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How Profitable is A Pizza Business [A Comprehensive Guide 2024]

By Sajid Al Hossain Last Updated -- Thursday, 2024-01-25
how profitable is a pizza business

Pizza is one of the most famous cuisines all over the world. Almost everyone knows about this most prominent dish. You can say why this dish is so famous. Or you can think what are the special ingredients used in the pizza? Well, of course, it has used some special ingredients that make it so special, which is why it has now become one of the prominent cuisines all over the world. 

Pizza is such a popular dish that many people want to have this dish anytime. Also, those who are looking for business ideas, most of them want to start a Pizza business. In addition, They do not have proper knowledge about how profitable a pizza business is, what kind of equipment they need to use, which restaurant management software they have to use and many more.

This article will teach you how you can do a pizza business. In addition, you will get clarification about “how profitable is a business in USA”. So let’s get started! 

How did Pizza Become Famous in U.S.A

When any dish gets famous, there is an amazing history behind it. As we know, pizza is one of the most famous dishes globally, so It has a great history behind it. Mainly, pizza originated in Italy. 

There was the time of the 19th century but in the early 20th century, there was a huge number of Italian people immigrating to the USA. 

After immigrating, they are facing problems with American foods. As the Immigrants had to adapt to the Urban lifestyle in America, they had to buy food from the shop and cultivate the crops. Because they are not used to having American meals.

Besides, The meals in the USA were a little bit expensive for the Italian migrants. So, they started to make Italian foods using their Italian ingredients. As Italian cuisines are uncommon to Americans, the American people were getting more interested in Italian foods. In addition, Italian foods were tasty to Americans compared to American foods.  

From then, The Italian Restaurants got their journey started in the USA. After that, the pizza became famous in the USA. This pizza was once found in the Italian streets. It was a normal meal for the Italians. And now pizza is one of the popular cuisines all over the world. 

How Profitable are Pizza Shops?


When people visit any pizza shop, they observe that there is a huge demand for pizza. They may ask how much profit in pizza business they get. Well, the pizza shop’s average profit is 15%

There are all the ingredients you have to measure the cost of the pizza business. Compared to the other ingredients, flour and water are cheap. But other expenses eat into your margins. What are those expenses? Those are rent, loans, taxes, advertising, insurance, and other utilities.

There is not to mention the ingredients that you need to use and how much mozzarella you need to put on every pizza. That is exactly how much they will cost you. 

In the USA, there are 350 slices eaten every second. The key to staying competitive isn’t having the best pizza, which is knowing your costs inside and out and increasing the pizza business for sale.

What Equipment Do You Need For a Pizzeria?


Pizza is one of the most often eaten cuisines in the USA. No matter what kind of special cuisines are offered to the people, they always prefer pizza first. 

Just because of the high demand for pizza in the USA, many people want to start a pizza business. But most of them do not know how to start a pizza business. Before you want to start this business, you must know the equipment which is required to make a delicious pizza. The equipments are: 

  1. Pizza Ovens.
  2. Dough Prep.
  3. Pizza Ingredients.
  4. Tools for making Pizza.
  5. Bakeware.
  6. Pizza Refrigeration.
  7. ERP software for monitoring Inventory.
  8. Pizza Takeout and Delivery Supplies.

How Profitable is a Pizza Business Five Directions


People are confused about “how to start a pizza business.” Also, they have a lack of knowledge about “how profitable is a pizza business.” There is no confusion about the pizza business if you implement the proper plan of the pizza business. The pizza business is profitable and that is why many people are doing the pizza business all over the world. 

Let’s see the five important directions of the pizza business for restaurants that you should follow.  

1. Be updated on profitability trends

Suppose you want to be updated on profitability trends in the online market. In that case, you must go with some factors such as easy ordering, developing the technology, using reliable ingredients, keeping a minimum specialty on ingredients, and many more. 

If you want more profit, you better use the newest technology in your pizza business. In this digital era, there is always looking for new advancements that will make ordering and delivering food in a short time. While there is a small pizza business, the independent pizza business owners may lack the capital to invest in pizza-making technologies such as pizza-making robots, self-driving delivery vehicles, which are new tech in the USA, and Upgraded POS systems. Mainly these will make your cost lower for using updated technologies. 

For the Easiest way to order the pizza, you need to make the order system easier so that customers do not need to go through a long process to order pizza from your store. However, you can make your ordering system mobile-friendly as we know that there are more mobile users who order food from mobile phones. This mobile-friendly ordering system can increase the average check size by 15%. As a result, it will boost the order frequency, improve service speed and please the customers.

