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What Is a Patient Management System - Features And Benefits

By Majedul Haque Shakil Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
what is a patient management system

What is a patient management system, and how its work in a hospital?-let's find a conclusion about it so that you can find out the potential benefits to your healthcare community.

The ultimate objective is to automate hospitals as much as possible so you can easily track and notify patients about their lab results, diagnoses, upcoming appointments, outstanding bills, and many more. 

A patient management system is a way to automate the workflow.

You must have an efficient system because even the best doctors lose a lot of patients due to long waiting periods and other problems in the waiting room. It helps to modernize the healthcare industry. It would be best if you remembered that 

 Caring for patients is the hospital's Top priority.

What is a patient management system?

PMS is a solution that helps the specialist to track Patient Management like

  • checkout process
  • patient follow-up appointment scheduling
  • payment and administration
  • Increase patient engagement 

Once upon a time finding out the patient's previous treatments report was a pretty painful and time-consuming process, but with the Patient Management Software, 

Everything is only one click away.

More or less patient management system is a Game Changer for hospitals.


Remove Extra costs, Time, Resources, and Frustrations for both parties with an all-in-one patient management platform.

What Does A Patient Management System Do?

What is a patient management system? I think now you are pretty much ideas about it 

And now, a question comes to your mind: What is the importance of Patient Management Software? 

Let's dive deeper into the ocean.

The health system is one of the essential socio-economic activities; therefore, it needs a sound and effective management system. A hospital Patient Management Software covers every aspect of your medical practice.

A patient management system

Not only treats illnesses but also fosters strong patient connections.

Why do you need A Patient Management System?

To keep all your hospital task running smoothly, you need error-free paperwork. For example, when medical tests are inefficiently handled, everyone suffers, from the patient to the clinician. Then it would help if you had a savior, and guess what? Proper Patient Management Software can assist you in managing necessary tasks seamlessly.

Patient Management Software in hospitals is essential in helping healthcare institutions earn patient satisfaction and increase revenue. 

Challenges Face Due to The Lack Of A PMS

Today, patients want progressive and efficient care at quick wait times. At the same time, doctors and healthcare professionals focus on treatment rather than paperwork and reports.

Below are some of the most typical challenges they face due to the lack of a PMS.

Problem 1

  • Irregular appointments, ineffective processes, and higher healthcare costs. 

Problem 2

  •  Manually record information of dozens of patients. 

Problem 3

  • Lack of reliable patient history records and gathering. 

Problem 4

  • Payment methods can be long-winding and involve different insurance companies.

Key Features of an Ideal Patient Management System

What is a patient management system? You know the answer. Its time to check out the top feature that can offer any ideal patient management system.

1. Medical Billing 

Indeed, by using this feature, practices can record all past and present expenses. 

Medical billing permits the insurance provided once a patient checks in. It ensures that everyone gets an equal payment. In addition, it automates the billing and payment processes. If the price is missed, it also informs payment reminders, and patients can pay online via the software.

2. Scheduling Appointment 

Scheduling appointments through software can help practices because patients can see available appointment times and choose the times they want rather than going back and forth with somebody on the phone. 

The Patient Management Software can also 

  • Send voice replies
  • Emails
  • Text reminders about appointments 

All those benefits can significantly reduce the number of no-shows.

Online booking decreases the time patients have to spend at a health facility waiting for medical attention. Before patients come to a hospital, they can check in electronically and track waiting times.

Besides offering time-saving benefits to patients, medical practitioners can also manage their calendars, increasing efficiency.

A Patient management software notifies patients of their forthcoming visits. After the visit, if a fee has yet to be collected, the system will send reminders of the scheduled payment and keep a record of it. 

3. Health Network 

Collect powerful analytics and actionable insights on several patient populations to provide better care. Enhance diagnosis by gaining reports on population risk, care coordination, and more. 

4. Patient Portal

A patient portal mainly uses patient external use. It's the most important feature of any patient management software. The patient portal helps the patient to collect their information and help them to get upgraded with their documents. This feature lets patients pay bills and get in touch with physicians.

