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How To Create Your Own NFT in 2024

By Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2024-04-02
how to create your own nft

Are you curious about how to create your own NFT? Creating NFT has become a trend in the digital world. It's easy to create an NFT but challenging to create the perfect one. To create a perfect NFT, you need to follow some steps. Don't worry. In this blog, we will explore the necessary knowledge you should know about NFT creation and the proper strategy for making an NFT. We share the NFT creation process for beginners. So, read our step-by-step guide to create your own NFT easily.

How NFT Actually Works

A digital asset becomes an NFT by the minting process. Minting creates a smart contract that helps to encrypt the asset's information. This is how a digital asset becomes a unique part of a blockchain. A validator checks all the information of an asset. All NFTs have a unique identifier or token value, and they hold the ownership information.

If you are working with NFTs, you may encounter many crypto-based apps or links. Be aware of cryptocurrency promoters. Many scammers target this area and trap newbies. Also, do not get too excited about NFT or crypto hype. Justify whether NFT or crypto deserve the hype. Make proper calculations about how you can actually get benefits. Use proper security 

Why Should You Create Your Own NFT?

Not all digital assets are NFTs. Images, Videos or Music - everything creates a unique address. If you download NFT content, then it becomes a general digital asset. Downloaded content does not hold the metadata associated with an NFT. No ownership is associated with it. Your ownership will be lost. So, to keep the ownership of your own digital items, you should create an NFT.

If you are a digital content creator and want to monetize your content for a lifetime, then you should create your own NFTs. You can sell your NFTs in the NFT marketplaces and make a passive income. The NFT creation journey also helps engage with a new community where artists share their experiences and knowledge. So, create your own NFTs and grab the opportunities for an extra level of monetization, protection and building communication.

How To Create Your Own NFT - Step-by-Step Guide

It is fascinating to create an NFT of your own. Do you know how to create an NFT so that you can sell it and make a profit? Don't worry. In this section, we will share the NFT creation process step by step so you never stack while making one.


Let's see the steps for how to create your own NFT-

Step 1: Select Your Digital Content

The first step to making your own NFT is selecting suitable digital content. Many formats of digital content are supported for NFT creation. You have to choose the suitable one for which you are an expert. There is no hard and fast rule on what digital item you should use for NFT creation. It can be music, 2D art, 3D art, photo or video. The content can be any type, but should be original. Try to find an exciting and demanding NFT niche.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Blockchain

The second step to creating your own NFT is choosing the appropriate blockchain for minting. There are three leading popular blockchains for NFT minting - Ethereum, Solana and Flow. Minting is the process of creating a digital certificate for your digital content. You have to use the blockchain for NFT minting to suit your requirements. All the NFT information will be stored permanently on the selected blockchain.

Step 3: Set Up A Crypto Wallet

After choosing a suitable blockchain, it's time to create a digital wallet account. You have to create a crypto wallet account that supports the blockchain. NFT marketplaces use crypto for trading and other regular transactions. The crypto wallet gives you access to cryptocurrency for NFT minting, selling, and earning a royalty. So, after creating the wallet, deposit enough suitable cryptocurrency for that NFT platform.

Some widely used crypto wallets are - MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger Live, Gemini Crypto Wallet and Exodus Crypto Wallet.

Step 4: Choose Your NFT Platform

Once the crypto wallet is set up, it's time to choose an NFT marketplace. You have to select an NFT marketplace suitable for your content format and type. Choosing the right marketplace is very important because it gives your NFT the exposure it needs. A good NFT marketplace offers minting and selling NFTs at reasonable prices. So, the creators and collectors both engage on the NFT platform. Also, ensure that the platform follows all common standards and legal rules.

If you want to stay longer on this journey, do not just be attracted by big commissions. Check the reputation and the development plan of the NFT platform. Some popular NFT marketplaces are - OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Binance and Mintable.

Step 5: Create Your NFT

After selecting the NFT platform, you have to connect your wallet to that platform. Select the minting/create option of the NFT platform. Then, upload your digital content. Put the necessary information about the NFT, such as name, description, traits, etc., and start minting.

Minting may take a few minutes to several hours. Platforms taking high gas fees offer a faster minting process. If you want to mint free or at a low cost, you can choose lazy minting. Many NFT platforms provide lazy minting feature for new NFT creators.



Now that we have explored how to create your own NFT, let's conclude your NFT creation journey.

Get information about the latest trends in NFTs and understand how NFT works. Choose trusted NFT marketplaces and be careful about their security. Learn about the necessary fees to earn a good profit by selling your NFTs. If you face any issues in the process of creating an NFT, recheck this blog. Hope you can create your own NFT without any hassle.


1. Can anyone own an NFT?

 - Yes. In general, anyone can create and own an NFT. Alternatively, one can also buy the ownership of an NFT from NFT marketplaces. Where cryptocurrency does not have legal permission to use, they can not use crypto wallets legally. Hence they can not own NFT of their own.


2. How does an NFT make money?

- NFT ownership allows quick digital item sales and artist royalty fees.


3. How many people can own 1 NFT?

- Yes, but it depends on the type of NFT ownership. Ideally, there is a single owner for every NFT. But, for fractional NFT, the co-ownership method helps to have multiple owners at the same time. All the owners share equal ownership rights, and so does the earned royalty from that NFT.


4. What is the purpose of owning a NFT?

- By owning an NFT, you can secure your digital item.


5. Who owns the original artwork of NFT?

- The real creator of the NFT content holds the ownership. Like any physical or digital content, NFTs can be sued. If the original idea of the NFT is yours and you minted it, then you are the original owner.


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