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Which Business Is Most Profitable In India For Entrepreneurs?

By Shuvo Roy Last Updated -- Sunday, 2024-05-26
Most profitable business in India

Business as a profession is a common affair. But it’s an overwhelming task to choose which business is most profitable in India. If you look for the best business or the most profitable business for a specific country like India, at first, you have to determine your goal. 

India is a populated country in the world, and here, unemployment is a common issue. The startup is a long-term solution to the unemployment (8.9%) problem. CMIE

Some people in India prefer to continue a job although they have to maintain a tight schedule every day. On the other hand, some enthusiastic youngs dream of being entrepreneurs. 

The greatest challenge in this way is funding. Maximum startups can’t manage sufficient funds. In this case, they fail before beginning the journey.

But is this possible to start a business with low investment in India? Yes, it’s possible to start the most profitable business in India with low investment. Here, you will get low investment, high-profit business ideas. 

Let’s take a look and find out what you are looking for.

What Are The Different Types Of Business Ownership In India?

You may hear about India’s five legitimate business ownerships, including sole proprietorship, partnership firm, limited liability partnership, private limited company, and public limited company. 

The structure of every business is specific, and you have to choose one of them which suits you the most. 

Different factors affect the business decision like tax collection, proprietor obligation compliance burden, investment and funding, and exit strategy.

In India, there are different types of business ownership that can be seen including-

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Partnership firm
  • Public limited company
  • Private company
  • Co-operative organization
  • NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company)

You have to know the function of every type of ownership, and based on your aim and decision, you may choose whatever you want. One thing you must remember, as an entrepreneur, at first, you have to start with a sole proprietorship or partnership business.

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Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Business owners or entrepreneurs fail for a ton of reasons. If you know the exact reason for failing, it’ll be easier to stand out.

An entrepreneur should have some basic attributes. Without having the inevitable virtues, an individual can’t succeed ultimately. 

The reasons for failing the business owners can be a mirror for you. Okay, let’s see the most common reasons behind the scenario.

  • Lethargic and unsmart
  • Unaccustomed to the business world
  • Choosing the wrong partners
  • Insufficient funding
  • Horrific soft skills
  • Ineffective sales
  • Lack of adaptability
  • Inappropriate marketing strategy

Most Profitable Business Opportunities In India for 2024

Some businesses are promising in India at present. The scope of developing a business depends on several criteria. 

When an entrepreneur wants to start a business, they need finance, skill, and effort. These things determine the opportunity to develop a business.

The businesses which are flourishing currently in India, among them one of them can be your desired choice. You will find the answer to which business is most profitable in India.

Let’s see the most profitable business opportunities in India right now for you.

  • Digital marketing services
  • Career guidance and counseling
  • Content writing
  • Online teaching
  • Medical courier service
  • Painting and arts
  • App development
  • Dropshipping Business
  • Online bookkeeping
  • Home-based catering
  • Consultant
  • Accounting Services

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India for 2024

Which business has the highest profit margin in India is the most asked question at present. People have to decide based on their surroundings and situation. 

The scope of business changes depending on time and place. Although there are several numbers upcoming businesses, you need to consider your requirement and goal first.

Best business ideas for India, either small profitable business ideas or home-based or online-based business ideas, will be explored in this section. 

Let’s take a look at which business ideas with low investment and high profit in India will be the best option for you. 

Here, you’ll get a clear idea of which business is most profitable in India for an entrepreneur. You can choose what you are looking for because India’s best profitable business is categorized into five.

1. Most Profitable Businesses To Start From Home

Handcrafted Products

Handcrafted Products

Nowadays people love unique things. In the urban area, different festivals or birthday programs, or marriage programs are common scenes. 

Handcrafted products are highly demandable on this type of occasion. Besides, traditionally, the gift exchange is present in India for many years ago.

The handcrafted products business is highly demandable in 2021. At present, the demand for this business is 98 based on the google trend.

