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How does Hospital Management Software work?

Hospital Management Software Work
  • Creates separate interfaces for doctors, nurses, patients, etc.
  • Manages financial activities easily
  • Handles administration portal
  • Manages operational activities
  • Uses cloud-based technology
  • Stores healthcare-related information
  • Integrates HR management system
  • OPD and IPD management systems
  • The secure electronic messaging facility
  • Bed management system
  • Online appointments system
  • Laboratory and report management system

Purpose of Hospital Automanager

Service Availability

To enhance working efficiency

Improved Data Security

To serve easy healthcare service

Reduced Error

For a better management system

Advanced Technical Support

To improve patient care

Reduced Cost

To reduce process cost

Easy to Use

To improve financial & operational activities

What Is Hospital Management Software?

Hospital Management Software

Hospital management software is a combined package that includes all necessary things for managing any hospital’s activities properly. Also, any hospital management software can help to operate financial, medical, pharmacy, and more aspects. Moreover, hospital management software can improve the efficiency of healthcare services. As well as it can help to create a dynamic platform for a better life and better facilities.

In the era of automation, these old methods hurt not only the management but also the overall business as well. To solve these problems, you must have an automation software that will help you to meet your needs properly and make the business process dynamic.

Using this platform, every user can perform their task easily and smoothly. Also, this software will help each employee to do better work with the help of technology. As well as, an admin can easily and accurately monitor all activities and performance using this system.

What is a Hospital Automanager?

Hospital Automanager is mainly hospital management software. This software can help to manage all aspects of hospital operations. Moreover, you can get customizable facilities by using this software. This software integrates OPD and IPD management systems, pharmacy, laboratory, bed management system, mobile application, appointments system, secure electronic messaging facility, medical electronic request, accounting, HR, or payroll facility. Also, this system has three different portals, doctor portal, patient, and family portals. So, the software that helps to manage all aspects of the hospital activities properly is called hospital management software. As well as, this software will ensure the best healthcare facility.

Hospital Automanager

Why Choose Our Product?

This is really a significant factor "Why are you choosing this product or service?".

Moreover, you may wonder why you take our products when you see the same services being offered in lots of companies. But we are providing the most perfect service for you, and our priority is the customer's satisfaction. So, you can buy our products with ease and without any worries.

How long do I get support?

If you have an active software license, then you will have access to software support. This really is totally open-source software.

High secured framework

It is completely produced by PHP & Codeigniter frame-work. This framework is quite popular as well as secure.

Qualitative Design

Our software interface is designed by Bootstrap and HTML5. It is currently 100% responsive and qualitative.

Customization Facilities

This software is 100% customizable. We are prepared to customize predicates on your own business requirements.

Accumulative solutions

We are providing all the essential professional services of a firm. For example, inventory management system, purchase order management system, supplier report, and cash-flow management system.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-days refund policy for all services and products that are purchased from

Integrate with HMS App

The most important advantage of this system is that you can use this system as an Android application. Moreover, it is a mobile friendly system. So, you can use it through any Android mobile device. Therefore, the patient can appoint the schedule anytime from anywhere easily. So, this application has some following aspects.

  • User friendly
  • PHP with Codeigniter Framework
  • Easy to use
  • Secured application

To learn more details about our app, please visit the app section.

add-ons Edutask App Integration

What are the main parts of Hospital Automanager Software?

Main parts of Hospital Automanager

Responsive Website

We have arranged a fully responsive SEO optimized dynamic website. This website ensures your online presence & people will be able to make an online appointment through the website.

Android Apps

In today's world, mobile apps are one of the most crucial components for getting customers, We are providing apps with our project.

Admin Panel

With this software, you can get a superpower administrative module that can provide you an ultimate system of management. In this software, you can create 8 kinds of accounts like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountant, laboratorian, receptionist, representative, case managers by using the admin panel, and also can specify their responsibilities separately. As well as, this software has a separate dashboard for each account.

Demos of Hospital Automanager

Hospital Auto Manager is the complete Hospital Manangement Software. It has three demos Admin & User Demo, Mobile Apps Demo and Website Demo

Admin & User Demo

Hospital Automanager Mobile Apps Demo

Hospital Automanager Website Demo

Modules Of Hospital Automanager

We have provided a number of great features and modules in Hospital Automanager software. Now, we want to describe these in the following section.

Administrative Module

We have designed the administrative module for a hospital owner or the person who is accountable to operate the entire hospital smoothly. Using this module, you can manage the entire system easily and efficiently. Because this module includes every important feature like doctors portal, patient portal, appointment scheduling, prescription management, human resource management, bed management, employee, accounts, software settings, role assigning, etc.

