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Top 11 Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Thursday, 2024-04-18
hospital appointment scheduling software

Hospitals and clinics require hospital appointment scheduling software. It is basically used for patient appointments, automating administrative workflows, and doing medical staff work smartly.

Traditional appointment scheduling methods can be time-consuming and error-prone. With so many things to manage, giving your full time and spending quality time with your patients may be difficult.

As a result, It leads to long wait times, missed appointments, and, most of all, patient dissatisfaction.

Sounds awful, doesn't it?


The digitalisation of the hospital industry has grown in the past few years. There needs to be an indication that this development will pause in the near future, too. 

Appointment scheduling software is a big gift for doctors, medical and administrative staff, and patients.

A hospital appointment scheduling software handles appointment activities smoothly without any errors. 

We are done yet. 

Online healthcare appointment scheduling software can have a significant positive effect on your hospital's business outcomes.

Let's understand how this hospital scheduling system can help you to do that.

What Is Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software is also known as an appointment booking system or appointment management software.

Appointment scheduling software is an application used to manage and organise patient appointments and bookings for various healthcare services.

In other words, we can say that. 

Appointment scheduling software is a tool operated by doctors, physicians and clinics to automate the medical/clinic/hospital scheduling process.

Medical appointment scheduling software offers a comprehensive range of functionalities that make a relief for healthcare providers. 

Any medical providers can use it to simplify 

  • Appointment booking process
  • Improves the patient experience
  • Optimise resource allocation
  • Improve overall operational efficiency.

Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software For Clinics, Hospitals And Doctors


The right medical appointment scheduling software makes your day-to-day easier. It will increase your practice's efficiency and do great for patient care. 

#Note that 

But, discovering the perfect medical appointment scheduling software can be a tough job. 

There are an endless number of apps and software floating around the web. All of them promise that they will cover all the needs. But sometimes customers get scammed. So we are here to give you the Top 10 appointment-scheduling software. Choose the right one according to your requirements, price, and features.

1. Hospital Automanager- Advanced Hospital Management Software


Hospital automanager is a great option to use as a daily hospital management system. It's a professional hospital management software and a  professional tool. 

Hospital auto manager offers their clients a complete package.

Hospital automanager cover all the sections accordingly like medical, patient, financial and medicine.

A digital business partner that covers different aspects of running your hospital business. It is the most popular appointment scheduling software.

This hospital scheduling system mainly uses small clinics and medium hospitals, key staff in the service industry. You can use it to take hospital businesses to the next level.

Hospital automanager is a professional tool and digital business partner that cover a different aspect of running a hospital/clinic.

Key features of Hospital Automanager

  • Hospital appointment scheduling software
  • Billing System in hospital
  • Doctor Schedule & Appointments
  • Patient Management system
  • Bed Management system
  • Document Management
  • Multiuser Login and role-based access control
  • Human resource management 
  • Inventory Management
  • Hospital Support Function System
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Lab Information System
  • Pharmacy Information System 
  • System Administration Functions
  • Diagnostic Management
  • Pharmacy with Inventory
  • Employee Management
  • Email /SMS Reminders
  • Agent Scheduling system
  • Billing and invoicing system
  • Client Management
  • Disposal Management
  • Physician Management

Deployment: Any

Subscription Plan: Onetime(Perpetual license)

Accessibility: Customization

Mobile Support: Desktop Platforms, Web app

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2. offers comprehensive medical scheduling solutions that look professional and solve all your medical needs. You get a fully functional website. You can show your medical report and start sending reminders, accepting appointments, and selling products and service add-ons.

With simplybook. me user-friendly platform, it makes it easier than ever to schedule, manage, and keep track of appointments. This healthcare appointment scheduling software ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Feature to look at 

  • Patient Records Management
  • Consolidate all patient clinical and 
  • Billing management system
  • Physician Management
  • Appointment Scheduling system
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Appointment Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Billing system in hospital
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Faculty/Staff Management
  • On Call Scheduling
  • Drag & Drop system
  • No-Show Tracking system

Deployment: Any

Subscription Plan: Monthly, Yearly, Onetime(Perpetual license)

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: Web app, windows

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3. eHospital Systems


eHospital Systems is a comprehensive, customisable, and user-friendly hospital scheduling system solution. It's for medical practitioners, multi-specialty clinics, and hospitals. It is available as an on-premise on-cloud solution.