Handcrafted Products

Customized jewelry, cards, customized videos, etc., attract people at present. It is important that you should be creative, sensitive, understanding, and seek innovative gifts.

Minimum Investment: Rs. 100000

Gross Profit: 20%

Required Time: 3 Months

Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Organic farming is getting popular in India nowadays. Organic farming reduces the use of chemicals and pesticides. 

India is home to 30% of total organic producers in the world. It’s a huge scope for entrepreneurs to start organic farming. 

According to the Google trend, the popularity of this industry is 84.

Organic Farming Trends

Two ways are available to start this promising business. One is as a cultivator, and another one is the distributor.

Organic vegetable cultivation gets increased in India. You have to spend around Rs. 1,50,000 for one-acre land if you are going for vegetable cultivation like Tomato. 

You will get almost Rs. 3,00,000 in return. You can take a trip here to know more about the organic farming cost, income, profit, and yield.

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2. Best Business For Startup

Event Management

Event Management

Event management is the most profitable business in India for startups. Nowadays, the younger generation focuses on this sector as a wedding ceremony or a company’s product launch or any other function are frequent. 

Undoubtedly event management is a highly demandable business as its popularity level is 98.

Event Management Trends

Creativity gets focused in this profession. You have to invest Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,000. It basically depends on the type of your client. 

In this case, the gross profit is around 15%. The profit margin greatly relies on the quality of projects. 

Moreover, the wedding planner can change the scenario by uniqueness and creativity. No matter what your capital is, you can grab your return with your and your team’s effort. 

Food & Beverage

The popularity and demand of the food and beverage industry are 100 which is the greatest scope to start a new business for an entrepreneur.

Food & Beverage

India is the biggest marketplace for food and beverage consumers. It is the most growing industry. It is home to a large variety of cuisines, each of a different flavor and appeal.

The biggest platform for beginning a startup is the food and restaurant business. Spicy food items are more popular in India. Different regions of this country prefer spicy food items.

It will be a great opportunity to export the spices as this type of industry runs its business on a small scale.

Which food franchises are the most profitable in India? In this case, the answer can vary from region to region. Every state of India has a specific food culture. So it depends on you which province you’ll target.

Restaurant & Cloud Kitchen

If you think about opening a restaurant and looking for a cost-effective solution, restaurant management software will be the best option for you. In addition to this, knowing how to sell food online is mandatory if you are going to start an online food business.

On the other hand, the cloud kitchen concept is a worldwide hot topic nowadays. With a minimum amount of investment, you can run this type of business. But what is a cloud kitchen?

In this case, the cloud kitchen management software helps you to maximize your ROI.

Restaurant POS Software


When it comes to dropshipping, the demand for this sector for startups is 100.


Without storing any inventory, you can open an online store. It’s called dropshipping. It is one of the most successful small business ideas in this era.

You just need limited funds. Let’s see the concept of dropshipping process.

Whenever the store makes a sale, the product is purchased from a third party and directly shipped to the customer. 

Suppose you make a sale and transfer the order to the supplier. The supplier delivers it to the customer on your behalf. In this case, you don’t have to store or manage the inventory.

It is a low-investment business idea. It helps you to test the market and find out the best one before investing in your own products and launching them.

How much can you earn from dropshipping in India? Profits are ranging from anything between Rs. 20,000 to 5,00,000/month.

However, you have to concentrate entirely on the marketing of the online store and customer service. You don’t need to focus on buying or storing the products or services.

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3. Best Agency Business

Travel Agency

Travel Agency

The travel industry is the number one business sector in India. The country has a plethora of tourist spots that are renowned for their history, scenic beauty, picturesque landscapes, stunning architecture, and myriad cultures.

Is the travel agency business is profitable in India? The answer is “travel and tourism business is one the most profitable business in India. It is expected to raise Rs. 35 Trillion until 2028.