5. Auto Reminder 

Patients can forget their appointments for numerous reasons, such as simply forgetting the appointment, forgetting to cancel the appointment, the reserved time not being suitable for them, or even encountering transport issues. Patient auto reminders features ensure your patients are always aware of their next steps and are staying compliant.

6. Revenue Cycle Management

Allow online payments and remain up to date with costs and invoices. Let patients create payment plans and simplify the process for them.

8 Key Benefits of a Patient Management System

8 Key Benefits of a Patient Management System

So now, if anyone asks you a question like what is patient management software? You know the answer, and now it's time to learn the benefits of using a patient management system. The benefits for patients are obvious, so let's look at what your hospital can achieve using patient management software.

When you use an effective patient management software program, your healthcare organization reduces costs by automating tasks, cutting out wasteful or redundant steps, and even stopping downtime or lawsuits that could prevent errors. Let's break down all those benefits in more detail.

1. Increase Patient Engagement 

Increase Patient Engagement 

Over 70%

of physicians say patient engagement is a topmost priority in any organization.

Keeping patients engaged improves their health, increases patient satisfaction, and builds loyalty with healthcare providers.


Engaged patients are ingraining more time and energy into their health, conducting more promising results, and helping medical institutions save costs and resources.

Before your patients start their care journey, you need to inform, educate, and clarify misconceptions for them. Automated patient engagement strategies can be beneficial and allow you to stay connected with your patients at scale.

 Patient Management Software in hospitals is a solution for that.

The patient management system will assist your doctor in making more suitable medical decisions, being more confident with their treatment plan most importantly, saving valuable time later for both hospital and the patient.

2. Call Patients at The Right Time 

Patients are demanding more from healthcare professionals today. They desire high-quality,whole-person supervision and the assurance that their doctors and nurses are there for them.

The experience for patients in waiting rooms can be painful and stressful.

Patient wait time may be a small part of patient experiences, but it affects a long time and patient satisfaction.

Outcomes of Poor Patient Flow

  • Increased costs are significant for healthcare communities when they fail at fulfilling patient care or managing patient flow efficiently.
  • Patients can end up waiting for hours, suffer from stress, and can feel unwelcome.

Patient management software allows patients to book appointments through the patient portal easily. In addition, Patient Management Software is critical to archive their goal.

Around 48% of patients choose to arrange appointments over the phone. 

In contrast, 43% prefer to book appointments online. It is a percentage that is rising every year.

It doesn’t need any work from your front desk staff to monitor cancellations and reschedulings. You can get time-to-time updates through email, text, or phone.

3. Automation Improves Hospital Efficiency 

 Out-of-date processes and paperwork can hamper patient care.

    It's high time 

to reduce the dependence on using human resources 

The global medical automation market is predicted to rise from USD 44,864.14 million in 2020 To USD 93,734.64 million by 2028.

Automated process management streamlines and standardizes many administrative tasks, freeing medical staff to concentrate on what they do best: patient care. 

As a result, staff members may see the progress that benefits them and find their jobs more fulfilling. In addition, a happy staff shows when those providing care are happy and healthy; patients enjoy a higher standard of value-based medical care.

Healthcare providers are not just automating to optimize expenses and improve working efficiency with the help of Patient Management Software —they turnover data-handling tasks into true innovation.

Automation improves the hospital's efficiency and helps you maintain an appointment schedule according to the doctors' availability.

4. Quality Of Care - Into The Next Level

Quality Of Care - Into The Next Level

Quality patient care begins with trust.

The patient management system helps increase the quality of treatments by providing quick access to patient data and treatment history. Patients who feel cared for and seen are more likely to be interested in treatment plans and follow-up appointment requests.

The quality of patient care is decided by the quality of infrastructure, quality of training, the competence of personnel, and the efficiency of Patient Management Software.

A comprehensive management program like a Hospital management system enables immediate record transfers, improves patient workflow, and eliminates treatment errors that result from inaccurate or incomplete paper records. 

As a result, the best patient management software allows providers to 

  • Deliver timely 
  • Accurate and better-quality patient care.

