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10 Best HR Software for Small Business in 2024

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Wednesday, 2024-01-10
10 Best HR Software for Small Business

Do you want to launch a small business? Are you seeking the best HR software for small businesses? In this circumstance, this article will act as the dazzling guidance of darkness. 

To manage your business, you need to have proper business management software. With HR management software, you can maintain all the activities of your business. But it's not easy to detect an effective HR software solution. To choose the best HR system for small businesses, you need to evaluate the HR software features. According to your business criterion, you need to select the best HR software. 

With this article, I would like to provide a comparative analysis of the top 10 human resource management software systems. This article helps you to identify the best one for your business. Also, you can quickly evaluate which one will be effective for your business. But before comparing the main substance, you need to know some essential factors of HR management software. So, let's start.

What is HR Software?

HR software refers to a computerized system that can help to manage the entire human resource-related activities and optimize the tasks of HR goals. This software can be able to maintain the recruiting process, payroll system, account management, employee management, attendance, performance, loan history, tax, comprehensive reports, and so on.  

The HR software is also known as the human resource information management system (HRIMS). Moreover, this system can create a secured data process and backup facilities, which will increase productivity, profitability, interactivity, and employee satisfaction.

Types of HRM Software

There are various types of HR software available in the techie world. In the overall business need cycle, HRM software plays an essential role in your business. It can consider three vital stages in any industry - Start, Grow, and Optimize. An effective HR system will be part and parcel of your business from the starting period to the optimizing stage.

Types of HR Software

1. Payroll

The payroll management system helps to keep track of employee salary rates and reward systems. It can also calculate the total expense, debit, credit, and manage any accounts related activities smoothly.  

2. Employee Tracking

To enhance your business productivity, you need to track every single point of your employees. An effective tracking system can ensure your business's productivity. Moreover, you can do this task quickly and efficiently by using employee tracking software. 

3. Time & Attendance Management

Time and attendance management software can be able to store timing information and generates reports. This system can also allow the view and management a scheduling system that will help perform all activities properly.   

4. Recruiting Process

With the recruiting management system, you can manage all recruiting and hiring activities. Moreover, this software helps to manage job posts, store job applications, and resumes. So, you can quickly evaluate the applicant and engage them.   

5. Performance Tracking

Performance tracking software helps you to track your employee's performance and provide accurate reports. This system allows you to collect feedback, store documents, get reward points, and so on. 

6. Benefits Administration

Benefits administration can ensure the other benefits of your employees. For instance, health insurance, paid time off, retirement accounts, and so on.  

7. Onboarding

With this system, you can easily handle the onboarding of new personnel and train new employees. Moreover, this software enhances the recruits' opportunity to introduce them to the company's culture and brand. 

8. Training Management

After recruiting the employees, it's an essential task to train your personnel. Thus, you need an effective training management system. It helps to build an effective, engaged, and knowledgeable workforce.  

9. Compensation Management

Compensation management ensures the employee's legal rights and additional facilities. Moreover, it includes festival bonuses, pay, commission, incentive programs, salary planning, and more. 

Why Do You Need HR Software for Your Small Business?

According to the previous discussion, you already realized how deep the branches of HR management software are. Moreover, it plays a significant role in enhancing your business revenue and fulfills employees' requirements as well. Also, this software has some remarkable amenities that can help to ensure your business's success. 

  • Enhanced payroll management
  • Improved talent management 
  • Effective recruiting process
  • Enhanced working environment and productivity  
  • Adequate security and risk management 
  • Increased connectivity and interaction 
  • Provides real-time feedback
  • Allows data recovery system
  • Allows an effective monitoring system
  • Helps to develop your workforce 
  • Provides self-service benefits
  • Ensures legislation compliance
  • Reduced cost and save time 
  • Helps to take effective decision making 
  • Provides effective strategy management systems, and more!   

How Can You Identify The Best HR Software?

Before choosing the best HR software for small business, you need to ensure some criteria. The following features can help to maintain all aspects and boost up your business growth. So, you can identify the best HR management system by making sure of the following elements.

Account Management System

This feature can help you to manage the entire financial flow of your business. With this attribute, you can create a debit voucher, credit voucher, contra voucher, and so on. The account management system can also provide an accurate report that will help to quickly understand the total profit and loss, general ledger, trial balance, and more. 