According to the Google trend, the demand level of the travel agency business is 73 at present.

Travel Agency Trends

Traven agency in India is a huge scope for entrepreneurs as travel lovers are increasing day by day. 

If you are interested in opening a travel agency in India, you must maintain a good relationship with multiple stakeholders like the transport and hospitality industry.

For more information, you can take a look at IBEF. Here you will find the market size and the policy of the travel agency business in India.

You can make your travel agency or traveling business more fruitful by adopting a fully responsive WordPress theme that is customizable and cost-saving.

Xain - Hotel Management Software

Social Media Agency

The popularity of the social media agency is 86 based on the trend and it’s getting increased.

Social Media Agency

In the 21st century, digital marketing is one of the best options for business organizations. Nowadays, all companies market their products digitally.

At present, the companies are ready to spend the money to market the products through different social media channels and campaigns. 

It’s a brilliant business idea if you have sufficient knowledge of marketing, branding, communication, social media, and web presence management.

Besides, you must have a clear idea of your social marketing strategy. You can start social media agency business with a small amount of investment. But in this case, you have to focus on the strategy you follow mainly.

Real Estate Agency

The demand for this business is always high, at present, it’s 83.

Real Estate Agency

According to a survey, a real estate agency is expected to raise a market size of $ 1 trillion by 2030 from $ 120 billion in 2017 in India. Besides, it contributes 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025.

A real estate agency is a significant market for India. Globalization and urbanization affect the lifestyle and the living places of people. 

So the people are looking for a safe place to settle in. It’s a magnificent scope if you are going for a real estate agency. You will get a 2% to 6% commission on the prosperity value.

Although the real estate agent can earn a rich amount of money, the primary cost or the investment is so expensive. 

If you can spend a huge capital, you will get a huge return. On the other hand, the lower investment makes a lower profit. So the real estate agency business suits you if your investment is really enough.

4. Most Profitable Online Businesses

Affiliate Marketing

The topmost profitable and demandable online business is affiliate marketing which popularity is 100 according to the Google trend.

Affiliate Marketing Trends

You may hear the term affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most promising and profitable businesses nowadays in India. 

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of earning a commission for marketing another company's products or services. 

In this case, an affiliate markets another person’s products and earns a piece of profit from each sale they make.

You can start it from your home. You can earn Rs 40,000 per month with the Amazon Affiliate marketing business even without requiring any team under you.

Besides, you can also earn 1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs per month without investment from Amazon Affiliate Program. Excluding Amazon, you may look for others like Flipkart, Awis, MaxBounty, Flex Offers.

News365 - Blogging Platform

Online Fashion Boutique

Its demand level is 92.

Online Fashion Boutique

Opening a fashion boutique is one of the most ongoing and eye-appealing businesses in today’s time. In this case, you have to sense the market at first. If you successfully do that, you can grab the scope.

The lifestyle and fashion industry in India are on a surge. If you ask which trading business is most profitable in India. It’s online fashion trade. 

This industry is expected to grow by $15 billion by the end of 2021. It’s a small profitable business idea that you can consider.

From dresses to accessories and footwear to jewelry, build your brand around single or multiple product niches. 

Generally, an amount of Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 is enough to start a small boutique.

You must consider some important things like the quality of the products, customer service, and fulfillment strategies. These play a significant role here.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

5. Most Profitable Small Businesses

Sell Corona Safety Equipments

Safety equipment especially corona safety equipment is highly demandable at present. Its demand level is 100 in this pandemic situation.

Sell Corona Safety Equipments

The pandemic situation makes our life different. In this situation, we have to take a step more sincere way. You may see the corona safety equipments are the essential things for us.

If you buy this equipment like face masks, hand gloves, sanitizers, infrared thermometer, face shield mask, PPE kit, etc., and sell them to factories, medical stores, and hospitals, it’ll be a great scope to start your business. Ensure to provide a receipt with every purchase to build trust and maintain proper records.

