to the business.

Making Your Small Business More Competitive-The Real Benefits 

Best GPS fleet tracking system

GPS fleet tracking for small businesses is a reliable and informed way for managers to maximize their fleets. 

GPS tracking for small businesses involves more than monitoring locations. The information collected by GPS helps fleet managers make knowledgeable operational decisions on enhancing driver behavior, minimizing downtime, and gaining greater profitability. Most of all, get a reputation for your new starting fleets. 

Small Fleets can benefit from using technology such as vehicle management software or a GPS tracker for fleet vehicles to track and supervise every aspect of their operations. Below, we have spotlighted some ways fleets can improve fleet efficiency and productivity by simplifying daily processes and installing advanced technology.

1. Complete Control Of Employee Activities

One of the most vital aspects of managing your fleet, nevertheless of its size, is maintaining your bottom line. With our easy-to-use vehicle management software with GPS trackers, you can monitor the real-time tracking of your entire fleet along with historical records of those things. 

  • Verify arrival and departure times.
  • Location tracker
  • Speeding events, idling.
  • Timesheet Entries.

You can also send automated alerts to your phone, desktop, or mobile device whenever an employee commits unsafe driving behavior or happenings out of their designated area. GPS tracker for small fleets business keeps drivers accountable for their actions, allowing you to operate a safer fleet.

However, before an employer uses  GPS tracker Device to monitor employees, it should consider the related legal ramifications and employee privacy matters. Employers should also execute best practices for complying with the law and assuring that employee trust is not breached.

2. Reduce The Accidents Rate-Improve Risk Management 

Best GPS Tracking System For Small Business

A fleet is an extremely valuable investment. But when accidents happen, the fleet can become an organization's greatest source of costs and risks. Accidents can lead to

  • Increase Insurance costs.
  • Vehicle downtime.
  • Vehicle getting caught on fire.
  • Sick leave for an employee.
  • Reputation and lost productivity.

GPS Fleet Trackers help you to monitor speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and much more.

GPS fleet tracking for small businesses can allow the fleet manager to get their arms around what behaviors are happening on roadways and control some of the multiple common causes of crashes. GPS fleet tracking for your business can generate customizable reports and deliver in-depth performance analytics of your fleet's overall safety condition, compliance issues, and probable threats.

3. Increase Efficiency And Driver Productivity

A business can only rise if it uses all its resources efficiently & effectively. To maximize its profits boundary, a company must investigate new forms to improve itself. 

Fleet companies desire more workload as it is the only way to maximize profits. GPS tracking for fleets is the technology that can help them do so by using their resources efficiently & effectively. 

Fleet managers must increase output to maximize productivity while reducing the labour hours involved in service delivery. For small businesses, it’s important to control labour costs. You want to ensure your limited staff works optimally and drives the highest profit possible.

Free up valuable administrative time

GPS fleet tracking stops the need for paper logs. With fleet tracking, you can preserve hundreds or even thousands of hours that used to be expended on paperwork without errors caused by forgotten entries, transposed numbers, or arithmetic errors. It all leads to increasing the total efficiency of your small fleets and gaining a reputation for your fleets.

GPS fleet tracking for small businesses can be a game changer for your business, increasing productivity while maximizing payroll costs. GPS tracking allows you to dispatch each driver on the multiple efficient routes possible while remembering unproductive employee practices. GPS tracking and integrated fleet management software will allow you to choose which deliveries take longer than usual or which geographical areas tend to encourage off-route driving.

4. Ensure Safer Driving-As A Cure Value 

Safety affects the entire business.

GPS fleet tracking for small businesses helps you maintain high safety records and safe working conditions. Accidents put driver’s safety at a massive risk and negatively affect your company’s reputation, which can be the most challenging thing to fix once it is affected.GPS tracker can observe any speeding by your drivers and if their vehicle is being driven roughly.

One of the best cost-effective fleet safety tips is implementing a rewards strategy for safe drivers. Recognize drivers who drive safely in a way that suits your team, like offering them 

  • Bonuses, 
  • Extra holidays 
  • Gift cards. 

Be sure to lay out the details of this task to new drivers so they’re incentivized from the beginning. You could encourage healthy competition via a leaderboard showcasing the finest driver behavior matrixes. Provide periodic safety updates to your team; this will show how much you value and care about their safety and maintains driving fleet safety at the top of their mind.

Use a Best GPS Tracking System For Small Business;, 

Ensuring a smooth rollout and an overall healthier organization.

5. Easy Path to Avoid Breakdown 

Technology is supposed to be an aid in stopping breakdowns

GPS fleet tracker allows you to reach out to the driver and provide they’re okay or inform emergency reply teams of the vehicle’s spot.