Asset Management

It is one of the essential features of your business that will help to allocate your resources properly. This feature can assist you in managing all equipment of your business. Moreover, you can efficiently add and manage your necessary equipment through this feature.   

Time & Attendance Management

By keeping a record of the time and attendance of your employees, you can enhance your business productivity. This feature helps to understand how efficiently your employees can utilize their working hours. Also, you can check the monthly attendance history and get a report of missing employees.  

Award Management System

The HR software can provide another excellent feature that will help you to handle the award management system properly. After evaluating the employee's performance, you can maintain all additional activities through this feature.  

Employee Management System

It is an essential feature of human resource management system software. With this feature, you can add new employees and manage your employee position. Also, this feature can assist you in keeping a record of the employee's personal information. Moreover, you can evaluate your employee's performance through the employee management system.   

Income & Expense Management

The best HR management software provides an accurate income and expense management system. With this feature, you can easily understand the income statement through the income sheet. This feature also helps you provide an expense sheet so that you can observe the total expense and expense statement

Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the crucial features of any business. The best business management software can provide this feature that will help you to manage employee salary and payment-related activities efficiently.  

Recruitment system

Effective employees are a critical asset of any business organization. Thus, the HR department can perform to hire eligible employees, and the overall process is handled automatically by the HR system. So, an effective HR management solution can allow this feature to execute these significant tasks.

Communication System

The best human resource management system can provide an internal communication system. So, you can communicate with your employees and provide any urgent notice through this feature.    

Talent Management

HR software provides another useful feature that will help to evaluate the talent of your workforce. With this feature, you can easily detect the employee's productivity and customer satisfaction. So, this feature can allow you to observe the employee's performance by using key performance indicators, and behavioral and competency tests.   

The Top 10 HR Software for Small Business

Here, you can get a comprehensive list of the top 10 HR management software solutions that will help you to pick up the best one for your business. So, let's take a look. 

HR Manager

HR Manager

Do you know why HR Manager software makes your business more productive? If you are exploring the best HR management system, you can undoubtedly trust the HR Manager software. This software is designed with the help of an expert developer team by Bdtask. It can be compatible with IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. In fact, it has been developed by the PHP and CodeIgniter frameworks.

With this software, you can improve your business's interactivity, and that will help to enhance productivity. Also, this software can allow you to manage the entire working environment efficiently. Moreover, you can easily customize this system according to your business information. It has some exclusive features that can perform various aspects quickly and smoothly. So, this system can help to manage your office and your workforce effectively. 

Top Features

  • Provides payroll management system
  • Employee management system 
  • Allows employee attendance and time management 
  • Provides account management system
  • Integrated with mobile application 
  • Involved in recruiting process 
  • QR code scanning system
  • Allows notification system
  • Leave management system
  • Provides loan and benefits management 
  • Allows the role permission system
  • Generates real-time reports    
  • Allows tax management system
  • Provides communication system 
  • Asset management system 
  • Allows adding multiple departments and more!  

HRSALE - The Ultimate HRM


HRSALE is one of the powerful and cost-effective HR management systems that will ensure the best service for your employees and manager. This system is developed by the CodeIgniter framework, and JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are included. It can be easily consistent with the IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers.

Moreover, this software can be able to create a modern and upgraded system that will make sure an efficient and consolidated information management system. You can also get a white label license with this software and are allowed to sell by rebranding this license to your customer. Thus it can provide an intuitive HR management system for your business. 

Top Features

  • Intelligent and robust payroll management 
  • Comprehensive asset management 
  • Allows to manage multiple companies 
  • Provides file manager system 
  • Finance management 
  • Centralized data management system
  • Allows custom permission system
  • Employee onboarding system
  • Allows to create a custom profile 
  • Announcement system
  • Leave management system
  • Attendance system 
  • Provides invoices based on tax, payment, and reports
  • All devices supported 
  • Provides HR calendar and so on.  

HRMGo - HRM and Payroll Tool

HRMGo - HRM and Payroll Tool

Are you worried about managing your employees? Don't worry and relax. You can try HRMGo software because it will help conduct the HR and payroll-related activities properly. Here, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, and PHP files are included, and It has been developed by the Laravel framework. Thus, it can be compatible with the IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome browsers and can not provide high resolution.

