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10 Tricks For Designing Hotel Marketing Strategies

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Saturday, 2022-05-07
Hotel Marketing Strategy

We all know how important it is to prepare a complete hotel business model before starting a business, but we always forget to plan marketing strategies. Nevertheless, a hotel marketing strategy plan is one of the essential parts of the hotel business. Because it gives your hotel business an uproot and reaches a higher customer base. 

Planning the best cunning hotel marketing strategy helps you to establish a strong position in the audience’s brain and heart. Setting up the marketing strategies is not easy, consider every criterion such as how you want to spread your brand awareness and manage your reputation. 

It’s quite obvious that before planning the hotel marketing plan, you have to understand your targeted guest. “How do they want you to treat them?”. But it’s true, marketing strategy for local travelers is far more different from marketing strategies for international travelers.

What is Hotel Marketing Strategy?

A hotel marketing strategy is a technique that allows you to be more expressible to your targeted customer, through video marketing, content marketing, SEO, or traditionally, etc. Additionally, setting a powerful marketing strategy creates a chance to showcase all the hotel’s hospitality, interior, facilities room, restaurant, etc. Hence generate a weird interest in customers' minds to visit your restaurant.

Yes, marketing is important, it doesn't matter what your business is or the size of it. Marketing or promoting your business vastly helps you to reach more customers and hence better ROI. Besides, a hotel marketing strategy helps you spread, build or maintain brand awareness to your targeted customer

customers need, wants and demand

Think like that!!

What customers usually need whenever they think of traveling; a comfortable and safe place for staying. And only a good hotel with satisfying hospitality can make their stay satisfying, worthy, and relieving.  

Adding to that, what else a customer want!!! 

A good hospitality service, which is quite impossible to ignore by the customers. Hospitality service is a kind of “complementary good”; that people won’t ask for it, but will still crave and expect from you. 

Before going any further; we need to understand what customers demand from a hotel, whenever a person makes up the mind to visit somewhere far from home. 

  • Price Range 
  • Guest Review (word of the month) 
  • Location Friendly  
  • Hotel Facilities 

Significance Of Having Marketing Strategies For Hotels And Resorts

A hotel marketing plan shows the path of introducing your brand; your existence in the market and to the customers. Else; how will people know about your brand? You can’t go door to door and let people know about your brand. That’s crazy man!! At least in this digital era, it’s crazy!!

As technology is getting advanced day by day, we also need to use more cunning marketing strategies to reach our targeted customers' minds.

Using different cleverish hotel marketing strategies; will help to increase exposure to your potential clients hence increase the business volume. 


Planning effective marketing strategies for your hotel business will introduce your brand to potential clients. Showcasing your services, your warm hospitality, interior, etc. 

Flaunting what you have to offer to your customers, and slightly leaving a pinch of interest/ excitement in the customer's mind. 

Understanding them your hotel is the sanctuary place:-the place of comfort and relaxation. 

10 Brilliant Hotel Marketing Strategy, Which Helps To Stand Out From Crowd

hotel marketing strategies- infographic

Here are some effective and unique hotel marketing strategies or ideas for your hotel business. Which I hope will really help you to increase your customer volume and also the popularity both digitally and traditionally. 

1. User Experience: Main Asset Of Your Website 

Both websites and providing a feasible user experience fall under the important factor of managing a fruitful reputation of your hotel. 

Website is the first thing that your user will face and use, and if by any chance users find it cringy, hard to access any opinions, full of irritating irrelevant ads, dull and dead. Then there is a high chance you will lose potential visitors and customers. Wanna see a demonstration “how a website should look like!!!!  

Isn’t it dynamically smooth?? Catches your attention, doesn't it? The big button vibrant red “BOOK NOW” really attracts anyone's eyesight. When you click the “BOOK NOW”, button you get to see the hotels and rooms available according to your pre-selected location. 

After you scroll a little bit, you also get to see all the complimentary facilities such as money-saving offers, free wifi, etc. Structuring a dynamically attractive website literally increases the conversion of visitors into potential customers. 

In addition, carefully place or choose all the designs', offers, booking button, or check in-checkout button, after all, it’s a visual treat for your audience. 

2. Ads & Remarketing, You Get More Bookings

Ads help to build up your visibility, spread awareness to your potential visitors; letting everyone know your existence in the market. Besides, remarketing nurtures those potential people who have already been converted from visitors to customers. 