GPS location trackers in your other fleet vehicles allow you to see which is closest to the broken-down vehicle’s location or destination. GPS fleet tracking for small businesses lets you reallocate area resources faster to minimize disruption to your operations.

GPS fleet tracker allows you to set maintenance alerts for every vehicle in your fleet to inform you when they are due for proper maintenance. Signals can be selected based on calendar time, engine on-time, or mileage, depending on the type of service needed. You are notified via email or in the reporting suite when a vehicle is due for maintenance. When your all vehicle is up to date, the breakdown percentage will reduce.

6. Better Security-Both Physically And Virtually

Better Security-Both Physically And Virtually

Security is the highest priority and the most important benefit of operating GPS-enabled 

tracking. Vehicles and equipment are some of your small business's most useful assets. Small business owner wants to secure their vehicle, and their best solution is installing a Best GPS Tracking System For Small Business; for their small business.

The primary objective of GPS Asset Trackers is to authorize the recovery of stolen merchandise and the apprehension of the criminals who robbed it. GPS Asset Trackers may also have a deterrent effect if criminals know that the premises they intend to rob or burglarize are using tracking devices. When a GPS vehicle tracker is equipped in your vehicle, it will store and send out the positioning data of the car 24/7.

7. Good Customer Service through GPS Tracking

GPS is the right step to improving your bottom line.

Customer service and satisfaction is the most important part of any business. It indicates bigger profits and probable new customers as popularity rises through word of mouth and recommendations.

GPS fleet tracking and real-time monitoring capabilities allow you to provide up-to-the-minute arrival information for your customers. 

Doing this increases customer satisfaction by proactively reaching out to them to give an ETA. It will give a good review for a small business.

The main issue faced by delivery or courier companies is late delivery. Late delivery can be attributed to several factors, such as 

  • Mislaid orders
  • Loss of direction
  • Traffic jams
  •  Even drivers purposely kill time while at work. 

GPS tracking has been efficiently known to minimize—if not obliterate—the possibility of that happening by informing you of your fleet’s whereabouts in real-time.

8. Control Overall Cost For Your Small Business

For any business to operate successfully, profitability is an essential factor.GPS technology is one of the most secure investments for reducing costs, especially in small businesses. A GPS tracking device can provide both by executing a range of cost-saving benefits, from decreased fuel costs to improved time management. For the time being, You’ll notice how the vehicle tracking device cost guides to a severe cost reduction in other areas of your small fleet business. One simple install a GPS fleet tracking for small businesses is a path to 

  • Reduce your engine idle time 
  • Help you to choose the idle route 
  • Help you to keep an accurate record
  • Proactive vehicle maintenance

So it will save overall unnecessary costs and an opportunity to save some money.

 Making GPS trackers a part of your small business fleet system will diminish costs and boost your chances for success.

Handle risk, enhance operations and keep business financials healthy.

9. Preventive Maintenance Schedule-Save Money For The Business

GPS Fleet Tracking for Small Business

Did you know that GPS tracking solutions for small businesses can automate fleet maintenance and make a safer, more convenient job experience for drivers and you?

Being on top of 

vehicle maintenance becomes a necessary aspect of managing a small fleet.

GPS Tracking System For Small Business; helps you to do regular maintenance. Vehicle downtime due to unplanned maintenance is expensive for any organization. Unexpected repairs carry away from the bottom line, especially if the repairs must be done better than once. Along with the price of the repair itself, maintaining track of maintenance by hand is also costly when evaluating the man-hours it carries to enter and retrieve the information.

A proper maintenance schedule saves you from much usual activity, and that makes a huge chance to make your business environment healthy and profitable. Proper maintenance save fuel cost and boost the overall performance of your small fleet. Most importantly, it avoids wear and tear.

Well-maintained vehicles remain in service longer, work efficiently and emit fewer greenhouse gases. Its shows the essence of executing end-to-end GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Find The Right Partner For Your Success 

GPS tracker for commercial business

Many vehicle management software is available in the market, but you must pick the one which authorizes you to manage your fleet using a single software. 

It must have all the required technologies incorporated. It should come with GPS tracking, asset tracking, fuel monitoring, route optimization software, etc. In that way, 

Vehicle Management System (VMS): A One Stop

 Fleet Management Solution

is the right and affordable choice for you. It has all the necessary features and add-ons to run your small business.

VMS is one of the fast-growing products that will give business owners value for their money.

What's next 

Regular maintenance and monitoring can save Time and Money and help the business manage smoothly. To make sure that you enhance your fleet management process as much as possible, using the proper GPS tracker for vehicle inspections is a must.