5. No Scope For Errors

What are the biggest hassles for the medical center and hospitals?

Errors in the documentation.

Errors that can harm the patient's wellness or result in the hospital's failure of treatment can not be ignored. High level of medication errors affects the treatment process of a hospital. You can't imagine that also affect the patient's finance .when a patient face this kind of problem, what's the output of it?

He never comes to your hospital again. As a result, you lose many customers and valuable patients. In the long run, it will affect the revenue of your hospital.

Automation helps to lower the risk of error in a process by minimizing the human element, resulting in more effective treatment. For example, sometimes hospital billing procedures could be done better, and a perfect billing system with patient recording help to sort out the problem.

So let's move on 

let's forget the manual data entry and enter the digital file web base system through Management Software.

Your medical professionals will have each patient's entire chart at their fingertips, showing a holistic view of family medical history, current and past prescriptions and procedures, and other relevant medical data.

6. Revenue Growth

 Revenue Growth

When someone has an incredible experience, they want to share it with someone else.

Patient loyalty and word-of-mouth are effective ways your hospital can generate revenue. But can enhancing the patient experience also lower costs? After all, doesn't an initiative like that require more financial investment?

It's true that to provide a more convenient patient experience, you need to invest in improving systems that directly impact it.

The Hospital patient Management Software is the best solution for that.

The patient management system proactively keeps the patient on track by following the doctor's instructions, avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital stays, reducing the service fee, and increasing the number of billable clinical hours. Which, in turn, enriches patient satisfaction. Therefore prevented walkouts and no-shows can ultimately lead to revenue growth.

Patient Management Software is critical because it requires a fortune to run a hospital, and it is impossible to track the same using old manual systems. When your hospital upgrades with the latest management system and all the requirements are fulfilled, your hospital gets more patients continuously. You must make sure. 

Your organization stays on top.


How to do that?

You know the answer

7. Appointment Anytime  from Anyplace 

Appointment Anytime  from Anyplace 

Today, people rely on computerized systems more than manual ones. So you agree with us that Technology makes you powerful. 

With the help of patient management software, everything is under control. This feature significantly and entirely can improve the patient experience. For example, your patients can schedule an appointment anytime and anywhere without waiting for the phone to be answered.

As a result, individuals may schedule an appointment with the doctor from any location. Then, they must go to the organization's website and fix the interview according to their schedules.

8. Secure The Data - Meet (PMS) The Data Guard

Securing the patients' data is one of the crucial aspects upon which a medical facility's whole reputation and dependability depend. So ensuring your data is the top priority.

Experts have highlighted and reinforced that hospitals that depend on manual systems must be more robust to data theft and leakage than automated ones. A full-fledged patient Management Software maintains all information protected from unauthorized access. In addition, the software makes sure that only the authorized person can access it.

Improve Patient Management with Hospital Automanager

Patient care is the Topmost priority for most hospitals,

If you try to give the best patient care, then your main goal is to implement software that can offer you an all-in-one solution.

Remember that you can’t trust all software available on the market.

Hospital AutoManager is a combined package that includes all the necessary things to manage any hospital’s activities properly. In today's world, people want a trustworthy service where they can feel at home. Therefore, people rely on computerized systems more than manual processes. It creates a high level of trust in the systems and processes. Also, it is possible to continue connectivity with patients and peripheral systems if the operations are managed using automated systems.

Why choose our product 

  • This software is 100% customizable. So you can customize this software for your hospital requirements.

How Does Hospital Management Software Work

  • Separate interfaces for doctors, nurses, and patients
  • A Cloud-based Technology
  • Bed management system
  • patient Management Software 
  • Online appointments system &many more 

Hospital auto managers can provide a better-concerted environment between hospital staff, doctors, groups, and patients and manage workflows.


Ready To Give It a Go.


Patient Management Software can undoubtedly increase the productivity and efficiency of a clinic's services since professionals will have more time to attend to their patients.

Just like medical professionals are concerned and worried about their patients, we also care about you and your business. Our software solution guides you to boost your services with dedicated support, lower costs, and greater patient satisfaction and empowers staff to be more efficient.

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