Hospital Automanager Administrative Module
Hospital Automanager Doctor Module

Doctor Module

A doctor is the most important person to ensure the health condition of any patient. For this purpose, this software has a doctor module. Using this module, doctors can access all important functions that belong to them. As a result, they can maintain patient portals, appointment scheduling & maintaining, prescription making, and any other things that are related to hospital activities.

Accountants Module

Accountants are responsible to control monetary flow, profit-and-loss calculation. Patients are considered the main factor of this software. Moreover, they are the key earning source of this system. So this module allows access to the patient portal. Besides, the Accountant module also has the access account creation option, like debit or credit account based on expense and earning, employee name, and billing. With this software, you can get a complete clinic management system that helps to understand both technical or non-technical people.

Hospital Automanager Accountants Module
Hospital Automanager Laboratorist Module

Laboratorist Module

Using this module, you can manage all activities of the different laboratories. Moreover, as an admin, you can create different departments based on various laboratory sections. Such as the pathology department, X-ray department, etc. Also, an admin can assign the lab resource person as a laboratorist and the laboratorist can manage all activities smoothly. It includes most of the parts of healthcare management software.

Module for Pharmacist

Having an internal pharmacy or medicine store in a hospital is a very important element. A pharmacist can manage all activities regarding daily activities, financial activities, buy-sell, Financial statement or balance sheet, profit and loss, etc.

Hospital Automanager Module for Pharmacist
Hospital Automanager Modules for Receptionist & Representative

Modules for Receptionist & Representative

There are two different Receptionist and Representative modules as well. Using the receptionist module, you can maintain appointments, assigning beds, etc. As well as, you can manage marketing or marketer's activities of any hospital by using a representative module.

Patient Portal

We have created the patient portal of this software for the use of patients and external users. It is one of the most important modules of our software. If a patient or a person creates an account from the website, or appointed receptionist or doctor, then they will get a unique patient ID space in the system. Moreover, using this module, you can store all the information about any patient and also transfer throughout the entire system automatically. So, this software will ensure you complete healthcare management software.

Hospital Automanager Patient Portal
Hospital Automanager Front-end Features

Front-end Features

The front end feature consists of a responsive website. Using this front-end feature, you can propound a doctor's schedule and hospital value to potential customers for getting an online appointment. Besides, the website has great marketing value. It will ensure your online existence.

Miscellaneous Facilities Of Hospital Automanager At A Glance

Have eyesight over many of the miscellaneous facilities that we have not described before. I hope this will help you make the right decision.

Miscellaneous Facilities Of Hospital Automanager
  • Open source for easy customization.
  • Host in your secure server.
  • No monthly or yearly fees.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Multi-language system
  • Admin and customer has separate UI and login system
  • Email and SMS gateway adding for marketing
  • Project mobile app integration module
  • Complete hospital management solution
  • Prescription management system
  • Doctor management system
  • Insurance management system
  • Billing management system
  • Role-based permission setup system
  • Multiple Email and SMS gateway added
  • Human resource system
  • Complete bed management system
  • Medication and visits system
  • Case manager management system
  • Patient separate login and appointment system
  • Hospital inquiry system
  • LTR and RTL version
  • Any language changes from frontend and backend
  • Pharmacy management system
  • Appointment management system
  • Investigation system report
  • Paid android apps system if you need
  • Full accounting system of hospital and its report
Miscellaneous Facilities Of Hospital Management Software

License & Pricing

We are offering Two types of license for our software such as Regular license and Extended license

Regular License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for personal use only
  • For personal project only
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support
  • Whatsapp Support
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Extended License


  • Life time Update
  • 6 Months support (Please check here what included in support)
  • Permitted for one domain for commercial uses
  • For Commercial project
  • Email Support (1 Business day)
  • Skype Support (for 1 hour)
  • Anydesk/Teamviewer Support (for 1 hour)
  • Whatsapp Support (for 1 hour)
  • Free Installation at cpanel

Contact Us

Feel Free to contact with us queries of Extended license or custom project.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: bdtask
  • Whatsapp: 8801830701422
  • Telegram: +8801857675727

Use Automation, Be Skillful, Maximize Profitability

The inflation of technology brings both expeditious capabilities to your individual. Take a true adventure in advanced hospital management software, several blessings of technology, and be emphatic to manage a clinic.

Hospital Management software Full View

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