In this software, you can get a proficient employee management tool, which will help manage your employees effectively. This software also has another SaaS version, and if you prefer the SaaS-based system, you can try that one. It can actually improve your employee efficiency and provide some HR and payroll-related excellent features that will be suitable for any organization of all sizes.

Top Features

  • Employee management system
  • Accounting management 
  • Allows the role permission system 
  • Provides meeting, event, and announcement system
  • Multiple branches and department supported 
  • Provides timesheet and attendance management 
  • Multiple language support system
  • Staff management system
  • Provides employee databank 
  • Payroll management system
  • Ticket generation system 
  • Performance tracking system
  • Asset management 
  • Allows conversation system
  • Leave management system

Royex - HR and Payroll Management Software

Royex - HR and Payroll Management Software

Are you interested to know about Royex software? Here, you can get a brief explanation of Royex HR and payroll management system. This software has been designed by the Laravel framework. Also, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, and PHP files are included. This system is fully responsive with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome browsers. 

Moreover, you can get fast data loading facilities in this software. It has a nice and simple design and provides the same panel for both employees and admin. It can also allow Ajax pagination and provide a live data filtering system that will be very convenient for both admin and employees.    

Top Features

  • Provides employee management system
  • Generates leave reports 
  • Daily and monthly attendance reports
  • Allows manual attendance system 
  • Payroll management system 
  • Working hour management system
  • Bonus management 
  • Generates a salary sheet
  • Leave management 
  • Allows to create reports and PDF
  • Termination and promotion management 
  • Provides accurate payment history
  • Tax management system
  • Allows multiple branches and departments

Smart HRM

Smart HRM

Do you want to manage your payroll, attendance, and timesheet? If yes, you can see Smart HRM software that will help manage projects, payroll, attendance, etc. Here, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files are included. As well, this system is developed by the Laravel framework, so you can easily customize the entire script.

Moreover, this software can provide an accurate HR management system that will help to track and operate attendance, timesheet, and payroll system. It could be consistent with the IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge browsers. Also, it has some exclusive tools and features for enhancing employee efficiency and increasing business productivity. So, you will get a dynamic and high resolutions HR management solution. 

Top Features

  • Employee management system
  • Project management system
  • Attendance management 
  • Vacation or leave management system
  • Timesheet management 
  • Payroll management system
  • Provides salary statement and payslips
  • Appointment letter management 
  • Employee details management 
  • Time tracking system
  • Provides responsive web design
  • 24*7 customer support



Are you looking for the best online payroll service? Gusto can be able to provide the best benefits and online payroll system for your small businesses. Almost 100000 small business entrepreneurs are connected with Gusto software. It has simple integration, and automatic calculations system so that you can easily integrate with several tools like Quickbooks, Xero, Clover, TSheets, and more.

Moreover, it can allow you to manage the health insurance system. For this reason, more than 3,500 medical and dental organizations have already used this system. Also, you can get an easy and comfortable design that will be very convenient to use. It has some additional features that can perfectly handle HR management and are more suitable for small businesses

Top Features

  • Full-service payroll system
  • Used for medical, dental, and vision
  • Certified HR experts
  • Time tracking system
  • Hiring and onboarding system 
  • Provides employee benefits
  • Financial benefits
  • Time tracking tools
  • Health insurance system
  • Compliance management 
  • Compensation system
  • Provides Gusto wallet
  • Subscription-based system
  • Allows salary comparison tools
  • People management system and more!  



When you are looking for a complete HRMS solution, you can try BambooHR software. It is mainly a cloud-based software solution, and you will get a seven days free trial option. Moreover, you need not have to buy and install this software, and instead, you can get a SaaS-based service in this system. Almost 17000 companies are connected with this software, and it has more than 1.56 million active employees. 

With this software, you can maintain, collect, and analyze employee data. Also, this system can provide an excellent user-interface that will be very convenient for new users. The BambooHR software helps to conduct the hiring, onboarding, company culture, and compensation-related activities properly. But this software can not provide the payroll management system, so you need to look for another option for getting the payroll system.   