2. Estimate the costs

Estimating the costs is the most important part of any business. Based on the cost, you can estimate how much profit you will have or not. Well, let's talk about estimating the costs for the pizza business.

Delete the hard copy of the menu. Why are we going to do that? Given the state of supply chains in the restaurant game, consistently deep and complex menus have gone out the window. Expecting certain products to be available on a regular basis can be a dangerous game. Pizza operators need the flexibility to change menu offerings on the fly based on what they can or can't get. And this is why it is better not to use hard copies of the menu. 

Also, you can Increase prices when necessary. Because, we can observe that, the products and ingredients are increasing day by day. For this reason, this makes an impact on other costs. So, for that, you may need to increase the prices of foods on your menu. 

3. Look for Efficiencies

Saving on fuel and energy costs can make a significant impact on your business's bottom line. As fuel prices rise, efficiency improvements become even more important to your pizza restaurant's profitability:

  • Clean and maintain vents, exhaust hoods, gaskets, drainage hoses, and HVAC filters weekly
  • Train staff to shut off lights and ovens during non-peak times, keep oven doors closed, and use a programmable thermostat.
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with the compact fluorescent variety.
  • Insulate your restaurant's attic to prevent excess heat exposure.
  • Take advantage of tax incentives or energy improvement programs your state may offer

4. Make marketing to a top priority

Target millennials

Reach the generation that wants restaurants to “come to them” by using social media and mobile marketing to promote exclusive offers like a Twitter-only coupon, for example and to communicate the basics like your location, hours, menu, reviews, and nutritional information.

Offer smart promotions

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to promotions. Being shrewd about aligning promotions with supply chain management and sourcing analytics helps you launch products successfully and meet increasing demands where you discover them.

When you focus on meeting the moment with trends your customers want and optimizing your pizza restaurant profit margins with operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and marketing opportunities, you can harness your slice of the growth to come in 2022 and beyond.

Expanding pizza operations can boost profits by switching from scratch-made dough to pre-made dough balls. 

5. Takeout options

If you want to plan to do a restaurant business, there are many features required to do the business properly. And the takeout option is not out of it. Many restaurants do not have any takeout options. But you see that in the USA, people are too busy with their work. Sometimes, they do not have time to sit in a restaurant to have their meal. So, they prefer to take away food. If it is about a pizza business, then the takeout option is mandatory. 

Sometimes, people order food from pizza restaurants online. Pizza business owners accept the order from the food delivery app and deliver it straight to the customers.  

But those who are on the way to their work order the food from the restaurant and take away their ordered meal. So, for the pizza business, you should not skip the takeaway option in your restaurant. 

How to Calculate Pizza Shop Profit Margins


Before making the decision to start a pizza business, calculating the profit margin of your pizza business is the most important thing. However, it is not only essential for the pizza business but also for the other business. Once you learn how to calculate the profit margins for a pizza shop, your business will have good revenue. 

However, The profit margin depends on several factors, such as electricity bills, investments, salary and wages, number of sales, etc. But on average, the profit of a pizza shop is 15%, which is based on the total amount of investment.

Let's see the simple profit calculation of a pizza shop which might help you to do the pizza business. 


(Net Profit * 100%) / Total Revenue = Profit Margin

  1. Assume $1,000,000 in revenue.
  2. Minus your costs of goods sold or COGS (30%, or $300,000).
  3. Minus your operating costs (55%, or $550,000)
  4. Equals your net profit ($150,000).
  5. ($150,000 x 100%) / $1,000,000 = 15% profit margin.

The simple formula for calculating the pizza profit margin that I have shown you above. So, if you want the best revenue from your business, this formula will help you. 

How Do you Increase your Pizzaria’s profit margin?

 There are various ways to increase your pizza business profit margin. But not every way is that much effective. But there is one simple way that you can increase the profit margin. That is,

  • You must increase your sales of pizza, or you have to decrease the expenses of your business. 
  • The best you can offer is many food options.
  • Offer the delivery service to the customers.
  • Make a creative and attractive campaign so that customers get attracted to see the campaign. 

In Summary

Every business is profitable if you do the business with proper planning with good strategy. So, this thing will also be applicable to the pizza business. But How much profit a pizza business owner makes or how profitable a pizza business is depends on some key factors. If you have a reasonable investment in the pizza business, you will achieve at least 15% of the profit of your pizza business. There is a profit margin calculation and an example of a pizza business plan shown in the article. So, you do not need to be scared of starting the pizza business. Follow the tips which are given in the article and chase your dream.