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Pharmacy Business Plan - Tips & Tricks

By Mahmuda Akter Isha Last Updated -- Tuesday, 2020-11-03
Pharmacy Business Plan

Before beginning any business, you need to have a clear concept of your business plan. Without planning, you can not sustain the real market. If you are a pharmacy graduate, you do not understand the right way to establish your pharmacy career. In that circumstance, you have to fix your goal and realize what you want to start. Are you interested in starting a pharmaceutical business such as a pharmacy shop or medical store or online pharmacy shop? If so, then your first obligation will be to create a complete pharmacy business plan.

In this article, I will try to minimize your tasks and provide some significant pharmacy business ideas. This article will help you give a proper direction and protect you from getting lost in the darkness. Statistics show that almost 20 percent of small businesses drop out in the first year, and 30 percent fail in the second year. So, it is not easy to succeed in the business world for a long time without planning.  

"An Hour Of Planning Can Save You 10 Hours Of Doing."

   ― Dale Carnegie

Important Criterion for Pharmacy Business Plan

In this segment, I would like to explain some practical pharmacy business ideas that will ensure your business success. Let's take a glance at how you can start a pharmacy business in India.  

Executive Summary

It is the prime duty to create a complete executive summary before starting a pharmacy business in India. It would be best to draft your overall planning before initiating it because it is the first thing to entirely organize your business. When any investors want to invest your pharmacy business, then they will read your business executive summary. So, it is necessary to create a clean and enthralling summary of your pharmacy business ideas. 

Firstly, you must have to decide on your business objective. Then you need to clarify your mission of how you will serve your patient. How efficiently your pharmacy business will help the nation. What will you gain from your pharmacy business? So, it would help if you had to reflect on all these things in your business summary.

Business Structure

After creating a complete executive summary in your pharmacy business plan, you need to determine what kind of pharmacy business you want to start. There are several types of pharmacy businesses available in the present world, such as:

  • Retail pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Mail-order pharmacy
  • Clinic pharmacy
  • Home care pharmacy
  • Long term care pharmacy
  • Compounding pharmacy

If you decide to start a pharmacy business in India, you have to choose which type of pharmacy business you will begin. Otherwise, you can not achieve your goal. For instance, you are interested in starting a retail pharmacy business in India, and then there are some specific requirements that you have to meet. On the other hand, if you want to do another type of pharmacy business, then the conditions will also be different. So, it is vital to choose your business type or structure to execute your business plan successfully. 

Ownership structure

The ownership structure is one of the primary criteria for any business. There are various types of ownership patterns. You can choose a sole proprietorship business if you prefer an individual company or start a partnership business if you want to share ownership. You have to decide which ownership structure to follow, and then you can go through your plan.  

Demographic Analysis

Location is a constructive element for business success. Depending on location, your customer will vary. So, you have to select a proper place to promote your business and gain outstanding revenue. 

Competitor Analysis

The world is more competitive nowadays. In every sector, you have to face high competition. So, if you want to start a pharmacy business, you have to analyze the competitor. You also have to apply several unique ideas to attract the customer and make your business more profitable. After demographic and competitor analysis, you have to consider the following things:  

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Communication network     

Financial Plan

Financial planning is a significant part of any business. Without a proper financial plan, you can not earn standard revenue from your company. So, it would help if you had to create a complete financial strategy. If you want to digitize your system, then definitely, you need a pharmacy billing software that allows you to save your time and resources. In your financial plan, you have to include some vital assumption:

  • Estimated profit and loss
  • Total cash flow
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Real estate costs
  • Prepared balance sheet
  • Inventory cost
  • Technological cost
  • Design and decoration cost
  • Management cost      

Management & Organizational Strategy

You can not manage a business alone. So, it would help if you created an effective management team. Your pharmacy business plan should include how your management team will work efficiently and organize your business. 

Without a proper management plan, you will not be able to sustain your business systematically. Besides, you need to properly define the executive management team's working experience in your business plan. It would be best to involve members who have some unique business knowledge and fascinating strategies in this regard.

Market Analysis

Proper market analysis is a crucial component of any business success. You need to identify who your competitor will be and try to understand what strategy they follow. This business is one of the trending occupations all over the world. A statistical report shows that the global pharmaceutical industry's total revenue at the end of 2019 is 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars, and this amount is growing day by day.