Top Features

  • Benefit tracking system
  • Employees data management 
  • Provides company calendar
  • Allows new candidate tracking 
  • Generates HR reports
  • Allows employee training
  • Onboarding and offboarding system
  • The mobile app integration system
  • Provides time off management system
  • Allows competency management 
  • Integrated with the recruitment system 
  • Performance management system and more!

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors

If you scrutinize the best human capital management system, you can try the SAP SuccessFactors. This software is mainly a cloud-based HR management solution, and no need to face any installation and purchase-related hassle. It can be able to provide enough scalability and unlimited extensibility. Moreover, this system is categorized into four categories to enhance your workforce's performance and increase productivity. Those are:

  • Employee Experience Management 
  • Talent Management 
  • HR and Payroll Management 
  • Analytics and Workforce

This software helps to efficiently manage the above categories and complete the overall recruiting procedure. Also, it can help to evaluate employee's performance and effectively manage the compensation. This software will be more suitable for small and midsize enterprises. Besides, it has some robust and outstanding features that will help to operate your business activities successfully.          

Top Features

  • Learning management system
  • Recruitment management 
  • Succession and development analysis
  • Performance and goal management  
  • Onboarding management
  • Integrated with HANA cloud
  • Provides payroll timesheet 
  • Integrated with compliance auditing
  • Allows comprehensive HCM
  • Provides global expertise 
  • Database and data management 
  • HR analytics 
  • Provides digital supply chain
  • CRM and customer experience 
  • Network and spend management



Zenefits is mainly a SaaS-based HR management solution that will be convenient to manage the workforce and payroll related activities. This software helps to create a central hub for storing all employee's data. Moreover, it can be able to improve efficiency and automate the entire process of your business. This platform can provide an intuitive HR solution that will be able to manage various aspects of your business.

With the Zenefits software, you can efficiently operate several tasks like open enrollment, online renewal, insurance cards, plans and costs, and so on. It helps to reduce the paperwork and enhances productivity. Therefore, this system can offer three pricing strategies: Essentials, Growth, and Zen. So, you can choose any package according to your need and preferences.  

Top Features

  • Allows for a free trial
  • Benefits management 
  • Provides employee database
  • Deduction management 
  • FMLA administration system
  • HSA or FSA administration system
  • Retirement plan management system 
  • Performance tracking system
  • Allows tax compliance 
  • Provides employee onboarding system
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Allows self-service portal 
  • Time and scheduling management  

HRM - Human Resource Management

HRM - Human Resource Management

HRM is another human resource management software that will help to operate all HR related activities and functionalities. This system is built by the Laravel framework, and JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP files are included. Also, it can be easily coherent with the IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome browsers. 

With this software, you can maintain your human resource information system efficiently and effectively. This system has some useful features which will help to operate the overall activities smoothly. Moreover, it has a dynamic dashboard that can help to understand daily attendance and monthly expense reports but can not provide a high-resolution system.   

Top Features

  • Provides employee management system
  • Allows multiple departments 
  • Award management system
  • Expense management system 
  • Attendance management system 
  • Holiday management 
  • Leave application system 
  • Provides notice board system
  • Allows profile setting 
  • Email configuration system

Findings of The 10 Best HR software  

  • HR Manager - Human Resource Management System - Best for operating and no subscription fee.  
  • HRSALE - The Ultimate HRM - Best for all sizes of enterprises; powerful and cost-effective platform. 
  • HRMGo - HRM and Payroll Tool - Best for some proficient tools and management  
  • Royex - HR and Payroll Management Software - Best for code quality and customer support 
  • Smart HRM - Best for Project Management, Payroll, Attendance & Timesheet 
  • Gusto - Best for startups and small entrepreneurs
  • BambooHR - Best for small and medium businesses
  • SAP SuccessFactors - Best for cloud HCM solutions and small and medium businesses  
  • Zenefits - Best for all in one HR solution
  • HRM - Human Resource Management - Best for code and design quality  

Closing Thought

Now I come to the ending part of this article. Here, I tried to explore the top 10 HR management software features, and you already realized the importance of the HRM system. Moreover, it will be a very critical task to choose the best HR software for small businesses, and before purchasing this software, you need to maintain the above criterion. However, my opinion will be to select the HR Manager software for your startup business because it can provide an accumulated solution for your small business. So, it's time to modernize your business activities and improve your workforce with an appropriate HRM solution.  

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