For ads, you can use Google hotel ads,, TripAdvisor, or Trivago. Basically, you can use different hotel, restaurant, or travel-related websites for your hotel ads placement. On the other hand, you can also use different online hotel reservation sites like Airbnb, or TripAdvisor, etc; to post up available rooms for booking or any kind of exciting offers running in your hotel. 

Remarketing, you can say the second step after you’re done with posting ads. You might be thinking; 

Why is remarketing necessary?? 

Do you know 75% of the people drop out of the “booking site'' while booking their desired hotel? Unfortunately, nobody knows the real reason why there is a huge percentage of abandonment rate. Is it the sudden phone call or finding a better deal than yours, nobody knows!! 

Hence remarketing is important, because only through remarketing you can rank first and increase your visibility. And you can attract your potential customer with your eye-catching ads before your competitors do. 

Using remarketing strategies, you can entice the display ads to the customers’ front view who recently visited the website but still didn’t convert as potential customers. Make them feel that you understand their necessities, and you’re there to help.  

3. Gain High Visibility Over Search Engine By SEO

SEO marketing is another crucial part of a hotel marketing strategy plan. SEO marketing helps to create the existence and build up visibility. Structuring your website as SEO-friendly helps your hotel website to rank higher on the search engine. 

Online presence is the most important thing in the field of digital marketing, the higher the online presence, the higher the booking. Online presence helps to expose your brand existence to your potential customers, new opportunities to reach new audiences and leads.

Two things you may require for your hotel business; traffic and conversion of real customers. The more you increase your visibility, the more organic traffic you can arrange, and consecutively the more booking.

4. Help To Picturize Guests’ Dream Experience With Video

Video marketing is the only way; through which you can virtually broadcast all the facilities, such as hospitality, interior, restaurant/bar or swimming pool/jacuzzi, or spa/parlor facilities. 

A Video always helps a visitor to picture all the facilities, how much they are going to relax, what and how guests are going to enjoy the facilities. Video marketing is a kind of eye-wash for your customers. They will watch through the eye then a strange reaction will create a sudden desire to experience the wonderful opportunity for relaxing (to get away from all the stress).

Youtube is another way of increasing engagement with your potential customers and also keeps a huge contribution to increase the online presence. Youtube; now is the second-largest search engine in the world. 

Youtube SEO optimizes your video or channel and helps to increase visibility on other search engines. Hence increase engagement, viewership, likes/dislikes, and SEO, people will slowly know about your brand.  

5. Socialize Your Hotel Over Different Social Media

Online presence won’t happen overnight, you have to work for that. Social media is another opportunity to introduce your hotel to your visitors. One thing you have to keep in mind;

When you start a business visitors, audience or potential customers aren't ready for you in the market, you have to work for it, let them know about your existence, and build their trust brick by brick. Don't lose hope; if you failed to earn trust in your first attempt, socialization is the key. 

There are different kinds of social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Youtube, and many more. 

People consider social media one of the fastest ways to reach your customer; on the other hand, some also consider social media platforms as a no-brainer promotional platform. But you must admit it is the best place to highlight your brand to diversified demographic people.

6. Influence Your Customer With Well Known Influencer

Influencer marketing is another effective and clever marketing plan for the hotel business. Using the influencing marketing strategies may help you to divert some potential clients, the followers of the influencer. 

Influencer marketing is effective; when you keep the aim of reaching mass potential leads. Choose the right type of influencer marketer, check their number of followers, subscribers, viewers per day, and of course the popularity. The more followers they have, the more people you can reach and build up small chances for conversion. 

Invite the influencer with his\her spouse or friends or family, as a result, it will also help you to spread a positive impression for your targeted audience; that anyone can enjoy their stay with friends and family. 

A large number of people follow them, views them from time to time. Therefore if you hire or invite a strong influencer to share his\her word of mouth or the experience gained from your hotel to their followers and fans, then definitely it will bring a boost on booking.

7. Email-Up The Some Token Of Love Or Invitation

You might be thinking email is an old fashion platform to stay connected. But unfortunately, you are wrong, do you know ?? Almost 59% of marketers said that email marketing still strongly generates the highest ROI for the organization.

Still, in most fields, people consider email a part of professionalism and trustable place. With the help of email marketing, you can easily send ads, or let you know about the exciting offers to your existing clients, build up a loyalty relation and many more. 