Feature to look at eHospital Systems 

  • Patient management system
  • Electric health record system
  • Billing management system
  • Prescription management system
  • Lab management system
  • Pharmacy management
  • Inventory management 
  • Business Analytics
  • Alert/notification system
  • Bed management system
  • Real-time reporting system

Deployment: Any

Subscription Plan: Monthly, Yearly, Onetime(Perpetual license)

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: Web app, windows

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4. LeadSquared


LeadSquared offers a seamless solution for hospital appointment scheduling, streamlining the entire process with efficiency and precision. It also enables you to bid goodbye to scheduling conflicts and missed appointments to have smoother operations and improved patient satisfaction.

 Let’s have a look at some of LeadSquared’s intuitive features:

  1. Appointment scheduling and management
  2. Patient management
  3. HIPAA compliant
  4. Multi-channel communication
  5. Secure data management
  6. Self-serve portals
  7. Mobile CRM

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: Available upon request

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: OS, Windows

Business: SMEs, Enterprises

5. Skedulo


Skedulo is an intelligent hospital appointment scheduling software for mobile healthcare providers. Skedulo's software and mobile application can manage complex healthcare schedules. It offers features that optimise home healthcare delivery operations. It can help you to work more efficiently, reduce costs, grow your patient base, and increase revenue.

Features to look at 

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Recruiting Management
  • Multi-Location management 
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Employee scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Group Scheduling
  • Resource Scheduling

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: Monthly

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: Web app

5. Jotform

Jotform is not generally known as a healthcare provider, but they have hospital appointment scheduling software. Online form building solutions and 8.5 Million users since 2006. Medical professionals can easily use this form to schedule.

In Jotform, you easily get appointment scheduling, payment, and gathering patient medical histories features. Jotform is a great solution for 

Medical professional for beginners and also small business owners.

Features to check out 

  • Create HIPPA-compliant forms
  • Schedule appointments
  • Collect consent forms
  • Collect payments
  • Enable mobile responses
  • Obtain patient signature and files
  • Securely store patient data

6. Luma health 

Luma Health is a renowned hospital appointment scheduling software. It has more than 70 electronic health record (EHR) integration systems. They use AI to send reminders to the patients. Patients can use their app to schedule the appointment. 

This software has a Two-way integration system. The two-way integration means confirmations are written back to your EHR in real-time. So, the appointment scheduling inventory is always error-free and up to date.

Features to look at 

  • Appointment scheduling software
  • Online Booking System 
  • Self Service Portal
  • Calendar Management
  • Patient Records management 
  • Patient Scheduling system
  • Physician Scheduling
  • Progress Tracking management 
  • Client database system
  • Mobile easily Access
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Group/Rescheduling system
  • No-Show Tracking management 
  • Email /SMS Reminders
  • Two-Way Messaging

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: Monthly, Yearly

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: Web app, Windows

Business: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

7. Trafft

Trafft software offers online appointment booking, real-time availability updates, and automated reminders, reducing patient no-shows. Trafft not only improves patient satisfaction and reduces operational costs but also ensures that healthcare facilities run smoothly. They have a booking form in their software. The booking forms are fully customisable to fit your brand; they can be easily embedded in the page of the website.

Let's check some of the features

  • Hospital appointment scheduling system
  • Online payment management 
  • Financial management system
  • Payment Processing/Reminders
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Registration
  • Alerts/Notifications system
  • Online payments

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: Monthly, Yearly

Accessibility: Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: Web app, macOS

Business: Freelancers, SMEs, Enterprises

8. AdvancedMD

If you are worried about your front office medical work, then AdvancedMd is the right option to pick.AdvanceMD is a medical appointment scheduling software solution that improves your front office staff.

A key feature to check

  • Appointment scheduling software
  • Payment Processing
  • IVR / Voice Recognition
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Meaningful Use Certified
  • Patient Portal system
  • Patient Management system
  • Billing Management
  • Claims Management
  • Reporting system
  • Document Management
  • Voice Recognition
  • Electronic Prescribing

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: Monthly

Accessibility: Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: macOS, Windows

Business: Startups, SMEs

9. Timify

Timify is an online appointment scheduling platform that allows hospitals/clinics/businessman to manage their appointments and bookings with ease.

Feature to check out 

  • Hospital appointment scheduling software
  • CRM system
  • Online Payment System
  • Employee Management
  • Online Booking platform
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Calendar Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Physician Scheduling
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Mobile Access system
  • Customisable invoices
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Real-time Scheduling
  • Email Reminders

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: Monthly, Yearly

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: macOS, Windows

Business: Startups, SMEs, Enterprises

10. DrChrono

DrChrono is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and practice management platform. With a user-friendly interface and various features, DrChrono offers healthcare providers the tools they need. It will improve patient care, manage medical records, schedule appointments, and simplify billing and revenue cycle management. It is prepared to meet the actual needs of medical practices, providing a seamless and efficient solution for healthcare management.