So, I think you already understand the current situation of profit in the pharmacy business. Moreover, you have to follow the SWOT analysis to capture your business's critical strengths and weaknesses. Using the SWOT analysis, you can easily understand your business strength, weakness, opportunities, and Threats. If you follow this outline, you can start your pharmacy business in India quickly. 

"You can't survive in the world market without a proper business plan."

Target Market & Segmentation

In your market analysis, target market and segmentation are the essential criteria for pharmacy business plans. If you do not analyze the target market and apply segmentation strategies, you will not be able to capture your target customers. Moreover, using the target market segment strategy, you can identify two different groups of customers: 

  • Mail order customers
  • Walk-in customers

With this analysis, you can be able to map the locations of your nearest competing pharmacies and determine the geographical range of their target market for targeting the most comparable customers.

Marketing Strategy

After completing your market analysis, you need to apply some marketing strategies to promote your business. Without using proper methods, you can not achieve your target. From the market analysis, you can understand the current situation of pharmacy industries. 

According to this analysis, you have to utilize your marketing strategy. So, the market analysis will help you realize which approach will be appropriate based on the market situation.   

Sales Strategy

Profit maximization is the main goal for every business. When your sales continue to grow, you can ensure maximum profit. So, you need to apply some sales approaches to increase the sales of your business. You can embed a variety of marketing strategies to promote your business. Therefore, you need a platform for advertising your business, and digital marketing is one type of marketing platform that provides an effective way to engage your customers and promote your business. Also, you need to describe your advertising plans that will help increase the sales of your business.

As well as, you have to understand the difference between strategy and tactic. The approach means what you are planning and how efficiently you will do it for your business success. On the other hand, tactic means to apply the strategic direction and what you have done in your strategic plan. First, you must build up your sales strategies, and then you have to utilize it properly. 

Aerobics Center

In your pharmacy business plan, you can include some outstanding facilities for the customers. The aerobics center is one of them. It refers to the forms of physical exercise such as swimming or walking or any vigorous activity. If you provide an aerobics plan in your business, then it will be conducive to the customers.

Setup Medical Store

A medical store helps to manage your pharmacy business more efficiently. You can allow the doctor's chamber in your medical store to add extra value to your pharmacy business, and patients can benefit a lot by getting services from a doctor. This assists in saving the patient's time and making sure better service. So, this process will help to increase your pharmacy business profit.

Online Pharmacy

In your pharmacy business plan, you can consider an online management system. The world is becoming more dynamic day by day. In a sense, you need to apply some dynamism in your business. For this circumstance, online pharmacy software acts as a crucial role in managing your business process. Otherwise, You can't keep up with the times; you have to stay behind. So, the online pharmacy system is a fabulous idea to boost your retail pharmacy business in India. 

Mobile Pharmacy

This process is another excellent pharmacy business idea for your retail pharmacy business. Depending on the population of your area and the market potential you can start a mobile pharmacy that can help by delivering medicines very quickly and which will be very affordable for you. 

Depending on your geographical location, you can start your mobile pharmacy business. For this purpose, you will need proper strategic planning, a valid license, some significant investment for a moderate startup such as transportation system, procurement of medicines, recruitment of human resources, and utilities.       

Business Customization

From the above discussion, you can understand the primary concept of how you will start your pharmacy business. All people do not follow the same strategies or business plans and the strategies vary from person to person. Thus, you can customize your business plan according to your needs. 

In every business, the first and foremost priority is to fulfill your requirements. To meet your specification, you can add any excessive ideas or avoid any of them. So, you have full flexibility to customize your business plan for smooth operation and better outcomes. 

Software Solution for Pharmacy Business

If you want to manage your business automatically and accurately, you need a dynamic pharmacy management system. Are you worried about which software will be suitable for your business? If so, then you can see the Pharmacare software to manage your pharmacy business dynamically. Pharmacare is one of the best pharmacy management software that can reduce your workload with its excellent features and useful modules.    

Final Verdict

If you have any volatility in initiating a pharmaceutical business or organizing your business planning, you will definitely read it. This article provides you a comprehensive guideline that will help acquire some idea of starting a pharmaceutical business. I tried to explain 15 essential criteria for constructing your pharmacy business planning. That helps to save your time and reduce anxiety. So, stay happy and start your business safely. Always remember that,

"The success of any business depends on largely the right business plan."

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