With email marketing, you can have a better conversion rate, low-cost marketing opportunities, and also easily integrate with different social media. 

practice of email marketing

Photo courtesy: practice of email marketing 

8. Content-Up Your Hotel With Different Features Or Guest Experience  

Among all these marketing strategies above “content marketing” is the marketing strategies; that work as the most long term plan, which creates a strong relationship with your customer, attracts their attention, and has the chance to improve and nurture the relationship. 

Content marketing can help you to explore the deep and instance topic of your hotel business more elaborately. Therefore slowly convince the “laggards” people to adopt your product too. 

#laggers are the people; who easily don't want to adopt new things, they stick with their old choice. Because they build up their comfort zone with that product or service. They accept it until and unless there is a serious and major push to accept that product.  

Does content marketing help in conversion?

 Yes, of course, content marketing helps in your conversion and generates sales. Content marketing is a slow process, slowly building up trust and establishing a brand identity, nurture the customers by elaborating various aspects of your hotel, and polish up the strong brand position. Slowly you will see the magic, follow the rules of the AIDA model (awareness, interest, desire, and action).

9. Be Direct Not Too Direct

Doing direct marketing falls under promoting your business directly to your customer, no psychological game is involved or any kind of trick. Some of the examples of direct marketing can be direct intent email, text, promotional campaign, brochures, or google ads (for the targeted online customers).

Doing direct promotion is like creating an external potent or emotional force to acquire clients. In this hospitality industry, you have boldly promoted all the facilities with a calm and with convincing nature. Don't always depend; that you can achieve customers through buttering or nurturing them, sometimes direct promoting works too

Photo courtesy: Way of direct marketing 

10. Don’t Forget About The Traditional Promotion

No matter, how much you apply digital marketing or promotion for your business, traditional marketing is a must thing to do for your business.

Yeah !! It's kinda old school but still works like magic. Traditional marketing helps to grab the attention of prospective clients. 

Print advertisements, brochures, billboards, print advertisements, posters, and many more falls under traditional marketing.  

After digital technology, most of us forget about traditional promotions. We often forget about those who aren’t on social media or any kind of media, what about those who are stuck in huge traffic jams for hours. Since you're already doing digital marketing, what is the problem of doing traditional marketing too!! 

Higher The Investment + Focus On Marketing Strategy

Stronger The Guarantee For 10X ROI

Marketing is one of the strongest pillars of every business. Some think investing in any kind of marketing plan is a total waste of money. But let me inform you, now the market has changed, it’s become very competitive, saturated and hard to survive. A marketing plan always shows the direction, how to reach the right set of customers.

If you don’t work hard enough to reach your customer, it would be unnecessarily hard for you to survive in the market. And within a glimpse of your eye, you’re out of the market. So as goes the hotel business, it doesn’t matter what the hotel size is, adopting or planning an effective and efficient marketing plan is important. 

Therefore, plan your hotel marketing strategy with 100% focus and passion, consider all the factors such as budget, business model, and other external factors. 

Before You Plan To Reach 10X Your ROI, 

Adopt A Effective Hotel Management Software 

With a net and clean hotel business plan, you can easily sketch your whole marketing plan. Before you plan your marketing strategy or structure your business, it's wise if you do some research on competitors and also on localizers, other rules, and regulations or about the location.

It doesn't matter; how many stars your hotel carries, whether it’s a mortal or 1 or 2 or 5-star hotel; but every hotel needs an effective marketing plan. And before you plan the whole marketing strategy you should adopt an effective hotel management system. 

An effective hotel management system will help you easily manage all the important tasks of a  hotel. Such as a booking system, reservation system, room orientation system, inventory management, records all the room facilities, and also records all the HRM records. 

A hotel management system not only manages all your tasks but also transforms your system, smooth, user friendly, and with better customer satisfaction and higher ROI. 

Wondering!!! Is it even possible to get all this in one simple solution??

Yes, Why Not!!!!!

Xain-Hotel Management Software & Booking System

Xian hotel dashboard

Xain hotel management software gives you all the dynamic solutions for your hotel such as an interactive dashboard, automatic booking system, customer relationship module, room selling/ facilities, suppliers and inventory management, etc. 


Marketing strategy for your hotel plays a vital role in your business and revenue generation. The marketing plan helps you to spread your brand awareness to more and more targeted customers. 

The hotel business is now one of the most saturated businesses in the market, therefore is highly competitive. And in this highly competitive market, you need to work very hard to expose your brand to your customer and earn a higher ROI.

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