Besides, the hospital management software helps you to manage your care sector properly. In this regard, you don’t have to face a big issue to operate a clinic smoothly.

Incense Stick Manufacturing

The demand for this business is 78 and it’s a regular required service. 

Incense Stick Manufacturing

Agarbatti is a fragrant fumigant that is popular in India. It’s used for religious purposes especially. In India, it has a great demand. 

Agarbatti is also known as the incense stick. It possesses insecticidal and antiseptic properties. It is being used by communities residing in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and by Indians residing abroad. 

The incense stick is an export-oriented business, and around 90 countries in the world using it. It requires low investment and no technology. 

So if you invest around Rs. 4,00,000, it will lead you to a net profit of 7% with an ROI of 31% per year, which is the best and most profitable business in India.

Sell A Service

Sell A Service

It’s the 21st century, and you have to start a business that can make a change in your future. The eCommerce business is one of the most profitable businesses and popular businesses at present. The demand level of this sector in India is 74.

You can start it with a low investment, and you can make enough return from it. Online selling is getting increased, and most of the customers tend to buy any products online.

The best e-commerce shopping cart software can make your way more smooth and realistic. It will help you to control your business more pragmatic way.

To start an e-commerce venture, you require at least Rs 1,00,000 to register a private limited company. This cost can vary depending on your business categories or your services.

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The Example Of Most Successful Entrepreneurs In India

India has got a number of billionaire businessmen and businesswomen. Although it has a huge population and the poverty rate is considerable, it has maintained a long tradition of entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Please look at the below list if you want to know about India’s top 10 successful entrepreneurs.

  • Dhirubhai Ambani: He started his business by selling traditional snacks to religious pilgrims.
  • Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata: He set out on his own and built TATA Airlines, which ultimately became the modern Air India
  • Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy: He founded IT giant Infosys with an initial investment of 10,000 rupees. 
  • Shiv Nadar: The founder of  HCL Infosystems
  • Lakshmi Niwas Mittal: Began his career working for his father's steel business.
  • Ghanshyam Das Birla: He started his first company in the early 1900s operating a cotton and textile mill.
  • Dilip Shanghvi: Started Sun Pharmaceuticals in 1982 with a meager 10,000 rupee investment.
  • Azim Premji: Premji is sometimes referred to as India's Bill Gates
  • Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal: The founder of Flipkart.
  • Ardeshir Godrej: Founder of  Godrej Group.

Some Small Business Ideas In India Under Rs 10,000

Starting a business with low investment is a common desire for maximum ventures in India. But finding out the best one is difficult as it depends on the situation and the place. 

But if you are interested in starting a business under Rs. 10,000, some business ideas can be the best choice for you right now. 

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting business
  • Mobile Repair Shop
  • Candle Marketing
  • Food Stall
  • Tuition Classes
  • Homemade Healthy Sweets & Savories

Let’s take a look at the fastest-growing business in India at present

Business is a dream for an entrepreneur. But it’s a great challenge for the ventures to become the dream that comes true. Which business is most profitable in India?

The pharmaceutical business in India is the fastest-growing business. The revenue of this industry in 2020 was $55 million. So it’s clear that it is growing significantly and has a great scope for entrepreneurs in the upcoming years.

The pharmacy management software is the best option for you to start this business. It assists the pharmacy business owners to manage all essential activities in a cost and time-effective way. 

Besides, a learning management system is a highly demandable software right this moment. You can manage the online course, students, and mentors, at a time through this system. 

It helps you to create an online educational platform, and you can make a versatile educational environment. 

Learning Management Software

Final Say

Business in India is profitable or not; it totally depends on you. But how?

If you know about the cost and the future of the target business, you can certainly decide which business is most profitable in India and for you.

Otherwise, you may face great difficulty or risk while operating your business. So it’s high time to choose the best profitable business that needs slow investment and high profit for 2024. 

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