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How Many Airlines In Bangladesh - 4 Top Aviation Company

By Sumaiya Simran Last Updated -- Thursday, 2024-01-25
how many airlines in bangladesh

Indeed, the aviation industry expanded Bangladesh's economy soon after the 1971 War of Independence. However, aviation is the fastest and safest transportation mode, and people choose it for an efficient journey. 

But have you ever counted how many airlines in Bangladesh? Or how many aviation companies started their company but ceased their operation after a few years? 

Yet only four aviation companies are successfully operating in Bangladesh. Among four airline companies, one is solely owned by the government, Bangladesh Biman. 

Certainly, Bangladesh's aviation industry needs to add more domestic aviation organisations to provide better domestic airline service. Apart from domestic airlines, Bangladesh allows many international flights to provide flight service to Bangladesh's people.  

This blog will explore how many airlines company in bangladesh and other related matters of aviation industry in bangladesh.

What is the Difference Between Domestic And International Flights?

Of course, there is a huge difference between domestic and international flights.

Domestic flights are considered to be flights that fly to different destinations but within the country's border. But do you know how many airlines in bangladesh? Examples of domestic airlines in Bangladesh are Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Us-Bangla Airlines, Novoair, Air Astra, & Regent Airways.

An international flight is a flight that flies within the same country and to two or more countries. A list of international airlines in Bangladesh include AirAsia, Air Arabia, Air India Express, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Dragon, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, FlyDubai, JetAirways, and Kuwait Airways.

Another major difference between domestic and international flights is their airport structure. 

Domestic airports are usually small in geographical size. By default, it is built more for localised travel and not for any international flights. 

Bangladesh's domestic airports promote themselves as international flights and have the capabilities to handle international aircraft. 

But, in the case of international airports, they are usually large in geographical size. International airports have longer runways and need proper accommodation to handle larger plans, larger terminals, strict border control and strong customs inspection.  

How Many Airlines In Bangladesh?

Currently, Bangladesh has 4 domestic airlines in, who are offering exceptional airline services to the people of Bangladesh. 


Are you aware of how many airlines company in bangladesh? In this blog section, I list of domestic airlines in Bangladesh and their related information. 

Airline is the fastest transportation mode but comes in a costly price range. Do you know how many private airlines in bangladesh? Bangladesh has only four domestic aviation companies and provides service internationally and domestically. 

1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Image source: Biman Bangladesh Airline

Biman Bangladesh airline is the first, sole and leading government-owned airline organisation. They started their operation just after the independence war in 1972. One of the most unique parts of Biman Bangladesh is that all the aircraft hold the symbol of Bangladesh's national flag.  

Currently, Biman Bangladesh offers both domestic and international passenger and cargo services. Their fleet size is 21, they have air service agreements with more than 42 countries, and they are associated with 25 flight destinations. 

Moreover, Biman Bangladesh has international flights with India, Nepal, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Canada, England and many more. Besides, they also committed to providing domestic flight service to Hajj pilgrims from Bangladesh to Jeddah.  

Basic information about Biman Bangladesh 

2. US-Bangla Airline

 US-Bangla Airline

Image source: US-Bangla Airline

US-Bangla Airlines is a privately owned airline under the US-Bangla Group. They initiated their journey in 2010, and after that, they have shown immense growth, winning the AOC award 2014.  

In 2016, US-Bangla Airlines started their domestic and international operation and increased the flight frequencies. 

US-Bangla claims to be Bangladesh's most prominent private aviation company because they have 16 aircraft with 72 seats. US-Bangla airlines transport 50% of the total domestic passengers in the domestic market. 

Moreover, US-Bangla provides international flight services to countries such as India, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Qatar, UAE, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Italy, and London.

Basic information of US-Bangla Airline: 

3. Novoair


Image source: Novoair Airline 

Novoair Airlines is another privatised aviation organisation in Bangladesh that started its operation in 2007 with only three domestic flight routes. Novoair operates with Embraer 145 jet aircraft and operates 25 + domestic flights.  

Novoair is recognised as one of the safest domestic flight service providers. Novoair first initiated different priority promotional service packages, tour packages, and festival special discount packages. 

In 2019, Novoair won the Monitor’s Domestic Airline of the Year award because of its focus on ensuring better and safer domestic flights. 

Under Novoair, they have seven aircraft in the fleet and offer only one international flight to Kolkata, Riyadh, Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah, Kathmandu, Guwahati, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Singapore, and Colombo. Eight domestic destinations include Dhaka, Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Barisal, Sylhet, Jashore, Rajshahi, and Saidpur. 

Basic information about Novoair Airline: 

4. Air Astra 

Air Astra 

Image source: AirAstra 

AirAstra is the new airlines in Bangladesh, introduced in the year 2022. Like US-Bangla & Novoair, it is also a privately owned airline; it presently has two aircraft in its fleet. 

Basic information about AirAstra Airlines  

3 Domestic Cargo Airlines In Bangladesh

3 Domestic Cargo Airlines In Bangladesh

Apart from airline service, Bangladesh contributes to transporting heavy, perishable items through cargo airlines. Thus hugely boosting countries' economies, specifically in Europe and the Middle East. 

1. Bismillah Airlines

Bismillah Airlines

Image source: Bismillah Airlines

Bismillah Airlines, Bangladesh's first international cargo carrier, started its journey in 1997. Bismillah Airlines is a concern of the Mollah group of industries. Even though they started their journey as a Bismillah flying school, they later expanded their operation as cargo carriers. 

Bismillah Airlines has 18 aircraft in its fleet and carries cargo to and from 16 destinations (Shanghai, Dubai, London, Toronto, Delhi, Seoul, Mascot). Bismillah Airlines can carry 4,000 tonnes domestically and 120,000 tonnes internationally. 

2. Easy Fly Express

Easy Fly Express

Image source: EasyFly

Easy Fly Express started operating in 2008, and it was the first aircraft carrier involved in international joint freighter flights.  

Presently, they have only one SAAB 340A freighter in their fleet and provide domestic and international service. 

3. SkyAir


Image source: SkyAir

SkyAir started its operation in 2010 and is owned by Blue Planet Group. Currently, They Have 3 Aircraft, R66 Helicopter and a Boeing B737-400 in the fleet. 

Currently, SkyAir is providing domestic cargo freight service to Sylhet, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, and Jashore and is expected to provide international service too. 

List Of Busiest Airports in Bangladesh

Below, I have mentioned all the airports in Bangladesh. Every airport has the permission to land any domestic and international flights. 

  • Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport located in Dhaka
  • Shah Amanat International Airport located in Chittagong
  • Osmany International Airport located in Sylhet
  • Cox's Bazar Airport located in Cox's Bazar
  • Jessore Airport located in Jessore
  • Barisal Airport located in Barisal
  • Shah Mokhdum Airport located in Rajshahi
  • Saidpur Airport located in Saidpur

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This blog honestly answers how many airlines in Bangladesh are currently in operation. The Bangladeshi airline industry is expected to continue its growth trajectory. 

However, addressing infrastructure limitations, reducing operational costs, and attracting investment are crucial for sustainable development. 

Additionally, airlines must invest in technology, improve customer service, and explore new market opportunities to remain competitive.