Top features of Drchrono

  • Appointment Management
  • Charting
  • E-Prescribing
  • E/M Coding
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Meaningful Use Certified
  • ONC-ATCB Certified
  • Patient Portal management 
  • Waiting Time Tracking

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Subscription Plan: SAAS

Accessibility: API, Customization, Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms: macOS, Windows

Business: Startups, SMEs, Enterprises

Advantages Of Utilizing Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software

1. Easily Access All The Staff Or Resource 

How do you schedule an appointment?

Before the time of hospital appointment scheduling software, the staff did all the work manually. They collect all the data in a manual. So sometimes staff do wrong in their work. You have to agree with this because humans are not perfect after all.

Using this software will take care of all the work quite easily and, most importantly, without any errors.

The hospital scheduler will store all the necessary data in one place, and it will ease the process of preparing for the appointments.

The doctor or the admin can easily access all the hospitals or clinics thing like 

  • The patient's personal information
  • Medical documents 
  • Scheduling timing  
  • Requested services and preferences. Etc.

Thus, the staff can go into each appointment with all the details and resources needed.

2. Save Time On Both Sides (Patients And Doctors)


Medical administrative assistants spend hours a day on the phone planning outpatient appointments, penning dates in calendars, etc.

So it's a matter of fact that sometimes appointments they schedule don't turn up. In that sense, administrative assistants' time is wasted for no reason. 

If they have a hospital scheduling system

They could be using this time for various work like 

  • Actively assist patients at the front desk 
  • Helping high-risk patients with challenging tasks 
  • Coordinating care for vulnerable groups (children or older people)

Healthcare appointment scheduling software offers functionalities such as automation that help to save time on both sides.

  • Simple patient online booking schedule
  • Calendar display functions 
  • Patient profile ins and out 
  • Automated email and SMS reminder
  • Real-time updates about patients' and doctors' upcoming appointments.

When a healthcare provider switches to a hospital appointment booking system, they have enough time. They have time to deliver better in-person service. As a result, it will help you to have a better healthcare experience for patients and also save time.

3. 24/7 Appointment Booking 

The ability to book all the appointments at any time is beneficial for any business industry. So, the medical industry is no exception.

23% of patients need to remember their appointment time.

The reality is that many doctors maintain the typical 9-6 type schedule. Sometimes, they're stuck attempting to phone in and book an appointment during a time that likely isn't available for them.

With an online scheduling system, patients are the boss of the booking process. If you want to book an appointment at 10 a.m., you're free to do so.

The appointment booking system helps patients to remember their appointment times. Not only you can schedule appointment meetings on time, but patients can easily book their appointments on a 24/7 basis.

Hospital appointment scheduling software has features that are 

  • Email reminder
  • Sms reminder 

So, with the help of these features, a patient can easily be notified about their appointment and life is much easier.

4. Improves Operational And Cost Efficiency 

Suppose your hospital business operates in multiple locations, with multiple employees and multiple time zones. You have to maintain all of this work manually.

Efficiency goes hand in hand with cost savings. 

Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software reduces administrative costs by automating processes and minimising the need for manual intervention. The result is a leaner, more cost-effective healthcare system.

5. Improved Communication with patients 


Communication is the bedrock of effective healthcare.

With the help of healthcare appointment schedule software, doctors can easily get every patient's contact information, their medical history and much more. It's a matter of time before a patient comes to the doctor's room; 

With the help of the hospital scheduling software 

The doctor already knows what is the problem of the patient. 

Then, it will be easy to communicate with each other, and the patient also feels comfortable. When a patient feels that this doctor is very much concerned about them, then it will build a trust or bond between patient and doctor.

Medical Scheduling software facilitates seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers. From appointment confirmations to follow-up notifications, this fosters a transparent and responsive healthcare ecosystem.

All these will happen if you have a hospital appointment booking system.

6. Confidential Data Stay Safe 

Patient information is sensitive and must be handled with extreme protection . 

Disclosing medical information on the phone is a sensitive things for many patients. Patients sometimes feel too shy to share their medical condition with their doctors or nurses. On the other side, it's too confidential to 

write all the details in the medical form. 

Medical Scheduling software incorporates robust security measures, safeguarding patient data against unauthorised Access. It not only ensures compliance with privacy regulations but also builds trust with patients.


Ultimately, patients want secure and trustworthy service from their medical providers. They mainly need accessibility, information, and support in rush times.

The implementation of Hospital Appointment Scheduling Software marks the best moment in the evolution of healthcare management. 

As healthcare continues to grow in digital transformation, scheduling software is used as a term card. It guides the industry towards a future of efficiency and patient-centric care.


Lets Transform the medical services with automation and improve patient experience.

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